failed attempt

I was so confident of reaching the top, but failed. In a kind of unplanned way. After around maybe 40% I was resting for a few moments after the previous stretch. But resting in that posture itself was tiring. So when I resumed, my arms kind of just became numb and gave way. For a moment it was like a ‘kick’ (like in the movie Inception) where suddenly I wake up from a dream to falling into a vast empty space.

Of course the rope broke my fall (luckily, instead of breaking 😉 ) and I gently came down.

Maybe I could’ve avoided trying this whole thing, and saved myself a few minutes. With those few extra minutes, I might’ve reached home earlier by a few minutes, napped or watched TV for a few minutes more 😐

But, I’m glad I made this attempt. My arms ached, but they felt alive. I got a better sense of awareness of how physically fit and unfit I really was. I’d made an honest and committed attempt, and it felt really good. Suddenly, I felt this sudden unburdening in a larger sense, of any need to succeed.

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  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    loved the sub-titles!
    hey, sanju, where and when was this?

    feels nice to come to this blog!

    btw, shruthi is on a mission blogpost-a-day!

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