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a long ago conversation with my school friend (currently doing a PhD) on various links and information on German universities. Too bad that I never got myself down to following up on it but atleast the info is here, and perhaps its not too late…

>Is the medium of instruction for you in German or English? Would you have
>managed with only English (with just a minimum knowledge of German?) Are the
>text books in English or German?

Well, the course was 60% German and 40% English (though not exact & moreso keeps changing as & when a new Prof. takes over!). For ex. the script was in German and the class was held in English or both in English or both in German! In the first sem i took just the english exams and by then had enuf German knowledge (technical german is almost the same as english) to carry on with German subjects. Well, the best part is that u get the question papers in german and english and u can ans it in either Ger. or eng.!

As far as text books are concerned, some subjects do NOT require. The script suffices! And the uni lib has a hoard of books and u do get eng. as well as ger. books. The recommedations from the prof. are usually a mix of German and english books. I found some German books (esp. in the field of communications better than their english counterparts!). But no worries….

u can hv a look at our univeristy’s library

click on Katalog ( a new html pops up!) and look for the book…..

>Also, pls have a look at .It looked interesting to me, what do you think? >Is it a good place?

Well, i myself am surprised to see their website! so many associations blah blah blah…and then later realised it’s a private school and charge a whopping 10,000Euro per year + Insurance + acco + living costs + course matl + initial cost .. roughly 20,000Euro per year!!!! Not me…. Bruchsal is a small place, roughly an hour’s journey by normal train from Mannheim. Heard not much as it happens to be a private one rather paid one!!!! Nevertheless, if u are more interested then i can garner some info. abt it!

>This is wrt all universities or only specific ones? If all, then what exactly did the >DAAD scholarship cover? (Do not bother to elaborate too much here, since I dont >qualify for one, I am already aged 27!)

Well, most Universities are government based and all the foriegn studies are DAAD funded! And Sanjay, don’t be dissapointed abt your age….. the age requirement was specific to my schol type.. need not be for other schemes!

Well, DAAD gave me a monthly stipend of 1330DM or roughly 660Euro. So, 350DM (i was put up in Duisburg (West Germany), cheaper than South Germany, else u pay 440DM) for house + 100 DM for Insurance + rest for you! 😉 But u will realise that u can hardly save especially if u call India frequently or have too many friends to play pool or visit the pub! But the amount is more than enuf in West Germany, just enuf in South Germany!

Well, more than the money support, it’s the DAAD schol. You won’t believe it…. you are the VIP for the University. Your doc. are kept in the VIP section and you have a personal guide apart from the DAAD rep. +++ . I realised the VIP part quite too late…. 🙁 Atleast, zindagi main ek baar tho….. anyways….

there are lot more links…. lot more schemes … contact DAAD in newdelhi

for ranking, don’t believe it fully! just get an idea….

All Courses at German Universities

Association of Universities and other Higher Education Institutions in Germany

Exchange of Students for Techincal Experience (IAESTE)

You might also want to contact Alexander Humboldt foundation for schol-

Good Luck Sanjay!

And remeber UNI is better than FachHochschule (FH)

> website was down yesterday… will try it again later.

Quite surprising!!!!

>have u completed ur MS? It is typically for 2 years compared to 1-1.5 years in >other places, right?

I am done with my Master’s and you are absolutely right! It’s 3 semesters for the exams(normally) and one semester for Thesis. Rules here require that you need to do Thesis for 6 months. Also the 3 semesters is dependent on you! How? well, i had 15 subjects to do and i took 5 per semester! So, if you can manage it in one sem or two…… wallah! Additionally, people have to do something called “Industry Praktikum” for 13 weeks and is exempted for those who already have worked in an industry for a min period of 13 weeks in the field of Comp. Sci. For ex. if you have worked in a non-Informatik co. then add 3 months to your study!!!

>What have u specialized in? Do you think that by the time youre done, it still carries value in the ever-changing market?

Well,we had 3 areas of specialisation Data Processing, Communications and Electronics. And i did DP as it was favorable (had to do 15 subjetcs when compared to 18 in Communications) and moreso had subjects of my interest! (like C++, Databases and datamodels, Knowledge Engg. , Internet Tech etc.)

>Do u think its too late for me to start studying now?

well, is it ever late for studying??? Jokes apart, i would advise you to look at the pro’s and cons! It might take a little time to get back to study mould after a gap! I had turbulent times in the first sem… did BE in EE, worked for KEC as Design Engg and was deep into Induction Motors and then had to switch to study mould for a different syllabus!! Also, if you have plans to marry (which i see on a rule of thumb basis!), then you should hv enuf money to support yourself and your wife (approx. 1000Euro per month for both).

>Does ur MS help in getting you a job, or do you think that if you had worked for the >same time, you would have done better?

Well, that was the very hope. But thanks to Sept 11 and Iraq, Germany is currently in deep shit! The situation was good… but now is facing a crisis! But, i would say a Master’s would always help anyone… to get to the upper levels of Management. It’s a direct promotion. The second part of your question is partly answered! The rest is dependent on how the company is “seeing” you and how potential a cadidate you are. Well, bottom line BE + Master’s immediately – best recipe, BE + Job(2-3years) + Master’s – Potential candi for MNC’s, prob for individual, BE + Job (5+years) + Master’s – doing BE once again, “why so late” question from MNC?

>Did u pay for the fees and are u working part time… (or i think I vaguely remember >u mentioned u got some scholarship?)

NO. There are no fees here. But you are supposed to pay a paltry 100 Euro (on a rule of thumb) per semester for Student ID which ensures travelling free (roughly 50kms radius) and for cheap food at college canteen! And yes, i did get DAAD scholarship. The requirements were that you were supposed to be from the 10 colleges that they had listed (RV was one), disti candidate, TOEFL of 550 and above, age not greater than 25 or 26!


thanks for the quick response….. well, i am back in Germany and would be more than pleased to answer any of your questions about doing Master’s in Germany. Before we could have any conversation on that, request you to have a look at . Hopefully it answers most of your questions and do NOT hesitate to ask any question no matter how trivial it is! Also, in my opinion winter semester would be better and the last dates (on a thumb rule) is 15th June. Most of them ask for TOEFL and a basic knowledge of German… so ensure that u r within deadlines for any enrollment or exams!

Good Luck!

nice to read you! and i had answered the mail in a common perspective as to what holds for one in the future and not from the perspective of just gaining knowledge. Nevertheless, peace!

Well, i have not much to say abt the onset of winter sem and so also the German language requirement! And same with me vis-a-vis language…… i am still a novice! 😉

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