this site is merely a journal

I have maintained diary many times since young age. Few years back I made my diary public. But it still was only a diary – a journal – a collection of my ideas. Idea of ‘blogging’ came later where people write for others. So my site became viewed as a ‘blog’.

At some point in time I used to imagine its of value to others. I used to email links to all my friends and family “look, I wrote this/came across this – pls read it at leisure”. Over time I realised its of minimal/neglibile value to anyone, its just another ‘blog’. In the internet explosion, there are countless sites far more worth the time than this site.

Still, same intention is still there but its my journal written for my own memory and reference!

Having said that, its by no means a representation of me. Any good or bad impressions readers may make about me based on reading what I write may not really be substantial.

For example, I’ve occasionally touched upon some tips on productivity or time management. I dont know how many readers (whatever few there are) might have felt I am a highly principled fellow based on that. Of course I have my strengths, but not without my shortcomings.

There have been plenty of times when I’ve been terrible at time management. Late since school days, often even to final exams. As I grew older on some occasions I’ve even been late for flights. Height of it was I was late in getting my dad to a doctor and he died. While this has been a hard habit to break, tried different things to deal with it, I’m definitely much better off than what I’d been before (on which basis I’ve posted the related posts).

Another example is all my posts on health. I’ve written them when I was pretty healthy. But for past half a year or so, due to variety of legitimate as well as flimsy excuses, I’ve just ended up not following any of them. I’ve ended up with an XL pot belly + free add-ons (like occasional heavy breathing, knee pain, etc). I need to go back to my own posts now and remind myself to get back in shape! 🙂

So hope its pretty clear that the last thing I want to do is project myself as a role model giving advice to any victim er reader. Its merely a nice habit for me that I find useful, nicely explained in this video post…

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