let there be light…

…and there was light… and a lot of smoke as well… but well, that’s Diwali, the festival of lights! 🙂

An underlying theme of Diwali is the second line of the Vedic hymn…

Om Asatoma Sadhgamaya
Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya
Mrityoma Amritamgamaya

which means “Lead us from darkness to light”. I think somewhat related is a quote from Buddha “Be a lamp unto yourself” – seems to be different at first 🙂 (but I doubt if it really is)

Diwali used to be my favorite festival in childhood, it was an occasion when the whole family would get together. Somehow it lost its charm as I grew up – main reason being that the family kind of drifted apart. But this time I took some Diwali pictures in Hyderabad…

Banjara Hills in the distance...

Fireworks over building...


When light is the ink and the camera is the canvas… we get a lightscape (maybe I should patent this word! ;-))


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  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    great pics. specially the one showing the “Sssmmookinnnn..”
    manushyarige ee shabdha-hoge thadiyakkagalla.
    ee habba bandre paapa naayigala paadu beda…..avakke namagintha jaasthi shabdha kelatte. avathkond bidathve sandhi-gondhigalalli.

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