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“These are things we know that we know … there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.”
~ Donald Rumsfeld

Oprah Winfrey hosted a series of 10 live webinars with a very interesting teacher – a German born, resident of Canada, named Eckhart Tolle. Over 9 million copies of his books have been sold in United States of America. Below is just a very small excerpt.

We may even have an extremely fit body, but our mind may not match it in fitness (for example the case of Del Potro who threw his shoes into the crowd in frustration when he lost a match in the recent Wimbledon )

Here Eckhart speaks about our mind… the same basic science behind what you and me made up of. Not exactly covered in any school syllabus…

(emphasis mine)

This (“pain body”) accumulated pain is a negative energy field that occupies your body and mind. If you look on it as an invisible entity in its own right, you are getting quite close to the truth. It’s the emotional pain body. It has two modes of being: dormant and active.

The pain body wants to survive, just like every other entity in existence, and it can only survive if it gets you to unconsciously identify with it. It can then rise up, take you over, “become you,” and live through you. It needs to get its “food” through you. It will feed on any experience that resonates with its own kind of energy, anything that creates further pain in whatever form: anger, destructiveness, hatred, grief, emotional drama, violence, and even illness.

So the pain body, when it has taken you over, will create a situation in your life that reflects back its own energy frequency for it to feed on. Pain can only feed on pain. Pain cannot feed on joy. It finds it quite indigestible.

Once the pain body has taken you over, you want more pain. You become a victim or a perpetrator. You want to inflict pain, or you want to suffer pain, or both. There isn’t really much difference between the two. You are not conscious of this, of course, and will vehemently claim that you do not want pain. But look closely and you will that your thinking and behavior are designed to keep the pain going, for yourself and others.

Please note that the idea is to only reflect on one’s own life! 🙂

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