intellectual but heartless

Extremely intelligent and ‘well-educated’, Anders Behring Breivik learnt to make his own bomb using chemicals from fertilizers, use sophisticated weaponry, and plot and execute the whole thing. But SO completely cold and heartless.


From the news…

the accused was very calm at the hearing, appeared “unaffected” by the events, and was willing to explain his motives.

During the 90-minute shooting spree, he was listening to Lord of the Rings music Lux Aeterna, by Clint Mansell, at maximum volume to ‘suppress fear’. ~ news

See the ages of the victims…
“Johannes Buo, 14 Thought to be the youngest victim of the Utoya massacre.”

~ Identifying Breivik’s victims

While some are comfortable to declare Breivik as a deranged nutter … others have spent the past few days trying to decipher what drove Breivik to mass murder, in the hope that future terror attacks can be averted.

~ What drove Oslo bomber Anders Brievik to mass murder?

Religious divide, political agenda, conservative nature and all that may be reasons, but they’re merely at the surface.

Interesting and very relevant quote by Henry Thomas Buckle, which not too many of the conspiracy theorists may be comfortable confronting:

Society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it

The real question to each individual, to you and to me: how have we, as a human race, in spite of all our culture, technology and sophistication, produced such a personality amongst ourselves?

What have you done to make sure that your son is not the next killer?

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