trip to a village again

Has been quite a while since last time, so about time for another trip to the village… Luckily my mom could join me again and this time my sister as well. It had been a pretty cool trip (inspite of the hot weather) with my brother in law Anand and the three women in my heart – my mother, sister and wife. Only regret was that we hadn’t left earlier in the day! Though it was only a half a day trip – it was one of those times where time stretched making it like an eternity…

Passed a flowering field with Amma having the time of her life as she loves flowers… though I don’t know how she managed not to pluck any over here!

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There was a lovely small lake there and Abhinav had a good time running wild on the huge open bank, and got himself in a mess amidst some convoluted creepers…

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Here’s the main purpose of the visit – to meet his great grandmother over a century old…

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On the way back passed a nice temple and stopped over for a while… (have a look at the different details in these pictures by clicking on them to get a full screen view)

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Photo album of the trip…

4 Responses to “trip to a village again”

  1. Suresh Panje Says:

    Home Sweet Home, East or West, Home is the Best and home lies in the pristine village.
    Yes, I am allergic when it come to walking barefeet in the city, even just outside the doorstep of my room whereas in any village, I will never feel uneasy since there is no pollution. Of course, the water from the well may not be as clear and ‘impure’ like Bisleri and other branded bottled water but it is ever cool and clean.
    Well, these thoughts emerged by only glancing at the pics and not any write up.
    And whatever I have uttered may hurt the urban fundamentalists for which I wish to be excused.
    Suresh Panje

  2. Sanjay M Says:

    Born and brought up in the city, a village visit is always so refreshing for me. I cant imagine there can be any urban fundamentalists in India because really india is a land of villages. I feel our nation’s progress lies in developing the villages in a decentralized way rather than having everybody cluttered in cities that takes a tremendous toll on the local resources. This is the way I see in a country like Germany – even remote villages have all the facilities that are needed and so people are content to live there and aren’t compelled to concentrate in and overpopulate cities making pollution management such a challenging almost impossible task (and its getting worse day by day).

    This time I felt I wanted to live there and do some manual work the hard work I saw in a farmers life – atleast for one weekend… I was warmly welcomed by Vijetha’s uncle, so look forward to when I can implement this plan!

    I can really relate to what you say about the pollution esp when I recall the night sky, its much more vibrant with so many bright stars clearly visible due to the absence of the smog. Here’s a photo of the night sky my sister took (though that much detail isn’t in the picture)

    From Vijetha Village Trip with Amma, Rashmi, Anand

  3. Suresh Panje Says:

    Well you said it… and rightly too.

  4. praneshachar Says:

    wonderful any visit to village will be great I know the warmth you get the place with so much of greeneary fields trees plants with fruits and flowers a stream of water all are rate commodities in this bengalooru vatavarana and a day out away from traffic hassels and other city worries willbe a great thing
    photo album is superb and phots u have put of night sky is great. yes like the skay with allstars visible and also simple peoplewho live there ( majorityare that exceptions are there who indulge in other tricks etc.,) it is nice abhinav is getting such great opportunities of moving around villages etc., a visit with your full family is something marvellous for people who love greeneary and love gardens this willbe like a heaven. hats off to your grit to visit and also to lucidly narrte the whole trip in very compacgt way
    all the best

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