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As I grew up in a joint family, I’ve been a fortunate man who grew up in the midst of many wonderful women in whom I’ve seen the above qualities. So often women unfortunately miss seeing these qualities even in themselves. Man could do well by developing the ability to see these qualities in the women in various roles in his life. From my experience I’d say it really increases the quality of life of everyone and maybe if not help atleast not be a hinderance 😉 in allowing the women in their lives see the same as well! 🙂

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  1. msanjay Says:

    27. S-H-E is the best leader.
    Women will rule. (Period.) And itʼs a great-necessary thing! Logic: Women bring to the workplace the perfect (big word!) skill set for the emergent new economy. Judy Rosener lays it out brilliantly in Americaʼs Competitive Secret: Women Managers. Women, she enumerates, tend to: link rather than rank workers…favor an interactive/collaborative leadership style, believe that empowerment beats top-down decision making…sustain fruitful collaborations…are comfortable sharing information…see re-distribution of power as victory, not surrender…favor multidimensional feedback…value technical and interpersonal skills equally; individual and group
    contributions equally…readily accept ambiguity…honor intuition as well as pure rationality…are
    inherently flexible…and appreciate cultural diversity.

    What a list! Of course not all men are hopeless on all these dimensions. Yet there is a clear “central tendency” which differs among men and women—and which will increasingly, especially in the mid-to-long term, result in womenʼs accession to the top ranks of leadership. (Far beyond the pathetic statistic, circa 2003, that women occupy only 8 of 500 CEO jobs
    among the Fortune 500.) Given the above, I have no trouble with the conclusion of a 2000
    BusinessWeek Special Report: “As leaders, women rule: New studies find that female managers
    outshine their male counterparts in almost every measure.” More humbly, I simply suggest
    that women are the most underrated, under-attended answer to the always pressing question
    of “Where do we find more/better leaders?”

    ~ from This I Believe by Tom Peters (pdf)

  2. msanjay Says:

    PS: Btw as I was composing that post, my wife kept calling me for dinner, and finally I told her not to bug me while I was doing something ‘important’! Oh what an irony… 😈

    …its so so easy to forget these things…

  3. msanjay Says:

    “it’s really unfortunate that man got away with everything for centuries while society ignored women. Half the population of this planet was neglected, humiliated and treated as doormats. Even the Bible story tells you that the woman is made out of the rib of man. What preposterous nonsense! You see, women’s intelligence is lost for this culture. Not only here, it’s the same everywhere.”


  4. Srik Says:

    Nice post. Apt and great Thoughts!!

    Reminds me of SHE that I posted some times back.

  5. msanjay Says:

    Thanks Srik Looks like a very popular link you have there! 🙂

  6. nice} Says:

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