an article for tennis fans and non-fans

I’m a tennis non-fan, i.e. in general I enjoy watching tennis but its somewhere in #7800231 in my list of priorities… Still, loved this really cool article Winning by Scott Adams.

Having had a discriminated against background, he had every reason to get irked by the situation. But he took it so impersonally and resisted from a typical logical reaction of retaliation! He didn’t add fuel to the fire but just got on with tennis!

> And the media tried hard to get Blake to
> bite. They wanted him to complain about racism, maybe get a little mad
> about it. That’s good TV. But Blake didn’t take the bait. He politely
> pointed out that people say things in the heat of the moment, and
> whatever Hewitt said was Hewitt’s problem, not his. It seemed to me the
> perfect response. Sometimes trivializing is the best strategy.

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