good, bad and ugly about bangalore

After seeing this website bangalorepothole – one might as well consider a PhD in potholology 😉 Seriously speaking, its pretty interesting and unexpectedly informative wrt potholes! But it does make one realise that some roads on Bangalore would make the moon’s surface look like a skating rink in comparison!

Maybe they could’ve also included one section for photos of good roads as well… 😉 Anyway, this was simply incredible… 😀

How about adopting a pothole? Just a little participation from the citizens can go a long way in the betterment of roads. Go ahead and adopt a pothole in your street or locality.

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Another unrelated sort of but rather interesting site is… one may argue that at Rs. 500 its exhorbitant. What’s really interesting is that it looks like the person(s) started it have really carved out a beautiful niche for themselves, and are really enjoying doing what they also happen to be getting paid for. Gaining indepth knowledge of the city by research (look at their jobs ad) and interacting with the walkers (probably mostly foreigners) , walking around, chatting with them and exchanging anecdotes, making friends… what more could you ask for in a job… 😉 …must say its all a really excellent idea!

Ken – a colleague from Germany, went for the walk, and he was really happy about it (they’d even provided a group photo 🙂 ) – so I’d say implementation of the idea is excellent as well!

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4 Responses to “good, bad and ugly about bangalore”

  1. sham Says: says they are there to point out the inconveniences caused to the public because of the potholes. While in itself it is a great way to create awareness (as if people did not know about it) one has to ponder about a plethora of factors related to the issue.

    First, Bangaloreans are lucky. Roads in rest of Karnataka are much worse. Hence, such a satire isn’t really funny.

    Second, Bangalore is relatively flat and such heavy rains lashing out, isn’t natural for a lot more potholes to popup? (some of the pics seemed really fresh!)So, should not the civic bodies be a little more patient than usual?

    The website surely does not suggest that only the corporation is at fault. But it does not suggest civilians to mend their ways. For example, how about not driving your car solo abusing the overused road and instead going on the company bus? How about showing up at local corporation elections and voting responsibily or how about not putting those huge shamianas in front of the house for every occasion in your house?

    Putting up a website with a few pictures is not the way to seriously tackle this problem. If people have something serious in their mind, they can as well do it without much ado. I am not saying that the truth be withheld. But, Bangaloreans have to first learn pride and a sense of owning the city they live. It irritates me when people derail their own city and yet use every little bit of the resources it has to offer

  2. msanjay Says:

    Shyam, now that you mention it, I think that highlighting the potholes caused by the heavy rains was sort of overkill [thats esp why they could’ve also included one section for photos of good roads as well – there are plenty]… But the fact remains that its been weeks since then and I haven’t seen much of any repairwork!

    The sense of pride is definitely missing compared to what I’ve sometimes seen in say, Germany… where I’d noticed…

    They have a great sense of pride for their own city… An amazing incident was when I saw a lady who was sitting in a bus, got up and cleaned a dirty spot on the seat next to hers when she noticed it.

    I travel through the entire city every day, from the north to the south extreme. The traffic is on the rise and I feel the rise is noticeable in terms of months as opposed to years earlier. Add to this is the bad and never-improving conditions of the roads, most people are tired and frustrated of driving, and I expect would certainly prefer the company bus anyway whenever they have the option!

    I guess I’m the only idiot who dosen’t feel pissed off with the whole thing. Recently a family friend had been ranting about how annoyed and tired and angry he was to have driven his car in such slow traffic, and I commented: “if you really look at it, sitting in a car in a traffic jam is nothing but lounging on a sofa set in the middle of the road…” but I don’t think he really appreciated the point :-). Not that I’d actively choose to, but I actually don’t mind getting stuck in a traffic jam. The world has come to a grinding halt, and now I have a perfectly legitimate excuse to just sink into my own world, or maybe think about something (esp wonder why everybody’s cribbing about “wasted time” as if they’re going to do something terribly important after getting to their destination 😉 ) – or chat with someone – or (if I’m not the one driving) – delve into a book …no end of possibilities…

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