victory over a fruity battle

This might look very silly, but one rather peculiar aspect of me: a lifelong VERY STRONG aversion to fruits. Any kind of fruit, tomatoes and lemons being the only exceptions (though my friends would say that it proves that tomato is a vegetable and not a fruit! :mrgreen: )

Right from childhood days. It seems my mom would feed me some fruits when I was an infant and I’d spit it all out.

As I grew older, this remained. Leave alone anyone sitting next to me, anyone even in the room eating a fruit, I’d walk out with great derision. As much as a peel of an orange skin touching my plate, and I’d leave the meal. I couldn’t stand the touch, I’d wash my hands immediately.

Over time during schooldays I used to get emotionally blackmailed by my cousins, who, presumably for my well-being 😉 would tell me to eat or they would stop talking to me forever… And that was a major disaster for me if anyone I loved would stop talking to me. I would sweat and shudder and feel terrible about it… apologise endlessly… until they’d give up and maybe wonder how weird I was and forget about it :mrgreen: My Thatha would kid me saying it was probably because I’d denied fruits to somebody in some previous birth 😀 Here are a couple of more fruity exploits.

As I grew older, apart from weird looks from others, I’d also get more space. People would be more accepting of this, they’d try cajoling me or else just leave me alone. I often tried to understand this myself, I learnt that fruits were good, I learnt about their invaluable nutritional value. I managed to drink fruit juice – only limited fruits like apple or orange juice. At the most I could sit next to people eating fruits, occasionally touch the bag that contained them. Some friends would talk about it, ask me and I’d say I can stand the flavor but maybe I couldn’t stand the texture… or I don’t know… but there’s something I cannot understand, but I simply cannot accept it. I never got down to eating them until recently.

I’ve made several attempts so far, some succesful and some not, but finally it looks more consistent than ever before over the past few weeks. After bananas, apples, pineapple and papaya, I recently ate my first sapota and orange for the first time ever in my life 8)

Even now, whenever I try a fruit, the strong fears and memories that “you hate it” come up strongly, but they’re becoming weaker and weaker as I avoid reinforcing them.

Effortlessly, without forcing, without psychological tricks, on my own initiative without anyone trying to force me, changed over three decades of a very deep habit pattern 🙂

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  1. Gangadhar Says: love it too.I take it a fruit only.What about fruit juice Sanjay? Actually me too hate fruits like which need some extra work to be done to eat them.lolz..May be me so lazy.
    okie..eating habits develop as a child enters toddlerhood.Me worrying about my son now..he doesn’t like the taste of fruit..and doesn’t like to eat vegetables either, or any other piece of food that “looks or sounds gross,” he says.As a parent,i suppose,it’s absolutely fine to give him a multi-vitamin to cover the major vitamins and nutrients as he develops a taste for fruits and vegetables.. seems a long comment here..It’s quite a long time since i last visited’s everything for you,Sanjay..

    take care

  2. msanjay Says:

    Hey Gangadhar… always surprising to know one more of the same rare creed 😉

    I’ve come across a couple of other oddities as well. One of my close friends cannot stand Curds… it seemed even more than I hated fruits. Bring it near him and his face distorts horribly and sometimes he shrieks in disgust. Another one of my close friends is exactly on the same lines as me and has never eaten fruits all his life either afaik – though he’s much more dignified about it and does not make faces etc.

    From a family friend, I heard of some chap who had the same disgust towards flowers. Even the smell of jasmine flowers for example would make him run away!

    Its well known that natural approaches are always preferable, and there is nothing more natural than fruits.

    Based on my experience I have a suggestion for your son. Looking back, every time I remembered that I’ve disliked fruits for so long, it made me dislike it even more! …the aversion became stronger! The aversion was weaker in situations where nobody was bothered about it, and when either someone else or myself, very gently encouraged me to try it, neither giving a feeling that there was nothing “wrong” in not-eating it, nor justifying that I should continue disliking it forever even in the future! The key point is in questioning (in imaginative ways) every now and then:

    “maybe yesterday I disliked it, but does that really mean I should still dislike it today?”

    — seems a long comment here.
    Btw as I’ve previously mentioned even comments are like posts here, so its an honor to have you write a post in this site 🙂

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  4. msanjay Says:

    heh heh ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದೆ ಬೆಳ್ಳೂರ್ ! :mrgreen:

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