concrete jungle vs garbage

“Something fell from your car, don’t you want it?” I asked.
“No” said the elite looking young man from the back seat of the SUV parked on the road.
“Well we don’t want it either” I said – pointing to the plastic cup filled with peas he’d just thrown out.
“Oh yeah” he nodded and retracted back inside.

I wanted to add a lot more things like “do you see those cows shitting right there in the middle of the road because they didn’t know better – can’t we be any better?” or and most of all I wanted to say “you live in this country, how can you treat it like one big garbage can, don’t you have any f*ing dignity?”

I started feeling a lot of anger especially at his indifferent reaction. There’s always a choice between reacting with anger in making it an ego issue, and taking a step back from the situation and channeling the anger in a constructive direction, to act with a sense of purpose. As I wasn’t very inclined to do the latter at that moment, I just left it at that and walked away. If I hadn’t chickened out, I might’ve tried something constructive like picking up that cup myself (I don’t mind really) without any expectations that he would do better next time, but atleast I’d have the satisfaction that I did something 🙂

I’ve really done that at times, with the right balance of mind it can be done and isn’t such a bad idea 8) eg: Nature vs Garbage

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