license to kill

A license to kill gives one a legal immunity, where one can kill someone else without it being considered as a crime. James Bond has no qualms in shooting down ‘bad’ guys with a gun, and gets away without it without a trace of any criminal record 🙂

Now James Bond may be just some character in a story/movie – but doesn’t this happen every day – we don’t use bullets, but we use words instead, to hurt or even kill (metaphorically) anybody whom we judge as ‘bad’ at that particular situation.

There are some factors based on which a person gives oneself this kind of license to kill:
– The fixed notion about oneself that “I am straightforward, to the point, direct person”, or “I am like this only, take it or leave it, this is me”. Its a good thing to be candid, but usually a person who has this kind of strong notion may not be very open to someone else’s suggestions, and is esp wary of criticism.
– One who considers themselves very independent “I can do everything alone, I don’t need anyone else”. I’m all for independence and self-reliance of course, but being obsessive about it closes opportunities for collaboration and synergy (1 + 1 greater than 2)

On the other hand, its absolutely vital to say the truth to the ones we love even if it hurts. The hurt involved may be short term but the value in it is long term! However maybe this may work the way one wants it to work if there is enough trust that its not out of bitterness but out of genuine concern! (though this may not be immediately evident 😉 ) It may be a good idea to first find the right time for saying such a truth – may be immediately or may be a while later in a different environment. Also a good idea to check whether its really the truth or whether its just our distorted perception. And most importantly, our own intention, whether they are mere impulsive ‘bullets’ or it will really benefit the person! 🙂 This may be difficult at times, but eventually inculcates a healthy environment of transparency and openness.

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  1. mohan Says:

    Hmm… yes you are right

    Kaya , vacha , manasa one should not hurt anybody as the geetha preeches.


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