fruity punches

An email exchange with friends… :mrgreen:

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From: “jaideepcs”
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 19:04:13 -0000

Sanjay — if you want to bug her some more — don’t give up!!.
Make sure that you invite her for Ice cream.


“Rakesh” wrote…

hey Jaideep,
You have triggered so much confusion in Sanjay. Now he has to decide which
Ice-cream parlour to go to , at what time should he go , it may rain at that
time, the flavour that he has in mind may not be available at that place,
should he tell his grand-mother about this, should he take the scooter or
kinetic, etc… And the ultimate question that will hog his mind , body and
soul. What should I do if there are only fruit flavours available ??. Since,
Jam has at last confessed and acknowledged the fact that he sends the most
e-mails , my conscience is clear from the guilt that I was the one sending
most of the e-mails.

“Jaimini Ram” wrote…

Sanjay’s Degrees of Torture & Excruciating Pain:

1st degree torture-
Give him a choice.

2nd degree torture-
Don’t give him food for 2 days.

3rd degree torture-
After keeping him hungry for 2 days, offer him a banana.

4th degree torture-
After keeping him hungry for 2 days, give him a CHOICE between a banana and
a guava.


— “rakesh kumar” wrote:

To all those who have’nt had the honour of interacting with Sanjay closely.
He has a tough time CHOOSING and hates fruits. Since, Jam has started this
article on Sanjay and I can’t stay quite. The show must go on …….. A
tribute to a living tuty-fruity legend SUN JAYEEEE

sanjay 6th degree of torture:-
ask him to CHOOSE between 2 channels on TV. Channel 1 is discovery and is
talking about the benefits of eating fruits . In Channel 2 songs are being
played where the hero is surrounded by beautiful women on one side and
fruits on the other side.

Sanjay’s favourite diet book:-
Loose weight in 10 days by eating fruits.

An apple a day keeps Sanjay away(from you).

All people agree that the problems on earth are because of Adam(who ate the
forbidden apple). But Sanjay will argue that it is because of the Apple.

Sanjay’s favourite company:-
Apple Inc…

Sanjay’s favourite drink:-
Fruit punch

Sanjay’s favourite play of Shakespeare:-
To be or not to be.

Sanjay’s favourite animal:-
orangutans(because they live only on fruit)

Sanjay’s favourite place:-
Apple orchards in Kashmir

Sanjay’s favourite color:-

Sanjay’s favourite idiom:-
apple of his mother’s eye

Why does’nt Sanjay wear a suit ??
Because it rhymes with fruit

Why is Sanjay having a splitting headache ??
Because he had a banana split ice-cream

( This question carries 100 marks — 50 marks for choosing and 50 marks for
the answer)
Choose between the following:-
1) Apple
2) Orange
3) Grapes
4) Banana
Did Sanjay pass or fail in this exam ??

How do you make Sanjay choose quickly ??
give him only one option

Sanjay’s favourite telugu song:-
pandu pandu panduu, yerra pandu, apple dhani peru

Like J.H. Patel sanjay has a weakness for:-
Hennu and Hannu(this is kannada guys)

Why does’nt Sanjay beleive in Newton’s laws of gravitation:-
Because Newton framed them after an apple fell on his head.

Sanjay’s favourite dialogue in Bond movies:-
Mr.Sanjay what will you have ??
Milk Shake … Shaken not stirred

Disclaimer:- The following character does not bear any resemblance to any
person living in Malleswaram. Any such resemblance is a pure co-incidence.



— “Sanjay M” wrote:

Re: Re: Another brick in the wall

All those degrees of torture arent bad compared to the worst degree of
torture… read mails on degrees of tortures.

No idea why everybodys suddenly gone nuts about fruits!

Btw I’m improving now… I actually *touched* a banana last month… (washed
my hands in dettol later maybe, but atleast…) [just kidding 😉 ]

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