just pooling around…

They started playing this music (instrumental) at the pool. I’d just finished my swim, but jumped right back in just to listen to it. In the floodlit water, there were dancing circles of ripples… it had started drizzling. Holding on the edge of the pool, I floated on my back to stare at the dark sky, and the raindrops backlit by the floodlight kept falling like a stream of stars. It felt like an ethereal intergalactic journey, or maybe less poetically, one of the old Windows screen savers :mrgreen:

Inspite of cold and cloudy weather, there had been a couple of driving forces to get back to swimming. New swimming trunks, who’s inauguration had been long overdue. And more importantly, Vijetha had forbidden me from going swimming in recent weeks, as I was pretty vulnerable to cold and cough, and especially since the rain would’ve polluted the water. Once in a way, a show of rebellion gives a good ego boost, and today was one of those days 😉

It was too cold for a swim, but only for the first 0.01th of a second. Off late, I’ve learned that its best to just jump into the water instead of an incremental shivering ordeal. I was the only fellow in the pool and it was lovely.

After a while, a gentleman with two kids walked around the pool. The kids were pestering him to let them swim, and he kept insisting that nobody swims in this kind of weather. “But that uncle is swimming” they pointed to me. And he corrected himself “except that uncle, nobody swims…”. Well, at least some kids had given me a graduation from being a nobody 🙂

Around ten minutes later, another adult came with a kid in complete swimwear, with a cap that kept slipping off, goggles, and those life-jacket kind of straps all over his chest and arms. And this gentleman, fully clothed, was trying to coax this very reluctant little boy to get into the water. The boy (perhaps very wisely) absolutely refused. This gentleman pointed to me and said “look that uncle is swimming” and when I went nearer and waved a hi. The gentleman even volunteered me to take the boy around the pool in the water, but the boy adamantly declined, going only as far as putting his toe in the water and stepping back. I got out of the pool and said “count up to 3 and I’ll jump in”. He counted, and I jumped in with a big splash… and said “See, its so easy!” This had been an unfailing ice-breaker with my son, but didn’t work with this boy. “He doesn’t want to swim?” I asked. “No he’s afraid” was the adult’s reply. “Maybe it would help if you got into the pool to encourage him” tumbled out my unsolicited advice, after which I left them and continued with my own laps.

Reflecting on the ironical coincidence of these two encounters, I couldn’t help wondering about what a strange world we live in! Strange, but very cool… 8)

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