twitter: a simple technology that helps staying in touch

Among all my family and friends… it seems that a lot of them in recent years seem to be more and more busy, hardly having time to keep in touch with each other (its not just with me 😉 ) And I’ve not made enough attempts either.

We seem to hardly be having time to even simply acknowledge, let alone respond to any email.

Twitter is a recent stunningly SIMPLE technology that helps people keep in touch.

  • One simple question What are you doing?
  • And a short and sweet 140 characters to say it.

That’s how simple twitter has made for people to keep in touch with each other.

One can follow one’s friends. Many ways of doing this as per one’s convenience – apart from the web, it also includes among others mobile text messaging or email integration 😎

I’d heard about it quite a while ago probably from Leonid‘s site, and that time though it was merely a curiosity. But recently when I installed a firefox plugin TwitterFox that allows me to send updates from my browser, I felt convinced that it can really be one possible way of keeping in touch.

There’s no substitute of course for meeting in person, but when that doesn’t happen for a while. What can happen is good friends can unknowingly, despite the best intentions, very unknowingly start drifting apart. As they start aging, they start becoming strangers to each other. That pure beautiful friendship, the very elixer of life, gradually starts becoming more of a mere memory. Probably that’s why its said that older we get, more lonely we may start feeling.

We can choose to not allow this to happen or atleast reduce it, simply by becoming aware of this and of ourselves.

Then, keeping in touch if not through emails, atleast through twitter, is one of the many practical actions that helps to stay in touch.

Again I reiterate, I’m sure we all agree that technology is merely a tool that facilitates, and cannot be a substitute 🙂

  1. You can follow someone who is twittering. Hope you stay in touch with me at!
  2. You can twitter yourself, by creating an account, and if you do, please do send it across to me!

(type “d twitterid message” to send a private message to an individual instead of broadcasting)


Hmm after writing this, I felt compelled to “reach out and touch someone” and took up my phone and caught up with some friends and family members (over skype and it was really nice 🙂 )

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  1. praneshachar Says:

    so people are becoming so busy no time to talk no time to interact very bad we must find time for these interactions and timing depends on how your relationship with others is but I don’n subscribe to the techonology and become more out of touch it is fine if you feel it is good for you

  2. msanjay Says:

    Subscribing to technology or not dosen’t make much of a difference as its only a means and not the end.

    I would’ve probably said the same thing about twitter many months ago… till I realised that opinion of not wanting to subscribe too much to technology is probably what people would’ve had for cellphones when they first started catching up!

    Apart from other people, even people living in the same household sometimes have a hard time catching up with each other.

    Another factor in my case is the geographical factor, most of my family are abroad so its not too easy to find the time to talk or interact in person, and there’s no alternative other than technology.

    One of the nice practices I’ve heard in some families is that at the end of the day, they make it a mandatory point to catch up in the evening and each talks about how their day has been. With twitter this might become easier?

  3. praneshachar Says:

    it will be true if family is scatted across the globe for that it is fine but not for people within the vicinity etc., I know in some houses people have become so lazy from first floor they talk to people in ground phone on mobile this is too much
    mobile phones have become a very good means of communication at affordable cost in India where owing a telephone was a dream waiting time running to exchange several years etc., etc., but today the market is exploited and a common man is having a phone there is sea saw change.
    for people away the concept of global village applies and you have to use technology which keeps them close compared to earlier years when you wait for a letter which will come once a while parents waiting for that letter like jataka pakshi. certianly those things are not there everyone keeps in touch with new techonologies so it is fine there

  4. msanjay Says:

    Yeah I agree with you, it can sometimes become ridiculously overused :mrgreen: I remember a cartoon where a mother is sending an email to her son saying dinner is ready and son is reading it sitting in the first floor of the house :mrgreen:

    Even if we consider friends in mukthabalaga we came together only because of technology. Someone like Girish is in another continent, and even if we consider those of us who are in the same city, its hard to meet together. Bellur and myself though neighbours in the same locality hardly met eachother that much! I would love to visit your family I find everyone in your home somehwat quiet, gentle and really special people. I even know I dont need an invitation from you to visit, but just to come all the way there to the other end of the city is almost like planning a one day trip 😕

    As shruthi has written, blogging has helped a lot for people to keep in touch with each other. Twitter is just like a simplified version of blogging, but on a more ordinary day to day basis.

  5. praneshachar Says:

    Thanks for all the compliments about my family what I mentioned was already we are with mails and blogs mobiles so twitter is not for me atleast for techies like you it is needed.
    for me this itself is too much…………. and takes all my time
    ondu MB meet arrange madi noduva

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