when love takes wing…

Thanks to my brother-in-law Anand for taking these photos… These birds are nesting in the hollow of a dead coconut tree just opposite to Vijetha’s house! Quite a distance actually, but the 10X Zoom of the Olympus C-750 helped!

There were another two parrots who were visitors…

Just hanging out… 😉

What I like best about these pictures are that incredibly enough in the concrete jungle of Bengalooru where humans rule making all the laws, these are pictures of birds that are wild and free and uncaged!!! 🙂


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2 Responses to “when love takes wing…”

  1. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Great Pics and nice timing too. Anand must be having a lot of patience to wait and click. Kudos to Anand for taking the pics, to Vijetha for house being located there and to you too for posting those

  2. msanjay Says:

    thanks will get conveyed to Anand as he happens to be one of the victims… er readers… of this site!

    And kudos to Prasanna Sastry for having broken his e-mouna after a long time! :mrgreen:

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