Muktha – T.N. Seetharam ಮುಕ್ತ – ಟಿ ಎನ್ ಸೀತಾರಾಂ

ಮುಕ್ತ – ಟಿ ಎನ್ ಸೀತಾರಾಂ

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The closest I’ve come to actually following a serial is undoubtably Muktha by T.N Seetharam. His tranquility in the most adverse circumstances is something I find pretty inspiring; I’d even say he’s a kind of role model.

My name on this site is only incidental but this page really belongs to all the Muktha fans who are actively contributing as well as passively reading it. Who knows, maybe someone of us can get Mr. T.N. Seetharam to actually have a look at this some day 😉 if not get involved or comment on it – he seems to be a pretty busy man. There are also some excellent ideas like putting up audio/video of the serial on the net (depending on E TVs permission) or enabling Internet chat, etc, and maybe if anyone can post the lyrics of the title song.


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interview in Sudha magazine which was really cool… 8)
CONGRATS to everyone here! Special Thanks to SHRUTI for nominating this page for
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In an interview in Deccan Herald:

Seetharam says that the bloggers post blogs on every episode of the serial and that is a feel good factor.

This site is definitely, afaik the only site where this used to happen. Thanks to the consistent commitment of VANI, DIYA, AMMU and SHRUTI and everyone else who’s given updates. That line is a direct acknowledgement to them! 8)


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5,734 Responses to “Muktha – T.N. Seetharam ಮುಕ್ತ – ಟಿ ಎನ್ ಸೀತಾರಾಂ”

  1. VidyaShankar H Says:

    interesting & seriously hilarious 🙂

  2. Vasanth Kumar M Says:

    No doubt Seetharam’s Muktha is very interesting. But kelavu sanniveshagalannu summane yeledu kondu hogthaare. example: Two days back (2/3-8-05?) Minister Arunachala Murthy avara patniyavara illness annu 15 nimisha nodi anubhavisuvanthe maadiddaru seetharaam. Ashtondu Bekitha?
    Vasanth Kumar

  3. msanjay Says:

    yaavde serialalli eethara iddhe iruthe, after all superhit serial Mahabharataalu onnondhsathi sumne yeLithaidhru! episodegaLannu maaDbekalla adhakke irbohudo yeno 😉

    aadhre ee serial gaLalli onnondh dialog gaLu sakkatthaadirthaave… yaako sadhyakke gnapkakke barthilla.

  4. DHARANESH Says:

    Hello everybody,

    I really want to comment on the serial Muktha by T.N.SEETHARAM, Gauribidanur. To be frank the serial by him is a good attempt. I guess it is appriciated widely too.

    At the same time I would say few words what I have noticed from few days, the serial is not really catching up as it was before. It is getting out of its track in convincing the viewer. I was really impressed when certain episode were evidently shown in the serial (Scientific and Law related). I was watching the episode yesterday, the kidnapping of the kid. I was really disappointed. I guess Mr.Seetharam is aware of this.

    Thanking the concern to provide me the opportunity to comment on this issue.

    kindly acknowledge if possible.

    Thanking you,



  5. Prashanth Says:

    In the recent month’s Muktha has become a bore serial,Cashing on women sentiments too much of atrocities are shown.Ultimately what they want to prove …
    More so this serial is losing its objective badly unlike earlier Seeetharam’ serial.
    I also think people who want extract and cheat in real life are being encouraged by showing too many bad things…

    This is not expected from Seetharam…

  6. Rekha Says:

    I think in Muktha, all problems occur to just one family. How can that be. Earlier the leading ladies who showed enough wit and courage to solve a situation, now seem like any K-Mart heroines succumbing to others vices. I don’t think we percieve Mr. Seetharamu that way. I see him as a go getter, courageous person who wouldnot be encompassed by other’s wickedness. Please show it in your work.

  7. Sreesha Says:

    On 11.10.2005 episode, several times the word ‘Euro Dollar’ is referred. There is ‘Euro’ and there is ‘Dollar’ but there is no ‘Euro Dollar’

  8. msanjay Says:

    Good observation Sreesha 🙂

    Btw I’ve passed on this link containing all comments to the Muktha team (contact info comes at the end of the serial).

  9. Devaraj Says:

    In Muktha serial, watching two character is very difficult, one is Ms. Arundathi and another is Home minister wife. Their acting and incidents are really boring. Home ministor is catched a other person’s wife, hence she should be more atractive and glamerous lady but she looks ordinery. And in case of Arundhati, she is not looks like sundary but so many times muktha serial is stating her as sundary. Otherwise muktha serial is very good.Expecting more on law related with Mr. Seetharam

    Devaraj S

  10. Chethana Says:

    Mukhtha is a nice serial. Interesting and my parents make sure they watch all the episodes without fail. But I cant digest the fact that alwaysthere is some problem orbthe other in Purushotham, Arundhati, and to every member in their family omly.

  11. Suresh Prasad N Says:

    Dear Shri Seetharam,
    Muktha Serial is really mind blowing, fantastic and is par excellence. Right from the point of view of story, direction, acting, etc. this Muktha Serial deserves all the appreciation. Shri Seetharam has really extracted the potential of all the actors. The roles played in the form of SP, CM, HM & his wife, CSP, MLAs like Rane, Shivkrishna Desai, Grand old parents and their family, Sadanand Patel, etc. are so much real that at no point of time one feels that they are acting. It feels that they are portraying their part in real lives. When one is developing an aversion for the various serials particularly the serials of Ektha Kapoor, this Muktha Serial directed by one and only Mr. Seetharam, is a great respite.
    With all this, there is one suggestion that I would like to make to Shri Seetharam. LET HIM NOT ORGANIZE ANY “SAMVADA” AT ANY PLACE IN FUTURE. This Samvada is somehow killing the enthusiasm of a majority of audience like me who feel that Muktha is not a Serial but a real life happening. In Samvada we will be seeing almost all the characters in different get-ups and styles, people offering comments, Shri Seetharam clarifying those comments, people asking Shri Seetharam not to do that one and this one, not to allow Nanjunda to go to wrong path, so on and so forth. This will really affect the interests of the audience. Shri Seetharam who is considered by far as a Director/Story Writer/Actor who depict real life happenings (natural happenings, let him bring out the serial as per his vision/thinking. Let him not take the comments and bring out the serial. Let him not do Samvadas and make the serial a reel one. I wish Shri Seetharam and his troupe all the very best.
    N.Suresh Prasad

  12. Sriram Says:

    In Yesterday’s episode of Muktha Arunachal Murthy & Madhavi Patel met with an accident-planned by Rane, does anyone know what happens next?

  13. sarala Says:

    I love to watch muktha serial everyday. I feel really something missing on saturdays and sundays without the serial. All the characters are so realistic and I like court scenes most. We will be very curious to watch the way in which Director seetharam proves to the court aobut the innocence of his client even though we will be knowing who is hte guilty and how it has been done etc. but, sometimes, it looks unrealistic that CSP gets all the proofs like old post card written, all entries made in guest houses, hospitals, lodges etc, which is possible only in serials.

  14. chandan Says:

    i like muktha serial
    it is so good
    from this serial society may be improved

  15. Sriram Says:

    I hate the CBI director Sandhya Mangalvade! That seems one of the very few mistakes committed by TNS, otherwise its absolutely well made serial-a good break from the melodramas!

  16. GK Harish Says:

    Dear Shri Sitaram,

    Muktha serial is extremely well written and well directed,however it seems strange that the driver who drove madhavi patels car has not been questioned at all by anyone, his integrity has not been questioned. I feel he is the one who has killed Arunachal murthy after the car had fallen in the gourge using the revolver of madhavi patel. After she had fallen she lost conciousness and did not remember, meanwhile the driver used the oppurtunity to kill the minister.

    CSP and his dialogues are enthralling, all of us at home dutifully watch the serial. We are waiting for the courtroom battles.


  17. Kumar Says:

    No doubt Muktha is one of the best serials ever made, Can anybody share contact details of Seetharam ( email, mobile). After watching teh serial from last 6-8 months dying speak to him and discuss .
    Now the court scenes have started and it will be just impossible to miss any episodes, Entry of ravi belegere as judge is like jewel in the crown. I think with this Muktha will come to end, what others say???

  18. msanjay Says:

    So far I haven’t got a response but this email id comes at the end of the serial:

  19. Irayya Says:


    I want to crate a website for muktha. Design and development i will do with my own cost, if you ready to host it you can contact me and also i am ready maintain the web site. I like this serial very so i am thinking to design a good website for MUKTHA.

    Ph: 9880442324

  20. Kumara Gowda Says:

    I have watched the last couple of episode.
    I have a question, what happen to SOUTH AFRICA blast planned in the serial, there is no news. I think director loss the track!!!


  21. Manju Says:

    South Africa blast is a key aspect in the ongoing trial IMO.

  22. Ashwin Acharya Says:

    Yes very true. Also why does Jai Jagadish come in between?

  23. Manju Says:


    Yes very true. Also why does Jai Jagadish come in between?

    To irritate 😉

    I hate the sidekick stories of Jaijagadeesh scenes, arundhathi-manmohan’s everlastin’ irritating conversations. They beat same topics to death over and over and over.

  24. msanjay Says:

    Today’s debate with the psychologist was simply fantastic. Its amazing the way he manages to research the concerned topic and find the right clues to provide the required evidence!

  25. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Sanjay…
    I agree with you on that – the way he made the psychologist accept that MP could not have committed the murder was amazing.
    At the end, I was so excited, that I shouted “That’s all your honour!” along with him.

    This is what I like about Mukta.. Not only is it entertaining, but also extremely informative. At least your brain is given some thinking to do. This serial beats any other mindless drama I have seen – in Kannada or English.

    By the way, you have an excellent blog here. I had come here one more time following a link – about how to be proud to be a kannadiga or something – that was excellent too. I had no time to look around that time – just happened to come hre again – and I am looking around. Will keep coming back.

  26. PRADEEP DC Says:

    Initially we are not at all serial lovers. Now MUKTHA serial has influenced us to such an extent we even postpone or prepone our official work between 9pm to 9.30pm. TN SITARAM is doing a great job in resolving the social issues. Please convey our message to the great director. If we get his contact details that would be great.


    We Pradeep & Vathsal, take this great opportunity to introduce ourselves as management graduates from Bangalore Univrsity.

    We feel the potentiality of the management students is great in our country. We have come across difficulties in getting the required management information at our college days.

    This has prompted us to create a website . This is our maiden venture to bridge the gap of required information for the management students, professors and every knowledge loving person in India.

    Your comments, suggestions and feedback is very valuable to us. We request you to evaluate our efforts. This will help us to enhance the contents of the website farmore useful to the management fraternity of our country.

    It would be grateful if you can pass this message to the student community of India.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Yours truly,

    Pradeep and Vathsal

  27. Harish Says:

    I Work for a MNC now, so my work timing is not allowing me to watch “Mukta” for last couple of months.Fortunately, I could see the serial again in this Christmus holidays. The intensity of my liking towards this serial is provoking me to change my job again!!!!!!!!Lets C.

  28. msanjay Says:

    Today in a restaurant (Samrat, near Central) I met an actor of one of the E TV serials – Ramesh, who acts in Manmanthara. He is actually a farmer by profession! As it is I have a lot of respect for farmers in general (they’re the annadaathas – the backbone of our country!) – and ended up really liking him as a person. I hope to meet him again. He – very suprisingly – turned out to be a very close childhood friend of one of late uncles (and was saddened to hear that he was now no more) – its a small world! He promised to visit us at home – though I doubt if he would remember it.

    He is a close friend of T.N. Seetharam. I requested him to request Mr. Seetharam to have a look at the comments in this URL, and also if possible to call me giving him my mobile number. So lets see if things work out 😉

  29. msanjay Says:

    Shruti, thanks for your kind comments about the site.

    At the end, I was so excited, that I shouted “That’s all your honour!”

    It was almost the same at my home as well 🙂 One thing at this point was the expression on Seetharam’s face – no gloating over the victory but just a tranquil matter-of-fact smile. Apart from all his other talents, the gentleman is a truly exceptional actor as well.

    Harish, you could also consider some less drastic alternatives:
    – a video recording solution 😎
    – or try to work out some flexible timing ideas with your manager
    – or arrange for a TV at the office (well there is one in the cafeteria of a lot of offices already I think, atleast there is in mine) – and plan for a ‘daily coffee break’ during that time 😉

    Actually it would be good if the serial got retelecasted, maybe late at night or in the afternoon (previous day’s episode) or something like that.

  30. kumar Says:

    Now Muktha is reaching very interesting situation, I think the episodes shpuld not have any other fillup scenes apart from court drama, Everyday one scene will be for time pass like Jaijagadish or Nanjunda’A marriage etc. Atleast till this case is over let there be nonstop court drama . Once the case is over may be other things can be taken up and give logical endings. It would be great if TNseetharam have a look at all comments here. I think he is one of the greatest Directors Kannada has, atleast he should be given the due credit , A syou know we Kannadaigas never recognise our own people and always tend to appreciate others at the cost of Kannada people and Kannada language

  31. Anitha Says:

    Rightly said … court drama is very very interesting … especially the cross examination by CSP …He takes a totally different approach than what we are thinking …

  32. Keshav Says:

    Dear friends,
    It is really facinating to see such a lovely response for a kannada seriel (off late..atleast we can say we have a wonderful seriel, if not a decent movie). T. N. Seethatramu by all means is a fantastic director and thinker. His affinity towards, kannada poems is appreciable. With that atleast our younger generation are coming to know how rich our litrature is. Muktha by all means is the best serial (for god sake,, don’t compare it with Ektha kapoor – balaji telifilms seriels). Now it is getting more interested with the court sequences. I have few comments…let me see if somebody can clarify that? In the recent episode he was arguing regarding the blood stains on the driver’s shirt but nothing on the MP’s uniform. One can see the blood stains only on the front lower half of the shirt But nothing behind. TNS could have argued that as the driver is sitting in the front row of the car, the possibilty of blood falling on to the driver is only from the back. How come it is in the front portion of his shirt..? Secondly, the judge is not saying anything or punishing the witness once he is proven false.

  33. Praveen Says:

    Namaskara Keshav,
    Some clarification on your comments !
    Yes you are right about blood stains adare nevu koda swalpa mistaken as a driver he cant get any strains in back as seat covers backside but blood stains should have been on shoulder part as driver says blood cameou as fountain…Correcta ?
    I guess this will be questioned later.

    Regarding false witness judge cannot punish anyone during the enquiry time, He can punish only at the time of Final Judgement.

    Let me know if u need any info as i am big fan of this MUKTHA.


  34. Kumar, Chennai Says:

    Things are getting very intersting , CSP is giving diffrent angles to all witnesses. I think he will make Inspector ranganath to literally cry and also to Driver of Shivakrishna Desai. Looking fwd for cross examination of these two characters !!!

  35. Praveen Says:

    Police Constable Nagendrappa’s court scene was very good & touching. Acting of that person was very good.
    What you guys say ?


  36. Keshav Says:

    Namaskara Praveen,
    Thanks for the clarifications. But if it is a blood fountain, why nothing has happened for his trousers lower part? One more clarification – why the home minister of the state (Mr. Rane) is always present in the court…? Does he have no works to do?

  37. Sanjeev Says:

    Namaskara Sanjay,
    I Googled for muktha, and found your blog here. Glad to see so many people sharing their views on a blockbuster :)serial Muktha. I do intermittently watch this serail. But since a few days [after the court scenes have started] i am trying to regularly watch. Sitaram is simply the GREAT!. His serials are very very interesting, informative and a concern for society. The last scene of Yesterday’s episode was so emotional….unfortunately such ill treatment of constables by higher officers happens in reality!!

  38. Manju Says:

    Thumbs up for Nagendrappa’s witness scene!!

    Good twist to the trial by bringing CBI officer to the prosecution questioning much earlier – Some food for thought to ponder over the weekend while waiting for the Monday episode 😀

  39. sbshetty Says:

    I kindly request you to give the email address of Muktha Serial which is telecast on ETV.


  40. Karthik Says:

    Can anybody tell me where can I get the title song of the Mukha Serial and the wallpaper of the serial..

    Hats of to TNS not only muktha but all the series TNS has directed so been a great show of all times.


  41. msanjay Says:

    Actually I wanted to record the song and encode it into MP3 and put it here. But the only thing that stops me is to find out if I can get permsission for it as I’d like to avoid violating copyrights. [After all one of the core ideas of the serial is about integrity! 🙂 ] If anyone gets in touch with Mr. Seetharam and asks on my behalf, please let me know. Maybe someone who can get to attend a samvaada.

  42. Shruthi Says:

    Sanjay, this post of yours has turned into a forum for Mukta fans! Why don’t you write a mail to and provide this link to them? Even if one person from their team reads it, it will be worth it!

    Keshav, I also had that doubt of the blood on the driver’s uniform. But I think we need to be patient… the court case has still a long way to go, and TNS might bring it up later.

  43. Keshav Says:

    hi shruthi, our doubts were clarified in yesterday’s episode. We really enjoyed the cross examination of CBI IO. We were virtually clapping and jumping with joy. We should appreciate the efforts he puts in collecting the various datas required for a particular scene. Well done again TNS and good luck. Keshav

  44. Sanjeev Says:

    Would it not be a good idea to put a brief on what happened in everyday’s episode for those who missed it.

  45. shiv Says:

    Guys, Please plan to place the story of the episode for the day.We will really enjoy reading it. I am in US and I am missing the serial very much.

  46. msanjay Says:

    That’s an excellent idea… and if not a brief, maybe a few of the best dialogues atleast. Travelling from Electronics City to Malleswaram, sometimes I end up missing some episodes myself… but surely anyone (even I will try) to can try to summarise some highlights. Btw do you have any favourite dialogues from the past episodes so far?

    Shruti, I’ve written to that mail id several times, but have got no response so far 🙁

  47. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I missed out the Jan 9th episode wherein CSP cross examines CBI due to some problem in Cable Circuit. I lost my temper shouted at the Service Provider at a pitch of my voice. Thatz the kind of effect ‘Muktha’ has created in our mind.

  48. Kumar, chennai Says:

    Hi friends, We going out of staion for about one week and miss crucial parts of Muktha, Is there any way can anybody record the episodes from tomorrow till 20th and make CD.
    Wish I had mobile number of Seetharam atleast we could have asked him on what will happen for next one week !!!, If anybody can record the court scenes pls do it and let us know through this blog.
    Muktha makes all Kannadigas real proud of the great talent of Seetharam

  49. msanjay Says:

    heh heh Prasanna 😀 actually there’s one line wrt this in the original post…

    His tranquility in the most adverse circumstances is something I find pretty inspiring; I’d even say he’s a kind of role model.

    Btw my doDDamma was a keen follower of the famous Erle Stanley Gardner’s books (lawyer stories) and she says that this is on par with that level 🙂

  50. Mahabala Says:

    Today I found this URL, really good…………..
    Please pass this link to ur friends (muktha fans).

  51. msanjay Says:

    Keshav, your point…

    One more clarification – why the home minister of the state (Mr. Rane) is always present in the court…? Does he have no works to do?

    …was actually raised by CSP today 😎 and he continues and states that Mr. Rane wants to monitor the case to make sure nothing happens to him because he is involved. CSP questions why Mr. Rane came to the site 2 days in advance, and accuses him of having known about the impending murder and wanting to ensure details of all arrangements.

    Only thing is that the objection raised that it was an irrelevant point to be asked only to Mr. Rane was sustained.

  52. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Hey Kumar!!!!

    Infact am coming to chennai from Hyderabad to my mavanavara mane for shankaranthi. Other than my wife and me no one watches muktha over there. Let me try and do different.

  53. Roopa Says:

    Hi This is Roopa,

    I feel any serial under the Sitaram Banner is good.Have you watched Malebillu,which is telecast is the afternoon at 2:30.Believe me I love that kid who acts in that serial(ANIKETH) he is soooo cute and it is amazing to see such a small child acts so maturedly.He understands the situation and shows expression.Sitaram has to encourage and promote this child he has fantastic talent.If anyone gets a chance please convery this message to Sri Sitaram and the child’s parents.I a great fan of that kid,not only me everyone loves him.I think his original name is SACHIN BHARADWAJ.:)

  54. Roopa Says:

    Hi Sanjay and veryone on this forum,
    This is Roopa again,
    Oops I am sorry ,Is this only a Mukta forum,I thought i could talk about any Sitaram’s serials.I see nobody is replying to my post. 🙁

  55. msanjay Says:

    No problem Roopa, this is an open blog and there are no formal restrictions 😀 but I guess deviations from Muktha will kind of dilute the topic.

    I for one haven’t really seen Malebillu except the trailers/ads – from your description I think I better check it out sometime – though it looks doubtful if it comes only in the afternoon. You would probably get a better response at or the Kannada group on Orkut

  56. Roopa Says:

    Hi SAnjay
    I cant get an ORKUT ID as I have to be reffered by some one who has an ORKUT ID,and wont work on my PC as I have IE my system. :(sob sob PLEASEEE dont say deviations will dilute the TOPIC 🙂

  57. msanjay Says:

    allrite I sent you one. I already said it 😉 but what you want to say is definitely your wish… there’s no moderation here (except for spam).

  58. Srikanth Says:

    I googled and foundout this blog.
    Its interesting to see how many ppl like muktha.
    I initially thought i’m the only ‘crazy’ lover of this 9 o’clock mystery called Muktha, but this blog is proving me wrong. And Yes, I’m really feeling proud to read all the comments here.

    I’ll give you two instances of fan flair of Muktha.

    1. My Brother-in-law who never used to watch any serial, and being broughtup in Chennai, had more inclanation to Tamil. Because of my sister’s persistance he watched one of the episodes and he is now a regular watcher of the show. He returns back everyday by 9 to be sure not to miss the serial. One more thing about him : He is an advocate by profession. When I querried him about the court scenes, he said these were really fascinating and like reality show case of the court trials.

    2. My cousin who is an engineer in Sharjah, has a servent maid at home hailing from Srilanka. My cousin says this maid is now addicted to this serial called Muktha. Last month my cousin with whole family visited India, and i herd her saying ‘the maid was more worried to miss Muktha than missing the children, or she was not happy to go home, missing Muktha’.!!!!

    Truely addictive. Hats off to Seetharam and Co.

    My favourite scene among the court scenes was the cross examination of “Nagendrappa”. It was wittty, touching, real, superb and excellent.
    Keep the good work going.

    – Srik.

  59. hpn Says:

    wow! Sanjay, your blog is becoming real popular, eh! 😉

    Glad to see discussion about Kannada serials extending to this extent.

  60. vinay Says:

    dear TNS sir

    the serial is good the concept n everything is really good

    its nothing compared to mayamruga n manvanthara
    in muktha u start some story but end it abruptly for instance wat happend to madhavi paltel’s husband? where did that naxalite friend of her’s go?
    where is her brother-in-law?

    wat happend to nanjunda’s under world don watever that guys name is………

    he pays back the rich guy wit some1’s money right that person turns out to b dead wat happend there???

    y.y.y.y.y.y did jai jagdesh come in?

    plz plz plz stop the nagging of arundathi n manmohan its getting boring

    i seriously expected more cases in this serial but R U ENDING THE SERIAL WIT THE COMPLETION OF THIS CASE???????

    plz dont do that there wil b so many questions unanswered
    this is not good sir

    and in one of the samvada u said u choose only one family n gav them all the trouble coz u could not manage many families but in maya mruga u managed 3 families very wel n gave each starting a beautiful ending

    i would seriously like to watch mayamruga again than to watch muktha

    but i’m addicted to the way u do ur cases sokeep up the good work
    v really really appricite this effort of ur’s

    hope i did not anger u but this was my perception

  61. msanjay Says:

    hpn, maybe you could add some data instead of metadata. Anyway this has nothing to do with the popularity of my blog but only Muktha 😀

    vinay, hate to disappoint you but in the latest Samvaada Ravi Belegare did state that muktha will end the end of February – but with the promise of a BIG BANG 🙂

  62. hp Says:

    metadata? heh! 😛

  63. ravir Says:

    I didn’t get chance to watch Mayamruga, but was big fan of Manvanthara, I agree with Vinay, Manvanthara had so much controlled story flow. No doubt that court scenes from Muktha match with Manvanthara, but not the story.
    Every character, every scene was so fantastic.
    It was flawless serial. But said so I believe there is a reason for ending story’s and some characters abruptly. If you all watched story from beginning, Seetharam initially took very controversial subjects as his story line like globalization, CET issue, Naxalism. The story would have definately caused embarassment to government. I donot know what happened in background, but definately seetnaram is forced to change the story. In CET case it was direct government bashing. All the events shown were exactly matching with what happened for 2 years in Karnataka.
    I greatly appreciate Seetharam for pulling back (it is not easy though). That is why story is weakned little bit. Hope in future story gets stabilized.

  64. Shruthi Says:

    Hi everybody – I don’t know about Manvanthara, but I used to watch Mayamruga occasionally – I thought the story was good, but I used to find some of the female leads very irritating – they were so good and pious that I felt it was artificial. And they used to speak in artificial tones. In Muktha, I don’t see that artificiality – I think TNS has matured in his direction, and so has his cast. Also, here there are many grey characters – not black, not white – with a mixture of both goodness and badness – and that is how it is in real life.

    When I heard that Muktha is ending in Feb, I felt really sad! What will I do at 9 pm everyday??!! 🙂

  65. msanjay Says:

    Yeah that’s really true Shruti about the grey characters… makes it a more realistic serial!

    hmm offlate its really been a strange twist to the story… the trecherous lawyer ‘trainee’ who’s got all the info out… how could CSP be so naive, we have to wonder. Anyway he gets out of the mess today. I hope to make it by 9 PM, last time I took the 7:15 bus I reached home only at 9:20 🙁

  66. Kumara Gowda Says:

    After end of the Muktha in Feb, there will be serial by TNS.
    (I think 9:00PM to 9:30PM is alloted for TNS in ETV !!)

  67. Shruthi Says:

    Sanjay, you are right – how can CSP bring an unknown person into his confidence that too in such an important case? Anyway, I am waiting to see how that guy gets caught. I cannot bear to see that triumphant look on Rane and Chhabria’s faces.
    Kumara Gowda, Really? That’s good! Though frankly, I don’t want to get addicted to another serial 😀

  68. KM Says:

    I too agree with some of you who have wondered how CSP could trust a trainee lawyers so easily in such a mission critical case even though he was accompanied by Purushotham.

    I think myself and my husband are getting emotionally attached to this serial that I hate to watch episodes when I see a triumphant smile on Rane / Chabria or Shivraj Hegde’s face. I can not stand the character of Sharat Suryavanshi as well.

  69. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    After seeing TNS’s serial every one of us are becoming as sharp as him. Even me and my wife jumped into conclusion that the Sale deed of the land shud be the work of CSP’s deputy becoz of the tracherous smile that he gives when CSP is foxed.

    Its really sad to hear that Muktha will be ending by Feb. That will be an ample opportunity for my wife to occupy that time for watching Tamil Serial.

  70. Manju Says:

    This junior lawyer twist is keeping me restless..Damn..I can’t concentrate on my work at office 😉

    TNS has to be the all time best when it comes to making thought provoking, social awareness masterpiece in the electronic media (yes, including all languages/regions) where 99% is BS anyway. Now, if we can only go out and vote and be concious about whom we choose to represent us..oh well.

    The optimistic thing is the HUGE turnout one sees for his ‘samvaada’ especially women. As a sanskrit saying says ‘educate women and society automatically becomes much better). Empowering women with education and responsibility is the key. Yes, our history has had such wonderful times.

    My wishlist is to have a society wherein you have Madhavi Patel as your Public officer (whatever the office may be), Shivakrishna Desai as your head of state and Gowri as your loving sister.

    PS: My only concern is if TNS dropped Naxal, MNC and globalization issues because of pressure from political/commercial/sponsor/ETV establishment. That’d be contrary to what he claims about switching to ETV from Doordarshana because of tied hands when it comes to choosing issues.


  71. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    I’ve never seen CSP so depressed as he was yesterday after cross verfication of Brahmachar, even though he knows those are false cert still he is helpless

  72. Shruthi Says:

    Yes, I was even more depressed than CSP. In fact, I got up and went out of the room and did not watch the last few minutes at all. I really could not bear it. I feel like slapping that junior advocate 🙂 I think I am not going to watch until that fellow gets caught!

  73. Shruthi Says:

    Sanjay, what’s the comment limit of each post? :p 😉

  74. Manju Says:

    Who wouldn’t get depressed when he is being blindsided on the facts he is 100% sure? I am sure we’ve all been in such situations.
    I am not a big fan of his acting but TNS’s yesterday’s episode’s acting was one of his best, if not the best. The background aalaap (fayaz khan) was simply amazing. The aalaap had the power of bringing (emotional) tears.

  75. Chaitanya Says:

    Aahh! Some party at office yesterday (18th Jan) that I had to attend and thus missed a crutial day at court! I was worried day-before itself when the cross-examination didn’t end that day and I knew I would miss it 🙁

    Just goes to show that, how the serial and its court’s sessions have been so gripping. Its one of the most common issues discussed in house-hold and offices these days…!

    Truly remarkable effort from TNS and team…!

    Although I like Muktha a lot, as some one pointed out, it isn’t in the same league as Mayamruga! Few of the reasons may be the following:
    – As some one pointed out, abrupt ending of few stories like Naxalism, Madhavi Patel’s husband, ex-boyfriend issue etc.
    – dont like the way dialogues are repeated over and over at Arundhati-Gowri’s house.
    – Every body’s name has to be taken in full and always!!! like ‘Madhavi Patel’, ‘Sandhya Mangalavade’, ‘Indira arunachalamurthy’ and so on… Its so unnatural and irritating!
    – Arundathi-Manmohan issue is the weakest link in current days of the serial, I guess.
    – I personally don’t like his arguments on globalizations! TNS seems to be against all MNC’s which is hard to imagine. Anyways discussion on globalization itself can be another topic or a blog!

    Yes, Muktha will be ending soon in Feb/Mar and TNS is going to do a movie again! Hope its turns out to be good again (like matadana) but serials is what we like him to do, not sure what others feel.

    – Chaitanya

  76. Keshav Says:

    Hi guys,:{
    I was very much depressed after seeing yesterday’s episode. The acting of TNS was wonderful. In fact, I am so emotionally attached to this serial, I didn’t get sleep yesterday and was thinking about what will happen next. Like Shruthi, I also can’t enjoy (but I’ll definately watch!!) the serial until CSP comes to know about that junior lawyer. What I would like to see in the future episode is, CSP coming to know about this fellow…..keeping quite…..and misguiding him for the future cross examinations. Hope that will happen soon.

  77. msanjay Says:

    …TNS’s yesterday’s episode’s acting was one of his best, if not the best. The background aalaap (fayaz khan)

    Man yesterday we had a major code review meeting till midnight… this happens while working with US clients… and looks like I really missed something…

    Anyway should be able to catch up today…

    CSP coming to know about this fellow…..keeping quite…..and misguiding him for the future…

    Keshav’s red herring hypothesis sounds interesting… another guess would be that he digs up the falsehood behind the evidences.

    Shruti, the comments are just entries in a database, so there’s no limit afaik.

  78. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Today we might see CSP Smiling and his usual Vyangya maathu over any false evidence given

  79. Praveen Says:

    CSP has a BIG doubt on his Junior now !!!! You can see that y’day @ ending !!! I Guess now the story has got a new twist,Rane yeneda balege Rane ne bilthane ansutte, Een anthira ?

  80. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    what praveen is telling is true. CSP makes his Jr to believe that he is not at all doubting him by assuring him that since he was family friend of purushottam.

    Today will be something new apart from court scene and usual arundhati’s monologues either with manmohan or Jai jagadeesh (forgot his name!!!!!!!!)

  81. Manju Says:

    This arundathi-jai jagadeesh thing is really rubbing me off! manmohan-new girl friend story or gowri’s new venture stories are better for “fill the rest of time with other storyline” concept.

  82. Girish Says:

    Hi All,

    Aparna has come back after a long break, Dear TNS please settle your Ego issues with aparan.

    I heard that in next two months Muktha coming to an end, I’m wondring there are so many new topics introduced in the recent past, TNS will you be able to cover all these ? :

    1. Jaijagdees intro..
    2. Gowri’s reaserch..
    3. Nanjunda’s court case..
    4.Manmohan is job less..are you makning him as a CM ?
    5. TNS why are you not addressing our nation main issues like ” Child Labour”, ” Primary education”….bring the awareness please..

    Thank you,


  83. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Girishavare , take it lightly afterall its a serial and a mode of entertainment and he has done his best when compared to Saas-Bahus tears or Father-Son fighting or Boothas Prethas, …….. Serials. He has his own compulsions, i remember when the muktha started in 2002 Dec ( if not wrong) ETV wanted TNS to make a serial which is about 800 episodes, but TNS insisted that he cudn’t go beyond 450 but has been able to keep the viewers gripped even after 518 episodes. Which is remarkable.

  84. Sanjeev Says:

    Hope in the future TNS would address the issues of “Child Labour” and “Primary Education”. He has thrown enough light on the other issues like “CET exams/councelling”, “Globalization & Liberlization”, “Naxalism”, “Fashion & Modelling”, etc., as well aspects of human relations.
    The last scense of the yesterdays serial, where in TNS shares his disappointment with Jr, I initial thought that he wanted someone to Emphatically listen [His wife instead of supporting him gives a judgement that he is so and so..] but at the end felt like TNS wanted to make sure that Jr is not a traitor….

  85. Amruta Says:

    I enjoy watching mukta a lot and is it really true that Mukta will be finishing soon?

    CSP is such an amazing character so Seetharam, I say Hats off!

  86. Chaitanya Says:

    Yes Amruta,

    As per a press release (, the serial will end in few months.

    All good things must come to an end! 🙁


  87. msanjay Says:

    CSP has a BIG doubt on his Junior now !!!! You can see that y’day @ ending !!!

    Yeah Praveen, that slight change of expression of CSP’s face at the very last moment was very interesting. I think he would’ve observed the looks on the junior’s face while speaking about his suspicions and ideas. My mom felt that CSP asked him to get something to eat so that he could follow him to see what he would do. But my guess is that its more likely that he’s going to have a look at the junior’s belongings – particularly have a look at his cellphone to see his outgoing numbers.

    In yesterday’s episode I also liked the relationship of Aparna and CSP – the fact that inspite of CSP’s initial annoyance, Aparna dosen’t take it personally (atleast at first) but continues to try and help him out. They both talk openly and objectively even about things that are against each other – and listen and acknowledge each other as well. I think that’s really a mature relationship… though of course after a while it deteriorates and they end up quarelling anyway 😉 but give each other the space to be alone.

    FYI there was an ad at the end of the serial of another ಸಂವಾದ (samvada) this Sunday at 19:00 on E TV.

  88. Shruthi Says:

    Serves me right for not sitting and watching with patience – I missed the expression on CSP’s face at the last moment. I was irritated because I thought CSP trusts the junior so much that he is confiding in him, that I just walked out and refused to watch. My husband kept calling me and telling me to watch, then he caught the expression and told me about it – and I was thinking “Chhey.. what did I do!” 🙂
    Yes, Sanjay, I agree with you, I liked the way CSP and his wife spoke so analytically. Pity they fought, though 🙂

  89. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    The last expression on CSP’s face was really wonderful, BTW where did u guys get those smileys ???/

  90. Keshav Says:

    hi Shruthi,
    Why did you miss the last scene…? Infact, it was irritating that CSP was telling everything to his junior. I was expecting him to pretend as if nothing has happened and misguide him for the next witness. Very soon I would like to see Rane and Co sweating in the court (particularly Sandhy….very irritating character). We hope the last expression of CSP was genuine and has some doubt in the junior.

  91. msanjay Says:

    Prasanna, have a look at this link for smileys: What Text Do I Type to Make Smileys?

  92. Satya Says:


    Man, this is indeed becoming a hot bed of actions!!! Good serial and nice to read so many comments. I hate to admit it, but i am also watching this!! just cant believe that I would watch serials one day….. vaisagiro lakshana ade antha ankondidde…. 🙂

  93. Ramprasad Says:

    Hi All, My Name is Ramprasad. I am working as a Tech Supp. Enggr at Hewlett-Packard, Bangalore and I am a Stage artiste by hobby. Besides acting in kannada plays, I have also acted in a couple of serials (Single Episodes). I just came to know about this forum while I was searching on the web. I am too happy to see that you poeple (youngsters) are so much intereseted in kannada serials. I have met TNS a coupla times and found a great person in him. He is a bit reserve kinda person and does not let any other person or the issues to bother his work while he is in the Office. So, be a bit cautious while you people meet him (if thats the case). But he is a great personality. I like him very much as a human being. If you want his office address, – House name is Vishwas, Guruthaman Part Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore- The road just next to Central Bank of India which is next to the BHS and Vijaya college in SouthEnd road, Bangalore. (You will not find the BHOOMIKA CREATIONS board anywhere there). They have taken a house for Rent to run their office. Hope, this would be helpful information for those who wants to meet him personally. You can mail me on

  94. msanjay Says:

    Turns out the last expression on CSP’s face (on Thu, Jan 19) was simply general scepticism and not directed towards the junior. Actually as a viewer we know the situation and its easy to guess what CSP should’ve been watching for, etc. But actually putting oneself in CSP’s shoes, I think CSP has blind faith in the junior, and this is acting as a barrier to him – so he isn’t really bothering about noticing any giveways at all, even though being an otherwise astute lawyer! The junior’s request to ‘allow CSP to win sometimes, otherwise he will get doubt on me’ was a pretty diabolically smart move which will definitely make things harder for CSP.

  95. Ramesh Says:

    I have been following Mukta again after the court scenes started.

    I was following it very closely from the beginning, but really got fed up when family of Nanjunda, Purushottam et al was portrayed as a sort of a direct descendant of Satya Harishchandra! Let’s admit, no one can and will be as selfless (and sometimes stupid as well) as this family has been portrayed to be, in these days! It’s just impossible to survive in this world with such attitudes or outlook. When it became a bit too much, I stopped watching the serial totally.

    Now that the court scene has started, I’ve started watching the same. This time, Mr.TNS has created a twist in such a manner that is almost an antithesis to his characteristic brilliance in rendering this serial. Having portrayed himself as a brilliant lawyer, he has made it difficult for the viewers to accept him as being someone so gullible who has trusted the son of an MLA who happens to be an ally of Minister Rane. The reasoning given by this ‘junior’ and his subsequent ‘leaking’ of the inside information is also shown in a less credible way.

    If anyone can convey a message to Mr.TNS to ‘straighten’ this unwanted twist, it would bring the brilliant serial back on track.


  96. Shruthi Says:

    I agree with Ramesh when he says that it is difficult to believe that CSP is so gullible, coz he has been portrayed as brilliant. But if this twist had not been brought about, it would be underestimating the intelligence and crooked-mindedness of Rane and Sharath Suryavamshi. Just imagine, CSP goes on discrediting all their witnesses, and will they just sit back and watch? They would surely do something. I was worried that they would think of a plan to kill CSP, but after discarding that option, they came up with this – planting one of their men in his camp. So that way, the move is pretty credible, but yes, it is difficult to accept CSP being so trusting.

  97. Praveen Says:

    Killing CSP ??????? I guess it will be END of MUKTHA !!! So they wont go with this thought but sure there were attack/attempt to kill on Eshwara Prasad in Manvantara

  98. Praveen Says:

    Today Matte Inspector Ranganath ge neer isiluthare !!!!

  99. Shruthi Says:

    Praveen, yes, thats what I said… if you remember, Rane tells Shivraj Hegde, “CSP na mugisbidabeku” but Hegde dissuades him and after that they come up with this plan of planting Satyaprakash as CSP’s junior. So basically, I was trying to tell Ramesh, though it is unpleasant, this twist is probably required, because otherwise, it will be unnatural if Rane just keeps quite.
    Inspector Ranganath ge neeru ilisthara? Heege Satyaprakash yellanu leak madtha hodre… nanageno samshaya… 🙁 Anyway let’s hope for the best 🙂

  100. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Shruthi aware

    did you see the Muktha Samvada yest ???? TNS was telling that Mukthada anthya Sukhamayavagi aguthade. Adakke Samshaya padodu bekagilla yaake andre SATYAMEVA JAYATHE.

    TNS clearly told the more twists in the court scenes the more TRP would the serial gain.

  101. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Prasanna… gotthu, gotthu… definitely it will be a happy ending.. but I was refering to Praveen’s statement that “TODAY matte inspector ranganath ge neer ilisthare”… so what i meant was TODAY aagade irabahudu.. but not to worry.. everything will be alright sometime or the other.

    Phew! I seem to be an expert at expressing myself wrong 🙂 I am spending most of my time trying to say what I really mean!

  102. Adithya Says:

    How can Seetharam Sir ignore his Junior lawyer for the second time..?
    and it is not fair for Arundathi to go and ask for loan from Annapurnamma, she is taking too much of liberty….

  103. msanjay Says:

    Shruthi, we did get the general idea 🙂 – everybody ends up in expressing themselves wrongly once in a way, but I believe you did better to have made an attempt to express oneself openly, rather than just stay silent to be ‘safe’ 😉

    Well in the ಸಂವಾದ, exchanging opinions/suggestions/speculations were fine but I felt there was no point in people getting so emotionally involved with the characters as to ask the writer to make this or that particular thing happen …why not just accept the story as it unfolds 😀 After all ಸತ್ಯಮೇವ ಜಯತೆ 8)

    Anyway even as of yesterday, CSP definitely seemed to be down and out without any hopes at all! I can’t see how the situation might change now. Maybe he finds something in the video tapes (from a private TV reporter, showing the scene) that he took for studying…

  104. Chaitanya Says:

    My guess is, CSP will now sense about his junior and probably will not scold him, instead will trick him and rane/suryavamshi by giving all the wrong details..!!??

    But if it just happens just once more…. audience will have the terrible ‘mai parachikolluva’ situation like in any other K-serials! 🙂


  105. Shruthi Says:

    “Mai parachikolluva” sensation 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hats off, Chaitanya! Had not realised that this phrase would so aptly describe K-serials 🙂

    Yes Chaitanya, I agree with you. Hope it doesn’t stretch too much.. the audience loves to hate Rane and co., and so we would love to see them all sweating.

  106. Keshav Says:

    Hi Chaitanya,
    I was searching for a suitable pharse to express my irritation yesterday. “Mai parachikolluva” suits very well. It is high time now that CSP gets ‘gnanodaya’ (hope I spelled it correctly)and takes corrective action. Otherwise, this will backfire TNS and Muktha.

    Hope to see the typical ‘vyangya’ smile again on CSP’s face soon.

  107. Ravi-Pooja-Pavan-Manjula Says:

    Muktha is our #1 serial. Story line and excellent acting keeps the whole family engrossed for 30 minutes and we watch the serial without batting our eyelids. Want to point out a few things in last few episodes! How can a veteran lawyer(like CSP) lose control, when things don’t go as expected. Also hard to believe a chanakya and sharp lawyer(CSP) take someone as an assistant at a critical juncture in a high profile case, without any background checks! Tell him every thing including strategy and arguments. No famous lawyer will do this! CSP has been rated low even by kids in the last few episodes. Serial has always been trying to show reality to viewers. Don’t get us wrong and we are with you and we will never miss the episodes. We don’t mind going through some pain to enjoy the pleasure. With Regards

  108. Padma & Meghashyam Says:

    This is a good forum… We liked it a lot…

    It is almost impossible to believe that CSP can go soooo completely wrong on his junior. His wife even gave an indication to keep a watch on his junior…. OR is it …”even a genius can do mistakes”… we agree that twist is important to a story…. But this is getting too much… People may lose interest if this continues…. Wake up CSP….

  109. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    CSP wants to show that keeping a Jr who keeps ditching him every time and also all odds against him like tampered police records, false sale deeds,… etc still he is able to score a victory over Rane and Chaabria.

    Audiences love to hate Rane and even Rane loves being hated as per the Samvada Statement the other day

  110. Murthy Says:

    Dear Friends, My name is Murthy and from now on I would like to be a part of this discussion.

    MR T.N Seetharam is truly a great intellectual. It is really a very hard task to keep the audiences captivating for such a long period.

    I was quite lucky that I happened to see him in my friend’s marriage (Seetharam is a close associate of my friend’s family). Being such a great person that he is, he came to us and talked to us for a while before leaving for the day. Also he is very handsome looking guy.

    Court scenes was very captivating and still it is. But the entry of CSP’s junior has spoilt the party. There are 2 instances which shows things are backfiring to CSP only after the entry of his junior. So CSP should take the cue and should hand out severe punishment to his junior.

    Also Suryavamshi, and CSP’s junior looks very irritating.

    Also, Sandya Mangalvade was over acting during the episodes in which she was involved. Her acting was not at all natural. It was quite irritating. Mele helidha haage “Mai Parachikolluva haage iththu”

    Also, Arudhathi intervening to help the actor is some what odd, when it was not asked for. Even Arundhathi does a bit of overacting at times.

    Hopefully ivaththu maaya CSP avaru thamma junior na kukruthya vannu kandi hidihu, thakka shikshe kodisuvarendu nambiruththeve.


  111. Diya Says:


    Guess it’s not just me who feels that Muktha is well on the verge of backfiring on Mr.Seetharam. If this kind of twist was felt really necessary by the director, he should not have shown the hinnele to the entry of Satyaprakash. Hope he realizes soon that the audience love his serials anyways… He need not resort to such “twists” to boost the serials TRP’s (which are high anyways), or to extend the serial……… What do u say????????

  112. msanjay Says:

    ದೂರದಿಂದ ಜೀವ ಹಿಂಡುತಿದೆ ಕಾಣದಂತ ಹಸ್ತ ಸಾಲ್ದು ಅಂತ ಹತ್ರದಿಂದ ಯಾಕೆ TNSಅವರು ಯಾಕೆ ಹಿಂಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದಾರೆ??? 😉

    Nevertheless I wholeheartedly agree particularly with these comments above…

    take it lightly afterall its a serial and a mode of entertainment and he has done his best when compared to Saas-Bahus tears or Father-Son fighting or Boothas Prethas (Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad)

    Don’t get us wrong and we are with you (Ravi-Pooja-Pavan-Manjula)

    MR T.N Seetharam is truly a great intellectual. It is really a very hard task to keep the audiences captivating for such a long period. (Murthy )

  113. Ramesh.KN Says:

    Hi, Interesting to know the kind of viewership TNS has managed ! I thought I was the only MUKTHA BUFF till the time I googled for MUKTHA !

    While the recent twist in the story depicts CSP in an unusually TIGHT SPOT, I can bet TNS has something brilliant in his mind which takes the serial to a newr height !

    Manushya avanu hogo hadiyalli baro kashtagallanu pariharisuttha konege jaya kanthanalla, aa majane bere ! sukavagi sigo jaya, I feel is not as rewarding. I think that’s what the message I get.

  114. S.Somashekar...Mumbai Says:

    Being born and brought up in a family which migrated from Mysore to Mumbai 1921, I really feel proud of our Mukhta Characters and look forward very eagerly everyday for each episode.In fact the mechanical life is becoming more mechanical since our family has become addicted to watching Muktha.Very well done CSP,Rane,Chabria, Madhvi Patel and all others.
    Please keep it up and keep us engrossed
    Once again Cheers!!!!! to CSP and all Muktha characters

  115. msanjay Says:

    ಇವತ್ತಿನ ಸಾರಾಂಶ: ರಾಣೆ ಮತ್ತು ಅವರ ರಾಜಕಾರಿಣಿಗಳ ಜೊತೆಗೆ CSP ಮನೆಗೆ ಹೋಗಿದ್ದರು. CSPಯವರ ಹೆಂಡತಿ ಶೀಲ ಮಾತ್ರ ಮನೆಯಲ್ಲಿದ್ದರು. ಅವರಿಗೆ ರಾಣೆಯವರು ಒಂದು ಶಿವಕ್ರಿಷ್ಣ ದೇಸಾಯಿಯವರ ಜಾಗದಲ್ಲಿ electionsನಲ್ಲಿ ನಿಂತುಕೋಳ್ಳಲು ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿ ಬೆಣ್ಣೆ ಹಚ್ಚಿ ಪ್ರೋತ್ಸಾಹಿಸುತ್ತಾರೆ 😉 …ಕೊನೆಗೆ ಹೋಗುವಾಗ CSPಮೇಲೆ ಚಾಡಿಹೇಳುಕೊಂಡು ಹೋಗುತ್ತಾರೆ.

    ಆಮೇಲೆ CSP ಮನೆಗೆ ಬಂದಾಗ ಶೀಲ ಇದರ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಅವರ ಅಭಿಪ್ರಾಯ ಕೇಳುತ್ತಾರೆ, ಆದರೆ ಅವರು ನಿಟ್ಟುಸುರು ಬಿಟ್ಟು “ಯೇನಾದ್ರು ಮಾಡ್ಕೊ” ಅಂತ ಹೇಳ್ತಾರೆ… ಶೀಲ ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ವಿಚಾರಿಸಿದಾಗ CSP ಮನ ಬಿಚ್ಚಿ ಮಾತಾಡುತ್ತಾರೆ – ಸಂಪೂರ್ಣ ನಿರಾಶಾವಾದಿಯ ಹಂಚಿನಲ್ಲಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಅವರ ಆತ್ಮವಿಶ್ವಾಸವನ್ನೇ ಕಳೆದುಕೊಂಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ 🙁 ಯೆಲ್ಲಾ ಅಸತ್ಯಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ … ಅಲ್ಲ ಛೆ… ಸತ್ಯಪ್ರಕಾಶಿಗೆ ಹೇಳದಿದ್ದರು, ಅವರ mind blank ಆಗೋಗಿ ಬಾಕಿ ಪ್ರಶ್ನೆಗಳೆಲ್ಲಾ ಮರೆತಿದ್ದರು… ನಾಳೆ ಬಹಳ ಮುಖ್ಯವಾದ ಸಾಕ್ಷಿ – post-morten ಮಾಡಿರುವ doctor – ಅವರಿಗೆ ಕೇಳಬೇಕಿರುವ ಪ್ರಶ್ನೆಗಳೆಲ್ಲಾ ಮರೆತಿದ್ದರು…

    Today it was really involving, I really empathise with CSP in his feelings of defeat and dejection… can totally relate to him as I’ve been in similar hopeless situations. Anyway, ಪರಿವರ್ತನೆ ಜಗದ ನಿಯಮ… so ಯೇನಾಗುತ್ತೋ ನೋಡೋಣ… 🙂

  116. Amruta Says:

    thankyou Chaitanya,

    I had a doubt and wanted to know
    I feel bad that it’s ending 🙁


  117. Amruta Says:

    I don’t think that people will lose interest in watching Muktha just because his Junior is passing on his points to Rane… they’ll actually be MORE interested in watching because they’ll want to see how CSP will experience this fall in his arguments…

    Don’t you agree, would you have rathered him to die?

    But I do understand…
    I feel like pulling out my hair sometimes when CSP doesn’t listen to his wife when she’s telling him that she doesn’t trust Satyaprakash…

    Does anybody know where I can get a good-sized picture of T.N Seetaram on the internet?

    🙂 😀

  118. Ravindra Says:


    In Mayamruga and Manvantara T.N.S. played a lawyer’s role and always was going in a positive direction of success and the opposition would always get clean-bowled.

    But in reality, when things do go wrong, how do we recoup ourselves, is what T.N.S. is trying to show us.

    We used to play Suprabhatam songs in the morning until we began to watch Mukta which has taken us to such a level of curiosity that we many days watch Mukta first thing in the morning…We record Mukta and watch it the next morning because of the time zone we live in. My wife used to watch Mukta before she went to work.

    In one of the samvada it was mentioned that this is his last serial if it is true then we are at a loss… Basavaraaju iddana mark maadade irali…

    That’s all your honour 🙂

  119. Keshav Says:

    I am not able to read what you have written. I guess, u hv used the Kannada fonts.

  120. Anasuya Says:

    Hi all, 🙂

    We really like the way T.N.S. and his team pick the names for places and things like:

    1. Gautamma Katte
    2. Satyana Katte
    3. Sudukoppa 🙂
    4. Hemagiri
    5. Phalguni Nadi
    6. Jalakantheshwara
    7. Lethanon 🙂
    8. Chinarika
    9. Kempu Sanjivini Soppu
    10.Divine Drops Co.

    Though these may not be real, they have left a scene in our mind that we feel we should visit these places 🙂

    In one of the samvada, T.N.S. was honoured with a garland, at that moment I felt like I was being honoured because the issues and ideas that he brings up in his T.V serials are similiar to the ones I have 🙂 The only difference is that he can put it in this form of media and I can not. 🙂

    I have watched many serials in different languages but none of them make us think… 😉

    This serial has not only made us think but it has created an awareness among people about these issues. 🙂

  121. Rita Says:

    I really don’t like Arundhati character and the pointless conversations she has…

  122. msanjay Says:

    Keshav, was just trying out my hand at writing in Kannada… you needn’t really install any fonts to view the Kannada script since its in Unicode… have a look at this or this. Yes Anusuya, the names almost sound like very familiar places now 🙂 …kind of like Krakozhia in Terminal (Tom Hanks)

  123. vinay.n Says:

    sir, CSP sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don”t quit the from case we want you only to continue the case plzz you only continue the case and plzzz put your junior of the serial we beg u sir again plzzzzzzz don”t quit. you should only continue the case and RANE & CHABRIYA should be punished

  124. S.Somashekar...Mumbai Says:

    Rquest you to please continue and do not withdraw at this junture.Please use your skills to get an adjournment and revert with a bang.
    Good luck to you

  125. Murthy Says:

    Hey Ravindra, if this is the last serial of TNS, we should persuade him not to do so and ask him to make more serials. Yes Anusuya, the names are really wonderful and sounds like pure kannada names. To honor TNS, we should name any upcoming places in karnataka with those names used by Mr.TNS in the serial.
    After yesterday’s episode, TNS has kept us on tenter hooks as to what will happen in the next episode. He is much more talented than any of the celebrated film fraternity persons in kannada.
    Personally I feel, CSP should realise the evil designs of his junior and see to it that he should be severly punished.
    Also, the Ravi Belegere is an excellent choice to the judge’s role.
    But what ever CSP will come back with a bang soon and come out truimphs.

  126. msanjay Says:

    To honor TNS, we should name any upcoming places in karnataka with those names used by Mr.TNS in the serial.

    Murthy, you’ve given a really nice idea for a name for my new house, we’ve been thinking for quite a while – thanks! 🙂

    Btw next Sunday ಸಂವಾದ is at 10 AM.

  127. Murthy Says:

    Hey Sanjay, how about “Phalguni Nivasa or Phalguni Nilaya”. Any of them would make a good name i guess. Also do not forget to invite all of us grihapravesh ;-)). Just kidding.

  128. Kumar Says:

    I think Muktha is going out of gears now, especially from last one week. It is becoming pain to watch each episode. Dont know why TNS is doing like this, We like to watch CSP argueing confidently in court making all witnesses to sweat and cry, NOw CSP himself is crying and demotivated, which nobody wants to watch. I think this high levels of success of Muktha is making TNS to give twists like this which will do no good to Muktha. Hope we will start jumping and shout ”Thats all your honour” along with CSP after great argument.

  129. msanjay Says:

    I find it hard to agree with “I think this high levels of success of Muktha is making TNS to give twists like this which will do no good to Muktha.” – I think TNS dosen’t tailor his serial depending on success or failure – the script is probably something that was written long ago by ಕಾಣದಂತ ಹಸ್ತ 🙂

    Anyway there’s the saying “pride comes before a fall” – and earlier CSP was proud of being on a winning streak, and now he’s fallen! I feel this not really a twist but simply makes it more life-like. Honestly speaking, we don’t always win in life, right? One can escape into fantasy movies where one takes consolation in atleast some hypothetical hero’s victory! 😀 But I’d say Muktha nowadays (apart from the times it unnecessarily drags) is all the more respectable 🙂

  130. msanjay Says:

    Murthy thanks grihapravesha is already over sometime ago… but not naamakaraNa 😀 Hmm will see if my mom likes the name.

  131. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    The Conversation between CSP and Nagabhusan Gowda was really great. Even though Madhavi patel had hurt the Judge still he keeps that aside leaving no grudge against her. I think there are a lot of messages in this serial which applies to our daily life.

    THUMBS UP TNS avare

  132. Murthy Says:

    Oho! Good and Congratulations! Let me know, if the name is likeable to your mother and what you named your home actually.
    Nimma manege namakarana maadidha hesarannu khandithavagi thilisi.

    In Muktha, I feel, CSP is out of form due to various reasons. Once he is on a pitch of his liking, he surely will be back with a bang. Thamma vyangya naguvinondhige CSP kahnditha vaapas baruththare. Maththe Arunachala Murthy yavara hathyeyalli paaludaararada ellarigu bevaru ilisuvudhu khanditha.

  133. msanjay Says:

    There’s a very interesting puzzle yesterday/day before – what was the crucial question that CSP could’ve wanted to ask the doctor (who did the post-mortem)? It was something to do with the clock or time or something like that. I thought about it but couldn’t get any particular thing.

    Anyway looks like Sheela is doing a pretty good job as well. I was hoping that CSP would atleast be in the court, I’m disappointed that he’s not in the scene at all! 🙁 Unfortunately our cable conked out at the last minute… what happens at the last minute? The doctor seems to just say “houdu” for anything and everything. What happens after Suryavamshi says that Arunachala Murthy could’ve jerked back his head in a reflex action and the doctor says yes? She seemed to have a good theory, but I wonder if he manage to find a loophole in it. But ultimately I find it pathetic that justice comes down to just a matter of a match of wits between two individuals (lawyers) 🙁

  134. Manju Says:

    I missed Thursday’s episode. Could someone please summarize conversation of Belegere and TNS?


  135. Keshav Says:

    We are all missing CSP very badly. Can anyone convey him that, the court scenes without him is not attractive. I still hope, with my fingers crossed, that CSP will return with big bang. I guess he is using this break to collect some more information and documents to tackel Rane and co. It will be very interesting if that happens.

  136. anantha prasad ganiga Says:

    wonderful serial of the millenium.

  137. Murthy Says:

    Guys, I came across a thought as to what CSP may be doing being away from the court. I think, he is collecting evidence against Rane, Chabria and Co with respect to the case. CSP, I think is cleverly doimg his work. I feel there are strong possiblities that CSP will collect all the evidence against Rane and Co. He may be using this time off from the court to prove the innocence of madhvi patel and shivakrishna desai.

  138. msanjay Says:

    hmm good theory Murthy (& Keshav) 🙂 I think it makes sense. My mom didn’t agree though, she says nah… all he wants is some peace of mind 8)

  139. Amruta, Melb. Says:

    That address that was given by Raam Prasad…was it true? Or is it just a Bhoomika Office.. Does T.N.S. actually work there?

  140. Preethi Says:

    I googled for muktha and found this website, it’s a very good idea, and I would like to participate in adding my opinions too..

    Fridays episode was very good, Sheela
    prasad did a great job in trying to make him admit MP did not murder him, Suryavamshi unfortunately backfired at her though.

    What I thought was odd was that how can the bullet go from his neck and all the way up to the top of the head?

    T.N. Seetaraam, is a very talented directer,


  141. Raghu Ram Says:

    Mannerisms, Plot Construction, and Charaterisation. I think TNS has proved to be a great thinking entertainer. Just wondering if anyone has been recording these episodes, especially the ones where TNS nails people to the wall in his extremely riveting courtroom scenes. Trust me guys, the reasoning, though simplistic at times, is worth seeing again and again. Before I forget, let me say the most obvious thing- in comparision to the staid kannada movies, kannadigarige thale yetthi odadohaage maadidaare TNSravaru. What say?

  142. Murthy Says:

    Khandita Raghuram, TNSavaru nijavagiyu kannadigaru thale eththi odadauvahaage madidhdhare. Kelasakke barada chitragalu (deadly soma, shishya, mandya, majestic etc), intha anagarika chitragalinda, kannada chitrarange thale thaggisuvanthagidhe. TNSrantha meru nirdeshakaru kannada chitrakke bekgagidhdhare.
    Ondu kaladalli kannada chitrarange hege iththu. Enta arthapoorna haadugalu, madhuravada sangeetha. Eega baruva haadugalalli bari machchu, hodeyodhu, asabhya haadugalu, anaagarika chitrikarana, ivella kelidara hasayyavaguththade.
    Kannada chitrarangavannu udhdharisalu Seetharam anthavaru sahaya maadabeku.
    Haage nodidhare, Kannada chitrarangakintha, TNS avara daravahigalu thumba chennagi iruththadhe.



    [Sanjay: pasted the above text into Baraha (with some minor editing though not all spellings are corrected) to get this script… 🙂 ]

    ಖಂಡಿತ ರಗುರಾಮ್, TNS ಅವರು ನಿಜವಾಗಿಯು ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರು ತಲೆ ಎತ್ತಿ ಒಡಡುವಹಾಗೆ ಮಾಡಿದ್ದಾರೆ. ಕೆಲಸಕ್ಕೆ ಬರದ ಚಿತ್ರಗಳು (deadly soma, shishya, mandya, majestic etc ), ಇನ್ಥ ಅನಗರಿಕ ಚಿತ್ರಗಲಿನ್ದ, ಕನ್ನದ ಚಿತ್ರರಂಗ ತಲೆ ತಗ್ಗಿಸುವಂತಾಗಿದೆ. TNSರಂಥ ಮೇರು ನಿರ್ದೇಶಕರು ಕನ್ನದ ಚಿತ್ರಕ್ಕೆ ಬೇಕ್ಗಗಿದ್ದಾರೆ.

    ಒಂದು ಕಾಲದಲ್ಲಿ ಕನ್ನದ ಚಿತ್ರರಂಗ ಹೆಗೆ ಇತ್ತು. ಎಂತ ಅರ್ಥಪೂರ್ನ ಹಾಡುಗಳು, ಮದುರವಾದ ಸಂಗೀತ. ಈಗ ಬರುವ ಹಾಡುಗಳಲ್ಲಿ ಬರಿ ಮಚ್ಚು, ಹೊಡೆಯೊಧು, ಅಸಹ್ಯ ಹಾಡುಗಳು, ಅನಾಗರಿಕ ಚಿತ್ರೀಕರಣ, ಇವೆಲ್ಲ ಕೆಳಿದರ ಹಾಸ್ಯವಾಗುತ್ತದೆ.

    ಕನ್ನದ ಚಿತ್ರರಂಗವನ್ನು ಉದ್ದಾರಿಸಲು ಸೀಥರಮಂತವರು ಸಹಾಯ ಮಾಡಬೆಕು

    ಹಾಗೆ ನೋಡಿದರೆ, ಕನ್ನದ ಚಿತ್ರರಂಗಕಿಂತ, TNS ಅವರ ದಾರವಾಹಿಗಳು ತುಂಬ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿ ಇರುತ್ತವೆ.

  143. msanjay Says:

    Today’s summary: Mr. TNS seeks solace in the Hemagiri ashrama. He openly talks about how his defeat in the court seemed to be a very great defeat, only because of his own ego. The swamiji beautifully explains to him about the bigger picture – of each of us being nothing more than an insignificant dust in this universe. He also provides instructions of a silent relaxing meditation technique.

    Meanwhile Satyaprakash visits his friend’s house and talks of his disinterest in continuing to work with CSP since he was losing the case and also Sheela didn’t need him anyway. He very fluently lies about how it was because someone leaked the information to the other lawyers.

    An interesting thing is that Rane comes to CSP’s house to talk to Sheela, and encourage her further in the direction of politics, and give her Rs 10 lakhs in cash. Though she’s reluctant at first, her interest gets the better of her and she accepts it and keeps it inside. Rane also warns Sheela of unneccessary interference from CSP, does not want his name involved in the court any more. She convinces him that she is convinced that all she wants is to get them free. And as if that wasn’t enough, even hints that defendants are indeed the culprits, but ‘generously’ suggests that she try and defend them anyway.

  144. Murthy Says:

    Maththondu anaagarika chitrada hesarannu marethiddhe ! Mental Manja. Hesaru kelidare odi hoguva ensiruththade. :-))

  145. Murthy Says:

    What Rane is trying to do here is, involve sheila prasad in the elections so that she won’t be able to concentrate on the case at hand and there by, rane and co can win the case. Any how CSP is away from the case. So this is a perfect opportunity that Rane is making use of to save his and his friends skin.
    Shiela prasad may have taken the amount given by chabria, but I feel she may present that in the court at a later stage by saying that she was bribed by Rane and Chabria and she took the money just to provide it as a proof at the court.

  146. Murthy Says:

    As mentioned by Preeti, if the bullet had indeed reached the top of the head, then the bullet would have pierced the car at any point. So far in the case, no mention has been done with respect to the bullet piercing the car at some point! Can shiela prasad or CSP, if he comes back, catch this point?

  147. Shruthi Says:

    Sanjay avare, you are doing a good job of providing daily updates. Thank you and keep it up 🙂 And if you want any help, let me know!

    Murthy avare, I like your theories! I think you are quite an optimist! I hope what you say is right 🙂

    I agree with everybody here… Kannada movies pale in comparison to Muktha. For that matter, it is better than any Hindi serial currently running.

    May TNS’ tribe increase 🙂

  148. Murthy Says:

    Dhanyavaadagalu Shruti Avare 🙂

  149. Vishwas Says:

    Actually, I think this is the plot:

    RaaNe says that Sheela Prasad has unanimously been elected as the president for their party. So he gives her 10 lakhs, saying that it is for the expenses for the elections.

    However, the twist here is that, RaaNe being the home minister might send cops into sheela prasad’s house with a search warrant, and when the cops find the 10 lakhs, they will suspect Sheela Prasad (assuming she has taken a bribe: A bribe to ensure Chabria and RaaNe are left un-accused in court). But, sheela prasad will say that this is for the party expenses. Then, the cops might demand some “proof” that she is the party president. Unfortunately, she would not have signed anywhere declaring that she is the party president. (you must have wached the scene where RaaNe says…”aiyo.. adella bittbidi..ellru nimmanne aagle president antha oppkond aagogide”.. without showing any solid proof of her name being registered as the party president)

    So the cops will pin her down for taking a bribe. (Cops are obviously controlled by RaaNe)… and this will affect the proceedings of the case..

    I think this is the point where CSP will make a comeback and resume his “cross examination”…

  150. Praveen Says:

    I am loosing intrest on Muktha from few days !!!

  151. Harish KN Says:

    Hey! Its a very good Serial. TNS is an extraordinary talent undoubtedly. Although i dont watch TV very often till i started to see Muktha. Now I eagerly wait for Muktha. Its very curious and unexpressable. To be frank RaaNe has acted well. Whenever I see the serial, I really think of Smashing him, Because his acting seems reality.

  152. Chaitanya Says:

    Oh me tooo! losing interest very quickly. Earlier I used to run to reach home before 9, but now dont mind it. A 2 min summary from my mother will do it.

    Its anyway known that CSP (or sheela) will win the case by turning around the case after some time. Its only to be seen (and waited) when that turning point will come! till then… 🙁


  153. Keshav Says:

    hi vishwas,
    I don’t think Sheela Prasad has been made party president. Did they mention it in yesterday’s episode?? I guess…, What they were saying was that party prsident (one person with beard) had accepted her nomination and sent it to high commond OR something like that.

  154. Anitha Says:

    Nanage aa arundhati mathugalu totally illogical and meaningless annisuthe … moreover she thinks she is the most intelligent lady on earth… she complicates her own life and others life as well. I think they have to put an end to her character.

  155. Kumar Says:

    Muktha is loosing the charm, From few days we dont find the urgency to reach home before 9PM to catchup Muktha. The court scenes are becoming horrible and above that meaning less episodes of Arundathi.Mrs.CSP can noway putup fight with Suryavamshi and CBI. Just imagine how it would have been if CSP was questioning Inspector Ranganath or Postmortem Doctor or anybody else???I am sure TRP will fall unless CSP comes back immly and make the serial lively again, If Mrs.CSP only continues arguments and if judge releass MAdhavi patel , then there is no diffrence between anyother serial and Muktha.

  156. Murthy Says:

    Haudu Arundatiya paatra, ondu ondu sali mai parchikolluvanthe ;-)) iruththade. Arundhati maththu vinod kumar (chitranata) ivara avashyakathe daaravahi ge iralillaveno ensuththade. TNS avaru arundhatiya patravannu motaku golisidhasthu olleyadhu.

    Ninne desai avarige (a)satyaprakashana kubudhdhi thiliyuththadhe. (A)sathyaprakashanige thakke shikshe aagabeku.

    Ninne, Sheila Prasad vehicle inspectorna thirugi parikshe (cross examination :->) madidhamele, suryavamshiyu maththe parikshe maadi, thaila (oil) poorthi khaaliyagalu car sumaru 140 – 150 kms odirabekendu vaadisi, ninneya daravahiya kanthanna gedhdhidhdhare. Adare, car bari jalakanteshwara dinda jalapaathi iruva kade (11 kms) odade, muncheyu andare hindina dinagalallu adhu 140 – 150 kms kramsirabahudu endu shiela prasad maru vaada maadebekiththu. Aa kaarana, thailavu poorthi khaaliyaagiththendu avaru vaadisabahudu.

  157. Shruthi Says:

    (A)satyaprakash annodu correctaagide, Murthyavare 🙂
    Haudu, nimma vaada sariyaagide… naavu ade vichaarane maadtidvi…
    Also, I agree with Anita about Arundhati.
    I hope something interesting happens quickly… Swalpa bore aagthaide 🙂

  158. Sanjeev Says:

    I do agree with Kumar. Muktha has already lost charm, atleast in my case. Last week I missed a episode. This week so far not watched the serial at all.
    Now that CSP is is Ashram [right?], I hope he’ll have some REALIZATION, and comes back enlightened to make us smile 🙂

  159. Diya Says:

    HI ALL,

    It’s amazing to know that I’m not the only one losing interest in Muktha, of late… This viewpoint of mine has literally rendered me an outcast at home… My grandma refuses to be drawn into our ritual debates regarding the progress of the serial..
    Yellarigu Arundhati character kooada bore aaglikke shuru aagide.. TNS yenu avala patrakke Mayamrugadallina Malavikala paatrada shades kodalu horatiddareye?? If so, it’s just not going to feel right to me.. Till date all charecters in TNS’s serials have been portrayed as maturing over time… Why then is the charater of Arundhati regressing??? She was shown as having a lot of spunk and mostly “honest integrity”……… Sadly, these traits seem to have taken a long long long hibernation…

    Well, hope the further twists in stire for us bring back the charm again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Iimsanjay Says:

    I too feel it was a bit boring yesterday but maybe we are being a bit too reactive – we should give some space for TNS to be boring as well as good 🙂 What makes it interesting is to put myself in the shoes of those characters – and try to think (not with my mind, but with their mind, personality and background) about what different thing I might’ve done.

    Shruti, you can just address me as Sanjay… (else type purely in Kannada! 😉 ) …and about daily updates if anyone can please provide it – I’d really appreciate it esp from tomorrow onwards as I’ll be going out of station without internet access and will be back the next weekend.

    [Note: If anybody’s comment dosen’t show up here, it only means its caught up for moderation in the spam filter – due to more than one hyperlink (if you’ve a href tag) or more likely because you’ve used some particular keyword – and in this case its very hard to guess why. So you could retry after editing your message or something like that… sorry if there’s any inconvenience.]

    I think Murthy’s analysis (#166) is pretty good, atleast the initial part… though it looks like Shiela Prasad is being naive.

    Diya this was a very interesting observation…

    Till date all charecters in TNS’s serials have been portrayed as maturing over time…

    Also Prasanna Sastry’s…

    I think there are a lot of messages in this serial which applies to our daily life.

  161. Murthy Says:

    Suryavamshi vakeelanannu bahala dhodda pramanika vakeela endu, avana paatra baruvaage helalaagiththu. Aadare avanu nadedukolluva reethi, mosa maaduva reethi, vicharane maaduva reethi, sullu saakshigallannu protshaisuvudu, sullu helikegalannu heluvanthe maaduvudu, ivellavannu nodidare, suryavamshi dhodda vaeekla endu helalaaguvudilla.
    Bari mosa maadi mokkaddammegalannu gelluva vakilarige dodda vakeela endu heluththareye?

  162. Diya Says:


    Thanks Sanjay… And as for the comments by Mr.Murthy, isn’t it a fact that most cases – atleast the ones which make the news and capture people’s interest – are those which involve the powerful members of our society??? And are’nt most of them guilty 9 times out of 10??? Is it any wonder that a top-flight lawyer must then be as crooked as his clients?? How else will he get aquittals???

    And yeah, why is CSP in the Hemagiri Matha??? And mostly, when can we see him back???

  163. msanjay Says:

    Is it any wonder that a top-flight lawyer must then be as crooked as his clients?? How else will he get aquittals??? yeah unfortunately I suppose this is really the case in reality as well. Apart from that, there’s another thing in Muktha… we, the viewers, know that Rane are guilty because we’ve been watching different scenes in the serial, but the characters (in the story) don’t know that (except of course the accused who know they haven’t actually murdered). No character in the serial really knows for sure that Suryavamshi is doctoring the evidence, Sheela herself speculates at one time that maybe the accused did indeed commit the murder, and CSP himself at one time wonders whether they (Rane) is really innocent. So as far as the world (of the characters in the serial) is concerned, Suryavamshi is a top-knotch lawyer defending the innocent Rane & co.

  164. Shruthi Says:

    I think Sanjay got it perfectly right (comments 177 and 180).

    Diya, CSP wanted some peace and quiet and has therefore gone to the Hemagiri MaTha to learn some Dhyaana from the Swamiji. He was disturbed by the way the case was going and going into depression, and so he was advised to go there by Dr.Maitreyee, Madhavi Patel’s sister, who is a psychologist. It has been mentioned that he will be there for a week.

    Yesterday Shivakrishna Desai mentioned that CSP probably knows about (A)satyaprakash and that he might have some plan in mind. I hope this is true :)))

  165. Sanjeev Says:

    Looks like TNS is also trying the communicate the importance of Dhyaana in our daily life, to the soceity!!?

  166. Ramesh Says:

    You are right, Sanjeev. TNS has conveyed many a positive and useful message to the audience by this powerful medium. This is one of those.

    We have to wait and see how this brings about a change in him. There was another message conveyed in the conversation with Swamiji about the exact significance of humans in the universe. Such conversations show us that in reality, we are nothing but a ‘microscopic speck’ in the cosmic scale.


  167. Ashwin Acharya Says:

    Houdu, simply boring aagide. Namma CSP enaadru maadbeku….
    Munche idda maja iga illa!

  168. Ashwini Kumar Says:

    Innu swalpa dina..mukta nododilla. Updates ge ee site ge bartirteeni. Enadroo oLLe Twist bandre will no doubt be @home by 9:00. Nice Useful site

  169. Ramprasad Says:

    Even me too great fan of Shree Seetharam because of his serial Muktha, but right now I am missing it because I am in Detroit since 2 months and

    Couldn’t get cable connection with E-TV. So if any one know any website where we can watch/download/read the story of Muktha I will be really thank full.


  170. Shruthi Says:

    Wednesday, Feb 1st 2006 – Update.

    Purushotthama, Priya and her father are sitting and talking in their house. Police come to their house, and talk to Priya’s father and tell him that in his bank account, 10 lakhs have been deposited in September, and this money corresponds with the money which was stolen from Mr Vishal Dubey of Andheri, Mumbai. The numbers match. Priya’s father says that he will look into it and tell the police.

    CSP is in the MaTha looking over the deposition papers of the case. Swamiji comes to talk to him. CSP tells him that his mind is clearing up because of Dhyaana. At that time, Purushotthama comes to see CSP. He apologises to CSP and tells him that he found out from a common friend that Satyaprakash was the one leaking his secrets to Rane’s side. CSP says that he had guessed. Then he asks how the case is going, and asks Purushotthama to get the deposition papers from Sheela Prasad.

    Court scene – Sharat Suryavamshi is examining the Ballistics expert. He says that the bullet found was fired from Madhavi Patel’s gun itself. When Sheela prasad cross examines, she asks if it is possible that it was fired from some other gun. so he says that every gun has a unique print like a finger print. A bullet fired from a gun has unique shot marks… and it is sure that this particular bullet was fired from Madhavi Patel’s bullet.

  171. Anitha Says:

    Mankuthimmana kagga … idarinda tegedukondiro wordings .. adannu CSP helo reethi … nanage thumba ishta …

    I am enjoying every aspect of Muktha …


  172. Murthy Says:

    “isn’t it a fact that most cases – atleast the ones which make the news and capture people’s interest – are those which involve the powerful members of our society??? And are’nt most of them guilty 9 times out of 10??? Is it any wonder that a top-flight lawyer must then be as crooked as his clients?? How else will he get aquittals???”

    So, then all crooked lawyers are famous and most sought after by criminals, as well as criminal ministers. So in India, there is no value for promptness, loyalty to the truth and truth itself. That also means, lawyers like CSP who fights for truth are not famous and should suffer with majority criminals.
    This implies that our society is filled with more criminals than good human beings with good human values.
    As is the case, CSP is looked down much below than is co lawyer in the court, though CSP is more intelligent and fights for truth.
    This whole stuff implies that, in India there is lack of human values and people who are loyal to the country, truth, country’s development.

  173. Diya Says:

    Thanks Shruthi… I missed that part… And Mr.Murthy, I did not mean to imply anything of the sort that u’ve said. I only meant to say that the majority of those in the news are there for wrong reasons most of the times. I never implied that society is filled with criminals…etc..etc…etc…. I would request you Sir, not to colour your implications with my brush… As for real life lawyers in the mold of CSP, how many of them does one find??

    “This whole stuff implies that, in India there is lack of human values and people who are loyal to the country, truth, country’s development.” Just a simple factual observation on my part need not be the basis for such sweeping generalizations.

    And Sir, if TNS has portrayed the character of CSP as one who is not taken seriously, there must be a reason behind it, right???

    And is’nt it heartening that not only do people like TNS and his team make enriching serials, but there also people, like those who’ve contributed on this site, who are an antithesis of what u’ve said Sir???

  174. Diya Says:

    Thanks Shruthi… I missed that part… And Mr.Murthy, I did not mean to imply anything of the sort that u’ve said. I only meant to say that the majority of those in the news are there for wrong reasons most of the times. I never implied that society is filled with criminals…etc..etc…etc…. I would request you Sir, not to colour your implications with my brush… As for real life lawyers in the mold of CSP, how many of them does one find??

    “This whole stuff implies that, in India there is lack of human values and people who are loyal to the country, truth, country’s development.” Just a simple factual observation on my part need not be the basis for such sweeping generalizations.

    And Sir, if TNS has portrayed the character of CSP as one who is not taken seriously, there must be a reason behind it, right???

    And is’nt it heartening that not only do people like TNS and his team make enriching serials, but there also people, like those who’ve contributed on this site, who are an antithesis of what u’ve said Sir???

  175. Murthy Says:

    Hey Diya, I am not colouring my implications with your brush. The comments I have written is what I have experienced and seen personally. It just coincided with our thoughts, that’s it ;-). This is also not a sweeping generalizations as I have come across and seen where people lack loyalty towards country and justice. These are just some of the facts that I have put forth. Ofcourse we can see loyal people like Lokayuktha Justice Venktachaliah. Diya, you are sure that there won’t be even a handfull of people who are loyal and against corruption as justice venkatachaliah is, right?
    Off late we have seen so many scandals that of come up in the country, keeping those things in mind were the thoughts that I put up. Also, not only the people who are involved in corruption have escaped the hand of law and also they have forcibly manipulated the law to suit there needs, but they also are clinging to the top most positions in our country. Keeping these things in mind, I made those comments, not only on your factual observations.
    Any how, you have made good factual observations. 😉

  176. Keshav Says:

    Hi Shruthi…, your update on yesterday’s episode is wonderful!!!Ondu bidada hage vivarisidira. I think until CSP comes back to court, it is better to read your update rather than watching the serial.
    hi Anitha.., indeed TNS loves DVG’s ‘Mankuthimmana kagga’. Infact, I am going to have a copy for myself, when I next go to Bangalore.

  177. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Keshav, thank you! But I don’t know if I myself can sustain interest until CSP comes back 🙂

  178. Diya Says:

    Hi Murthy avare… I guess I owe u an apology for over-reacting… So, Sorry !!! And I am sure that there are more than a handful of people like Venkatachaliah. Of course it’s another matter that not all of them are as well known as him. For every corrupt, immoral and dishonest person one comes across, one finds two others who are the exact opposites… They only go about so unassumingly that one has to think back to recollect them… And thanks Sir, for considering my factual observations to be good.

    And what’s with CSP saying in yesterday’s episode that he was sure of his junior’s double cross during the cross examination of Ranganath?? I vividly remember the conversation between CSP and his wife, after the debacle of RAnganath’s cross examination. He clearly says that if it was the work of his junior, the prosecution would have got all the questions not just a few.. So, it was not right to doubt his junior.. Any thoughts anyone?????

  179. Diya Says:

    Hi Murthy avare… I guess I owe u an apology for over-reacting… So, Sorry !!! And I am sure that there are more than a handful of people like Venkatachaliah. Of course it’s another matter that not all of them are as well known as him. For every corrupt, immoral and dishonest person one comes across, one finds two others who are the exact opposites… They only go about so unassumingly that one has to think back to recollect them… And thanks Sir, for considering my factual observations to be good.

    And what’s with CSP saying in yesterday’s episode that he was sure of his junior’s double cross during the cross examination of Ranganath?? I vividly remember the conversation between CSP and his wife, after the debacle of RAnganath’s cross examination. He clearly says that if it was the work of his junior, the prosecution would have got all the questions not just a few.. So, it was not right to doubt his junior.. Any thoughts anyone?????

  180. Murthy Says:

    Diya avare, no need for any apologies, what we are commenting is just our thoughts. So do not worry.

    But (A)satyaprakash should be punished at any point of time. He should not go scott free as he was resposible for the cross examination of CSP to derail.

    Diya, the conversation between CSP and Sheila Prasad took place, when CSP reexamined the driver of desai. At that point of time, CSP was, I think had complete trust on his junior. But while re-examining Ranganath, CSP noticed his junior’s sarcastic laugh and it was then, that CSP realised the some wrong doing on his junior’s part. But CSP did well to take time off after that depression and he is recovering now.

  181. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Hi sanjay your blog seems to be on par with TNS’s Muktha with lots of Hits and comments.

    I feel we could skip watching the serial for a couple of days till CSP comes back to court and instead read the vyakhyana provided by Shruti which will give the holistic picture of previous episode.

    As told by Rane Sheela prasad is only going to create a doubt in mind of Judge by saying that there is no concrete evidence against both Madhavi Patel and Shivkrishna Desai have commited the murder and get them acquitted. She will ensure that Rane and Chaabria got scott free. That might bring in CSP back to court(if allowed ).

  182. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Thursday – Feb 2nd

    CSP goes to Swamiji to tell him that he is now fully relaxed, and wants to leave (By the way, he also touches Swamiji’s feet ;)). He asks Swamiji for advice – whether he should just sit back and let Sheela Prasad continue the case – she will just work towards freeing MP and SKD, but not towards indicting Rane and Chhabria. Swamiji says “Shishtara rakshane maatra dharmada kaarya alla.. Dushtara shikshane kooda dharmada kaarya.. Hogi banni, nimage volleyadaagali”.

    CSP goes to meet MP and SKD. SKD tries to tell him that SAtyaprakash was the one leaking the secrets. CSP says he knew. On the morning of Brahmachar’s examination, ten minutes before it started, Rane’s driver Ravi, who is from CSP’s town, called CSP aside and told him that they had initially planned to finish off CSP but instead planted Satyaprakash as his junior. MP asks then why didn’t u slap SAtyaprakash and expose him? So CSP says, I had to fake it. If I had expossed Satyaprakash, my life would have been in danger. So I faked everything. I faked fear, I faked forgetfulness, I faked depression. I had to convince Rane that I had become harmless. MP asks, then why did u tell Ranganath’s cross-exam questions also? So CSP says, I had to keep up the drama. Else they would get suspicious. Anyway i told satyaprakash all the harmless questions against Ranganath. Then I had to leave. Half of the depression was faked, the other half was real – coz I now had Praanabhaya. I realised i had to get out of this. So I put Sheela Prasad as the advocate. since she is Rane’s party candidate, they will not hurt her. besides she is just concentrating on freeing you two. So she is also safe. I took advantage of going away from everybody. Instead of being in the ashrama, I had gone to Calcutta to collect info and evidence from Usha Gopinath’s guide. All my work is done. I am now fully prepared. Then MP asks, so will u come back to the case? CSP says, if i come back, Sheela Prasad ge avamaana aagatthe. I will work on convincing her, and making her argue the case as I tell her. I will come to court with her… maybe sometime later, I will only argue the case. I will have to recall Brahmachar and Ranganath, but judge might not agree. Their documents are fake. I could have proved they were fake that day itself, but i did not. i had to keep up the drama. I can easily prove it now, if i can recall them. then they will be truly caught. So MP says, now isn’t ur life in danger? So he says, now the election dates have been announced. Rane cannot take a risk and finish me off…. so I am a little safe… I am thinking of one more plan to ensure mysafety… let me see about that.

    {I hope I have not missed anything…. if I have, please feel free to add}

  183. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Shruthi, you have missed out the last might be a inconsequence one but still let me complete the whole episode. CSP asks who is going to be the next witness then MP says its her mother. Amma Bandu Nanna Virudhha Saakshi koduthare.

  184. Chaitanya Says:

    So Muktha back on track, now?

  185. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Realising that TRP ratings might fall TNS had to give one more twist. Thatz why TNS(CSP) is known as “Tharle Lawyeru” in the hemagiri Jille.

  186. Manju Says:

    Thanks Shruti for the wonderful update on Thursday’s episode. Power went off in our area just when MP,CSP and SKD scene started (damn BESCOM 😉 ). I wish I had seen this episode full but your write-up almost made me feel like I didn’t miss it.


  187. Vaidehi Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I noticed everyone had commented on the look that CSP had made when he asked Satyaprakash to get him food 😉 well turned out he knew! 🙂

    Go CSP!!!

    Sheela Prasad doing a great job! 🙂 Keep it up, T.N.S. and his team are great, very well done, thanks for such a great show and Sanjay, great website!! 🙂

    Vaidehi 🙂

  188. Reena Says:

    I used to go on this website all the time but had not submitted a comment,
    I haven’t lost interest in this serial… I have lost interest in coming to this website… there are too many of the same comments now and most of them are negative 🙁 bye

  189. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Reena…:) why are you feeling that the comments are negative? Everybody is saying what they feel thats all. Tell me, if the commenters did not like Muktha, would they have watched it, felt so much for it, and come here online, searched for this page, and bothered to comment about it? It just shows how much they feel for it. And negative comments is not against the serial or TNS. It is a natural reaction that comes from the way the story is progressing. Do not take it so much to heart 🙂

  190. Diya Says:

    Hi Shruthi… I was wondering if u could provide an update of Friday’s episode… I hope I’ve not missed anythong much.. As for Reena’s comments, I feel that we are all entitled to make our views known. Even the views seem negative to others, it should just be taken as part of the dialogue process.

  191. Anitha Says:

    So, CSP will be back in action.

    I liked sheela prasad’s performance yesterday. The way she protects her self respect and also supports her husband’s activities is very commendable.


  192. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Diya… I wanted to put up the update but was very busy in the weekend. Anyway you have not missed much of the Friday episode.
    It was the examination of Indira Arunachalamurthy(IA). The judge asks SS to not put her on the stand because it is a delicate position for IA. But SS says that CSP was doubting everybody. If MP’s mother herself states the facts, it will be a big proof. So judge lets her take the stand. Basically she just tells what everybody else has said – same things, but she cries a lot, and MP also sheds a lot of tears.
    After the examination, when SHeela Prasad was going for the cross-exam, CSP tries to slip a note of questions into her hand, for her to ask. But she gets angry, and she leaves it. But just as she was about to go, MP requests to speak to Sheela and says that it is ok even if the case is affected, but please don’t cross-examine my mother.. she is in a very bad state. So Sheela agrees.

  193. Shruthi Says:

    Monday – 7th Feb update.

    [I will be very brief.. as I have very little time. If anybody can expand on it, it will be nice :)]

    Priya’s father shouts at Purushotthama and says that the stolen ten lakhs have come from Nanjunda, and asks for an explanation. Purushotthama pleads with him not to tell the police and asks for 2 days’ time to ask Nanjunda. He agrees.

    Sheela shouts at CSP and tells him not to interfere with her work when he is not in charge of the case any more. CSP tries to convince her that Rane and Chhabria are behind all this. She says that a lawyer’s work is to protect the accused, not catch the wrongdoers. CSP tells her about his doubts and theories about Rane and Chhabria, but she is amused and says it is all your imagination. I cannot stand against Rane just on proof of your imagination. He and I are in the same party. When he tries to convince her further, she just brings the papers and gives it back to him and asks him to take the case back. She tells him that I know you just faked depression. He admist it but he tells her that there was a reason behind all this, I am sorry. Anyway sheela says, it is good for me also, i had lots of election work.. the case was eating into my time.
    Then CSP calls Vimala and asks her to be his junior. Sheela asks why. He sends Vimala away and says that Vimala’s fateher is a strong party candidate. If Rane wants to hurt me, he won’t try when Vimala is around, because if anything happens to her, the consequences will be bad. Sheela is amused but she goes to Vimala and tells her to stay close to CSP all the time and to call Sheela if anything strange happens.
    {This last part was very enjoyable to watch]

  194. Murthy Says:

    Yes, the way sheila prasad smiles, hidden in her anger against CSP was very nice. The viewer can just see a sneak peak of Sheila Prasad’s smile. Also the still of TNS in the end was very good. When CSP explains his intentions to have vimala as his junior, his explanation was catchy and sheila prasad’s reaction to that was very enjoyable and shows that though CSP behaviour irritates her often, she is still supportive of her husband and cares for him.
    Also, from now on we can enjoy the “Bevaru illisuvike of criminals” by CSP

  195. Chaitanya Says:

    Sheela Prasad – ‘You are so wicked, I hate you!’

    I some how couldn’t digest this, especially in the next scene when she asks Vimala to always be with CSP and take care of him.

    If she thought it was a wicked idea, why did she impliment it by asking the junior to do so?
    If she hates CSP, why does she try to protect him, just minutes after this statement?

    I feel, a more apt statement, to reflect her sentiments at that moment wud’ve been like ‘You are so shrewd!’ or ‘You are Unbeleivable’ etc.

    Poor CSP, he didnt do anything to be hated! I didnt feel he was wicked either, since he was not troubling or hurting anyone there.

    What do others feel?


  196. Chaitanya Says:

    Just to connect my previous post, the statement was said by Sheela after CSP gives her reasoning as to why she needs Vimala as junior and that it might protect him from Rane’s attack, since Vimala is the daughter of a close supporter of Rane.

    Thanks Shurthi for that crisp update, even while busy 🙂


  197. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Chaitanya.. I am not surprised at Sheela’s statement! 🙂 It was a mixture of admiration and sarcasm and affection. It is difficult to explain, but I have also used, “You are so horrible. I hate you” to people whom I love. It is an acknowledgement of the brilliant working of their mind, or something like that. Usually, this statement comes out when the brilliance is for something which can be construed as “wicked”. But is not actually wicked. As I said, I cannot explain, but I can understand that statement 🙂

  198. Reena Says:

    Yeah Shruti I guess you are right…

    I think I found it so interesting that I felt bad about the comments … 🙂 Thanks,\.. cya 🙂

  199. Vaidehi Says:

    I saw no-on had responded to my comment 🙁

    I really like the way Sheila Prasad is doing the cases… Thx for the updates you’ve beeen giving Shruthi … 😉

    Reena, I sometimes don’t like to read the same thing so there is a simple solution… skip them 😉


  200. Diya Says:

    Hi Shruthi… Thanxs for the update… Now I’m happy that I really have’nt missed anything much… As for Sheela prasad’s comment in yesterday’s episode I totally agree with your views… We many times say such things to our loved ones to bring them down to earth or even to keep them grounded in reality… To show them that though we admire their quick thinking and logic, we may not be very comfortable with their methods or the reasoning they choose to give.

    And as Murthy avaru says, all of us are looking forward to the CSP of old… And ofcourse, the “bevaru ilisuvike” of the witnesses…

  201. Praveen Says:

    Y’day tumbha channagitthu ! CSP on track again. Judge told CSP cannot cross examine Bramachar but others are OK.
    Eevattu Inspector Ranga nna Devare Kapadabeku !!!!

  202. Smitha Says:

    Someone please write up what happened y’day? I’m missing Muktha as I’m now in US, and only after reading the update I go to sleep. Praveen Please dont increase the suspense please tell what happened? Im curious 🙂
    Someone soon. Im waiting 🙂

  203. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Where is Shruthi ???

    Shruthi avare nimma sharansha ellade yellaru kashtavannu anubhuvasthaiddare.

  204. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    CSP is back in court saying that he submitting the vakalat for the SD and MP.
    He requests that he wants to recall Witness Brahmachar, Inspector Ranganath,Dr who performed the postmortem, Vehicle inspector. But Suryavamshi objects to it saying that already it has cross examination has been conducted by Sheela Prasad so why again.
    Even the Judge is of the same opinion initially due to the fact that it would be a loss to the court time and the case has be closed before the elections.

    CSP Comes up with following points

    1. As per Act 311 the re-examination of the witness is always possible

    2. Since he was unable to conduct the cross verification due to depression he wants to recall the witness

    3. Sheela Prasad has left out many of the points which were critical.

    4. Due to cold wave in Delhi the elections may be postponed by 1 month

    Finally after many ifs and buts Court finally decides that CSP can cross examine all except Brahmachar since Cross Examination of Inspector Ranganath was incomplete.

    Then comes the beaming confident and smiling CSP towards the Witness box to cross examine inspector Ranganath.

    Thatz the brief of yesterday

  205. Kumar Says:

    Yesterday’s episode was great, Do anything you want dont miss Muktha next few days. In the last scene yesterday when CSP was walking towards Inspector Ranganath it was like Cheetah approaching its prey, I think Ranganath will literally cry today. Suryavamshi’s reaction when CSP says about Sathya prakash was also very good. Seetharam is only director who can make all actors to getinto the rolls rather than just acting, no words to appreciate this great man !!!

  206. Smitha Says:

    Prasanna avare, tumba thanks 🙂 khusi ayitu, neevu yellaru tumba olle kelsa maadtidiri.. Keep the sprit going. Naanu igaa nemadiyagi nidde maadtini 🙂

  207. Shruthi Says:

    Prasanna, that was a very clear, concise and crisp update! I was very busy and so came here as soon as possible, and I find that Prasanna has done “my work” so well 🙂 I will attempt to be quicker in my updates henceforth, but if I am not able to, then someone else, like Prasanna has done today, please give the updates for people like Smitha. 🙂
    Yes, yesterday’s episode was great! And like Kumar said, it was exactly like a cheetah approaching its prey! Cannot wait for 9 pm today 😀

  208. amruta Says:

    Vaidehi 🙂
    I like the way Sheela Prasad is doing the cases too! 🙂

    My mum mentioned earlier here that the names given to the places were good… I really like the way T.N.S chooses them too..

    So… Muktha is going well, Thanks for the detailed episode updates you’ve been giving Shruthi… 🙂

  209. Manju Says:

    I had to go out for joLada rotti oota 🙂 with my friend but looks like I missed a real good one 🙁
    Thanks for the update Prasanna.

    What did CSP told about Satyaprakash?? Plz let me know.

  210. Diya Says:

    Hi All… Now that Muktha seems to be getting back to being interesting, I just thought I would share a point which though was bugging me a lot, was sidetracked in the past few days… During the cross-examination of Brahmachar and the Inspector, the behaviour of the two towards CSP bordered on being insolent. Granted that both of them were tutored, but still it seemed too farfetched.. One can still understand the rationale behind the inspector’s attitude…. He’s after all been portrayed as an arrogant, power-hungry person…(Seen during earlier interactions with MP during Usha Gopinath case enquiry) But I found it odd that the driver too was shown as condescending in his attitude towards CSP.. What was the real need for this ??

    And in yesterday’s episode it was real surprising to note the new-found concern exhibited by the Judge towards the accused.. He seems to be toning down a lot, don’t u think ???

  211. Murthy Says:

    When talked about (A)satyaprakash in the court, CSP points to Sharath Suryavamshi and says that Suryavamshi is very much aware of what (A)satyaprakash and how capable (A)satyaprakash is.
    I feel, the judge should have given permission to re-examine brahmachar also. It would have been nice to see the “Bevaru Ilisuvike” of both brahmachare and ranganath.
    TNS is second to none in his direction and acting and portraying the characters in his serials.
    Friends, I have a meeting to night between 8:30 and 9:30. Hope I won’t miss much of the entertainment. Ofcourse I will be watching Muktha, but muted or with volume a bit low. 🙁
    Muktha will be more entertaining and catchy when Rane, Chabria and over acting Sandhya Magalawade will be re-examined.

  212. Shridhar Says:

    Mukta is worth more than a topic! And TNS’way of showing it just inimitable! To be frank I was taken aback by the way the other serials are dragged and shown! And decided that never will watch these serials… but thanks to TNS for making a gem of a serial! If anybody says there is no good serial in Kannada, ask him to watch Mukta just once, he will never ever dare to say Kannada serials are not good! (PS: Don’t let him watch other serials after Mukta!!!). The way he brings today’s real scenarios with the dramatic version mixed is just amazing! I blamed the KPTCL for making me miss Mukta for a day… I had to call all possible resources to find out what happened! 🙂 Oh enough is enough… got to go…Got to be there in front of my TV set before the clock shows 9PM! Thanks so much TNS for this serial!

  213. Smitha Says:

    Good Morning Muktha Priyare,

    Yelli!!Edelli.. Smitha Kadiruvalu nimma updates gaagi.. yedu bega sanjay na blogalli Mukta updates annu kalisi .. naanu nimellara comments ge kannu bittu kadiruvenu 🙂 TNS avaru AMAZING director. I wish I had watched Muktha these episodes :-(. Anyways we have this blog here to tell me who said what to whom and when!! Thanks to Sanjay also!!
    Happy day 🙂

  214. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Wednesday – Feb 8th – In Brief

    CSP back in form!!! 🙂

    CSP asks Inspector Ranganath(henceforth referred to as Ranga) once again, from where he got the 30 lakhs, when his father had no Aasti, and Ranga also did not have money. He again tells that his father in law gave it as a gift to his wife. CSP asks, isn’t it strange, why a “Vyavastha patra” for a gift? So Ranga says, what do I know, it was his wish.
    CSP – Then why did ur father in law give the money only to one daughter? What about your wife’s sister?
    Ranga – He had only one daughter!
    CSP (smiling) – REally, you forgot? how can u be so forgetful and be in police force? your wife shrivalli has a twin shridevi. her husband shrikant is my friend. See, here is marriage album photo.
    Ranga – (sweating) Adu, adu…
    CSP – ok leave that, now do you believe in devva bhootha?
    SS – objection your honour
    Judge – objection overruled.
    CSP – do u believe in devva bhootha?
    Ranga – no.
    CSP – Ok then see this, this stamp paper, what kind of stamp paper is this?
    Ranga – dont u know, after the Telgi scam, you can go the bank, pay money and get this embossing done.
    CSP – ok. this vyavastha patra was written in Aug 2002, correct?
    RAnga – correct.
    CSP – but govt decision to have this kind of stamp papers was from march 2003. then? how did he get this stamp paper in 2002 itself?
    Ranga sweats.
    CSP – And the embossed date here is June 2004, on this paper.
    Ranga sweats.
    CSP – one more thing – here is your father in law’s death certificate. he died in Aug 1999. So did his bhootha come and write this vyavastha patra in Aug 2002?
    Judge smiles
    Ranga sweats. SS, Rane, Chhabria all sweat.
    CSP – that means this is a false document – you prepared it in a greatttt hurry.
    Ranga does not say anything.
    Judge says, 5 o clock aaythu, still more to come?
    CSP – yes it will take 2-3 days more.
    Judge – lets continue tomorrow.

  215. Shruthi Says:

    One more addition.. before stopping –

    CSP – now that we have proved that this is a false document, we again come to the question, from where did u get the 35 lakhs? Did you take lancha?
    Ranga – NO.
    CSP – then from where?
    Ranga – no answer
    CSP – Chhabria gave it to you to shut Usha Gopinath’s case, correct?
    Ranga – no answer.
    {after this, the proceedings of the day is stopped}

  216. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Smitha avare evaga neevu nemmadi kalakolade nidde madabahudu.

    For the first time during the court proceedings i saw Judge smiling otherwise he is always a siddaki muthi.

  217. Kumar Says:

    I belive now TNS himself is writing scripts for all court scenes and spending many many sleep less nights in doing so. Now I understand why there will be one time pass scene everyday ( first scene). We are always hungry for court scenes but TNS has to write the script , direct and also act. Let us be satisfied with 2 good scenes and one time pass scene is welcome , but definitely not Arundhati. TNS is working too hard for all of us, some how let us make him to see this blog and let him share his comments here. Wish we had aachat session in web like Muktha Samvada, Whay u people say????

  218. Smitha Says:

    Great Idea Kumar, Lets do this. Somehow catch hold of TNS and lets make this idea work, and publish the appointment details to everywhere 😀 Im sure we will have lots n lots of messages pouring in 😀

  219. Sanjeev Says:

    Hi Shruthi, Thanks for the Update of yesterdays Episode. I was looking forward to watch yesterday’s episode. But due to work load I had to stay back in the office late night.
    Though I stay back late in office, I don’t miss Muktha, as we have a T.V in office 🙂 But unfortunately, yesterday T.V was not working… I felt so disappointed 🙁 but now I am well aware of what happend yesterday 🙂

  220. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Kumar idea’s sounds great. I think we could take help of Ram kumar (if not wrong) and ask TNS to be a part of this blog at once a week .

    If we mail to the id we get a auto response saying “right now we are too busy to reply to the mail”

    Ramkumar if you are still par of this blog, we would like you to carry forward this message (if you dont mind of course)

  221. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Not Ram kumar its Ram Prasad

  222. vinay kumar Says:

    sir, I am an engineering student in chennai and I want to know the day today happenings of MUKTA. Is this possible through internet? please help me in this regard.I have addicted to this , as i can’t see this serial by maestro seetharama here in chennai, I need help from youu. please please, please please please help me


  223. Smitha Says:

    Yes Vinay Kumar, U have come to the perfect place; this is the database for Muktha, even in FUTURE if TNS forgets what happened when.. he will surely come here for refference 😀 !! We have very good soles[ALL] who are helping like me and u to get updated with happenings of Muktha :D, You will get a picture of the serial in front of ur eyes 😉 Without missing any episode.Good that u came here. Go through all the pages and bookmark this page as I have done :).By 10 AM IST u will have Muktha being played on this page, dont forget to skip it. Thanks to Sanjay, Shruthi, Prasanna, list goes on……….

  224. Shruthi Says:

    Purushotthama goes to Nanjunda, and asks him from where he got that ten lakhs that he gave to Priya’s father. Nanjunda he said it was the ten lakhs that Navudkar gave him to gIve somebody, and by the time he had reached that person’s house, he was dead, and so he brought the money back with him. Purushotthama slaps him and tells him that now his father in law is trouble over that money because it has been traced as stolen money. Their grandfather says that he was the one who gave permission to Nanjunda to pay that money to Priya’s father, since that money now did not belong to anybody. Nanjunda says that he will try to give the money back to Navudkar.
    [Could not watch the first half, so got it from my sister. If anybody can elaborate on this, please do.]

    When all this is happening, throughout, Gayatri (Nanjunda’s fiance) and Somashekhar tata are also in the house, and they see and hear everything. Nanjunda asks permission to speak to Gayatri in person. They go out, and Nanjunda tells her that you must be thinking what kind of a guy this fellow is… it’s ok, you need not think you are committed, if you don’t like me, you can break off the engagement. I will tell you everything frankly. Due to somebody else’s mosa, our family got into debt of 85 lakhs, and my sisters went out looking for jobs. I could not bear to see them, and in a weak moment, I got associated with the underworld and started earning in lakhs. Then my family found out and made me promise to stop. I have stopped everything now. Then Gayatri says, we knew all this before meeting you. Now that you have told me so frankly, I trust you even more. In fact, the day after our marriage got finalised, we had gone to MaTha, and Swamiji told us that whatever anybody tells u about Nanjunda, he is a very good person. Nanjunda is very relieved.

    Court scene –
    CSP – So Chhabria gave you the 35 lakhs to shut Usha Gopinath’s case, correct?
    Insp Ranga – no, you are wrong.. that was a suicide.. she and her friend were having an affair, they had gone to see a movie, they had some argument, she was upset and so she jumped from building and committed suicide.
    CSP- no, she was first killed and thrown from the building. Usha was working in agricultural university in sudukoppa and had extracted an alkaloid from Kempusanjeevini soppu. this was a great discovery which would have benefited the whole world, for medicine and other things. It was a groundbreaking discovery. Chhabria asked her to work for him, but she refused, and so he got her killed to take that secret from her.

    SS – objection your honour… Chhabria has so much money that he can engage any number of foreign scientists to do research for him. How can we believe that some lady sitting in one tiny institute in Sudukoppa can make such a big discovery? This is like some fable from Chandamama. This has no relation the present case.. please ask CSP to stop this line of questioning.

    CSP gets very angry – why do you think that Indians cannot make big discoveries? should only foreigners make it? i get very angry when you say all this, Mr SS. Please give me some latitude, your honour, and i will prove that these two cases are related.

    Judge says ok, says objection overruled.

  225. Shruthi Says:

    I don’t think my previous update comment has been published, so putting it up again in two parts – if it is a repetition, please bear with me.

    Update – Thursday – 9th Feb

    Purushotthama goes to Nanjunda, and asks him from where he got that ten lakhs that he gave to Priya’s father. Nanjunda he said it was the ten lakhs that Navudkar gave him to gIve somebody, and by the time he had reached that person’s house, he was dead, and so he brought the money back with him. Purushotthama slaps him and tells him that now his father in law is trouble over that money because it has been traced as stolen money. Their grandfather says that he was the one who gave permission to Nanjunda to pay that money to Priya’s father, since that money now did not belong to anybody. Nanjunda says that he will try to give the money back to Navudkar.
    [Could not watch the first half, so got it from my sister. If anybody can elaborate on this, please do.]

    When all this is happening, throughout, Gayatri (Nanjunda’s fiance) and Somashekhar tata are also in the house, and they see and hear everything. Nanjunda asks permission to speak to Gayatri in person. They go out, and Nanjunda tells her that you must be thinking what kind of a guy this fellow is… it’s ok, you need not think you are committed, if you don’t like me, you can break off the engagement. I will tell you everything frankly. Due to somebody else’s mosa, our family got into debt of 85 lakhs, and my sisters went out looking for jobs. I could not bear to see them, and in a weak moment, I got associated with the underworld and started earning in lakhs. Then my family found out and made me promise to stop. I have stopped everything now. Then Gayatri says, we knew all this before meeting you. Now that you have told me so frankly, I trust you even more. In fact, the day after our marriage got finalised, we had gone to MaTha, and Swamiji told us that whatever anybody tells u about Nanjunda, he is a very good person. Nanjunda is very relieved.

  226. Shruthi Says:

    Court scene –
    CSP – So Chhabria gave you the 35 lakhs to shut Usha Gopinath’s case, correct?
    Insp Ranga – no, you are wrong.. that was a suicide.. she and her friend were having an affair, they had gone to see a movie, they had some argument, she was upset and so she jumped from building and committed suicide.
    CSP- no, she was first killed and thrown from the building. Usha was working in agricultural university in sudukoppa and had extracted an alkaloid from Kempusanjeevini soppu. this was a great discovery which would have benefited the whole world, for medicine and other things. It was a groundbreaking discovery. Chhabria asked her to work for him, but she refused, and so he got her killed to take that secret from her.

    SS – objection your honour… Chhabria has so much money that he can engage any number of foreign scientists to do research for him. How can we believe that some lady sitting in one tiny institute in Sudukoppa can make such a big discovery? This is like some fable from Chandamama. This has no relation the present case.. please ask CSP to stop this line of questioning.

    CSP gets very angry – why do you think that Indians cannot make big discoveries? should only foreigners make it? i get very angry when you say all this, Mr SS. Please give me some latitude, your honour, and i will prove that these two cases are related.

    Judge says ok, says objection overruled.

  227. Shruthi Says:

    Can anyone please confirm if my entire update is visible on this page? I am having some problems here with the browser.

  228. Venki Says:

    Yes Shruthi, your update is visible. Thanks

  229. Murthy Says:

    Shruthi, also CSP takes SS to task for down looking Indian’s and take’s strong exception about the comments on chandamama by SS. CSP says people like SS will praise Harry Potter which is a copy from the stories of chandamama.

    The first two part dealt with nanjunda’s problem.

  230. Kumar Says:

    hello vinay,
    I am also staying in Chennai luckily I have Hathway cable hence getting Enadu TV so that we can watch Muktha else as you know in chennai we dont get any Kannada channels as such .( not like Bangalore where you have plenty of all language channels) If you want you can make trip to my home everyday to watch , If you need will give you contact details.

  231. Kumar Says:

    Dear all,
    One more Idea struck me just now, why dont we recotrd all court room dialouges in Ipod or something and update on the site as wav file of something. So that we can listen whenever we want and all Muktha fans who can not see atleast get to hear the proceedings, what you people say??

  232. Smitha Says:

    That’s a brilliant Idea Kumar, Go ahead and do this. I’m eagerly waiting for these clips 😀

    Thanks a Lot:)

  233. Manju Says:


    Etv will file a law suit against you if you do so (recording and posting it on web) 😉

  234. Smitha Says:

    There are some sites which put these most popular serials online; I think that shud not be an issue if every detail about the artifact is given, we can be sure of obeying the copyright laws [I dont have idea abt Copyright laws– Lets consult TNS for this 😉 ]

  235. Shruthi Says:

    Smitha, what is this? I put up the update early so that you can sleep early, and you are still awake? 😉

  236. Smitha Says:

    Work!! 🙁 Thanks for the early update 🙂 Now I’m done for the day, so all set to sleep; waiting for another update 2morrow 😀

  237. Umesh V Says:

    Hi All, iam a new member for this group. I found this site very useful to keep update of Muktha. From yesturdays episode i feel TNS is preperaring the stage for another Court Scene. It will be of bringing Nanjunda out of that Rs10 lakhs case.

  238. Diya Says:

    Hi Shruthi… I felt that u’r update of yesterday’s episode is not upto u’r earlier standards.. Earlier one could almost visualize the scenes reading u’r updates… Today it was not so… Why???

    Also, don’t u people think that CSP need not keep reminding everyone of the time his mind went blank ???? It’s beginning to get on one’s nerves.. After all what does he hope to gain by that reminder?

  239. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Diya, the explanation is very simple 🙂 I myself did not see half of the serial, i only heard it from my sister. Besides, nothing groundbreaking happened in yesterday’s episode.. it kind of bored me! I guess it showed in my update also 🙂
    Btw, thanks for the compliment, that you could visualize everything in my previous updates 😉
    Will try to do my best from tomorrow 😉

  240. Murthy Says:

    To all those who missed the earlier part of the serial yesterday:
    In the first two parts, Nanjunda’s fiancee will be at Nanjunda’s house. Meanwhile Puroshthama comes and enquire’s about the 10 lakhs of rupees that was in his father in laws a/c which come thro’ nanjunda. In a fit of rage, unaware of Nanjunda’s fiancee’s prescence, puroshothama slaps on Nanjunda’s face.
    Then nanjunda, his mother, purushothama, mallikarjuna swamy, gouri will gather in a room and discuss about that 10 lakh issue and all of them takes nanjunda to task. In between, Mallikarjuna swamy takes the blame on himself.
    After that, Nanjunda talks to his fiancee and tells her she can break the relationship if she thinks, that nanjunda is not a good guy.
    After much discussion between them, nanjunda’s fiancee accepts him.
    Above is the saaramsha of the first two parts of yesterday’s serial.

    Mean while now I am listening to a song by DR.Rajkumar and probably S.Janaki (I am not sure here ;-)) from the film HosaBelaku, “NeenadeBalligeJyothi”. One of my favourite song.

  241. Diya Says:

    No probs Shruthi… U are most welcome… And hey, thanx Shruthi… Guess what ??? Now I can miss watching the serial without any regrets…!!!! At least till it becomes interesting…

    And I’m so sad for not getting any replies to my observations 🙁 Hey people, even they are bad, say it… We can then have an ongoing exchange of diverse views from which I’m sure I can learn a lot… 🙂

  242. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks Murthy, for completing it for me!

    And Diya, you are so right, on Wednesday, I also wondered why he kept saying “Manku aagbitte” “mind blank aagihogitthu”.. he said it lots of times.. Then I thought, maybe he has some idea behind that also 😀
    And Diya, noooo please don’t stop watching, if you stop, we won’t get the benefit of your views! 😀

  243. Diya Says:

    But Shruthi, it’s really not at all as gripping as it was earlier.. It’s now become kind of predictable… The reactions of the various charecters, I mean… Tell me have’nt u also felt sometime what the character is going to say before he/she actually says it ??? And the sudden volte-face of the Judge is also not very convincing… And don’t worry, my views can be shared after reading u’r updates also………….!!!!:)

  244. Sudhi Says:

    Hi All,
    I am posting it for the first time.. So if somebody is already noted this, then ignore this…

    CSP was used a big words in from of “Mathad Swami” as “naane tumba buddishaali nannanna yaaro solisoke agolla anno sokku bandittu. Ondu minchu hulu sooryana munde nintu soorya nannindane belaguttiddane anno ahankaara bandittu….” & so on.

    But after that CSP only telling that all that dipression funda is drama & he played that drama for the sake of his survival. Do CSP think, we viewers are like “Atada Bombegalu”, whatever he say we keep on listioning.

    I was too impressed with the words that he said in ashrama, but I was feeling too bad with his next words…

    What u people think about this?

  245. Shruthi Says:

    Diya, I do not know about that, because I started watching Mukta only recently, and so, to me, everything looks new! 🙂

    Sudhi, maybe CSP was not faking entirely, probably he did say those words with feeling. Anyway you may have a point there…. what do the others think?

  246. Shruthi Says:

    I will not be able to give Friday’s update, can somebody please do it?

  247. Sudhi Says:

    Friday is entirly csp’s. He fire Ranganaath like any thing.

    On the first part, csp prooved that the fir is missing a paper & it is not matching with his xerox copy. Mainly, in that page, it is clearly mentioned that some constable is informed Ranganaath saying he found the body at early morning 5’o clock.

    On the second part, csp prooved that, the postmartom report also tampered. csp showed that the page in which the time of death & reason of death is mentioned is changed by showing the page number are printed on the top corner rather than at the bottom corner, where as csp xerox copy is proper. Ranganaath was alomost trapped with csp’s argue…

    On the last part, csp finally showed some news papers & some medical words to ensure that Usha (the scintest) is not dead becaz by suiside. & Madhavi reoped this case on usha’s father request. For this reason, she is standing in the court.

    At the last word, csp told Ranganaath that , from now onwards, he will going to ask only Arunachal moorthy’s murder realated question. So be well prepared.

    Let me know if anybody need in detail 🙂

    Its goodthing that to not show a next part of the serial on the break… What u guys feel? And also atleast weekly once they should play the title song 🙁

  248. Srinivas Says:

    I tried to record Feb 11th episode on my computer. However, only the video has been recorded!!, no sound. Can anyone give( maybe too much to ask) the script ofr this episode (where CSP grills Ranganath), so that I can match the scenes to words.

  249. msanjay Says:

    Hey what’s this about…

    Mankuthimmana kagga … idarinda tegedukondiro wordings ..

    Maybe it might be hard to remember but would be good if anyone could recall the wordings that comment referred to (I haven’t read the book, only heard of it).

    Btw as you might’ve guessed I’m back from Chennai 🙂 Really nice to catch up with the updates from here (and also my mom) – thanks! Looking forward to getting back to Muktha from Monday 😀 I found some of the comments really striking – eg the questioning of the fairly widespread notion that only foreign scientists can invent something 😛 Yeah Sudhi I hope they play the title song atleast once in a way – one of my cousins poor guy had been trying to record it for ages but never got it completely!

  250. ramesh nittur Says:

    Hello All,

    Is there any way we can watch the missing episode..i missed lost 3-4 bcos of my US travel. Please advise.


  251. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Hi Ramesh do you belong to Nittur Krishnamurthy’s family???

  252. Anitha Says:

    “Mankuthimmana kagga …. idarinda tegedukondiro wordings ..” this is what I referred to when I wrote that…

    May not be the exact words … but i will try to re-phrase .. (somebody correct me if possible)

    sasi bhoomi-inda horage barovaga adakkenu thammategala shabdha irutha …
    Hannu gidadinda horabandaga adakkenu … trumpets barisuthiva ….
    soorya chandra …dina bandhu ee bhoomige belaku , jeeva kottu hoguthillava ….
    Avarella bandhu .. shabhdha illade avara kelasa madikondu hoguthillava …

    Neenu ninna thuti holidu kondu ..kelasa madu … mankuthimma 🙂

  253. Diya Says:

    Hi Sudhi… I think that at that point of time in the serial, CSP was justified in spouting those lines… Maybe he was faking depression, but as he later admits to MP and Desai, the fear of death is enough to send anyone into depression… Maybe he spouted those lines keeping in mind that his arrogance stemmed from the fact that justice is free, pure, simple and the right of all… Maybe, he had not considered that the judge presiding over the case would be so unlike those he had come across earlier that he would be forced to tone down… Also, he might not have expected so fast a threat on his own life… The philosophies he spouted are applicable in both scenarios I feel…

    How about the rest of u??? And Shruthi, if there are people who’ve missed Friday’s episode, I think they would really welcome a more blow-by-blow recount… It was an episode which really deserves one… What do u say ????

  254. Nags Says:

    I just need the lyrics (written) of the title song.
    Might be msanjay can help me in this.

  255. Gowri Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am a 12 year old girl living in Australia, i wanted to know –
    Can someone PLEASE tell me if ETV is not going to be Free to Air after 3 moths because a lot of ppl have been saying that it will and seeing as we’re in Austraila $40 is way too much per month.
    If this is going to happen and Muktha doesn’t finish before ETV becomes a pay channel I beg of you DON’T STOP PROVIDING DAILY UPDATES!! 🙂

    Shruthi Aunty you are doing a lovely job! 🙂

  256. Shridhar Says:

    Mukta Title as far as I can get:
    Karu moda maleyagi suridaga adara hanige mukti,
    Marada hakki mari rekke beesidare adara garige mukti,
    Manada novu hadagi hommidare bhavakke bandha mukti,
    Endu adevu navu mukta mukta mukta.

    It’s been a long time they have put the title song… so can anyone write the second stanza please?


  257. Shruthi Says:

    Diya, I am neck-deep in work… keep coming here just to read the discussions thats all.. 🙁 I will try and see if I can keep up the updates, but if I cannot, somebody else, please do it for me 🙂
    And that was a good analysis of CSP’s state of mind!

    Anitha, I have written about that beautiful Kagga in my blog – I have also written about Muktha – please check out this link –

    Gowri – Ayyo, please don’t call me Aunty, 😀 I am not that old 😀 And I have no idea about ETV becoming a pay channel. Will see if I can find out about it.

  258. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:


    Pl call Shruthi as Akka otherwise she might not give the recap of the last episode from now on 😉

  259. Diya Says:

    Hey Shruthi… I visited the link u mentioned but encountered a lot of problems when I tried to post a comment… HELP !!!!!!!!

    And please do try to give the updates… People who missed the episodes would not feel too bad as they would be able to visualize the whole scene… And if u’re really really neck-deep in work, then maybe I can try to fill in for u in the interim…. What do u say???

  260. gowri Says:

    haha 🙂 sorry

    i’ll write out the whole song for those who want it and post it here next time im at school at the moment and i have already gotten in trouble twice for coming on this website because it’s not related to school work! naughty me! I know the song by heart… i’ll write it when i get home tomorrow or today if i can. 😉

    bye cyu everyone and Shruthi AKKA!! 8) hehehehe

  261. amruta Says:

    hi everyone!
    im encountering the same problem as gowri! infact we know each other and go to same school! 8) i had no idea she watched muktha and we are in computer class saw her on muktha page.. she got in trouble and the teacher is with her now… 🙁 so she asked me to write this.. i’ll also try and write the song out! And since we have to record it because of time zone i can write it out easier… well, cyu later

  262. Vaidehi Says:

    I have this crazy friend called Amruta who absolutely loves Muktha and in a specific way….T.N Seetharam
    Yes….she is the Amrutha who left a messgae on this website
    She really wanted a photo of T.N Seetharam, but she can’t get one. Can you send her one Sruthi Akka??
    Her e-mail is
    That would be really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have heard that Etv is going to become a pay channel. Every Kannada friend I know is upset about that!! We should put a strike or sign a petition. They might change their mind
    Anyway gotta go
    Luv Vaidehi

  263. Shruthi Says:

    How sweet, I have become a universal Akka now 😀
    And you naughty girls, all of you accessing Muktha website when you ought to be doing schoolwork 🙂 Very bad, very bad 😉
    My source for TNS photos is the same as you – the internet 🙂 Check out this link – got lots of snaps of his. Hope this helps! –

  264. Shruthi Says:

    Update – 13th Feb – Monday – Part !

    CSP – Ranganathavare, are your parents alive?
    Ranga – No, they died in 98 and 99.
    CSP – Ok, tell me, why were you transfered to Dhavalagiril in 2003, that too in January, when it was not transfer season?
    Ranga – Govt transfered me, what should i know?
    CSP – See, here is Rane’s letter. It says, Ranga namage tumba bekaaddavaru, his parents are very old and ailing, and live in Dhavalagiri, and there is no one to look after them, so please transfer him to Dhavalagiri. NOw tell me, if your parents died in 98 and 99, how did they become old and ailing in 2003? Thats why i asked you that day, if you believe in devva bhootha.
    Ranga sweats.
    CSP- There were some gold mining activities going on there, and Chhabria’s company was involoved. The local people were protesting, and so you were brought in to suppress the protests. So for Chhabria, you were brought in with the help of Rane. how convenient!
    Ranga – no, it was not like that, Govt transfered me what should i know? And if ppl were protesting, i brought situation under control, is that bad.
    CSP – whatever u did, it was for Chhabria’s convenience. ok leave that. now tell me why you were transfered from Dhavalagiri to Devakoppa in Oct 2005, again when it was not transfer season.
    Ranga repeats- Govt transfered me. i dont know anything.
    CSP – ok, here is a letter from Rane asking for your transfer – Ranga namage tumba bekaaddavaru, his parents are very old and ailing, and live in Devakoppa, and there is no one to look after them, so please transfer him to Devakoppa. Same thing, Now your parents came back from the dead, and are old and ailing in Devakoppa. Why? And look at the time. it was not transfer season, it was exactly one month after Madhavi opened Usha’s murder case, and exactly one month before Arunachalamurthy’s murder. Now waht does that say? yOU were brought in to Devakoppa to make sure that the whole thing is shut up as an accident. But unfortunately for you, Madhavi escaped.

  265. Shruthi Says:

    Part 2

    SS – your honour. there are thousands of transfers each day based on false reasons like this, can all those be linked to murders? this is a figment of CSP’s imagination.
    Ranga – what is this CSP, I am getting very angry if you put all kind of false charges against me.. I will ahve to take action against you.
    CSP – gets angry – shouts at him – Take action, what will you do!
    Judge – Mr Ranganath, the lawyer has the right to ask questions like that, if you threaten him, i will have to take action against you. Mr CSP, please soften your questions, this man is a police officer.
    CSP – I get very angry at him, your honour. there are lots of great police officers, i have so much respect for them. ppl like him bring a bad name to the entire police department.
    Judge – ok continue.
    CSP – Ok. leave it, do u keep a case diary?
    Ranga – yes.
    CSP – see in madhavi’s case diary, she has written that on the previous day of the murder, she had raised doubts about people causing trouble on the day of the jaathre, and she wanted to call in backup police but you said no, lets have backup at Devakoppa, if necessary we will call them to the jaathre.
    Ranga – no, she has written nonsense, in fact i was the one who said thre should be back up police, and she said no.
    CSP – ok, have you written? then show it.
    Ranga shows a book – a diary with “Arunachalamurthy murder case” wirtten on it, and the first entry is this police meeting.
    CSP – when did u write it?
    Ranga – wrote it on tht day itself Nov 23rd – day of meeting.
    CSP – so mr ranga, on previous day itself you knew that next day Arunachalamurthy would be murdered? you have opened a book only with that name “murder case” on the previous day!
    Ranga majorly sweats, everybody sweats.
    NOTE: Diya, of course you can take over the updates from me! It will be of utmost help! Thank you. And on the days you cannot, do let me know, and I will provide the update.

  266. msanjay Says:

    Heh heh I really liked one of the dialogues… Ranga says “umm… marthoithu…” and CSP says “houda… iri iri gnaapasthini iri…” 😀

    hey girls from Australia – great to see you here – one of my cousins lives with his family (and 2 kids) in Sydney – if you’re in that neighbourhood, email me and I’ll give you his contact details – I’m sure they’ll be delighted to meet you!

    Anitha, thanks a ton for the wordings – I’m definitely inspired to read the book. – That’s a very cool writeup about it on Shrutiakka’s 😉 blog btw.

  267. Diya Says:

    OK Shruthi… But do let me know beforehand when I’ll be required to stand-in for u…

  268. Shruthi Says:

    Diya, if you are comparatively free and can afford to give a regular daily update, then you please take over completely. If not possible, then I will continue and do my best, and will just leave a message here when it is absolutely impossible to give an update. Then you or someone else can fill in for me 🙂

  269. Amruta Says:

    It’s a small world.. it’s a small world… It is actually a bit difficult to do the lyrics without them playing it! Anyway, Vaidehi, Gowri and I were wondering at school today, that if would all you guys keep submitting comments even when the show is finished.. 😀 Will write out song in 2 days

  270. Chaitanya Says:

    Kudos to all you 12 year old girls!

    You not only have a good taste in watching ‘Muktha’, but are also mature enough to comment on it!

    I am pleasantly surprised that you guys are in touch with latest technologies – the internet/mail and blogs – to share your thoughts at such a young age! 🙂

    Makes me wonder, what was I doing when I was 12 year old? 😉

    PS: Keep watching mukhta and this thread, but not during classes!

  271. Shruthi Says:

    Ha ha :)) I am Akka only to twelve-year old girls, ok, Sanjay? 😀
    I have a question – CSP keeps asking questions, and Ranganath does not answer any of those, he just remains silent. I know that it means he is guilty, but is it acceptable in court? Being silent?

  272. Sandesh Says:

    Shruthi Akka,

    It depends on whether the lawyer persists. If the lawyer persists and there is continued silence, then the judge can “order” the witness to respond.
    CSP being a smart lawyer wants to prove his point. Once that is accomplished, he moves on!

  273. Sandesh Says:

    Audio version of Manku Thimmana Kaggagalu:

  274. Shruthi Says:

    Update – 14th Feb – Tuesday.

    Nanjunda goes to Navudkar and tells him that he is in trouble and that only Navudkar can help him. He says that he has cheated Navudkar. He says that he did not give Mr. Prabhu the ten lakhs that had to be given, by the time he went tehre, Mr Prabhu was dead, and so he kept it to himself. Navudkar says, look at your Dhairya telling me this.. now you have come because you are stuck in a robbery case, correct? You gave that money to Shivaprakash, and the police have traced it as the money stolen from Vishal Dubey of Mumbai. Nanjunda asks, how do u know all this? Navudkar says, because I was the one who asked Vishal Dubey to complain, coz I knew you would come to me then. Now I want that ten lakhs back within ten days. After that, even God cannot save you.

    Court scene.
    CSP – Next to Arunachalamurthy’s(AM) body, MP’s revolver was found correct?
    Ranga – yes.
    CSP- were there fingerprints on it?
    Ranga – Yes, only MP’s – see, here is the report.
    CSP – ok. u told me u had to put a tarpaulin over the body that day, why, and at what time?
    Ranga- it rained very heavily. started at 7 30 pm, we put tarpaulin at 9 00 pm.
    CSP – then, Ranga, wouldn’t all fingerprints have been erased by rain water, when revolver was also in the rain next to AM’s body? When the revolver went for testing, there could not have been anyone’s fingerprints on it. impossible. but these ppl have got a false report saying that MP’s fingerprints were on it.
    Ranga sweats.

    CSP- ok leave that, one last point your honour. Ranga, think of human nature. When galaate started at the jaathre, why did AM go in MP’s car? Logically he would have escaped in his car itself, correct? If you consider that MP had taken out brake oil from her car, so that AM could go in it, how would MP have been so sure that AM would go in her car only, and not in anybody else’s car? can u explain it?
    Ranga – Probably AM’s car was not around, so he went in MP’s car.
    CSP – why was it not around?
    Ranga – the murderers would have planned to keep AM’s car very far away, so that AM won’t get his car and will have to go in MP’s car.
    CSP – ok, please permit me to show the footage of the incident taken by Chitra channel on that day,
    JUdge – permitted.
    CSP brings TV and shows a part of the footage. AM is standing with others, when Ranga comes hurriedly and says “Sir, The people are doing a lot of galaate, your car is right in the middle of the people. Shall I get the driver to park it somewhere else, far away?” AM says yes.
    Ranga sweats a lot. CSP smiles and replays the clipping.
    Ranga cannot stop sweating.
    CSP – you were the one who said that the murderers kept the car far away. So who is the murderer now? You, right?
    That’s all, your honour 🙂

  275. Shruthi Says:

    Sandesh Anna, Thank you very much for the explanation, explanation accepted 😀

  276. Anitha Says:

    Shruthi, I really admire the way you remember each and every conversation…Hats off to your memory..

    Yesterday I missed seeing the serial, my husband was asking how is that you are missing your favourite serial, I said no problem I will get an update from Shruthi tomorrow morning that too sentence by sentence 🙂

    Thanks a lot ….

  277. Smitha Says:

    Im missing Muktha 🙁 that too when its going through this very very good stage, when culprits are on the verge of being punished. 🙁 boooooo. But Shruti ur daily update brings Muktha on my monitor, may be even my monitor is loving the faces that I do when I read this blog 😀 Can someone come up with ideas to record and post these VERY IMPORTANT episodes. Waiting for a positive inputs. 🙂

  278. Kumar Says:

    I think too many Akka and Annas here, Anyway it sgood. Its good tradition to addresss like that.Hope all Akka tangiyaru and Anna tammaandiru are enjoying the great smartness of Muktha. Could not control shouting THats all your honour along with CSP yestreday night !!!. I think today CSP will talk about Ranga’s relation with MP’s car driver ( I think his name is Devaraju??). Looking forward for cross examination of Doctor/Ballistic expert and our Sandhya Mangalvaaade,How can anybody on this earth can have talent like TNS, he gives complexion to any great directors , ??

  279. Diya Says:

    Hi Shruthi… Thanx for such a prompt update… I missed yesterday’s episode and it looks like I’ll be missing it for the rest of this week too… So, from next Tuesday, I can fill in for u if u want..

    As for the point clarified by Sandesh, I would like to add that all of the witnesses silences become immaterial during the closing stages of the case, even if they were to indicate guilt.. CSP by refraining from being too persistent only manages to damage the credibility of the witness. The judge cannot take silence on the part of a witness as proof of his guilt, but only to show duplicity on his part. This in turn creates a doubt in the judge’s mind regarding the other testimonies of the witness. So, the closing arguments assume great importance, as it is then that the lawyer weaves a fine spun web of words whereby he links the silence of the witness and the actual concrete proof he has, to show malicious intent at worst and outright guilt, at best…

    As the famous Sanskrit sayings go… Not only do we have “Maunam Sammati Soochakam (Silence signifies assent) “, but also, “Maunam Kalaham Naasti (Silence ensures no fights) “…………………….

  280. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Yest CSP’s query was a logical one “why arunachala murthy prefer to go by madhavi patel’s car rather than his own car”

    Along with chabbria, rane and inspector ranganath even i had never given a thought to that incident.

    This goes to prove that inprocess to make others commit one mistake , we tend to make 100s of those.

    Veda sulladaru Gaadhe sullagadu!!!!!!!!!!

  281. Murthy Says:

    Shruthi akka, :-))

    I missed the first part of the episode as I was in a meeting. But I was watching the action, on the screem albeit with a low volume, so could not follow much. Your presentaion gave me a clear picture. Thanks

    Neevu koduva updates galu kannige kattidhante iruththadhe.

    Thumba dhanyavaadalu.

  282. Murthy Says:

    Sandesh listeing to Mankuthimmana kagga. It is good.
    thanks for sharing the same.

  283. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks, all my younger brothers and sisters 😉 for the nice compliments! This is what keeps me going 😉
    Diya, have you studied law? :O

  284. Keshav Says:

    hi Shruthi,
    Thanks for your prompt update. I would like to add few things that is surprisingly missed in your update (I am using the word ‘surprise’ because usually you never miss anything in your updates). CSP asks for Ranga’s mobile no. He denies saying that he never gives his mobile no to anyone. CSP shows his mobile no. details and the number. CSP asks Ranga whether he called the police station any time on the previous day of the murder. Ranga says no. CSP asks Ranga what time did MP called Nagendrappa to order him to close the road on the previous night. Ranga says around 9:15 pm. CSP shows the details of the outgoing calls of Ranga’s mobile no. and incoming calls of the police station on that day. CSP shows outgoing call details of Ranga’s mobile at 9:15 pm to the police station. Ranga sweats.

  285. Diya Says:

    Shruthi Akka :), I’m not a law student…. 🙂 But, why the sudden doubt ??? And yeah, I agree wholeheartedly with Murthy when he says “Neevu koduva updates galu kannige kattidhante iruththadhe”….

  286. Murthy Says:

    I have a thought here:
    I am optimistic all of you would agree on this.
    Request all of you to mention your email id’s so that we can make a group and keep in touch thro’ the group.
    Hope no one has any reservation with respect to this.


  287. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Shruthi akka neevu news reporter hagi kelasa madutha iddira ??? Word by Word nenapu ettukondu update maduthiri addake.

  288. Shruthi Says:

    Keshav, I KNEW I had forgotten something very important! Thank you so much for adding to it! 🙂 I think from now on, I should sit in front of the TV with a pen and notepad 😀

    Diya, your explanation seemed highly learned and technical, that’s why I asked 🙂

    No, Prasanna, I am not a news reporter 😀 And anyway Keshav has proved that my update was not word to word 🙁 😉

    Murthy, are you suggesting that we continue this same discussion and comments in a group mail instead of on this site? That is a good idea, but there is one problem – what about new people who come to this place looking for comments and info and updates? They will miss out on it. Any ideas?

  289. Abhishek Bachan Says:

    Hi everyone
    I am Abhishek…or Abhi as some people like to call me!!
    Well, you might know me
    I am a Bollywood actor…the famous Amitabh Bachan’s son!
    Well, I can understand Kannada…thhoda thhoda (little…little)
    You see I had been to Bangalore for a shooting for a film, actually my first one and over there I had seen this ‘Muktha’ Show. I liked it so much and from then on I haven’t stopped watching it…when I have time. I just went on the internet and typed in Muktha and found this website. Welldone to those 12 year olds…you are true fans of Muktha!
    Anyway got to run
    By the way…you have dona magnificent job on those updates Sruthi!
    Love always…Abhishek Bachan

  290. Diya Says:

    I too agree with Murthy…. At least the hard-core fans(!!!???!!!) among us could continue such illuminating discussions, not neccessarily about Muktha alone…. Speaking from my perpective, I can truly say that not only have I come across a lot of like-minded people, but have also learnt a lot, from the various views shared here… And I don’t think Murthy meant for us to keep our comments limited only to that group (if we do form one)… Am I right Sir??? And if so, there’s nothing the newcomers to this site will be missing…

    And Shruthi, I don’t know what to make of u’r answer to my question…. So, when in doubt, as always, I’ll take it as a compliment…!!!!!!!!! So, thanx a ton…..!!!!!!!!!!

  291. Murthy Says:

    Shruthi Akka,

    We will continue the discussions in this blog itself, but apart from that, we can stay in touch, for topics apart from muktha.

    wat say ?

  292. Anitha Says:

    How come Abhishek “Bachan” forgot the spelling of his second/last name.
    As far as I know Bachan should spell as “BACHCHAN” and not “BACHAN”

    It would be great if people refrain from posting such fake messages , so that the sanctity of this website would be maintained.

  293. msanjay Says:

    Good observation Anitha, looks like CSP has had a good influence on you 😉 but anyway its ok I dont think theres any need to take it too seriously 🙂

    Mr. Bacha… er… Bachan, what a great honor to have you hear! 😀 Glad you could get time to comment here inspite of your shooting! Hmm wonder how you’re post comes from Australia though… How do I know? Well… being the site admin I could see IP addresses you know 8) …and btw would you happen to know Amruta and the others by any chance…

    Shruti, thanks for the images link, I put two of them here as you might’ve noticed 🙂

    Sandesh I really loved that audio link, thanks!

    Murthy, its a nice idea to keep in touch, I definitely agree! I’d not really recommmend publishing your email ids openly here or anywhere (I already have all your mail ids 😉 but dont want to do take any liberties with them) Or even if you’re sure its ok for you, write your mail id only in the form of “name at something dot com” to prevent spamming threads collecting it. I’ll create a seperate page for non-Muktha related discussion and put the link on this page.


    Here’s a brief inroduction (only starting part) for today

    Today CSP was supposed to cross-examine the post-mortem doctor. But Suryavamshi tells the doctor not to come to court, giving a letter that he has something else to do, and calls the inspector (forgot name – not Ranganath but the other main guy – the same one that Sheela had cross-examined earlier) instead.

    CSP is surprised when this is announced in court, but as usual he’s stirred but not shaken… he makes fun of Suryavamshi openly accusing him of it and later has to hear the judge crib telling him to get started.

    He then first apologises to the inspector for having called him a second time and gives him the specific reason for doing so, and then starts with the cross-examination.

    Hmm there were some pretty delicate points, I can remember only parts of it, I think I better leave it to the experts to continue…

  294. Shruthi Says:

    Diya, of course it was a compliment 🙂

    Murthy and Diya, that’s a good idea, anyway I already feel I know you all 😉 – SAnjay can take over!

    Abhishek Bachchan, welcome! Good that u r a Muktha fan. You know, you are not the only celebrity here – Murthy means Narayana Murthy, Diya means Diya Mirza, see? Sanjay is Sanjay Kapoor, Kumar means Akshay Kumar… and lots more 🙂

  295. Shruthi Says:

    Since Sanjay has given the first part, I will continue from there.

    [Let me add, that csp was in a good mood, saying, DR maitreyee asked me to be in a good mood to combat depression, and she herself, like sandhya mangalvade, yavaglu hubbu gantu haakikondirthare :)]

    csp – inspector, when did u go the scene of the crime?
    insp – i got a call late at night that home minister has passed away, so a squad was formed, and we left immediately.
    csp – is a squad always formed?
    insp – no, here home min was dead, and foul play was suspected.
    csp – what is foul play? brake oil illa anthana?
    insp – yes.
    csp – insp avare, you did not find out that there was no brake oil until you examined it. then how could they say there was foul play?
    insp – thats what our DGP told us when he called us.
    csp – meaning, the local police, ie insp ranganath must have told him, correct? that means ranganath already knew that there was foul play.
    insp – yes irabahudu.

    csp – now tell me, can this scenario occur? there was brake oil in the car, but the driver did not apply brakes, and so the car fell down the cliff. possible?
    insp – yes.

    csp – ok, now when sheela prasad examined u, she said that maybe the nut had come loose and that is why brake oil might have leaked, and you confirmed that for that much brake oil to leak, you should have travelled lots more distance.
    insp – yes.
    csp – driver brahmachar said that he had left a little brake oil, around 50-60 ml, and by the time it reached the cliff, that must have leaked and become empty.
    insp – yes. that is what must have happened.

    csp – ok. so which spots did u examine at the accident?
    insp – the spot where the car had fallen and the spot at the cliff, at which point car fell off.
    csp – did u find any tyre marks there?
    insp – no. it had rained and everything was washed off.
    csp – but u see, the press had gone there immediately and got some photos.. see here are the snaps.
    He shows one snap at the cliff, Devadhara jalapaata is in the background, and there are tyre marks there. He shows one blow-up which shows some deep tyre marks, deeper than the other marks.
    csp – what does this deep mark show?
    insp – usually when brakes are applied, this kind of marks are formed.
    csp – also see this, the tyres go towards a different direction first, if it had gone that way, it would not have fallen in chhabria’s property. so the car has braked, and turned such that it fell in chhabria’s propery. correct?
    insp – yes correct. thats what has happened.
    csp – then the brakes were working at that point.
    insp – yes definitely.
    csp – meaning, the brake oil was removed after the accident, and the driver purposely let the car fall off the cliff.
    insp – yes that is what it looks like.
    [I got a phone call during the last part – if i have missed out anything, please add.]

  296. Shashi Says:

    I am working in USA; I had seen this serial during my last vacation in INDIA and became fan to TNS. I am requesting you to update this serial every day.


  297. Kumar Says:

    Small Part which Shruti left,

    There was adeviation in the Tyre Marks when brakes were applied and brakes were applied two times before going towards fall, The first tyre marks were towards feft and the second one was towards right, that is because when car took diversion it was going towards left which will lead to bushes hence driver applied brake and turned it towards jalapatha so that it will fal exactly innto Chabria’s guest house and not anywhere else, similarly since car cas moving towards right driver again changes the direction hence there was two brake marks . That means car was deliberately driven towards jalapatha so that it falls into chabria guest house only and both pasengers will die.
    Since teh brakes were applied there must be brake oil in the drum otherwise brakes will not work, when car falls after travelling just 50 feet and when vehicle inspector checks up teh drum absolutely there was no oil at all in the drum and as per inspector it would take atleast 12-13 Kms for all 50 ml oil to get leaked in the loosned thread,That means when car fell there was brake oil and the same is deliberately removed completely after the car fell down to guest house , for this Vehicle inspector agrees, and thats the end

  298. Shruthi Says:

    Kumar, thanks a lot! So you have yday’s update in three parts – Sanjay, Shruthi and Kumar 🙂 Don’t miss out on any of those 🙂

  299. Diya Says:


    I have a major doubt… Is it allowed practice that the prosecution changes the order of producing the witnesses for re-crossexamination?? Is’nt there a rule somewhere saying that the defence concel is to be given a prior notice??? I’ve raised this point only to satisfy my academic curiosity… even if this is actually not allowed I’m sure it provided a good scene in the serial.. How I wish I could’ve seen it…..

    Well anyways, my heartfelt thanx to Sanjay, Shruthi and Kumar for the updates….

  300. Murthy Says:

    The vehicle inspector name is shiva swamy 🙂

  301. Murthy Says:

    Also shruthi is also a celebrity, the latest hit being Rama Shama Bhama 😉

  302. Amruta Says:

    Hello, 😀

    Sanjay (anna? tell me wat you prefer and I’ll call you that…) I was just wondering…did you by any chance update this website? 🙂 Because for the past two days whenever I tried going on it it just said HTTP error and I was so annoyed!!! 🙁 I tried in the library at school again said the same thing and i told Vaidehi and she said she didn’t know and maybe you had removed the site!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 I wwas so upset because as you know ETV is gonna become Pay channel and I wouldn’t be able to access what happens in Muktha! I was like ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 😛

    Anyway, Anna, you told me that you know someone from Sydney, I’m sorry I live in Melbourne, but I asked my Mum and she said that she knows someone from Sydney and apparently he has two children as well… Tell me his name and Ill check again..

    By the way… Chaitanya (Anna? again please tell me what you prefer…) thank you and im sure you were doing something interesting when you were 12! 😀

    Shruthi Akka It took me about 6 minutes to read your update.. It was really good and thankyou for doing that… Shruthi Akka can you please e-mail me? Just on simpsns_lover at hotmail dot com that would be great, I don’t know yours otherwise I would have e-mailed you…

    I want to know how to be in touch with you because if this website stops working like it did the other days then I can still be up to date with what happens.. If you e-mail me then I’ll know your e-mail, I didn’t want to ask you because then everyone will know your e-mail, but I don’t care if people know mine…

    This is the best website I’ve ever been on in my life, (not kidding! :)) and hope everyone’ll still come to chat even if Muktha finishes…

    Muktha is going well and I have only remembered half the song (title song) I wish they’d play it so that I can write it down..

    Sorry if I wrote a too long message… :$

    Cya later

  303. Shruthi Says:

    Amrutha, I could not stop smiling as I read your comment 🙂 You actually timed how long it would take to read my update? Ok I will mail you today to your id!

    Diya, yes, I also got that doubt – whether they could change the order of the witnesses like that. But SS gave the reason that there had been a murder and the doctor had to go urgently to perform an autopsy. Maybe in extremely urgent cases like this, it is allowed. Anyway, if anybody else knows anything about this, please let us know!

    Murthy, yes you are right 😉 I am also a celebrity 😉 But it looks like our Abhishek “Bachan” has disappeared!

  304. Murthy Says:

    Abhishek Bachan may be out on a shoot kabhie Alvida Na kehna. A karan Johar film 🙂

  305. Murthy Says:

    Hey Sanjay, since you have all our id’s can you make a group id and send it across to us.

  306. Shruthi Says:

    Update – 16th Feb – Thursday

    Manmohan and Supriya go to the temple. Arundhati and her friend Anupama are there. They go to talk, but the situation is awkward. Manmohan asks, “devasthanakke bandiddira”, Anupama tries to joke “Illa Cinema nodokke”.. but nobody laughs, and they just leave.

    Purushotthama and Priya go to Nanjunda’s house. Nanjunda has gone somewhere. Purushotthama asks Gowri about Kempusanjeevini soppu, she says that Chhabria’s company is protesting against using that soppu, and so work has stalled. Nanjunda then comes in, tells everybody what Navudkar told him. He says that Navudkar had probably asked the local rowdy Jagan to keep an eye on him, and thats how he knew everything. He says, he has to come up with ten lakhs in ten days. Gowri says, the factory is in trouble, i cannot even ask Annapurnamma. So Nanjunda says, lets see, there are ten more days. will do something.

    Court scene.

    Continuation of examination of Vehicle inspector Shivaswamy(VISS)

    [I will be brief – no word to word today, please :)]

    csp shows spanner that brahmachar had showed, saying madhavi patel had given it to him to loosen the nut and take out the brake oil,and asks VISS whether the nut could have been loosened with this spanner. VISS examines it and says, no, not possible.

    CSP asks whether the rear left hand door of the car had some problem. VISS checks records and says, yes it had problems. CSp says that MP had fired a shot with her revolver to open the door as it got stuck, so she could not have shot one more shot at AM, coz only one bullet was missing from her revolver.

    CSP now says, usually in an accident, the car doors get jammed, so that it is difficult to open. but here, the car doors were wide open. Could they open while falling? VISS says, very slight possibility, but next to impossible. So CSP says it must have been opened before it starts falling off the cliff.

    Next, CSP tackles the position of AM’s body lying underneath the car. He quotes Newton’s Law of Motion. He said, assuming that MP had shot him and killed him, and AM’s body was still in the car, his lifeless body would have had to go along with the car as it fell off the cliff. He says, maximum, it would have fallen thro the windscreen or got jammed between front and back seats. It would surely not have gone and fallen underneath the front RIGHT wheel. VISS agrees. CSP says, even by some strange logic, the lifeless body had fallen out of the car towards the left, out of the open door, then how would the body have fallen? So VISS says, yes, considering Newton’s laws, the body and the car would have fallen splayed, in Y shape with respect to each other, definitely not together. So CSP says, then can it be that the body was moved and placed underneath the car after the accident? VISS says, yes, its highly possible.

    [All the experts, please proceed with corrections and additions – Thank you! :)]

  307. msanjay Says:

    Amruta, no special preference you can call me whatever you like 🙂 I’ve mailed you my brother (cousin)’s details. Too bad this website is down sometimes, its outside the boundary of my control so best option is to just accept it 8) and try again later. The host is in the US – maybe sometimes they upgrade the server or theres a network failure or something (the website dosen’t go down while I’m updating it). Anyway glad you like this page – quite natural since those who write here are all fans of TNS! 🙂

  308. Chaitanya Says:

    So here it goes… the lyrics of Muktha title song.

    Disclaimer: From un-reliable sources (yes thats me 🙂 since part of it was recorded and rest from memory). Corrections welcome!

    – Chaitanya

    Song: Muktha teleserial’s title track
    Lyrics: H.S.Venkateshamurthy
    Music: C. Ashwath
    Singers: C. Ashwath, Ratnamala Prakash, Fayaz Khan

    Font:BRH Kannada

    — ಮುಕ್ತ —

    ಕಾರುಮೋಡ ಮಳೆಯಾಗಿ ಸುರಿದಾಗ ಕಣ್ಣ ಹನಿಗೆ ಮುಕ್ತಿ
    ಮರದ ಹಕ್ಕಿ ಮರಿ ರೆಕ್ಕೆ ಬೀಸಿದರೆ ಅದರ ಗರಿಗೆ ಮುಕ್ತಿ |
    ಎದೆಯ ನೋವು ಹಾಡಾಗಿ ಹೊಮ್ಮಿದರೆ ಭಾವಕ್ಕೆ ಬಂಧ ಮುಕ್ತಿ
    ಎಂದು ಆದೇವು ನಾವು ಮುಕ್ತ ಮುಕ್ತ ಮುಕ್ತ ||

    ಮೊಗ್ಗಿನಿಂದ ಸೆರೆ ಒಡೆದ ಗಂಧ ಹೂವಿಂದ ದೂರ ದೂರ
    ಎಲ್ಲುಂಟು ಆಚೆ ತೀರ |
    ಮೊಗ್ಗಿನಿಂದ ಸೆರೆ ಒಡೆದ ಗಂಧ ಹೂವಿಂದ ದೂರ ದೂರ
    ಎಲ್ಲುಂಟು ಆಚೆ ತೀರ ||

    ಏರು ನದಿಗೆ ಇದಿರಾಗಿ ಈಜಿ ದಡ ಸೇರಬಹುದೆ ಜೀವಾ
    ದಾಟಿ ಈ ಪ್ರವಾಹ |
    ತಾನು ನೊಂದು ತಿಳಿ ಬೆಳಕ ಬೀರುತಿದೆ ಒಂದು ಇರುಳ ದೀಪ
    ನಿಶ್ಚಲದ ಮೂರ್ತ ರೂಪ ||

    ದೂರದಿಂದಲೆ ಜೀವ ಹಿಂಡುತಿದೆ ಕಾಣದೊಂದು ಹಸ್ತ
    ಆದೇವೆ ಬಂಧ ಮುಕ್ತ |
    ದೂರದಿಂದಲೆ ಜೀವ ಹಿಂಡುತಿದೆ ಕಾಣದೊಂದು ಹಸ್ತ
    ಆದೇವೆ ಬಂಧ ಮುಕ್ತ ||

    ಕಾರುಮೋಡ ಮಳೆಯಾಗಿ ಸುರಿದಾಗ ಕಣ್ಣ ಹನಿಗೆ ಮುಕ್ತಿ
    ಮರದ ಹಕ್ಕಿ ಮರಿ ರೆಕ್ಕೆ ಬೀಸಿದರೆ ಅದರ ಗರಿಗೆ ಮುಕ್ತಿ |
    ಎದೆಯ ನೋವು ಹಾಡಾಗಿ ಹೊಮ್ಮಿದರೆ ಭಾವಕ್ಕೆ ಬಂಧ ಮುಕ್ತಿ
    ಆಗ ಆದೇವು ನಾವು ಮುಕ್ತ ಮುಕ್ತ ಮುಕ್ತ ||

  309. Chaitanya Says:

    For someone interested, here is the BRH version in english.
    You may put this in baraha to get the kannada version.

    — mukta —

    kaarumODa maLeyaagi suridaaga kaNNa hanige mukti
    marada hakki mari rekke beesidare adara garige mukti |
    edeya nOvu haaDaagi hommidare bhaavakke baMdha mukti
    eMdu aadEvu naavu mukta mukta mukta ||

    mogginiMda sere oDeda gaMdha hooviMda doora doora
    elluMTu aache teera |
    mogginiMda sere oDeda gaMdha hooviMda doora doora
    elluMTu aache teera ||

    Eru nadige idiraagi eeji daDa sErabahude jeevaa
    daaTi ee pravaaha |
    taanu noMdu tiLi beLaka beerutide oMdu iruLa deepa
    niSchalada moorta roopa ||

    dooradiMdale jeeva hiMDutide kaaNadoMdu hasta
    aadEve baMdha mukta |
    dooradiMdale jeeva hiMDutide kaaNadoMdu hasta
    aadEve baMdha mukta ||

    kaarumODa maLeyaagi suridaaga kaNNa hanige mukti
    marada hakki mari rekke beesidare adara garige mukti |
    edeya nOvu haaDaagi hommidare bhaavakke baMdha mukti
    aaga aadEvu naavu mukta mukta mukta ||

  310. Kumar Says:

    Brahmachar had said in court that he came to jatre by van hence he could not use his spanner and MPatel gave him spanner whcih can be used for brakedrum of Ambassador car which Mpatel is using. CSP produces aletter which Mpatel had given to Police garahge asking them to change the Brakeset of her Ambassador car with Brake set which is generally used in 4 wheel drive vehicles since it was a hilly region and she may have to do chases for which good brakes are reqd. So with this CSP proved that whatever Brahmachar told is wrong and he has not done anything and is simply lieing.As procsecution mentioned there was problem is the left door so unless some force from inside acted that door would not have opend, The doors lockl mechanism will be based on the latch and in that door the latch is broken by some force which can be bulet from Madhavi patel’s revolver which she herself has told that to open the door she fired bullet, Since only one bullet is spent she can no way kill AM.EOD now it is proved that while falling car was having proper brakes since the driver had applied brakes two times bfor diverting car towards prapatha, when Vehicle Inspector checked the brake oil was not there , that means oil is removed deliverately and according to any laws of physics there is no way that AM’s body could have fallen like that unless somebody pulled from somewhere and left there.

    Watchout for Doctor’s sweating today eveing at 9 PM, Do anything but dont MISS MUKTHA. Finally i wa able to record title song yesterday !!!!

  311. Amruta Says:

    Chaitanya Anna has given the lyrics in Kannada, I can’t see them, because they appear as ??????? and I also wrote it out, but in English, so anyone who can’t read Kannada or see it appearing on this page… I will now supply in English…
    I am writing M.S for Male singer and F.S for Female Singer

    M.S: Karumoda maleyaagi suridaaga
    M.S: Kanna hanige mukti
    F.S: Maada hakki mari rekke bisidare
    F.S: Adara garige mukti
    M.S: Eddeya novu haadagi hommidare
    M.S: Bhaavakke banda mukti
    F.S: Endu aadevu naavu…
    F.S: Muktha Muktha Muktha

    F.S: Eru nadige idiraage ijidada serabohude jeeva
    F.S: Daati eee pravaha
    M.S: Taanu bennu tili belaka beerutide
    M.S: Ondu irula deepa
    M.S: Nischayada moortha roopa

    M.S: Moggi ninda sere odera ganda
    M.S: Huinda doora doora
    M.S: Elluntu aache teera
    F.S: Moggi ninda sere odera ganda
    F.S: Huinda doora doora
    F.S: Elluntu aache teera

    M.S: Karumoda maleyaagi suridaaga
    M.S: Kanna hanige mukti
    F.S: Maada hakki mari rekke bisidare
    F.S: Adara garige mukti
    M.S: Eddeya novu haadagi hommidare
    M.S: Bhaavakke banda mukti
    M.S & F.S: Endu aadevu naavu…
    M.S & F.S: Muktha Muktha Muktha

    i really like this song… it has a great tune… GUESS WHAT!! hehe .. 😛

    I have just learned to play this song on the Keyboard and guitar and Veena.. people tell me it sounds good…

    Sanjay Anna, so his name is Udianna? I wasn’t sure..

    Shruthi Akka, I didn’t recieve the mail you sent.. maybe the spelling wasn’t correct?

    Other day when CSP was re-examining Inspector Rangnath, he pointed out the fact about the pg. numbers… I thought that was a really good point, and so did my dad, Ravindra (yes, the same Ravindra who had earlier comeon this site..)


    Have fun, keep smiling!

  312. Amruta Says:

    Oh my God ….

    I didn’t realise that Chitanya Anna has written it in English………… 🙁

    And By the way,
    Where did Abhishekh BACHCHAN go?

    I understand that his father was in Amrytha dhaare and one other old kannada film, but i haven’t seen Abhishekh in any or (abhi.. lol)

    How do you know kannada may I ask? Just because you were in Bangalore… which film shooting were you doing? LOL

    Shruthi Akka you said earlier..

    ” Keshav, I KNEW I had forgotten something very important! Thank you so much for adding to it! I think from now on, I should sit in front of the TV with a pen and notepad ”

    I thought you already did that because your updates are so detailed!

  313. Diya Says:

    I heard that yesterday, they played the title track after ages… Does it mean that TNS or someone from his team has across this page and are taking the comments posted here in true spirit????!!!!!!!! Seems too much of a coincidence otherwise, is’nt it????????!!!!!!!!!!

  314. Chaitanya Says:

    Thats fine Amruta! Never mind… now no one will miss the lyrics, its here in all forms.

    I had done plenty of googling for its lyrics, even in unicode, kannada etc but for no luck. Now I guess even Google-uncle will catch this page for others.

    Also, I am OK, if you call me anna. My age is greater than 12 anyway :-D.


  315. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Chaitanya, Amruta – Thanks for the lyrics 🙂 Yesterday, when they played the song, I was thinking, aha, now everyone would have gone into a frenzy, recording, writing, remembering …… :))

    Diya – Yes, its too much of a coincidence :))

    Amruta – No I have not yet started holding a notebook and a pen in my hand, but I concentrate very hard, and if someone tries to talk to me, I say “Shhh Shhh…. I have to give updates! :)” Sometimes its quite a strain 😉 anyway my memory is improving 😀
    Will mail u tonight – sorry bout that!

  316. Shruthi Says:

    Manmohan and Supriya are still in the temple. Manmohan is disturbed and Supriya asks why, he says, its nothing. Supriya says, is it because of Arundhati, I heard you were good friends and you helped her a lot, why didn’t you talk to her? Manmohan over-reacts a little, in his effort at proving that he is fine. Supriya says, I just want to clarify, coz i am going to marry you, and i want to know what ur relationship was with her. He explains how he knows her, and at Supriya’s insistence, he acknowledges that yes, he had loved her and wanted to marry her. Supriya says, so she rejected you? What does she have, for her to reject you? Status, looks, qualifications, etc, etc, she is no better than you. How can she reject u? Manmohan speaks sternly, tells her not to say anything against Arundhati. Supriya says, fine, i dont care abuot ur past, i just am worried about ur future, i want u to become a powerful politician. They leave.

    Anupama brings Arundhati some coffee and tries to get Arun to speak out her feelings. She asks who that girl with Manmohan was. When Aru says that it is the girl Manmohan is engaged to, Anu is shocked and sad, she says, why, you two were supposed to marry. Aru says, but not now. Anu says, you dont tell us anything. ARu says, I am nott th kind who will scream from atop utility building my feelings for somebody. she says, it is good for him to marry Supriya, good for his career. So Anu tries to taunt her, saying, so you made a big sacrifice is it? Don’t u feel bad when u see Manmohan marrying someone else? Dont u have feelings for him still? Aru does not say anything, she just walks out.

    Chhabria and Rane are sitting, morosely in Suryavamshi’s house. They say that they are considering hiring one more lawyer to assist him. SS is insulted, he says, you can hire him, I will retire from the case. He says, what has gone wrong? nothing has gone wrong. To Chhabria’s and Rane’s questions, he says:
    1)Ranganath is a fool, he just got shook up when asked unexpected questions.
    2)About the gun, he shows the photo and says, the gun was under the car, it cuold not have got wet. here is the proof.
    3)About the tyre marks, csp could have got photos from anywhere, in the forest, all trees and bushes look alike. what is the proof these tyre marks are from that spot itself?
    [There were some more points, which he says he can prove are wrong – I am not able to recollect all of them]
    Chhabria and Rane are relieved.
    Suryavamshi says, ok now i will ask u a question, please answer honestly, “Did you plan the murder of Arunachalamurthy?”
    Chhabria and Rane are silent. They look at each otehr. Finally Chhabria says “Yes we had no other go. both of them had to die”.
    Suryavamshi is shocked and troubled. He breaks out in a sweat. He says “Bad, very bad. It is inhuman to murder somebody. It is unethical to defend such a case too.”.. But he collects himself and says “But I dont want to lose against that halli vakeela and saahiti CSP. i will start working with this in mind, and will send MP and SKD to jail”.
    They all drink to it, and give wicked smiles.

    [MY feeling -Suryavamshi was so shocked when he heard it, that it seemed impossible and unnatural that he recovers so quickly and agrees to cooperate with Chhabria and Rane. I feel that this is a turning point, he will do something else, and he only pretended to be ok with it, coz he is afraid that they will murder him too, coz he now knows the truth. — of course, this is just my feeling :)]

  317. Harsha Hegde Says:

    I accidentally stumbled upon this site…and its so wonderful. Mukta was something I never missed. But now am in a far away land and you guys are doing a wonderful job of writing down the transcripts of the happenings….”Million thanks” is the only possible way I can express my gratitude…

  318. Shruthi Says:

    An addition to yday’s update. While Suryavamshi keeps giving point after point and telling how he could counter CSP’s arguments, Chhabria and rane ask why he did not counter these points at that stage itself. So he says, I will do all this at the end. If I start countering them now itself, CSP will get warned. Let him keep proceeding with the assumption that he is winning, and let him get over-confident. You know, all this depression was faked, just to throw mud on our faces. Let him proceed, I will demolish his case at the end, and then we can see him sweat. Rane and Chhabria are happy [This happened before they reveal that they were the ones who got Arunachalamurthy murdered]

  319. Abhishek Bachan Says:

    Hi everyone
    By the way Anitha, I think I know how to spell my last name…some people like to spell it as Bachhan…or Bacchan but I spell it like Bachan….it’d definitely not be bachchan! My message is from Australia because I am in Perth right now. I am here with my sister, her daughter and husband, just for a holiday. I don’t know who Amruta is. I only know the Amruta from Amrutha dhaare. Anyway, I am still here. I can’t write regular messages as I am quite busy with my family. So, this is not a fake message!! I AM REAL!! My first film was ‘Dhai Akshar Prem Ke’. We had to take alot of country shots for that, and in that case because we went to Bangalore for that, the relatives which I used to stay with there usd to watch Muktha.
    Anyway got to go!
    Oh and by the way Sruthi, it’s great that there are other stars on this website as well!

  320. Kishan Says:

    No offence
    I think that the Muktha website is really weird………and stupid. If you’re wondering why I bothered to do this…it’s because I had nothing else to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@#$%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%^&&&*()

  321. msanjay Says:

    Chhabria and Rane are sitting, morosely in Suryavamshi’s house. They say that they are considering hiring one more lawyer to assist him. SS is insulted, he says, you can hire him, I will retire from the case.

    He says that rather than concede that he needs additional help and he’s incapable of solving it himself, he would rather be completey replaced.

    1)Ranganath is a fool, he just got shook up when asked unexpected questions.

    He also says that Ranganath made a show of being very intelligent, and had fooled all of them into thinking he was capable of putting up some questioning, but couldn’t!

    “Bad, very bad. It is inhuman to murder somebody. It is unethical to defend such a case too.”
    .. But he collects himself and says

    nimma ethics nimage, nanna ethics nanage.

    (Sanjay: This is a pretty crucial statement. I think one must really evaluate this to see if this logic makes sense)

    “But I dont want to lose against that halli vakeela and saahiti CSP. i will start working with this in mind, and will send MP and SKD to jail”.

    There’s another thing he says for reassurance – that he’s worked on over 100s of criminal cases, whereeas for CSP its after all only the fourth criminal case, ashte.


    In my opinion, for Suryavamshi, his ego – his image as a lawyer – is of higher importance than his sense of ethics which only surfaced for a fleeting moment before getting sent back to paathaaLa where he had buried it long ago. Because its the same man who’s been manipulating witnesses, doctoring evidences etc… 😉 But I guess murder was a bit more than he had bargained for. I am sure it will surface again (and again) when he tries to sleep etc. One thing is this shows the gray character – its not that Suryavamshi is an outright villain.

    But anyway Shruti’s hypothesis sounds logical as well – he might’ve just done that for his own safety, to cover up his initial reaction.

  322. msanjay Says:

    Kishan (so many people coming here from Australia!), its ok if this website isn’t upto your mark, I’m sure you can make a much better one yourself esp considering that you have nothing else to do 😉 Mr. Bachan, since you know the name of your first film, I guess you have to be real since nobody else would’ve known about it 8)

  323. Shruthi Says:

    Hi Sanjay, good you gave all those clarifications. Actually that “Nimma ethics nimage, nanna ethics nanage” was in direct contrast to his previous statement, “this is unethical”. In fact, this struck me, but I missed writing it out. Can you throw any light on this, coz I did not really understand what he meant.

  324. Murthy Says:

    Since suryavamshi knows the truth, and as shruthi said, suryavamshi might have tried to save his own skin by pretending to get along with Chabria and Rane. I have a thinking, may be a weird one, suryavamshi may try and help CSP in this case, so that the culprits Rane and chabria can be punished.

  325. Murthy Says:

    I visited this site
    This contains muktha photos but TNS photos are not here.

  326. amruta Says:


    Mr. Abhi, I am Amrita Rao and you can’t spell your last name the way you want because it’s already been decided for you…=]

    Hi Mr. Kishan if you have nothing else to do don’t waste your time on something you dont like to do … =] lol joke

    I really really liked Suryavamshi’s expression in Friday’s epoisode
    when he said that he didn’t approve of them committing the murder…

    And Abhi, it’s really great that you can cum here in your free time but plz… i beg you not 2… coz your ruining your (his) reputation by writing such fake messages..


    P.S. Shruthi Akka, I took a phoo of your update! HAHA!! It was so long…

    G2G bye bye… 😛 🙂

  327. msanjay Says:

    Actually that “Nimma ethics nimage, nanna ethics nanage” was in direct contrast to his previous statement, “this is unethical”

    Yeah that’s right – at first he exclaims “This is unethical!” and then after a moment goes on to say “nimma ethics….” There are two possibilities. One is as we discussed he sensed danger and covered his reaction with an explanation. In this case, Murthy’s speculation might not be too far-fetched and he might even discreetly help out CSP.

    The other possibility is that he felt he is nobody to judge what others do, and felt that if Rane & co want to murder someone its their problem, their karma, whatever – they face their consequences (so “nimma ethics nimage”) 😈 and he dosen’t care about it, and simply wants to execute his duty as a lawyer (“nanna ethics nanage”) :mrgreen: and on top of it save his self-reputation by not losing to a less-experienced lawyer. Considering that in this context even helping a criminal (esp knowingly) also amounts to being part of the crime, probably the earlier one seems to be more likely.

  328. Shruthi Says:

    That makes sense, Sanjay! Very astute observation.

  329. msanjay Says:

    Thanks Shruti 🙂 Btw wrt Suryavamshi… there’s an interesting quote I saw today… 🙂

    ಒಬ್ಬನೇ ವಕೀಲ ನೂರಾರು ಬಂದೂಕುಧಾರಿ ಕಳ್ಳರಿಗಿಂತ ಹೆಚ್ಚು ಕದಿಯಬಲ್ಲ
    — ಡಾನ್ ಕಾರ್ಲೋನ್, ‘ಗಾಡ್ ಫಾದರ್” ಚಿತ್ರದಲ್ಲಿ

    (from: sampada)

    (obbane vakeela nooraaru banduukudhaari kaLLarigintha hecchu kadiballa -Don Korleone, God Father)

  330. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    I tend to contradict people supporting SS. If he was a ethical and a true person then why did he get all the details from Satya Prakash ?? He should not have planted him.

    Hope atleast 1 Person Agree to this point.

  331. Diya Says:

    Hi All,

    Seems like SS’s remark is the new topic of debate.. According to me, ethics differ from person to person, and also in different situations for the same person. As they say, one can only truly claim an experience when it happens to them, so too ethics may differ… Maybe SS feels that it is not ethical on his part to let down his clients, i.e the Government, which in turn represents Rane.. And I find it highly unlikely that a lawyer with an ego and arrogance of SS would ever become humble enough to help CSP – whom he never misses an opportunity to taunt – win justice.. As Sanjay rightly quoted, lawyers more often than not look to salvage their client’s reputations and their’s rather than fight for the truth to come out… This was also illustrated in a dialogue between CSP and Sheela Prasad…

  332. Chaitanya Says:

    I agree to Sanjay’s observation on the ‘namma ethics namage, nimma ethics nimage’ part. That statement is true to SS’ character depicted and more to guard his reputation.

    But I Don’t agree with the earlier statement of SS ‘This is unethical!’ I agree with Prasanna here, that statement cannot come from SS. Wasn’t it unethical of him to prepare all the fake documents and plant (A)satya prakash etc! And like Shruthi mentioned, bit unrealistic that he does a U-turn so soon!

    Also, I thought its too late and unrealistic that Chabria offers money to SS for the first time! and its now that SS gets a doubt on who did the murder. What did he think all these days?

    But like many pointed out, there might be valid reasons and hidden thoughts for these and we’ll know it later. In a typical flashback (or narrate-back?) , he’ll say why he did this etc. These days TNS is going more like Upendra’s script, flashback-real-flashback-real-…


    PS: Amruta, I too just loved SS’s expressions and acting. I am a big fan of Sharth Lohitashva (real name) and he really is making his father (Lohitashva) proud! A tremendous actor!

  333. Amruta Says:

    Heloo! 😉

    Even though the people that have played roles as “bad” people… their acting always seems the best!!


    But Inspector Rangnaath is just annoying!!
    It’s so unfair how all of you know what happens a day before us!! I have to wait until Tuesday to fnd out what happened on Monday!!

    Arggggggghhhh! 🙂

    Bye, and keep 😛

  334. Diya Says:

    Hi Amruta… Don’t feel bad that u have to wait for a day more to know what’s happening in Muktha. ‘Coz, u know what they say….”Intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai !!!”…. U’ll enjoy it all the more..

    And have any of u observed Sandhya MAngalawade’s expressions during CSP’s cross examinations?? I think she’ll turn out to be the dark horse in all of this… Maybe she’ll be the one to do some re-evaluation of the proofs and evidences she amassed thereby giving the correct interpretation to them in the light of the new facts brought out by CSP… What do u guys feel???

  335. Shruthi Says:

    Hi everybody!

    Reading all your statements, I feel that yes, it is better that we stop speculating about what SS’s true motives are! 🙂 TNS might come up later with some twist to surprise us all, or maybe, just maybe, we are reading too much into some inconsequential statement :)) – Anyway, it is best to wait and see!

    The negative characters act so well, that we cannot stop hating them!! 🙂 My sister hates SS’s character so much, each time he comes on screen, she says “Owl, owl, he looks like an owl”. :))

    Diya, about Sandhya Mangalvade, i find it difficult to believe, that such an honest and capable, high-placed CBI officer, can be so blind and overlook such obvious clues in the case, just because she wants to send MP to jail. So I don’t have faith in her any longer, that she will do anything positive :)) But of course, if she does do it, then I will be really happy 😀

  336. Diya Says:

    Hi Shruti.. Don’t u feel that u are maybe a bit harsh in judging SM?? Most of the proof which she is supposed to have overlooked are very cleverly planted.. We as viewers know the background and so are able to spot it fast. But, for someone with no knowledge of the behind the scenes activity of Rane and co, it does not seem false at first look… Her personal animosity towards MP has not prevented her from acknowledging the brilliance of MP.. And she has been shown as someone who wants the truth to be known… And her thoughtful expressions during the cross examinations put this idea into my head… I feel that the charecterisation of SM, as portrayed till now is more suited to help CSP in turning the tables on the prosecution rather than that of SS, irrespective of his recent comments…

  337. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Chaitanya thanks for your Unconditional Support to my statement i think i would have got more .

    Shruthi you can use the kannada word Guube which sounds better than Owl !!!!!! . My wife doesnt like the face of Rane the broken tooth and his wicked smile.

  338. msanjay Says:

    Prasanna, I’d already written earlier about SS: his sense of ethics which only surfaced for a fleeting moment before getting sent back to paathaaLa where he had buried it long ago. Because its the same man who’s been manipulating witnesses, doctoring evidences etc… But I guess murder was a bit more than he had bargained for. so support was already there! 🙂 Yeah you’re right about “guube” – a good example of data loss (of effect) after literal translation 😉

  339. Murthy Says:

    Diya, during investigation of MP by SM, SM says that she took up the case for investigation just because MP’s name is involved in it. If I am right, she also mentions that she will see to it that MP is punished. So, what I feel is she started the investigation with a narrow mind and was not ready to bue the broader view.

  340. Shruthi Says:

    Diya, what I mean is that being such a high-ranked officer, SM’s view of the whole episode is too narrow and biased, right from the beginning, as Murthy says. I know that we know the truth and it is obvious to us, but I think lots more investigation should have been in order. Especially because this is a high profile case and SM is shown as such a good officer. Yes, I am harsh on her, but I personally think she deserves it 🙂 Lets see if she redeems herself in the future :))

    Yes, I told my sister, say “Goobe”, it is better.. but she thinks that “Goobe” andare berene artha baratthe – SS is not Goobe, he is “Owl”. Well, well, some people have certain ideas, and they stand by them :))

  341. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    I’m sorry Sanjay i just read a couple of quotes on the top since today being monday, the first half is usually and tight. Now i went thru all of them and you had clearly mentioned about SSavara Ethicsu

  342. Sanjeev Says:

    Hi Shruthi,Sanjay & others,
    Thanks for the all the updates you folks have been posting here. I don’t feel that i have missed any episode of Muktha 🙂

  343. Shruthi Says:

    Hi! I did not watch Muktha today (Monday). So cannot give the update. Please, somebody, give it on my behalf! Thanks!

  344. msanjay Says:

    Hmm today a friend was visiting me and though he was a viewer himself still I was a bit distracted (so might be a bit of error/gaps). Anyway since its pretty late in the night let me just put in what we would call in the corporate world an Executive Summary 😉


    The swamiji and another man (Gowri’s brother/maava or something) are talking. The Swamiji tells him to give a very large amount – 10 lakhs – to clear the loan. The man is reluctant but finally agrees. He expresses concern to the Swamiji about how the Swamiji is still young and if he ever goes back to the worldly life how will he plan his future and what will he use for money. Then the Swamiji replies that we dont plan our birth and our parents and so on, how arrogant it is for us to think we have to plan out our life. [actually this whole dialogue was really beautiful, I feel I’m not doing justice to it with my vague summary]. He said that sanyasis live purely in the present time.

    In the court, the post-mortem doctor is being cross-examined. The judge is a pit peeved… he wonders why the doctor needs to be cross-examined all over again, what is CSP’s point? Is it to prove that he wasn’t murdered by the bullet? But CSP says that thats not the point, theres something else. He says that the observations are fine, and only thing is that conclusion is incorrect, and it will take some time for some truths to come out.

    Then he first establishes that theres a connection between the doctor (who’s actually head of the dept, post mortem) and Rane. And then says that he’s a sevaka of Rane, to which the doctor gets enraged and makes a scene. Then after SS’s objection and the judge’s admonition, CSP apologises and goes on… but the doctor anyway ends up getting really irritated. CSP lists the procedure of a post-mortem, that individual doctors give their observations, and then the head doctor analyses all of them and makes a conclusion. He also states that this doctor made his conclusion behind closed doors, at which the doctor gets enraged, saying that there was no big secret about it. The doctor after some annoyance states that his conclusion is always perfect, he can never give a wrong conclusion after 31 years of experience.

    Then CSP gets out a postmortem report, he says its some postmoretem of some friend. Then he reads out the postmortem’s observations:
    – bruise on a neck
    – [some more related technical details]

    Immediately the doctor says, no more details necessary, this is a case of strangulation of the throat.

    Then CSP continues… also some skull fractured, etc.

    The doctor says the skull got fractured after the death due to [some medical reason].

    Then CSP says that the conclusion in the post-mortem report after the observations was: that the death was due to a fall, and so the skull was fractured.

    The doctor confirms that the opinion was *definitely wrong*, and it was *definitely* a case of murder by strangulation.

    Then CSP says – reveals the details of the post-mortem:
    The report was by the *very same doctor* two years ago… of the murder of that herbal scientist lady (name?) which had been covered up as a suicide.

    The doctor is very very uncomfortable 😳

  345. Vaidehi Says:

    Hi everyone
    WOWW!!! There are alot of fans on this Muktha website!! And one regular visitor is one of my best friends, Amruta. I can’t watch Muktha because I don’t have ETV, but it sounds like a very interesting show. Amruta is soooooooo much obsessed with Muktha that she drew T.N Seetharam (it wasn’t very good…) and said that he was her boyfriend. She even worked out how to play the Muktha theme song on my Veena.
    Anyway got to go before a teacher catches me.
    Luv from Vaidehi 8)

  346. Amruta Says:

    Hi everyone,
    VAIDEHI was exaggerating, LOL i didn’t say he was my boyfriend.. that’s wrong… 😛

    We were at a party and i was talking about Muktha, and my friends said, ” Who?? Draw him”

    So I drew T.N.S sir and as Vaidehi said (it wasn’t very good…)

    And I said I really really like him and admire him..!! 😀
    Don’t get the wrong impression..

    Luckily I don’t have to worry about getting caught today cause i’m not at school and i’m at home sneezing and coughing..

    Prasanna Shastry… That’s funny that your wife says that because the exact same thing is said about Rane by my brother… He also says that you can fit 10 coins in that gap!! 8)

  347. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks a lot, Sanjay, for filling in for me 🙂

    One clarification – that person Swamiji was talking to was Shivaprakash (Priya’s father and Purushotthama’s f-i-l). And Swamiji asks him to pass on 10 lakhs on his behalf to someone close to him, and Shivaprakash says, why, if the person is so important to you, I will give him 10 lakhs from my own money. So swamiji smiles a very nice and amused smile and says, No, i think if you find out whom I am going to give it to, you will not say this. Then he says it is for Nanjunda. Shivaprakash frankly says, Yes, I will not give it to him. But ok, I will pass on your money to him. Then he tries to dissuade Swamiji saying he has to think of his future – and then the conversation that Sanjay mentioned, happens.
    [Don’t get me wrong, I watched only this part :)))]

  348. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Actually Dialog starts with Swamiji calling shiva prakash and asking him how he was feeling . Shivaprakash tells that he again had a heart attack. But he is ready to do anything for the mutt. To that Swamiji asks Shivaprakash if he could deliver a amt of 10L to a much needed person . Shiva prakash is shocked how could a Swamiji who heads a Mutt could have such a huge amt. For which swamiji says that he could save an amt upto 13L when he was studying in the London University out of which he is giving 10L to his close friend. Shiva Prakash asks what if his friend is not able to return the amt. For which swamiji says he is happy in both ways whether his friend returns back the amt or not. Then starts the Quote “Right now I dont have that paper with me wher i had written.

  349. Diya Says:

    Hi Sanjay.. As u mentioned, the part where Swamiji talks about us being the instruments of God was really beautiful… He says, ” Namma srushtige navvu kaaranare?? Laya kooda namma kaiallilla.. Ade reeti, Sthithigu aa bhagawantane kaarana yendu aritare namage yochanegale iruvudilla… Srishti, Sthithi, Laya – ivellavu avana leele yendu aritare bhavishyada bagge yochanegalu baruvude illa… ” The rest of the dialogue too was very beautiful and though simple in style, conveyed a very profound truth… So, I just could’nt resist writing a part of it… Also, Sanjay, the scientist’s name is Usha Gopinath.. And the fractures which CSP mentions as having been recorded in the report are not due to some medical reasons, but ‘coz of the body being thrown from a height…

    I have another doubt… CSP mentions that “fracture of the cartilages was seen” as a point in the UG post-mortem report… Are’nt cartilages supposed to be tissues??? How can tissues get fractured??? They can only tear…. Can some one please clarify this???

    And Murthy, though the point u said is right, she also tells MP that though she took the case primarily for that reason, she wants to see to it that her arrogance that she is the only officer who’s untainted, honest, etc what she actually wants to break…This may give another reason to her mission… And though I agree with both u and Shruti, that she did start her investigation with a narrow mind and pre-conceived notions, I still don’t think she can stoop so low as SS… She after all verified Brahmachar’s claims about SKD, before going ahead and arresting him….!!!!

    And as the judge said in yesterday’s episode to CSP, “Prati ondu kadenu satyana muchhittiddare anta hudukta hogbaardu”………. MAybe SM too did not want to look deeper once she found “her” culprit….

  350. Murthy Says:

    Good Morning to all,
    During the court scene, the judge’s behaviour towards CSP was very rude. I don’t think any judge would have some pre-concieved thoughts about a lawyer and the judge would be so sarcastic towards a lawyer.

  351. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks Diya, for that conversation. I am sure it would have been very nice – missed it! 🙁

    About cartilage – From Google, I find that cartilage can be refered to as either fractured or torn. BAsically cartilage is a softer bone, so to say (like the ear). For Ligament, we say Tearing, coz ligament is a very soft tissue. And after all, bone also consists of tissues, harder ones, though 🙂 [This is layman information, if there id a doc around, it will really help]

  352. Gowri Says:

    I just wanted to say that I was the one who wrote all those Muktha Comments. Sorry about that 🙁 I do realise that his last name is Bachchan…I wrote a comment from Abhishek Bachan and then I when I was reading this Indian Newspaper, I saw his name was there and it was written as Bachchan. So sorry about that
    Anyway got to go

  353. S.Somashekar...Mumbai Says:

    Yesterday there was no telecast of Mukta in several areas of Mumbai.We miss the serial a lot whenever there is no telecast.Although I have been watching Mukta for more than a year in Mumbai I have not seen the underworld don character of Navalkar in any of the episodes.who is he?

  354. Shruthi Says:

    Wow, we are actually having confessions here 🙂 It’s ok Gowri, glad you told us who you are, never mind!

    Hi Somashekar, Navudkar (or however its spelled) had appeared in an episode just last week. He is a thin guy with curly hair, a goatee, and specs. Don’t know the actor’s name – Nanjunda had gone to speak to him, do u remember?

  355. S.Somashekar...Mumbai Says:

    Today also there was no transmission of mukta in several areas of mumbai.Will someone please give an executive summary of todays’s proceedings????
    Somashekar mumbai.

  356. msanjay Says:

    As Douglas Adam’s would’ve said… to summarise the summary of the executive summary – the doctor was in deep waters today.

    Really today was really one of the really better episodes, but the reason I can’t get into details is because I can’t recall the details (though they’re probably somewhere in my subconscious :D) – there was a lot of technical terminology.

    CSP asks teh doctor about the time of death – which would depend on the temperature, and the doctor gives an accurate estimate of 20 hours for the climatic conditions. CSP then brings up the point that the body was in ice, which does not match this at all. To determine the exact time of death, which he says was 1 PM and not 3 PM, he asks for the report based on spinal cord fluid, which the judge states that a telegram be sent to that lab immediately to ask for it.

    CSP then pulls out a medical manual – then compares a post-mortem (after death) wound with a anti-mortem (before death) wound. Then he reads out the observations, which clearly show that there were anti-mortem wounds, to which the doctor had to concede that the victim was alive when he left the car – hence there was no way he could’ve been shot inside the car. This has been proved conclusively.

    CSP also shows that because the victim’s clothes had mud and grass on it, there’s simply no way that he could’ve died at the same spot, and that he was dragged from some other place.

    The judge then wonders why SM hadn’t been able to figure out all these things though she’s a very intelligent and upright official. CSP acknowledges that she’s extremely intelligent, but theres some reason why she hasnt seen all this, but he will reveal it only later at the time of cross-examining her.

  357. Shruthi Says:

    Wow, Sanjay, you have done “my job” beautifully! In brief, yes, but all points covered 🙂
    Just to add – he also proves that since AM was 92 kgs, if he had fallen from the cliff, his bones would have got simply splintered. But there was only one collar bone fracture. That means he had jumped out at the top itself, but dragged down to the bottom of the cliff.
    When CSP concludes – AM had probably jumped out, then someone must have shot him after he fell out, and then dragged the dead body to the bottom of the cliff and left it under the car, the doctor says, “Someone antha yaake helthira, Madhavi P ne maadiddu”. – to which CSP gets angry and says, are you a police officer? you cannot saysuch things. Judge also speaks sternly to the doctor and to tell only what he saw, nothing else.
    Diya, I think our discussion about Sandhya M proved to be valid after all – something’s coming up, from CSP’s bag :))

  358. Shruthi Says:

    Also, he proves that the collarbone fracture and gash were ante-mortem wounds, because there was haemorrhage, clotting, and it was a gaping wound. So, the theory that he was shot and killed in the car and then fell out, will not hold. Coz when he fell out, he was dead.
    whereas the scratch marks on his body were postmortem wounds, coz there was no clotting, no haemorrhage, etc. So these were formed after death, by dragging of the body.

  359. Amruta Says:


    Can someone please tell me what Shivaraj Hegde and Inspector Rangnaath’s real names are?

  360. Diya Says:

    Sanjay there’s a slight mistake in u’r summary… The prosecution states that the time of death was around 1.45PM, which is corroborated by the doc who fixes the time of death to be between 1.30 – 2.00PM.. It’s CSP who contends that time of death was around 3.00 – 3.30PM, and not the other way round as u mentioned… And yeah Shruti, I think we’ve also begun to think like CSP at times… Also, thanx for the clarification….!!!!

  361. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    yest’s episode was indeed very educative. I had never heard of the term Rigor Mortis until i heard yest CSP asking the Dr.

    Thanks TNS for the same

  362. Shruthi Says:

    Yes yday’s episode was very educative. I had heard of Rigor Mortis, but had no idea that it starts to go after a while (20 hours, or 24 hours, or 36 hours, depending on the climate) – I thought the dead body would always remain stiff! I also was not aware of using Cerebro-spinal fluid to estimate the time of death. And we got a lot of knowledge on how to differentiate between ante-mortem and post-mortem wounds! If even classes in school are made so interesting, then we won’t have any problem remembering things :)))

  363. Murthy Says:

    Shruthi, I think the term Rigor Mortis was used in the case involving Nanjunda and Columbia Copper’s company in the earlier episodes of Muktha. Rigor Mortis term was used to determine the type of death of one vishwanath, who was murdered by columbia copper company’s head and supported by an inspector. (I forgot the name of the inspector.)

  364. Shridhar Says:

    TNS Abhimanigale,

    Any idea why TNS always makes serials that start with the letter “M”? Muktha, Manvanthara, MayaMruga, MaleBillu… And even his only film starts with “M”… Mathadana!!! Any specific reason that anyone of you are aware of?



  365. Shruthi Says:

    Murthy, I started watching Muktha only 5 months back, so I have no idea about the case you are talking about 🙂 But I have heard of Rigor Mortis coz I read a lot of crime and detective novels :))
    [Coming to think of it, just 5 months and I am such a big fan! Wonder about the others, who would have watched it from the beginning!]

    Hi Shridhar, yes, TNS names all his serials from “M”.. but no idea why. Can anyone help?

  366. Murthy Says:

    Shruthi, During one of the samvaada, TNS said, he names all his serials starting from M coz, Mamakara, Mamathe and Money also starts from M. This is the reason TNS told during the samvada.

  367. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Murthy are you talking of Varnekar ??? His name was even mentioned during the ongoing Case.

    I used to watch Mukta but only the court scenes.

  368. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    But never watch as seriously as i do now

  369. Murthy Says:

    Yes the inspector name is varnekar. You are right.

  370. Sanjeev, Pune Says:

    TNS in the samvada mentioned that he wanted to name this serial as Sammohini. As the MNCs have captured our minds with their products and aggressive marketing. The question of why his serials start with M was asked by Basavraj Horatti’s wife during the Samvada in Hubballi.

  371. Ashwin Acharya Says:

    Hey guys sorry to interuppt…but its was not the inspector its an SP…Vernekar!!!

    Also…all of TNS’s serials end with ‘a’! TNS’s name does not appear at the end of malle billu…does it? But again…it’s only when the names are spelt in English!!!

  372. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Wednesday – feb 22.

    Manmohan is getting into a car when he sees Anupama, and offers to drop her home. Anupama while talking and ragging manmohan, mentions that if you laugh nicely like this, your girlfriend might change her mind and marry you. manmohana gets serious and tries to find out what is in arundhati’s mind, thro anupama. anu says, how can she know. manmohan says even now, i cannot forget her, i would prefer to marry her. anu says, she seems to like you but she is set against marrying u, what can i say. and she leaves.

    Purushotthama and priya goes to nanjunda’s house, and priya says that shivaprakash has also come.. he comes in, and says that he has come for a purpose. he calls nanjunda and gives him ten lakhs. nanjunda says he will not accept it from shivaprakash. shivaprakash says that if my son was in trouble, would i not have helped him? thats how i want to help you, and he gives the money. he says, i was full of ahankara. i was blind, i wronged ur family. my daughter married out of her own will, stil i assumed that u ppl – avalanna marulu maadisi bittri- aasthiya aasegoskara. but after talking to swamiji yday, i realised my folly. he was bout to give 10 lakhs out of his 13 lakhs to you. how great he is.. i felt very small. i have only a few yrs to live. will i take this money with me when i die? i can as well live by helping others. u can keep this money, u need not return it. i have written half of my money to go to the maTha, in my will, and the other half to Priya and Puru and you ppl. He holds priya’s and puru’s hand and says, Also, i want priya and puru to stay here with you itself. and you and i should keep visiting each other. please forgive all my past wrongdoings. Everybody is very happy. very very emotional moment :'(

    Nanjunda and Puru go to Navudkar to give money back. N is angry with Nanj for getting Puru, a new person to his place.. He also counts the ten lakhs, saying that he does not trust Nanj any longer. Then they plead with him to take the complaint back. He then calls Dubey and asks him to withdraw complaint, and calls Jagan and tells him to go satyenkatte and ask police to stop investigating.

    next scene, everybody in nanjunda’s house and priya and her father sitting and ahving lunch -holige and payasa, coz nanjunda has got out of trouble. nice friendly atmosphere.

  373. msanjay Says:

    Thanks for the correction Diya. Shruti I had thought you’d missed watching it again 🙂

    Btw I too had no clue about what Rigor Mortis really was and had to google for it…

    A few hours after a person or animal dies, the joints of the body stiffen and become locked in place. This stiffening is called rigor mortis. Depending on temperature and other conditions, rigor mortis lasts approximately 72 hours. The phenomenon is caused by the skeletal muscles partially contracting. The muscles are unable to relax, so the joints become fixed in place.

    More specifically, what happens is that the membranes of muscle cells become more permeable to calcium ions. Living muscle cells expend energy to transport calcium ions to the outside of the cells. …

    Rigor mortis can be used to help estimate time of death. The onset of rigor mortis may range from 10 minutes to several hours, depending on factors including temperature (rapid cooling of a body can inhibit rigor mortis, but it occurs upon thawing). Maximum stiffness is reached around 12-24 hours post mortem. Facial muscles are affected first, with the rigor then spreading to other parts of the body. The joints are stiff for 1-3 days, but after this time general tissue decay and leaking of lysosomal intracellular digestive enzymes will cause the muscles to relax. …

    source: chemistry encyclopedia

    Today I was all set to watch Mukta but fell asleep!! Very deeeeeeeep sleep… and when I woke up it was 9:35! For some reason I was totally exhausted, hardly able to move. I called up my friend saying I wouldn’t be able to come for the walk I was supposed to have gone with him at 9:45. Anyway now I’m feeling quite fresh as if the day has just begun though I better go sleep again :mrgreen: But my mom said I hadn’t missed much and thanks to Shruti’s update could catch up with what happened 🙂

  374. Diya Says:

    Another interesting fact is that TNS always adopts names having “Prasad”…. “Ishwar Prasad” in Manvantara, “Chandrashekhar Prasad” in Muktha…. And all these names are various names of the Lord Shiva….who according to mythology is known as the “Destroyer”…. Apt, huh???!!!! Does anyone remember TNS’s name in “Mayamruga” ??

  375. Anitha Says:

    Eee… “K” serial-gala galateyalli … All relationships are thrown out of proportion and are spoilt totally…

    I was very impressed by the way shivaprakash talks, admits his mistakes and gels with the Gowri family again … overall, i like the way “MUKTHA” handles human relationships

    Great show..

  376. Anitha Says:

    Eee… “K” serial-gala galateyalli … All relationships are thrown out of proportion and are spoilt totally…

    I was very impressed by the way shivaprakash talks, admits his mistakes and gels with the Gowri family again … overall, i like the way “MUKTHA” handles human relationships

    Great show..

  377. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    TNS is closing all the loops and characters and he is trying to concentrate more on Court Scene, i think thatz why he converted shivaprakash’s character into a gentlman and also pulled out nanjunda out of woods.

  378. Shruthi Says:

    Diya, very sharp observation! Dont remember his name in Mayamruga, though. I am sure someone else can help!

    Anitha, I agree with you on this! The reason I like the characters in Muktha is that all are grey characters. See, even CSP, for all his greatness, has a little bit of ahankara and he often quarrels with his wife (whatever the reason is). That is very natural in real life. And that is what I admire. Shivaprakash is basically a nice person, but he was again blinded by wealth. Even Arunachalamurthy is a good person but his interest in politics made him get into a relationship with Chhabria. This is how it is. IN K-serials, either the character is a God or a Goddess, and cannot have any possible negative characteristic, or the character is a Rakshasa, and does not have even one positive characteristic. That is what irritates me.

    Prasanna, haudu, I also felt that way. Now only if he gets Manmohan and Arundhati together and close that story also, I will be very happy 🙂

  379. Murthy Says:

    Hey shruthi, swamijigalu maththu gowri ya kathe 😉

  380. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    shruthi avare firstu mano aru avara maduve madi mugusabeku ebbaru hepamorey mukha haakikondu dharavahi yella kedasa thare.

  381. Shruthi Says:

    Murthy, Swamiji matthu Gowri avaribbaraddu add madona anthidde… then I thought, it will be too much to expect 🙂
    Prasanna, correctu, avaribbaru summne, illu illa, allu illa anno haage voddadtha iddhaare… avaribbara premakatheyannu dadakke tanni antha TNS avaralli vinanthi 🙂

  382. Shridhar Says:

    ಸಂಜೀವ್, ತುಂಬಾ ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು!

  383. Venkatesh Says:

    HiAll fans of Mukta,
    I am a Telugu speaking person (I know Kannda) and have become a great fan of mukta serial. I was searching in Google to find more details on the producer, actor CSP or TNS, and stumbled up this site. I was wonderstruck the way the serial has the fan following.
    It is in deed good serial. I am in Mumbai, and for the last 3 to 4 months I am watching this serial, and with out my knowledge I am regulary reaching home by 9 PM inspites of work load and other engagements. Me and my wife really look forward to watch this serial.

  384. msanjay Says:

    pretty late tonight, just a brief update, maybe Shruti/others can provide more details tomorrow…


    Today the ballistic expert was being cross-examined.

    CSP enquires if he had been attending SS’s “coaching classes” to which he gets pretty annoyed, and SS also gets annoyed and theres a tiff which the judge as usual admonishes everybody including CSP, and patiently tells everyone to forget it and get on with the cross-examination.

    Not much to question, CSP says.

    The wound showed that the bullet was shot from more than 3 feet. SS argues that it still couldve been shot from inside the car. CSP shows that since it would’ve been with great difficulty, since the entry point of the would was from the right side.

    The bullet has entered from the lower right side of the face and exited on the top left of the skull, so the bullet shouldve been found on the top left side of the car. But it was found on the right side.

    There was an wound on AM’s wrist caused by a bullet. The bullet also grazed the wristwatch itself. The wristwatch had stopped – clearly because of the dent, and it showed 3 PM, and clearly this was the time of the bullet being shot, and clearly he was not killed at 1+ PM.

    The mark on the bullet showed that it had a dent on it, which couldnt have been formed by passing through a human body as the tissues and bones are too soft to cause it. So it mustve been the bullet shot to open the door lock that had been jammed.

    Thats all your honour.

  385. msanjay Says:

    Namaskaaram Venkateshgaaru 🙂 nice to hear from you – great that Muktha is helping in balancing your family life with work… hope you manage to continue it even after the serial gets over! 😀

  386. Shruthi Says:

    Sanjay, as always, brief and correct!! Thanks, did not have much time today 🙂

    Two more details – CSP proves that the bullet has been shot from close range. Since the entry of the bullet is on the right side of AM’s neck, and MP was seated on his right, MP would have had had to bend over him to shoot him, and also, if she had done so, it would not have been from 3 feet, coz there was a door on his left. So it would have had to be from nearer.

    Amusing incident – When CSP asks the ballistics expert how the bullet could have been shot in the car, when it is clear that it has been shot from 3 feet afar, SS interrupts and says, “why not, there is 3 feet space int the car”. Then CSP says, ok SS, this is not your coaching class where you can teach what to say. Ballistics inspector gets insulted but CSP pacifies him. SS then says, “Naanenu coaching classes togolalla”. then CSP says sarcastically, “Haudu haudu, neevu examination hall gene bandu answers helkodo antha teacher”. This whole conversation was hilarious! 🙂

  387. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    i have a small doubt since i never handled a real gun other than our usual Pataki gun. Will the damage on the watch be so minimal when hit by a 0.6mm bullet which will be travelling at a very high speed. As per CSP he could see wounds on the wrist, which means to say even the watch should have been substantially damaged.

    Any Contradictions ??????????

  388. Murthy Says:

    CSP also points out that SS took coaching classes for driver brahmachar and inspector ranganath. It will be nice if CSP proves that indeed SS fabricated the truth with the help of (A)satyaprakash and SS took coaching classes for brahmachar and ranganath. It will be interesting, how the judge reacts when he comes to know how SS fabricated with the witnesses.

  389. Diya Says:

    Hey, Sanjay and Shruthi, sorry, but I seem to be making a habit of correcting the tiny mistakes in your updates…. I’m really sorry if u guys are feeling bad…. Anyways, here goes…. The entry wound on AM’s body was on the left side at the base of the jaw (ie the neck region). The bullet then exited from the top right corner of the head. This path of the bullet would have caused it to lodge in the right side of the car roof, (ie behind the driver’s seat)where MP was sitting. CSP thus proves that it is impossible to fire a close range shot from within the car, such that the entry wound is on the left side of AM’s neck. The bullet was recovered from the side in which AM was sitting, ie the left side which is impossible, as the exit wound was on the right side of AM’s head…

  390. Diya Says:

    Prasanna, the damage to the watch is substantial.The bullet only grazed AM’s left wrist near the watch, before entering thru’ the neck. For a close range shot, the velocity of the bullet would only cause a dent in the watch, as the time of impact with the watch would be around a fraction of a 100th of a second… That’s why there would’nt me more of a damage to the watch.. Also, the wound as such on the wrist was observed to only be a graze, i.e joraagi tarachida taraha, and nothing more serious…

    And Murty, I too really hope that CSP brings out SS’s duplicity… But, do u really think it seems possible??

  391. Murthy Says:

    Yes Diya, it can be possible, if CSP bring Rane’s driver as a witness in the scenario. Because of Rane’s driver who happens to be from CSP’s village, CSP came to know how Rane and that inspector (I forgot his name !) planted (A)satyaprakash with CSP to get more information about how CSP cross examines the witnesses. Rane’s driver also reveals to CSP that, Rane was planning to murder CSP and to save himself CSP faked depression and went out the case for a while.

  392. Shruthi Says:

    Diya, just like the ruling party needs the opposition, the updaters need you :))
    Seriously, if it is possible for you, maybe you should take charge of the updates.
    Frankly, there were loads of things I did not understand in yday’s episode. Confusion about which bullet was supposedly found in the ceiling, and which bullet had the dent. Were they the same?
    Also, which bullet caused the watch to crack? After cracking the watch, where did that bullet go, according to CSP? Please clarify my doubts!

  393. msanjay Says:

    Diya, there’s a quote…

    God is in the details.

    ~Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
    (German born American Architect. 1886-1969)

    …so corrections/details are always welcome, there’s no question of feeling bad 😉 Now that I recall, when CSP showed it on his own neck as his left, my mind recorded it as my right! 😯

    Shruti, CSP’s theory is that the bullet that SM had fired at the door lock to open it since it was jammed. This happened at around 1 PM. And this bullet was later picked up and planted in the car as evidence to implicate her.

    The bullet that hit the wristwatch was shot by someone else later (at 3 PM) and this was the one that actually killed the victim who had actually escaped the car accident. This bullet would’ve probably been disposed off.

  394. Shruthi Says:

    Sanjay, I was wondering why I said Right side of the neck, when so clearly CSP pointed it out and showed 🙂 I think my brain worked the same way as yours :O

    Ok, thanks for that explanation, got it!

  395. prithvi Says:

    oh good i never thought there will be a blog for a kannada serial
    u guys a really crazy

    to much man

  396. Murthy Says:

    Hey prithvi, is this an admiration what you have expressed. If yes, thanks else no thanks.

  397. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Diya I was reading the Physics Text book by Resnick/Halliday(Like Ramayana and Mahabharata in PUC) about the impact and I just gave my idea based on it.

    It says a bullet has to undergo an elastic collision if it has to just graze anything in between and This is possible if the bullet is fired only after 10feet for the bullet to catch up that kind of velocity to kiss any kind of surface and take off.

    I enjoyed the yest’s Dharavahi.

    Reg Satyaprakash being planted as an informer, CSP has no witness to substantiate that. I doubt if Rane’s driver would come as an eye witness. Also CSP has not registered any complaint with satyaprakash.

  398. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    sanjay its better you try and filter off people like Gowri, Abhishek …… and new entry prithvi.

    Install some Content filtering software that would take care of these pains

  399. Murthy Says:

    Yes sanjay, if people are not interested as mentioned by prasanna, then there is no need for them to come and comment here.

  400. Shruthi Says:

    Murthy, Prasanna, it is very difficult to monitor that way, I think, unless Sanjay starts comment moderation, and reads each comment before putting it up. Besides, this page being the top spot in google when you google for Muktha, people will automatically come here. As long as the comments are not too abusive, or the comments are not repeatedly posted, I think it is best we just ignore them. Besides, we don’t even know whether Prithvi was admiring us or laughing at us 😀 But whatever it is, we should not care 😉

    Btw this is the 400th comment 🙂 – Congrats Sanjay, on a quadruple century!

  401. Anitha Says:

    Prithvi … We never invited you to come and leave your precious comments here.

    Having come here , you better mind your words….

  402. Murthy Says:

    Shruthi, you should treat for, coz 400th comment is yours 😉

  403. Diya Says:

    Hi everyone… Shruthi thanx for inviting me to take over the updates..The only problem is that I can only post it the next day after 10.30AM… Too late!!!!! And Murthy, though the scenario u outlined is possible, it does not really seem probable… Will a driver agree to testify against Rane?? And as CSP did not lodge a complaint either with the judge or with the police regarding Satyaprakash, not much good can come of it at this late date… Without the testimony of Rane’s driver there won’t be any grounds for a case..And also, SS is a brilliant lawyer in that he can doctor evidence (we’ve enough proof of it) and tutor witnesses… He would most likely get off scot-free… That’s why I asked whether it would really be possible… Maybe things can be brought about such that the Bar Council warns SS regarding these accusations…

    And Prasanna, Sanjay’s clarification to Shruthi must have answered your doubt too… Just to elaborate on it a bit… The entry wound on AM’s body indicates no features consistent with a close shot wound. It’s also been established now that the fatal bullet was fired from outside the car and at around 3.00PM… It may well be possible that The fatal bullet was fired from a distance of about 6-8feet, which would then explain the grazing wound and the damage to the watch. This bullet may very well have lodged itself in the vicinity.. As for the bullet found in the car, which the prosecution claims to be the fatal bullet, it is the one fired by MP to release the door lock…

  404. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Diya avare, You are no less to CSP roll

  405. Chaitanya Says:

    In the current case going on, we (viewers) all know who the culprit is, the motive and more-or-less how they did it also.

    But I was always wondering, would it have been more interesting had we not known who did it, from the beginning of the case itself? Kind of suspense/detective touch?

    Here we know the end and just interested in the means, I guess. TNS had done this (keeping the culprit in suspense) in few earlier cases (Deepa Natarajan, Copper company etc) with astounding success!


  406. msanjay Says:

    oh good i never thought there will be a blog for a kannada serial
    u guys a really crazy

    to much man

    yeah Prithvi, isn’t it crazy? You could probably start a blog on Baywatch or something to restore sanity to the world 😉

    But anyway – consider an analogy of a cellphone. One may feel that one particular model of a cellphone is more sophisticated than the other. But the important point here is not to get stuck up with comparing models of the cellphone – because a cellphone is not an end to itself, its only a means of communication.

    So one may use an ultra-cool model of a cell having graphics and cameras and all those gizmos, but use it to just download ringtones and play games. Or one may use a simple but functional model of a cell but use it to convey some cool ideas.

    Thats what Mr. Seetharam has done with the Kannada Muktha – instead of being an employer in Hollywood or some other place where I’m sure he’d have done pretty well and earned a lot of $$$, he’s used a more native and rich (if you manage to get the hang of it) mode of communication.

    In my opinion, one could read a bunch of dense stuff like Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, or novels from Erle Stanley Garnder (Perry Mason). Or one could watch half an hour of Muktha everyday. Personally, I find the latter easier 8)


    Murthy and others, There is a filter of sorts that handles spam, else the count here would be well over 500. Also there have been some spam that still made it which I manually deleted. But anyway like its been said, I’m not very keen on moderation. Let people freely express their views (within limits), what is there 🙂 – atleast we get a chance to see what they’re thinking and talk to them.

    The header text “we all come in different…” on Gangadhar’s blog is nice. In general, there’s a very optimistic spirit behind open source initiatives for example the encyclopedia Wiki (free to edit for all), which runs on the belief that though there will always be exceptions, fundamentally people are good and don’t misuse opportunities.


    Btw I’m going to Chennai again tonight, this time for a different reason – as part of an interview panel – will be back on Sunday night… bye for now! (not sure if I can catch Mukta tonight, it will be a bit tight as the bus is at 10 PM so I’ll decide later if I want to take the chance :mrgreen: but I probably wont be coming online for a while)

  407. Venkatesh Says:

    Hi All Lovers of Mukta Serial,
    Like I am back every week day home before 9PM, I am back again at this Blog to see what is being discussed. I am just thinking of making this site more interesting, can some one guess and write how CSP is going to cross examine each witness in coming episodes. Say he will call again the Investigating officer,I forgot her name, and what is that he is going tell, how she has missed the vital issue, which Mr.CSP has seen ( From the cross examination of Doctor, who has written the postmortam report when judge asks if what CSP says is a fact, how come such an intelligent office has missed that point for which CSP says he will tell that when he cross examins her again) Can some one guess?????

  408. Venkatesh Says:

    Why to block the negative comments from the people. The fact that Prithvi has written in the blog shows that she or he has actually searched web to find out on Mukta, that show that he or she is quite entused the way serial being telecasted.
    Any way Prithvi, good search on the web. By the way how long you have been watching the serial. Have you missed any episodes?

  409. Shruthi Says:

    Diya, you truly are no less than CSP 🙂
    Btw, does your statement mean that you will take over the updates, or not? :)) Do let me know!

  410. Shruthi Says:

    Friday update – until Diya confirms 🙂

    Manmohan calls Anupama and apologises, tells her that he met Arundhati, and let it slip that Anupama had told him that she feels that Arundhati also loves Manmohan. Aru comes to Anu and accosts her. Anu says that he is not stupid, he does not need someone else to tell him, it is obvious that you love him. Aru accuses Anu and tells her that they are all bent upon spoiling her life. Anu says, that you are the one spoiling your own life, and tells her to do something before the poor man is hurt further.

    Chhabria and Rane go to SS’s house. They express fear at the way the case is going. SS says, CSP’s arguments hold no water. He can prove that AM fell out of the car, only after the car fell down the cliff. He also says that he can prove that he was indeed shot by MP, but since it would have taken 2-3 mins for him to die from the shot, and since the car fell off the cliff within 10 secs from the shot, the wound on his shoulder would still be an antemortem wound.

    SS says that he can somehow get them acquitted from this case, but what he is worried about is Usha G’s case. Sandhya M has already started getting doubts, and will start investigation on this, calling it a related case, and then they will be in trouble. Sandhya M is coming tomorrow to meet me. So before that i need to know the truth. Did you kill Usha G?

    Chhabria says yes, I had no choice. SS is shocked and troubled. Then Chhabria and RAne look at each other, and Chhabria says, let us finish CSP. SS is totally angry. He screams at them. Do you think i am the head of a murder squad? LEt us fight this in court. let us teach the witnesses, and let us manipulate stuff. But let us do it with our brains, and in court. do you get it? how can you even think of this horrible thing? Whatever CSP might do, he is a good man!! and you want to murder him? Then he says rudely, get out, both of you!!
    Then he gets a call from SAndhya M, and he goes out.

    Chhabria says, so what if he asks us not to murder CSP, we will go ahead. I know a person G( i forgot his name) who was Navudkar’s right hand man, but now he has his own gang. I will call him. He calls him, and asks him to come to him as he has an assignment.

    Different setting. A man comes to meet Chhabria and Rane. Chhabria says, where is G? That man says, Navudkar’s gang killed someone from our gang, so G had to go to Mumbai urgently, you can tell me anything. Chhabria says that the subject is a lawyer, living in Hemagiri. his name is CSP. The man asks if CSP knows he is danger. Chhabria says, no idea, he might know, he does not show any emotion.
    Chhabria says, I need this done tomorrow. The man says, nope, not possible. we need to follow his movements for a couple of days, and then discuss with the leader and form a plan. Expect it to be done by Thu-Friday.
    Chhabria says, payment? So the man says, Eradu advance, kelasa aadamele innu Entu.
    Chhabria says, ok i will go and get it.

  411. pradeep Says:

    Hello folks this is pradeep,new to this group.I was watching muktha very regularly before coming to USA.When i left CET vivada was going on.SO whats the status of the serial now?Is there any chance that i can get VCD or DVD of muktha?Unfortunately we are not getting etv kannada here.Hats off to TN.Seetharam,we kannadigas are proud of him.

  412. Shruthi Says:

    Hey people, please do not miss Amruta’s presentation on Muktha (see link above, in the main post). It is very very well-done, and extremely funny and correct! Hats off to Amruta 🙂

    And Sanjay, the way you have been updating your post with relevant links is really admirable. Kudos to you 🙂

    Pradeep, welcome, you can read the updates of the serial here, and hopefully you can get back on track!

  413. Shruthi Says:

    Hey people, please do not miss Amruta’s presentation on Muktha (see link above, in the main post). It is very very well-done, and extremely funny and correct! Hats off to Amruta 🙂

    And Sanjay, the way you have been updating your post with relevant links is really admirable. Kudos to you 🙂

    Pradeep, welcome, you can read the updates of the serial here, and hopefully you can get back on track!

  414. Kumar Says:

    the presentation is excellent, very well done. Letus somehow try to send this to TNS, I am sure he will be very happy as we are.
    Friends, what happend to our old idea of getting TNS or any of his team members to get here, any developments on that?? Just imagin how it would be to take tomorrow’s episodes updates from none other than TNS’s team member !!!!!

  415. Murthy Says:

    Dear ones, yesterday I missed the episode as there was not power on in our part of Bangalore. But I was confident I can makeup with Shruthi’s update and even told my parents about that. I updated the episode to my mother. She felt bad when I told Chabria’s plan to murder CSP.
    As said eb4 shruthi avara updates daravahi nodiha hageye iruththade 🙂

  416. pradeep Says:

    Shruthi avare nanu amruta avara presentation nodide bahala chennagide,but unfortunately i am not able to catch up at all since i lost touch from that CET vivada,I dont know what is going on now also,If someone has a recorded vcd or dvd maybe that would help.I really appreciate ur patience in updating the story in this blog.Recent agi alli mayamruga serial VCD(23 sets) online order madide,its good that we r getting the oppurtunity to see such good serials even in USA.Hopefully i should be able to get MUKTHA also someday.

  417. Murthy Says:

    Friends, today you can see friday’s episode at 7 PM, which many people lost due to power problem in Karnataka. Do not miss this time around.

  418. Murthy Says:

    Mareyadiri muktha priyare, marethu niraasharagadhiri. Shukrvaara thappisiskonda daaravahi ya bhagavannu indu sanje 7 ghante ge veekshisi. 😉

  419. Sanjeev Says:

    From fridays episode, I think I am able to understand the the ETHICS of SS. SS becomes so wild when Rane proposes to eliminate CSP. SS says that killing is not solution and that they have to fight it out in court. He is against the idea of killing anyone, but is ready frame/manipulate/create evidences. Looks like that is his Ethics.
    And I was not able to understand why CBI officer should ask SS’s opinion on re-opening the Usha’s murder case.
    While Rane, Chabria and SS are having drinks at SS’s place, SS gets a call from CBI officer. Why should CBI officer call SS after hours? Is SS going to reveal everything to SM?????????

  420. Diya Says:

    HI…. First off, I want to thank Prasanna and Shruthi for their sweet words… Thanx a lot guys… And Shruthi, u are doing a wonderful job in providing the updates…. So carry on….

    Sanjeev, the reason why the CBI officer is in touch with the councel (SS) is ‘coz the UG case is beginning to seem integral to the AM murder case. Also, there are strong indications to doubt the veracity of the prosecution’s case… As the case is already in progress and is in fact nearing the judgement, SM needs to know if reopening the UG case by the CBI could have any adverse effects in the ongoing case.. U should also remember that SS is also a CBI concel.. And when the case is handed over to the CBI, technically the over-all authority is the Central Govt.. As their legal representative, SM is required to ask SS’s opinion before reopening the UG case… It becomes doubly sensitive an issue, as the present home minister of a state is implicated…

    And Shruthi, the ganglord’s name is Gangaswamy.. Now is the time when the “ethics ” of SS and the “bias” of SM will truly be revealed, I think… What do u guys feel???

  421. Amruta Says:

    Hello everyone!
    First of all, thanks to the people that watched my presentation! To all those who thought it was good and commented on it, I have four words for you:

    Much Obliged Your Honour!

    I haven’t been able to come here for awhile and it was a bit annoying to see that people are once again starting to write pointless things, like Prithvi did… plz don’t waste your time ..


    By the way, those of you that watched the presentation, I’d appreciate it if you could tell me if you think I should add any lines, scenes, pictures, etc.
    Also as you can see, there was no picture of Suryavamshi,
    Devraj.. If anyone knows where I can get a picture of these people it’ll be good because I can put them also in the slides.
    Also no-one is able to find Devraj, and you can find somebody else that was cross-examined that’ll also be good because I can just change the wordings.

    Anyway it’s nice to see that everyone liked it, and please tell me if you think there should be any changes. 😀

    Kumar, I think we can send this to Bhoomika by using the bhoomika e-mail address, I’ll try send it to them,

    Gr8 to talk,
    keep 🙂 bye!

  422. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Diya I still not trust SS full 100% ( u as a lady CSP will disprove it). SS is not using the Shortcut since rumour mongers will spread the news that it was SS who got CSP killed and our Rane Sahibaru and Chaabria will wash off their Hands .

    Diyaavare you are free to dispute it.

  423. Avinash Says:

    Hi All
    This is Avinash From Bangalore.
    Its good to see lot of people discussing on the things happening in Muktha and posting regular day-to-day updates. I regularly watch Mukta, and miss it very rarely. I missed last two episodes. But I wont miss the updates and the discussions in this link. Thanks to Shruthi, Diya, and everybody for posting the updates and to the good discussion. Amruta, your presentation is very good, but I could not watch it completely, my IE crashed while watching this presentation 🙂

  424. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Amrutha, I’m not sure why your presentation is not going beyond 6 or 7 slides once it reaches that it IE crashes. I tried all the troubleshooting techniques to see but nanu prayathna pattidu yella mannu paalu agoithu.

    Can you mail that ppt file to my mail Id ? If yes then mail it to If no then you know the answer.

    The first few Slides indeed proves your creativity.

  425. Diya Says:

    Prasanna, plz don’t add respectful suffixes like “avare” to my name.. It makes me feel about a 100 years old… And what is all this “lady CSP” business??? Don’t plz elevate me to such heights… I don’t think I’ll be able to walk with my feet on the ground, otherwise.. As for u’r observations, there is more than a grain of truth in them..SS is too arrogant a lawyer and too drunk on his success to want to admit defeat in front of CSP.. And if CSP is killed at this stage of the proceedings, the first doubt would be on Rane and Chhabria… Not on SS.. Nobody expects such a famous lawyer to stoop so low.. Also, CSP has shown his brilliance in croos-examination till now, thereby rendering SS as just another lawyer… SS has to score over CSP in the same court, in front of the same appease his bruised ego.. And though he has no hesitation in falsifying facts and figures, deep down he respects CSP… If not as a lawyer (he’s too egoistic for that!!!) then atleast as a person… After all CSP is out to prove what SS has now come to know….!!!

    Amruta, u’r presentation was really good… Keep such good work going…

    Avinash, thanx for u’r interest in the discussions…We would all like to have u’r inputs too…

    And Prasanna, Rane and Chhabria won’t be able to wash their hands off so easily… The case is @ a stage where the press, prosecution, CBI, and the judge..are all interested to know how exactly the UG and AM cases are interlinked… Rane and co have overlooked this… So, the ill-advised decision…

  426. Avinash Says:

    CSP is getting lot of informations (both text and photographs) about the incident and also about the witnesses., which help him while cross-examining witnesses.

    Once while talking to his junior Satyaprakash, he told him that he gets these information from a detective agency, but he did not mention its name. He asked Purushottam to pay him for taking this case, so that he can atleast pay to this agency. Till now its not been revealed. Is it SM who is giving him all these information?

  427. Chaitanya Says:

    No Avinash, I don’t think it can be SM. Well, TNS has been using this detective-stuff in all his earlier cases, even in his earlier serials!! But not sure the real world lawyers do so! 😉

    And I have a doubt, since Rane and team knows very well (from ASatyaprakash) that CSP gets his things from the detective agency, can’t they trap the information at source? Isn’t Rane/Chabria/Rangapath etc powerful enough to trap the detective agency?

    Diya, your theories are very logical and so lawyer-istic that I too agree in calling you ‘the lady CSP’ 🙂 Keep it up, its OK! 😉


  428. Girish Hampali Says:

    Yenu hudugeero.. yake hingadtharo………

    Really got irritated the way arundhati responded to ‘Jai Jagadeesh’. TNS is making story to be more than the court scenes. I wonder what will happen to manamohanaaaaaaaaaaa.
    Coming to court scenes, CSP is acting like bafoon and the judge Ravi belagere rightly criticising him.
    CSP’s death threat was unfolded in nice way and SS supported fellow lawyer in right spirit which shows the unity among lawyers.
    I think the serial will be complete with judgement. In the mean time TNS will find a way for all singles to mingle and to suggest viewers that all lived happily thereafter…

    congrats to Sanjay who has done such a nice blog.

  429. ranjani Says:

    hello all are lucky enough to see mukta.because in chennai we have scv cable vision.they are not giving etv.really v missed a lot serials directed by mr.T.N.Sitaram.please make sure that each and every nook and corner should reach etv.when ever we visit our friend’s place we can watch.pls reply and take action towards this.
    thank you

  430. ranjani Says:

    hello all are lucky enough to see mukta.because in chennai we have scv cable vision.they are not giving etv.really v missed a lot serials directed by mr.T.N.Sitaram.please make sure that each and every nook and corner should reach etv.when ever we visit our friend’s place we can watch.pls reply and take action towards this.
    thank you

  431. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Monday – 27th.

    Arundhati goes to meet Pramod Kumar. He returns the 3 lakhs she had lent to him in the form of a cheque. Then he asks her to marry him. She is shocked and speechless. Then he says, I promise i will not beat you like i beat my first wife, I will love you and look after you. She says, I need time, need to ask my parents also. He says, go ahead, no compulsions, whatever happens, my respect for you will not change.

    Court scene.
    CSP- i have a request to make. i can see some suspicious characters moving around my house from yday, i fear for my life. i request you to give me police protection
    judge – don’t u have protection? don’t u have any common sense? this is a high profile case and u r making allegations against so many ppl, your life will be at risk.
    csp – whom shall i ask? it will go to the home minister, and he might hinder it since i am making allegations against him. so i request the court to give protection.
    SS – yes mr csp, i have no objection. this is v imp indeed, u should get protection, don’t worry.
    judge – writes an order, calls a hemagiri cop, and tells him to give police bundobast to csp’s house, and a jeep should accompany him to and from sudukoppa…. he also says the SPs of hemagiri and sudukoppa, as well as the home minister himself should be held responsible if anything happens to csp.

    ss- i want to call chandrakant pavate – he is a scientist, and was head of reception committee in jalakanteshwara jaathre.
    judge – already lots of witnesses have told what has happened at the jaathre, don’t u think its a waste of time?
    ss – no, it only looks as if lots of witnesses have talked about it thats all. besides CP will give some hitherto unmentioned points.
    csp – your honour, he is just a “riperi witness”.. brought in to control damage. I have made holes in their fortress, and he has come with cement to patch it up thats all.
    ss – nothing, he has no case, he is living in his imaginary world, you stay there, csp, no problem.. i can demolish ur case easily.
    judge – ss, just coz csp says something, why do u bother to answer? this is a waste of time. please continue.

    CP takes the stand.
    csp – here comes the kuri, and the katuka is waiting 🙂
    ss – irritated – csp, u r very irritating. what is this? insulting a senior scientist?
    judge – csp, please keep quiet.
    csp – ok, ok, then MP, SKD and I are kuris, and you , the prosecution, are the katuka. Ok? happy?
    ss and judge – what is this nonsense? please stop.

    CP is sworn in.
    ss – what new things can u tell about the jaathre?
    cp – one week before jaathre, madhavi patel came and asked me to get 10000 pamphlets printed, and she also asked for some vehicles to ferry Bhaktas to the jaathre, and so i instructed accounts and transport dept to arrange for it.
    ss – why did u do it?
    cp – these politicians and officials ask for such favours, how can we say no?
    ss – did u tell chhabria bout this?
    cp – no, these are small issues, i used my discretion. then later i found out what the pamphlet says, and that the vehicles were used to ferry rowdies, and i was very shocked and upset.
    csp – see, how well he is doing riperi kelasa.
    judge – please keep quiet, u can question him during cross exam
    ss – thats all ur honour.
    csp goes to cross examine.

  432. Girish Hampali Says:

    Well written shruthi. You have an eye for details.

    But you have not captured arundhati’s feelings. Arundhati showed the intent that you are good but types….
    She also informed pramod kumar that ‘he is good’. should viewer read this in between lines?
    She asked for time to come back with a decision.
    I have already started feeling bad towards manamohanaaaaaaaaa. By looking at arundhati’s gesture, I am remembering old hit from kannada.. “Enu hudugeero. yake hingadtharo..”

    I also thought CSP’s behaviour is illustrated amazingly. Rural junta feel irritated about phoot-lawyris around them. CSP’s charected is portrayed like a phoot-lawyri. Or TNS wants to show how involved CSP is in this case.

    Anytime I would go for a lawyer like SS who is more balanced. But, thank god: I dont require one!!!

  433. Prithvi Says:

    No, I mean it you guys are REALLY crazy
    Its just a Tv sow anyway

  434. Prithvi Says:

    No, I mean it you guys are REALLY crazy
    Its just a Tv show anyway

  435. Raksha Says:

    To dear Prithvi
    Why don’t you go and find another life! Loks like the life that God has given you isn’t good enough. You are so mean! Mind your own buisiness!

  436. Avinash Says:

    TNS is giving a twist in Arundhati-Manmohan love story in the climax!

    In Latest issue of ‘Hi Bangalore’ (by Ravi belagere), he mentioned that the serial will be coming to an end very soon.

    Off topic: By the way ‘Girish Hampali’, are you by any chance, the same ‘Girish Hampali’ mentioned by Ravi Belagere as his friend (and working in Infy), in Hi Bangalore. (Not trying to hijack this trhead, sorry for this OT, just out of curiosity :-))

  437. Anitha Says:

    My goodness … Aundhati and Pramod kumar’s scene is highly irritating …

    Till today I have not understood why Arundhati is refusing to marry Manmohan (after indirectly accepting that she loves him)

    Shruthi/Diya/Murthy …please explain me 🙂

  438. Shruthi Says:

    Anitha, when Arunachalamurthy was alive, he had gone to Arundhati’s house, and talked to her and her family. He said that Manmohan has to become a powerful politician. For that he needs the right contacts. In what way will Arundhati help in that? Love and all is ok, but thinking practically, this marriage will hamper Manmohan’s career. On the other hand, Supriya Patel’s father is a top politician with lots of contacts, and he sees Manmohan’s potential, and is ready to do everything to make him reach the top. So marrying Supriya will prove right for his career.
    Also, there was a case going on, with Nanjunda as the informer. Madhavi Patel was working on it. So, if Nanjunda had to be pardoned, AM had to pardon him. AM even hints that if Arundhati goes and marries Manmohan, Nanjunda might land in jail. Arundhati thus decides not to go ahead with it. IN fact Manmohan even asks her once, if his father had come and talked to or threatened her. She avoids the topic.

    Girish, I did not dwell too much upon Arundhati’s feelings and all that in my update, because personally, I feel taht it is not worth spending so much time on that, coz court case is what everybody is interested in. IN fact, I would have prefered to finish that update with “Pramod kumar proposes to Arundhati and she asks for some time” :)))))) But still, for my readers, I expanded it a bit 🙂

    Prithvi, thanks for your insightful comments. If we are crazy, then what are you, an enlightened being, doing amongst us? Please go away! 🙂

  439. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Pramod Kumar Scene was really irritating, i think aru may not accept his proposal becoz after all the serial has to end on a happy note.

    Pramod kumar ge buddhi kettu hogidhe. Ondu hendathina kalakondu melu buddhi baralilla hendathi yendarene thalenovvu. (all akkas i dont mean you all).

    BTW one thing was the prof started to sweat even as CSP was just walking towards him. TNS even proved that even though they belonged to opposite clients still as a lawyer there is a strong liking for SS towards CSP off court.

  440. Murthy Says:

    Anitha, PB Srinivos avara ondu haadu idhe “Mounava Aabharana, mugulnage shashikirana, notava hoobana …….” antha. Aa haadinalli ondu saalu idhe “Kadalina aalava aledavarilla, hennina manasannu arithavarilla”. So according to the song and generally it is tough to find out what is there in Arundhati’s mind, or rather heart :-).
    I was really surprised when she asked some time for pramod kumar. Infact when arundhati began to go to PM’s house, somewhere I thought, he would propose her and there he was yesterday.
    Here Manmohan is suffering because he is not able to marry Arundhati and there Arundhati has asked some time to Pramod. This is absolutely contradictory.
    If Arundhati is so adamant of not marrying Manmohan, I think Manmohan should marry somebody else, right people?
    I believe any relationship is a two way. If it is one way, no point in spending time or travelling in that path 🙂
    Ofcourse, Manmohan may feel bad for some days, then later on he will get used to it with out Arundhati.
    It is Arundhati’s bad luck not to marry a guy like Manmohan.

    Coming to Prithvi, If you think we are crazy, it is your problem and not our’s. You are free to go where you feel intellectuals are. Also do not come here again and waste your time and also our’s, where in we will be forced to read and comment on your CRAZY comment.
    As sanajy pointed out, why don’t you start a blog on BAYWATCH and I am sure, you can meet lot of intellectuals there.

  441. pradeep Says:

    Do all of u remember when arundathi was made to drink alcohol intentionally by her boss?I think episodes were dragged too much about that which made most people unhappy including me.But after i came to a different country and after seeing these western women i realized the sentiments of an indian women.Hats off to all ladies writing in this forum.Now i truly know the value of an indian woman.Sorry i am writing about some unrelated topic,hope i have the permission from all of u to write about these aspects?If someone wants to address me please feel free to write at shruthi madam i am trying my level best to catch up with this forum.If all the members of this forum meet oneday with CSP(TNS) I will ask him to give shruthi madam a part in the serial muktha.Ha Ha Ha.Kudos shruthi madam.

  442. Diya Says:

    OH NO!!!!!!!!! Plz Chaitanya not u too…. Anyways, freedom of speech and thought are everyone’s birthrights….

    Girish, if at all one is ever in the position of needing a lawyer to prove their innocence, they would 9 times out of 10 prefer to go to someone like CSP… The “balance” of SS pales in front of the brilliance of CSP…He may be a bit too sarcastic, but can be forgiven for it as his only goal is to bring out the truth… And what better way to bring out the “bitter truth” apart from “sarcastic comments” ??

    Anitha, the reasons Shruthi has explained may not be the only ones… Maybe Aru, still has some lingering resentment against Manmohan for his earlier behaviour towards her.. And I’ve always felt that the only reason for the introduction of PK’s character was to bring this “twist in the tale”. Aru’s character, is shown to be self-sacrificing to the point of becoming selfish… And as Shruthi rightly said, it’s so irritating to watch her behave like the “one and only know-it-all”, that most people don’t bother about her reasons any more…

  443. Diya Says:

    Hey Pradeep, it’s not irrelevant… This is an open forum for people to express their views regarding “Muktha”…. It’s no probs if u want to share u’r views regarding a long ago incident in the serial… After all, those incidents are what have helped in evolving those characters to what they are today… Though it’s probably not at all applicable in Aru’s case….!!!

  444. Murthy Says:

    There is a saying that, If a person reform’s himself for good, after being a bad guy, that person will be more trustworthy. In this case manmohan has reformed himself realising his earlier blunders. So Arundhathi will be wise enough if she marries manmoham, else she is not.

  445. Shridhar Says:

    Dear Prithvi,

    This of course is just a TV show for those who fail to respond to emotions and fail to understand the effort that TNS has put before coming up with such a beautiful concept! If at all you had watched one single episode with attention you would know this blog spot is worth it! You must be used to watching some irritating and annoying tele serials that makes no sense than just dragging for years together! Anyways you coming twice to this blog spot and putting your comments here is the clear indication of how popular Muktha amongst people!

  446. Sanjeev Says:

    Should a person make a career for living or Live for making a career? When one gives up his loved ones, just for the sake of career, will there be any happiness/beauty in life?
    I feel Arundhati would be stupid if she rejects Manmohan.
    Marrying Pramod would be disaster for Aru..
    And Manmohan should not yield to the lure of politics!!

  447. Shruthi Says:

    Pradeep, no Madams please, we are all friends here :))) And no, please, i don’t want a part in Muktha! instead of acting, i will go and start poking my nose in direction and ask TNS to finish off these silly love stories quickly 😉

    Prasanna, please, why are you saying that, ondu hendthi saaku and allthat 😀 I will complain to ur wife 😉

    You know, I enjoy the conversations that go on here 🙂

  448. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Shruthi, all the married guys here will agree with me. If all the participants (male) are Brahmacharis here then i want to make them aware about Worries Invited For Ever. !!!!!!!!!!!

  449. Shruthi Says:

    Prasanna, my husband also reads the comments on this forum from time to time.. please don’t put thoughts in his head 🙂

    Girish, I agree with you that CSP’s behaviour was quite funny yday. In fact, I myself wanted to say, “Ree, Mr CSP, you are a senior advocate. Heegella maathadbaradu neevu. Please maintain the dignity of the court” 😉
    You have given an explanation for that, but nange artha aaglilla….”Phoot-layri” andrenu gotthaglilla :O

  450. Amruta Says:

    First of all, Prithvi, get your spelling right, OK?
    It’s not a sow, it is a show, OK? Glad to see you actually could be bothered fixing it up! You are really irritating me, and I don’t think I’m the only one feeling this way.

    People like Raksha, Shruthi, Sanjay and Prasanna don’t like it either. And stop criticising the site if you don’t like it, because people here like Shruthi and Murthy and Anitha and Sanjay and Diya and Chaitanya and MANY more people give up their time to provide updates and useful comments for this site, OK?!
    If you don’t think this is a good website, stop coming on it because then we’ll all be happy, got it? }:-[

    Ok, 🙂 😀 😛

    I heard somewhere that at the moment T.N.S sir is only concentrating on the court case scenes and leaving most of the scenes, not all of them, to his team, which is maybe why we are not finding Aru’s reaction, acting, story, etc.

    Thanks to everyone again, and Prasanna (uncle, anna, prasanna?) the e-mail address you wrote here said, is that or ?

    I have sent it to assuming that the second . was a fullstop.

    Confusing… 😛

    Oh, and Sanjay Anna, like you did with mine, you might want to remove the address from the site after some time, in case people misuse it. 😉

    I also really liked the way S.S. expessed his feelings in the court on Monday’s episode.

    Great to talk,
    Keep 😛 bye!

  451. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Amrutha, i received the ppt file. Its really great and nice to see within the limitation what you have shown.

    You can call me prasanna itself no probs. Thanks once again

  452. Diya Says:

    Hi all…. I just got wondering whether Prithvi really deserves so much of our time…. I mean his comments have clearly shown him to be an attention seeker… Is it really worth our while to comment so much on his “comments” ?? I guess we’ve all expressed ourselves pretty well and thouroughly, when it comes to people of this ilk, posting comments here… Any more expressions from us would only embolden them… As they say, indifference towards one is worse than hate even, I guess we should all just ignore such weirdos… We can better devote our time and energy in having more interesting and worthwhile dialogues, instead…. 🙂

  453. prithvi.J Says:

    I am must really agree with the othe prithvi says ” U guys r really crazy ”
    all said and done – TNS has directed a very good serial,yes it asks us some questions. But still it is just a show on the tube nothingelse,
    we must really see whats happening around us take Jessica lal case for instance, what happened there?
    we r just getting all excited abt some serial
    what abt Jessica Lal’s family r we the youth of the nation just going to sit and watch this farce
    have lost our collective conscious, r we just going to watch some stupid serial and keep bloging abt something which is not important at all
    wake up ppl

  454. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Prithvi.J, whatever questions you have asked us about jessica lal points back to you too WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ?? Here we are wasting our time, its just during the Breaks during our work we come and share our views .

    If you were concerned about Jessicas, ( you forgot about Randhawa and Nilofer) you can go ahead and do millions for their family .

    This is just a break within Work time and we are very well aware of all the responsibilities towards the society and humanity . If you are not interested better dont interfere leave us within our domain.

    I doubt if both prithvis are same becoz the attitudes look common.

  455. msanjay Says:

    Hmm… looks like atleast one person Prithvi J agrees with the other Pritvi! Though, by a curious coincidence, they both have their email ids as [snip] And they both write from Touchtel India! (IP addresses reveal a lot? So he should consider being a bit more careful about misusing the illusion of internet anonymity in the future 😈 )

    Prithvi: Good that you recognise that there are so many other important things to do – some more are here. So you may go ahead and be the change you wish to see in the world – set an example to everybody – who’s stopping you…

    I’m not deleting any comments simply because of the spirit of democracy. There are all kinds of people in the world and I’d like to avoid forcing anybody (as far as possible) my opinion on others (for example by deleting their comments though its easy for me to do so). Maybe in a way its also a good thing, it gives us an opportunity to learn to deal with them. We might come across such people in the real world as well (where there is no need for us to escape, nor are we in a position to ask them to go away).

    I appreciate Sridhar’s attempt but probably it would work with someone who’s less thick-skinned than Prithvi. Diya & Shruti’s suggestion to ignore further shallow comments from him sounds like a better idea 🙂

    No point in justifying about Muktha, the serial speaks for itself… but still if it makes somebody come up with good points thats also good 🙂


    Thank Girish for your compliments!

    Pradeep, you can post any comments you like here, but if you feel its more generic and not much to do with Muktha you might also consider posting it at this entry on the Indian woman

  456. Anitha Says:

    Hi Prithvi J.

    I don’t understand one thing …you seem to be of the opinion that just because we watch a serial we have no concern for rest of the issues that the country is facing..
    Infact we do both .. we watch the serial, we also have concern for the other issues.
    In that way you should not be seeing any movies, should not get involved in any sports , should not get involved in any cultural activities, BECAUSE OUR COUNTRY IS FACING SO MANY ISSUES.


  457. Murthy Says:

    Another mindless guy. Stop coming to places where you feel you people do not belong. Seems like the same prithvi is coming with another name.
    Look, we are discussing things which we feel is important to us. Mind you, the topics taken in this serial is of present day issues and not like your saas bahu serial.
    More over we never asked you to come and comment on what we do, right? You should be having better work to do?
    So, it is well advised for you not to waste your precious time and you can spend the same time with another pritvi discussing some falthu stuff.
    Yes we are disturbed of what has happened in Jessical Lal case and we have done our bit by participating in the poll, SMS campaign etc, and we have done our bit.
    Since you are more worried, have you gone and fought the case, no ! right? Then what bothers you here.
    For you this is some thing in the tube. There are things to be picked up from the serial which delivers a social message and make a person who can understand the jist of the serial more responsible towards the society.
    So what you have done for the Jessica Lal case?
    What you have done for the increase in extrimism in the country?
    What you have done for the poor in the country?
    See, everybody is doing there bit and it is not questionable by you.
    If you have a better work, you can carry on with it. Why are you wasting your time here, amongst us.
    If you feel it is useless, you can do what ever you like.
    Do not come here and post your thoughts here.

    Here the judicual system is hand in the glove of the politicians, which if you can, also see the same scenario in the serial as well.
    So, who voted the political system in India today at the centre. It is the general public. Why did not they vote for a better party to govern the country?
    In the central govt people from top of the tree to a chapraso are involved in the scams, looting public money. Every one responsible for the mess in the country now. If atlease one person can realise that by seeing the serial directed by TNS, then his efforts is not a waste. If that person is you, we all will be very happy.

    Please, do not comment again and make us to react again to your comment. If we are crazy, we are. Does that bother you, no! right?
    Then mind your business.

  458. Murthy Says:

    Another mindless guy. Stop coming to places where you feel you people do not belong. Seems like the same prithvi is coming with another name.
    Look, we are discussing things which we feel is important to us. Mind you, the topics taken in this serial is of present day issues and not like your saas bahu serial.
    More over we never asked you to come and comment on what we do, right? You should be having better work to do?
    So, it is well advised for you not to waste your precious time and you can spend the same time with another pritvi discussing some falthu stuff.
    Yes we are disturbed of what has happened in Jessical Lal case and we have done our bit by participating in the poll, SMS campaign etc, and we have done our bit.
    Since you are more worried, have you gone and fought the case, no ! right? Then what bothers you here.
    For you this is some thing in the tube. There are things to be picked up from the serial which delivers a social message and make a person who can understand the jist of the serial more responsible towards the society.
    So what you have done for the Jessica Lal case?
    What you have done for the increase in extrimism in the country?
    What you have done for the poor in the country?
    See, everybody is doing there bit and it is not questionable by you.
    If you have a better work, you can carry on with it. Why are you wasting your time here, amongst us.
    If you feel it is useless, you can do what ever you like.
    Do not come here and post your thoughts here.

    Here the judicual system is hand in the glove of the politicians, which if you can, also see the same scenario in the serial as well.
    So, who voted the political system in India today at the centre. It is the general public. Why did not they vote for a better party to govern the country?
    In the central govt people from top of the tree to a chaprasi are involved in the scams, looting public money. Every one responsible for the mess in the country now. If atlease one person can realise that by seeing the serial directed by TNS, then his efforts is not a waste. If that person is you, we all will be very happy.

    Please, do not comment again and make us to react again to your comment. If we are crazy, we are. Does that bother you, no! right?
    Then mind your business.

  459. Diya Says:

    Hey Sanjay…I really feel that u should lose u’r spirit of democracy for a little while… Murthy, Prasanna, Anitha and others seem to be getting very heated up about the negative comments here… To keep tempers even, maybe u should consider deleting such comments altogether…

  460. Anitha Says:

    Diya, I can understand your calmness.

    Such calmness has done lot of damage to kannadigas and their activities in the past.

  461. prithvi.J Says:

    let tell u i dont need to hide or use illusion of internet anonymity, when i gave mail id i knew u cud get back to me so
    and getting back to the imporant part –

    pls go head enjoy ur serial and ur blogs
    if cant take a little criticism and just another opinion it makes me wonder how thick skinned u are
    and I wonder wud the Director agree with ur attitude
    hey dude murty u need to chill man
    too much anger is bad for u

    any ways best of luck with ur serial and blogs
    good bye
    u know wat a wise man said once
    “What has a begining has a End”

  462. Avinash Says:

    Thanx Prithvi (aka Prithvi J).
    What has begun (mindless crap from you) has really come to an end (you said goodbye) 🙂

  463. Srik Says:

    Nice to see one nuisence is rid at this otherwise good blog.
    One thing is for sure. All the comments here are written, executed in good spirit of our land. Just the kind of folks TNS would expect to get to watch his serials, I guess.

    TNS is good since he is using his freedom of expression to dare speak the truth, truth that has spoiled the country for such a long period. The Youth bregade which Prithvi J was speaking about, will have to think about the truth that is being said thru Muktha.

    Remember, people would speak about the political goons and their impression on creating the rules to suit to them was spoken much before Muktha, but only as a gossip of the old ppl on the ‘arali katte’ of the villages or as a drawing room discussion topic of the middle aged ppl. And the youth were kept away from discussing it openly, thus driving them away from thinking of what is happening in the country. None of the media came out with this truth, at least none of them as effective as TNS.

    Thru MP, thru SKD, we get good hearted rulers, at the same time there are some gangsters in the form of Chabria using Ranes and SSs for their ill works. We have to think of a situation when the truth is being supressed to get some ‘Big’ people’s blessings, as happend in the case of Jessica Lal, and the Gujrat riot cases… Muktha is showing all of them raw. Thus getting the Youth of the country realise whats happening.
    We should not blame this blog fr wasting time. This blog is getting the good people in touch who has the spirit to come good in dscussions relating to country. Hats off to Sanjay for creating such a good site.

    And I want to write one more thing that was quoted in the court by CSP “Enu Indians aadre enoo invent madabarada? Indians buddivantaragirabarada? Foreign scientists matra hosadu kandu hidiya beka your Honour?” This is the spirit of Muktha, Indian ennuva feeling meriya bekadare namma naduve iruva Ranes and Chhabrias should go, and the bad Manmohans should find the devine way of living.

    Keep the good work going.
    – Srik.

  464. msanjay Says:

    Diya, some opposing views will always come up in any public forum 🙂 I check this site mostly only in the evening when I come home. When I said its easy to delete comments, I meant comments that were already posted (and then I’d have to delete all other’s comments [or parts of it that are related] as well who have replied to that comment, else by themselves they wouldn’t make any sense – and I guess its not so easy after all) And even if I give up my belief in democracy and make all comments moderated, I wouldnt have bandwidth to read and approve every comment as Shruthi rightly observed.

    In my opinion, just like we have gray characters in Muktha which makes the serial interesting and whom CSP has to deal with (he can’t abuse them in court or take them out of the serial!)… its the same with chaps like Prithvi as well, he may not necessarily be a really bad guy – he might just be a young chap who’s style of speaking is rough like that, and maybe imagined his comments wouldn’t be taken seriously 😀

    Anyway I think we shouldn’t allow such things to make us lose track of our main discussion 😉

    Wrt “such calmness has done lot of damage to kannadigas in the past” I’ve made some comments on the Kannada literature post.

    Srik, nice to read your comments – you really said it!

    Sanjeev, wrt …

    Should a person make a career for living or Live for making a career? When one gives up his loved ones, just for the sake of career, will there be any happiness/beauty in life?

    Hmm interesting question Sanjeev…. in my opinion the career may be great for a while but after that it may sort of becomes dry – unless maybe one gets a really ideal job. But in a typical case, there is such a thing called “depression of success” – where a person even after having achieved all that he wanted to achieve, feels that it was all meaningless. But anyway, trying to strike the right balance is a difficult thing to do as shown in this Dilbert cartoon 😀 but is worth the attempt anyway!


    Btw one thing we could put up here is a cast of characters for any newcomers to this page, who might get curious to watch the serial. If anyone has time to write one or post it here or email me, I’ll update the post entry above. Since the serial is getting over pls don’t spend too much of time on it! 🙂 Though luckily it hasn’t ended at the end of February as Ravi Belegere had commented in a samvaada!

    I think instead of a summary for today its better when the experts write a detailed update 8)

  465. Murthy Says:

    Thankgod, and pritvhi have a good life in your world.

    This is not anger which you are seeing, it is the frustration from people who have made India what it is today.

    People who are with in the circle of this mess are making use of this opportunity to make huge wealth and others who are out of the circle are the one who suffers. We are right now out of the circle.
    We would like to be in a circle where there are equal opportunities and respect of being an Indian.

    Dude prithvi, if you can see the mess around in our country, you should feel for it and think on how to improve things.

    Yes, one should get angry when people talk lightly about our country, state, system. Who are responsible for this.
    For example, opportunities are lost for merit students due to reservations. A dumb guy will become a doctor or an engineer and an intelligent guy is made to study what he/she should not.

    When people like you make irresponsible comments, it is obvious that you have face anger of others.

    As Anitha, has mentioned, we kannadigas are paying for being too soft and accomodative. True it is a metropolitan place, but we should maintian our identity and an out standing one too.

    The same applies to India. We Indians are soft to outsiders and that is one of the reason, India is losing its territory to Pakistan, China.

    Well, my comments is going to international level. I will stop here.

    Good night to all.

  466. Girish Hampali Says:

    Diya: You are truly a fan of CSP. I have enjoyed the way he has unfolded truth in this serail. let up appreciate the things which were good. But his behaviour was far more pathetic in those scenes.
    TNS has scripted these scenes with an intent I think. The intent is to show that: “After SS supports him in the issue of providing security, CSP should not have slowed down in his remarks.”
    neways, CSP made me to laugh and get a bit off irritation with his behavior on that day’s proceedings.

    Shruthi: Phoot-lawyri is a ‘gramya’ word for a person who gets his rozi-roti by helping people in cases. these are the people who also act like agents of a lawyer. They understand a bit of law and talk a lot about it or blog about it. To get a good picture of phoot-layri, you can read the charecter ‘Revanna shetru’ in the bhyrappa’s novel ‘Grihabhanga’

    Avinash: You identified me right.

    Sanjay, think about making this blog to be available to other muktha fans who are net-literate. I have some ideas.

  467. Amruta Says:

    Hi everyone,
    don’t have much time, Vaidehi says hi, at school, glad to see that prithvi went, YES!!
    Anyway, tak at home, bye!! 😛 😀 🙂

  468. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Wednesday – 28th Feb

    Cross examination of CP.
    csp – when did Mp call you and from where? to request you to print docs?
    cp – from her office, on nov 16th. i saw her caller id on my mobile
    csp – but i can prove that she was on inspection in navilukoppa on that day.
    cp – maybe she called from navilukoppa.
    csp – then how did her office number come on the mobile?
    cp tries to patchup, explain, but does not succeed.
    csp – ok leave it. why did u take so much time to go to Sandhya M and give these documents, about the fact that the pamphlets were printed by you, and the vehicles were sent by you on Madhavi Patel’s request?
    cp – i did not know it was relevant to the case.
    csp – shows a newspaper – but look, cp, the papers carried this info within two days of the murder. Didn’t you read it?
    cp – i don’t read that paper.
    csp – it had come in all the papers, not only this. or are u saying u dont read papers?
    cp – yes, not much.
    csp – ok bidi. now see this, i cross examined shivraj hegde on jan 9th. there I caught him with facts which showed that the pamphlets were printed by chhabria’s company, and that vehicles were sent by chhabria’s company. the very next day, you have gone to Sandhya M with these files, that is on jan 10th. What does that show? Suddenly buddhana tharaha gnanodaya aagi hoytha? Doesn’t it show that you went to do damage control?
    cp – sweats, doesn’t say anything.
    csp – ok, now let us talk about Usha Gopinath’s murder
    cp – sweats a lot, gets shaken up.
    csp – ayyo, i just mentioned about it, i did not ask you if u have done it.. why are u getting so disturbed? be careful, you might reveal the truth if this goes on 🙂
    ok , now you were her guide in the university right? and you knew chhabria from 10 years back. He used to travel in a motorcycle then. Those days, Chhabria had a tissue culture lab, and he used to come to meet you.
    cp – yes, he used to come to meet me for work related to tissue culture.. not to talk about usha gopinath.
    csp – did i say that? ok anyway you helped his business, and slowly he moved to moving in a car. Then UG hit upon a great discovery. You gave Chhabria the secret, and then you disposed of UG, and that is hwo Chhabria moved to moving about in jet planes and choppers.
    cp – no no.
    ss – objection. this UG case is irrelevant. why is he bringing it up here?
    csp – 1) i can use any previous case to prove the incredibility of the witness
    2) my defence is that MP has been framed in this case just coz she opened UG case. So i have every right to talka bout this case.
    judge – objection overruled.
    csp – thank you
    is about to continue, when someone comes in with a chit for the judge. judge reads it.
    judge – my wife is to have an emergency operation, and i will have to go away for 2 days. can we continue this on friday? is it ok?
    csp – of course, please go and come, and take care.

    Chhabria and Rane in car. The gangster who has taken the Supari of CSP comes, and they send the driver out.
    Gangster (G) – we were planning to have the hit tomorrow, but everyhting is out in the papers, that CSP fears for his life and has police protection.
    Rane – you should have been careful.
    Chhabria – ok ok enough of that, now what?
    G – not possible now, innu late aagatthe.. with police around its difficult. Mylari patel has been allocated. he is too good, he will catch us. you cannot manipulate any policeman also coz they will change everyday, and everybody should not know about this. Also, CSP has mentioned that he thinks that you two are out to get him. So whatever happens, it will come on you. Think. do u want to take the risk?
    There is one more plan. it can be made to look like an accident. but is it ok if Csp’s assistant also goes?
    Rane – no, preferably not, avara tande nange bekkaddavaru.
    G – ok then arrange for her not to go with him day after tomorrow.
    Rane – ok i will arrange, whats the plan?
    G – the cost will be doubled for this plan. The road from Hemagiri to sudukoppa goes through a quarry where dynamite is used…
    (then he is shown explaining in mute, we cannot hear the plan)
    Rane and Chhabria like the plan.

    [I feel i have forgotten something, if you know what it is, please add to it. Thanks]

  469. prithvi.J Says:

    When I first wrote the blog in ur site, I had a idea that u guys cud take some criticism and opinion which is some what different from u guys. But it’s a shame that u guys just cant take a simple but different view, all u guys wanted was get rid of me. I never said u guys shudnt blog abt serial or what ur doing is bad , I just suggested there cud b better things to do and u cudnt take that . I believe the serial or TNS wud agree with ur attitude .
    anyways I have already said bye
    Hey sanjay it looks ur the only one who cud understand the reality little bit, but u gotta stop comparing ppl from the serial with real ppl.
    Murthy dude chill man, get rid of the anger
    Hope the serial bring you more joy and yes little bit of patience

  470. Anitha Says:

    Hi Prithvi J.

    If you really have some ethics do not try to change whatever you said before … here is what you said

    prithvi Says:

    February 24th, 2006 at 12:32 pm
    oh good i never thought there will be a blog for a kannada serial
    u guys a really crazy

    You are very much welcome to give your different opinions about Muktha serial both +ve and -ve … but you said a BLOG for a KANNADA serial is a waste ….

    Thats why we protested….
    to much man

  471. Diya Says:

    Anitha, it was not my calmness speaking for me..It was more a sense of being true enough to my convictions and beliefs, which makes me able to hear other viewpoints which may all not neccessarily correspond to mine.. Sanjay, I only wanted the discussions here to focus more on the different issues raised in Muktha, rather than on people venting their anger on a differing view point.. That’s the reason why I made such an improbable suggestion… I’ve absolutely no issues with differing views..I can learn a lot from them too… And Girish, thanx for calling me a fan of CSP… In reality, his character is not very close to my heart.. And his sarcasm in this particular case, has been flavoured with arrogance, I feel… But, that does’nt detract from the other abilities of the character…

  472. msanjay Says:

    General Suggestion: Please lets not cross-examine PJ here – whatever you want to say to him or about him, pls email him directly 🙂

    Shruti, I don’t think you’ve missed anything this time to the best of my memory 🙂

    Diya, point taken.

  473. prithvi.J Says:

    man u guys are some thing u sud get out more often in to the real world
    dude crazy & stupid are very harmless words ask any one, trust me there are words that cud hurt u dude i think i said TNS has directed a good seial, what does that mean?
    buddy really get back to ur blogs and b happy with it
    bye dude
    hope u will also agree
    peace man

  474. Diya Says:

    Sanjay, u’ve said it all by abbreviating the name… Cool sense of humour, should I say???!!! And Shruthi, the phone call is claimed to have been made to CP’s office no… The caller id installed there picked up the office no of MP, he says.. On being told that she was in Navilukoppa, he says that his P.A, saw the no and made a note of it…And traps himself in the process, as he had earlier admitted to having seen the no flash on the id himself.

    Another point I noted or rather my mom did, before me, was that the UG case has been treated as a suicide all along, by the prosecution.. In y’day’s episode, SS when objecting to the introduction yet again of that case says, “Why should CSP again drag the UG “murder” case ?”.. It is then that CSP claims that it is imperative to bring out the points in that case as it would damage tthe credibility of the witness (CP)…

  475. Murthy Says:

    There you go again! Why you came back again !
    You are going over board with you language prithvi!

    “But it’s a shame that u guys just cant take a simple but different view”

    Why should we accept a different view from you?
    We are ready to take up constructive criticism, but not weightless criticism from people like you.

    If you can’t show respect to a language, atleast do not show disrespect to it, or for that matter with respect to anythi
    It is natural that people get anger when they hear worthless comments from you. It is not only me who is angry.

    We have enough patience, but you are making us very impatient. No need for us to learn about patience from you.
    Ofcourse the serial is bringing more joy to us, but it seems you are the one who is not happy with it.
    Also, apart from watching the serial, we are also doing better things in life. But there is no need for us to explain that to you.
    Between what you did for the Jessical Lal case and other national issues?

    Hope you won’t come back again !

  476. Amruta Says:

    Shutup man (can’t control my irritation, everyone), peace man to you to, stop trying to act cool, for all we care, we don’t want you here, so just go away.You are wasting your time here, just go away.
    Stop saying Murthy dude, and all that other silly stuff.

    You are so irritating, so just be quiet.
    And why do you keep coming back on if you think it is such a crazy website, leave ppl in peace, K?
    Sanjay Anna, I would soooooooooo e-mail him if I knew his address, but i don’t so i wont.


    My god, Shruthi, you’ve written such a long message! You say Hats off to me, I say hats off to you! 🙂

    Sanjay Anna, I noticed that you wrote we can put alist of characters on here, do you mean just the screen names or real names?
    Tell me, because I’ll be happy to write them out for everyone here that’s interested (obviously, Prithvi is not)

    Talk later
    Keep 😛 !

  477. Amruta Says:

    I just realized that you’vesupplied PRITHVI’s e-mail, k, i will mail

  478. Amruta Says:

    Sorry, writing again!

    I just had to comment on Anitha,
    Anitha, you always seem to have the perfect answer for everything! how do you do it? Like this here:

    I don’t understand one thing …you seem to be of the opinion that just because we watch a serial we have no concern for rest of the issues that the country is facing..
    Infact we do both .. we watch the serial, we also have concern for the other issues.
    In that way you should not be seeing any movies, should not get involved in any sports , should not get involved in any cultural activities, BECAUSE OUR COUNTRY IS FACING SO MANY ISSUES.


    I hope that blockquote thingy worked!

  479. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Phoot-lawyri antha pada nannage thumba hidisithu. I think in general they are like Compounders who are also Doctors in Absentia in suggesting Medicines for common problems

  480. Murthy Says:

    I guess compunders can also be called as “phoot-vaidya” 🙂 as Govinda in Silly Lalli

  481. Chaitanya Says:

    Amruta, Murthy, Anitha…

    There is a golden saying.. ‘Never argue with idiots, because they bring you down to their level and beat you with experience!’

    So just ignore Mr.PJ and I am sure he will never come back!


  482. Chaitanya Says:

    Too much Diya, thats a nice observation on SS mentioning ‘murder’…! Not sure it was deleberately included by TNS or dialogue writer’s fault or something else!

    But that made me think.. that how difficult it is for the screenplay and dialogue writers for these daily soaps! They need to remember each character’s situation, what do they know, what they don’t, what’s their character and how they react etc etc! Great work by them.


  483. Diya Says:

    I’m with u on that Chaitanya… The screenplay writers deserve a hearty round of applause for their wonderful work…!!!

  484. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    I think SS tells that as “Murder” since Rane and Chhabria express infront of SS the other day that they killed UG.

    Might be keeping that incident in mind he says that

    Diya you can very well dispute it. 😀

  485. Diya Says:

    That might very well be the reason, Prasanna.. Or it can also be ‘coz CSP always says “UG murder case”..and so SS says the same in an imitation of CSP’s way… But, the fact is that as the prosecution lawyer, his statement can be detrimental to his own case. The UG case had only been reopened for investigation, and not brought in front of any court.. So, officially, the case is still treated as a suicide case..SS by using the “M” word has accepted that the defence CSP is putting forth for MP is valid.. This in turn can prove her innocent…I just wanted to highlight how such a small point has the capacity to affect the entire case… 🙂

    But, I seem to have made a name as someone who’ll always dispute what most people say… 🙁 Guess, I must temper my comments or rather my “disputive comments”… 🙁

  486. Arpitha Raj Says:

    Hi Sanju anna,
    I happened to check this website today. Its really exciting to see this web page which describe whole conversation of “muktha” fans. Even i am one among them. I really appreciate u b’coz u provided a platform for all of us to share views on “muktha”.

  487. Ramesh Says:

    Hellow Sanjay,
    Is it possible to put a filter to stop people like PJ (the initials are apt – Poor Joke) from even posting any comment on this great blog? Agreed he is a mindless person and we should not react to any crap he writes. But, after all we are human and cannot be so controlled and restrained always. I know that I’m looking at something that is almost impossible, but it can be worthwhile to give it a try.

    This is a fantastic blog and I really congratulate all the contributors, especially Shruthi for her meticulous updates. Now, I can be rest assured that I will not really miss any episode.

    Best Wishes,

  488. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Diya dont take my words very seriously. It was only you who have been answering to every other’s doubts and thoughts very meticulously.

    Sanjay Anna andEspecially Shruthi will agree to me ( no chance for you to dispute now)

    So just pulling ur legs Ms Lady CSP 😀

  489. Ramesh K N Says:

    Hi All,

    Why are you making big fuss about PJ and his comments ? Serial has captured the attention of masses and there will always be critics. Infact, that’s what make the life more interesting.

    Honestly, I am a die hard fan of TNS for long (from the first episode of MUKHAMUKHI in late 80’s or early 90’s). He is not run of the mill and has proved time and again that he is cut above the rest. I hope many of the kannadigas are aware of the great musician Purandaradasa who said – ” NINDAKARIRA BEKAYYA BALINALI”. In every sphere of our life, it is the critics who brings out the best in us.

    My suggestion and request would be to accommodate any critic however poor their views are. Reaction need not be the only way to settle scores ! Sheer ignorance can work brilliantly well.



  490. Girish Hampali Says:

    KNR. You deserve Accolades!!!
    People like PJ are pain in the neck.. ummm pain everywhere. You know where they can lead to? they pump in dirth, shit, everywhere. I think the community did the right thing by attacking him.
    Shruthi: Updates were very much helpful as I missed the episode.
    Hey all, I got into this blog a bit late and I had nice time yesterday night reading through all 16 pages. Seriouly the comments in this blog are good and this material is enough for TNS to carry E-Samvada.
    Sanjay: Any thoughts on sharing this blog with print media?

    Girish Hampali

  491. msanjay Says:

    Today it was refreshing to see CSP as a casual everyday person 8) Nanjunda was really in an ethical controversy! The detailed update will give more details…

    Girish: haven’t given a lot of thought about the printed media yet, am running a bit short of time nowadays. Probably I’ll try one approach later this week (anyone else can try it as well if they like) – to email the leading Kannada dailies and maybe also Deccan Herald(they’re all online with websites) this URL and they could consider publishing excerpts from it. There are no copyrights for any original content on this site.

    Ramesh: Your suggestion about moderation is understandable, but its been discussed before for example in this comment. Thanks for your nice remarks.

    Swetha (aka Arpitha): what a surprise to hear from you 🙂 will call you sometime this week… And thanks for your remarks, there was really nothing much I did, everything just happened automatically… and hence the words in bold above acknowledging everybody 😀

    Amruta: I meant cast of characters in the following format:

    CharacterName [Actor Name] : description and role

    CSP [TN Seetharam] : The leading lawyer who’s fighting the case against all odds in trying to establish the truth.

    One more thing on yesterday’s update:

    judge – my wife is to have an emergency operation, and i will have to go away for 2 days. can we continue this on friday? is it ok?
    csp – of course, please go and come, and take care.

    At this point actually it was really touching to see CSP expressing a lot of genuine concern for the judge, telling him “aithu swaami, hobutu banni” and he uses some really beautiful refined vocabulary that I unfortunately can’t recall now 🙁 [in case anyone can help it would be good]

  492. pradeep Says:

    Hi folks i just have a question for u guys.Is there a place called navilukoppa in karnataka?cross examination of csp is onething i miss a lot now,especially the witty questions he asks,they r simply amazing.Also where is muktha samvada next?I mean in which place will it take place?If anyone happens to attend that please make sure to record the program.Its my sincere request to all of you.

  493. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Wednesday – Mar 1.

    Arundhati goes home, and is looking preoccupied. She waits till Gowri comes home, and talks to everybody, tells them that film actor Pramod Kumar had proposed to her. Everybody is stunned. Aru – He asked very suddenly, I could not say anything. I have told him that I will ask at home and let him know. Nange avaranna madve madkobeku anthanu anstha illa, maadkobaaradu anthanu anstha illa. What shall I say?
    Ajji – Tell him, that we all said no.
    Aru- why?
    Ajji – You say he is married but separated from his wife, and he must be at least 15 years older to you, and Ee Film navara jothe sambandha namma manege sari hogalla. Ninge yen aagide antha avaranna madve maadkobeku?
    Amma – Ajji is right.
    Aru – Ok, then I will say no, but let me tell you, that none of the above points make me refuse him, because he is a very nice person. He is not like the other lewd men I met. [She also tells them that she lent him money taken from Annapurna madam]. Anyway, since you all feel this way, I will refuse him.

    Nanjunda is walking in the night, when he passes a group of young men sitting and drinking. One of them calls out to Nanjunda. It is the same guy who has spoken to Rane and Chhabria the prev day, in connection with the Supari. Nanjunda addresses him as Jagan.
    Jagan- come and sit here
    Nanjunda – no, i am going to the bus stop. it is getting late. and i don’t drink, and I have left all these activities.. i dont want to sit with you.
    Jagan is drunk – Come and sit here. I heard u gave ten lakhs back to Navudkar? Why did u do that? Kodbardagitthu avanige
    Nanjunda -shocked – why are u speaking like that about the boss?
    Jagan – i am now in rival gang – Gangaswami’s gang. Navudkar used to pay us very little for each job. But Gangaswamy pays us handsomely. He asked me to get you also. In fact, he offered to give u protection if you don’t pay Navudkar back his ten lakhs. Come and join us. You can live like a king.
    Nanjunda – no
    Jagan – what are u doing now?
    Nanjunda – thota, gadde kelasa.
    Jagan – and? u will hang urself like ur father? Come and join us [persuades a lot]. Do u know what clients we have? Rane and Chhabria are our clients! They hav given an assignment which i am handling – Yaavudo kireek lawyer na mugisbekanthe.
    Nanjunda is shocked – Yaaru?
    Jagan – hesarella helolla… He has police protection, but my plan is great. I will stop a van in the middle of the road near the quarry at Navilukoppa, and when that lawyer comes there, everyhting will get over in a minute!
    Nanjunda tries to find out something more, but Jagan gets careful. Then N turns to go.
    Jagan – if u say anything about this to anyone, i will cause trouble to you, and to Gowri an Arundhati.
    Nanjunda sweats, goes off.

    Nanjunda at Csp’s house, waiting. Csp comes in wearing jogging gear and a cap,
    csp pulls Nanjunda’s leg a lot, about the fact that avara maneyavaru yavaglu disturb madthare, csp free layari madthane antha murder kooda maadbahudu, and that and this…
    Nanjunda remains silent. Csp says, why are u so silent when i am joking so much? Then he asks his house help to go and get coffee.. For Nanjunda, from the canteen where they don’t wash the vessels properly, and for CSP himself, the coffee made by Sheela, coz Sheela will not make coffee for Nanjunda’s maneyavaru.

    Nanjunda very hesitantly stars telling what he heard… he repeats the entire conversation .. he stresses that police protection idrunu upayogavillavanthe…. Csp listens to it, then gets serious.
    Then Nanjunda with tears in his eyes says, please do not tell this to anybody, Jagan will harm my sisters. Its ok if anything happens to me.. but what if they throw acid on my sisters or something? Especially please don’t tell the police, they will take Jagan in for questioning….. Nanjunda’s tears are flowing….
    Csp says, will I hurt your family members? I will not tell anybody. Please don’t cry.
    Csp is lost in thought.
    [as usual, please make additions, if I have forgotten anything :)]

  494. Shruthi Says:

    Part 2 of the update has been uploaded twice, but each time it says “comment held up for moderation”. Can someone please tell me if you can see both Part 1 and Part 2 on the page?
    If you can, then fine. Sanjay, if you can get to the site, please delete the repeated comments. It will be easier for people to read 🙂

  495. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Shruthi “Jagan – if u say anything about this to anyone, i will cause trouble to you, and to Gowri an Arundhati.
    Nanjunda sweats, goes off.”

    This is what the last i could see, so i think other part which you were telling has not been uploaded.

  496. Shruthi Says:

    Prasanna, thanks.. I don’t know why, Part 2 is just not getting uploaded. It is held up for moderation. Will try again, one last time 🙂 If it does not work, then Sanjay has to come and release my comment, that’s all 🙂

  497. Shruthi Says:

    No, the commment again got held up for moderation. So here is what happened, in brief.

    Nanjunda goes to CSP’s house, and tells him of his conversation with Jagan, and requests him, with tears in his eyes, not to tell anybody about this. CSP assures him that he won’t, and he starts thinking about this.

  498. Murthy Says:

    Thanks agains shruthi akka :-), I had missed sterday’s episode as I had been out for a function. I could visualise thro’ your narration.

  499. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Shruthi, as such you had covered the main
    storyline in Part 1 itself. so except few scenes nothing left

  500. Srik Says:

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to know ur views on the scene where Jagan was involved.

    I thought he was a great choice for the role. He showed more ethics than Suryavamshi in his work. He performed brilliantly and the way TNS has handled his role is extraordinary. Isn’t it?

    – Srik.

  501. Amruta Says:

    Will do the cast list of characters in a short while, when they play the credits next!
    Ok, I promise that from today onwards, I will not speak a word about Prithvi J(arghh)

    But can you all also stop? This is actually turning into more of a Prithvi blog that a Muktha blog, thanks for opening my eyes, Chaitanya Anna! 🙂

    Ok, talk later
    Keep 😛 !

  502. Amruta Says:

    And also from that e-mail Shruthi, and Sanjay Anna, hehe,
    wont do it again

  503. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    BTW how is our Anna avaru ( Rajkumar), I read in newspaper that he was admitted in Hospital.

    I miss all the local News being Away from Namma Bengaluru.

  504. Umesh Says:

    Prasanna, yes rajkumar avarannu admit maadalagide. Avara aarogya eega sudhariside antha naanu papernalli odhide.

  505. anishka singtalur Says:

    i am a great fan of nanjunda. He is my breath i like him too much,if i have a chance i will act with him…. i love you nanju

  506. basavaraj Says:

    I saw your website,it is fantastic.keep it up
    with luv

  507. pradeep Says:

    This is to anishka singtalur,well anishka already nanjunda is taken(I mean he has already found his partner),just to let u know that there are many others in this blog who are still single and not yet married.Ha Ha Ha.Good luck.
    Dear friends i am disappointed since no one responds to my messages????I expected atleast the heroine of this blog(Shruthi) to answer my question.

  508. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Thursday – Mar 2

    SKD goes to meet CSP and ask his advice.
    skd – please take 20000, as ur fees, i have some prob now, will give u rest later.
    csp – its ok, did i ask u for it? actually this is just not enough.. i ahve lots of kharchu – going everyday to sudukoppa itself is 1500 per day… and the driver eats too much…. anyway, its ok, give me the money later no prob.
    SKD – it looks like we might be cleared, the way the case is going, so i wanted to stand for election. just wanted to know whether there is any law prohibiting me from contesting.
    CSP – no, there is no law. If you are just accused, you can contest, if you are indicted, then u cannot. But don’t be too confident on winning. SS can interpret the data in an entirely different way, and the judge can believe him. Anyway, why suddenly? You were saying u would not want to go for elections?
    SKD – my followers have been with me, and Raneyavaranna eduru haakikondiddare… if Rane wins, then nanna followers na bali thogondbidthare… so at least for them, i have to contest. Also, there is no strong opposition. The leader of the opposition is a good man, but weak. So its my duty to contest.
    csp – but already sheela prasad has been selected to stand from hemagiri… what will u do, ask her to step down?
    skd – no, no, i will stand from satyankatte.
    csp – what can i say of your innocence, skd? do u think you will get a ticket? Rane is the head now, and another person is the party president. You have been framed to get you out of the election picture, how will they give you a ticket? See SKD, even now, i can arrange a meeting between you, MP, SS, Rane and Chhabria, and tell them to take back the case, so that you can go free. But by this what will happen? Rane will not get caught. And if he becomes CM, Chhabria will control him like a puppet with his money. If evil and money get together, the state will go for a toss. I have a selfishness also here. If they come to power, they will immediately finish me. For this, the case has to go on.
    Skd – I have heard that even now there might be danger to ur life.
    csp – i already have definite info on this. i know that.
    skd – then tell the police.
    csp – how can i? i have promised the source that i will not..
    skd – who is the source?
    csp – nanjunda. but don’t tell it to anybody. he is scared that his family members will be harmed. if i tell it to anybody, then he will come to harm? Isn’t keeping up my word more important than my life? I dno’t mind dying, but i cannot be called a promise-breaker.

    Rane goes to Bhimanna’s house (Vimala’s father) with a huge basket of fruits. He calls him gurugalu.. and flatters him to the core…
    Bhimanna – yenu bandaddu?
    RAne – namma gurugalanna nodakke bande.. ishtu dina nimma ashirwada itthu, innu ee elections gu irbeku… neevu gandhiwadi… nimma maathu innu yellaru respect madthare – blah blah blah blah…..
    Goes on flattering.
    RAne – actually Devarajaiah navaru ondu function ittkondiddare, i thought i would invite you as a senior person, but he wants only female chief guest, so ic ame to invite Vimala, ur daughter.
    Bhimanna calls Vimala.
    Rane- i have come to invite u as a chief guest?
    Vimala – me? Nangenu gotthu antha karithidira?
    Rane – What are u saying? you have studied law and you know a lot of things.. you are Bhimanna’s daughter… and more than that… you are the great csp’s assistant.. whatever he says about me, he is a very intelligent lawyer, u r fortunate to work under him… come on, as a lady, yuou will be an inspiration…. blah blah
    Vimala – ok, but when is it?
    Rane – tomorrow, 10 o clock
    Vimala – but naale court ide.
    Rane – then take raja… ask csp
    Vimala calls up csp and tells him. Csp laughs loudly, says, nannanne yaaru kardillvalla illi thanka.. he says, ok fine, if i stop you, hengasu antha hogokke bidalilla antha mahila sanghadavaru hidkothare, hogbittu baa.
    Rane is thrilled.

    Next mornign. Csp is running late, he comes out and gets into his Maruti Omni, The police jeep is in front, but develops a puncture. The tyre will have to be changed, says policeman. it will take five mins.
    csp – ok then i will leave, u change tyre, and come quickly
    csp leaves. just as the van moves, a person standing behind a building makes a call to jagan. the van moves thro hilly areas…. on the way, various ppl are standing, and make calls just as the van passes them. finally one man is standing with a jeep, he gets the call, and quickly moves the van to the middle of the road, takes out a tyre of the van, throws some tools and equipments on the road, and goes and hides. csp’s van comes and stops right behind it.
    csp suddenly remembers nanjunda saying that van adda nilsirthare aaga mugisbidthare….
    he looks around… very tense moment.
    Suddenly, in the rocky hills above him, there is a blast, and a huge rock starts tumbling down full speed towards the camera.

  509. Anitha Says:

    “Chennagi Bhashana madi CHEETI BARKONDU”….CSP says to Vimala 🙂 🙂 …
    I like such tit bits from TNS…

  510. Shruthi Says:

    Hi everybody, I cannot watch Muktha tonight (Friday) as I am going out… so Sanjay, Diya, or anybody else who is free, PLEASE ARRANGE TO GIVE FRIDAY’S UPDATE! Thanks!

    Pradeep, I am not the “heroine” of this blog or an expert on Muktha or anything 🙂 I only do the work of updating 😉 In fact there are many more informed people in this forum who, I am sure will know lots more than me!

    So I really don’t know whether Navilukoppa is a real town. For that matter, – Hemagiri, Sudukoppa.. all of them sound like real villages 🙂 Btw, on the way to Mysore somewhere near Channapatna-Ramanagara, I saw a temple, whose name was “Jalakanteshwara Devalaya” :))

  511. Praveen Says:

    Hope everyone is with crossed fingers by y’day climax…. Me toooooo
    Eagerly waiting 4 today’s continuity.
    I feel the climax scene may be a dream of CSP, What u guys say ?

  512. Praveen Says:

    Shruthi….. U R going to miss the best of MUKTHA today, Dont worry we are here to update U, Guess what if this blog was not there…. Thanks everyone to make this blog “JEEVANTHA/LAVALAVIKE”

  513. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    There is a seminar for me(along with dinner ofcourse), but im thinking of skipping the dinner part (which i usually never do 😀 ).

  514. Shridhar Says:

    Hi Friends,

    The scenes where the car accident happened (Jalakanteshwara jaatre) are all from Yellapura (North Kanara district) as is shown at the end of serial. So I doubt if the names that TNS is using are all existing! But they resemble the pattern of names that we usually find in our side (I am from Sirsi, NK) 😉

  515. Chaitanya Says:

    Can you believe this? There are quite a lot of ppl (inlcuding my parents) who eagerly wait for the muktha ad shown in etv containing the tit-bits of today evening’s episode.

    They switch on etv only to see this ad and try to get more-than-what-they-can-see about today’s episode!

    Wonder what they are showing for todays episode.
    God…! its a tension-filled-wait for today 9PM.

  516. Murthy Says:

    All the names TNS has chosen is excellent and some new and upcoming places in Karnataka should be named after them to honour TNS.

  517. Anitha Says:

    Praveen, I don’t think the climax is CSP’s dream . I guess it is true.

    Remember his conversation with SKD, where he says he has to protect himself in such a way that nobody would suspect Nanjunda… So, CSP might have thought if he does not go by that route at all then they would suspect Nanjunda …So to protect him CSP intentionally goes by his usual route …and MAYBE if would have jumped out of his car or have done something else to protect himself (Lets watch in today’s episode 🙂 )

  518. Harsha Hegde Says:


    This blog is doing invaluable service for the horanadinalli iruva kannadigaru. Sanjay, Shruti, Murthy, Prasanna and everybody here is doing a great job. As Ramesh has said, there will always be critics. As long as the criticism is reasonable, it can be accomodated. But some ignorant, juvenile talk should at best be ignored.

    I am here in the US, catching up with what I am missing through your blog. Please continue the good work.

  519. Amruta Says:

    I now know that Navilukoppa is a real place..
    I am getting so scared about CSP, the scenes were dramatised really well, I really liked the way CSP acts his part,

    Talk later,
    AND keep 😛 !

  520. prithvi.j Says:

    come on man were is ur democrancy now
    wat abt my rights
    wat a pity man u guys cant own up ur mistakes
    be sportive ma

  521. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad` Says:

    Of all the names only the Hemagiri exists which is located anout 80-100 kms temple and is famous for Varadaraja Devasthana.

    Jalakanteshwara is actually name given to Lord Eshwara and all the 12 Jyothirlingagalu which is located in India ( can remember few- rameshwaram,srisailam,nasik,baroda,jharkand,kedarnath,…..)

  522. Praveen Says:

    Good News Guys…. I am happy to find the link for mp3 format of tiltle songs of MUKTHA, MAYAMRUGA, MANVANTARA & GARVA…..

    Hope u all like this….. Tell me thanks 4 this.

  523. msanjay Says:

    on the way, …

    on the way, CSP is quite cool… smiling or just looking at something very casually.

    csp’s van comes and stops right behind it.
    csp suddenly remembers nanjunda saying that van adda nilsirthare aaga mugisbidthare….

    CSP also recalls that najunda was saying they’ll take care of the police… and then recalls that the police jeep had a flat.

    [comment: at this point even I was wondering what could they possibly do to murder without shooting but in a way that looks just like an accident]

    Suddenly, in the rocky hills above him, there is a blast, and a huge rock starts tumbling down full speed towards the camera.

    Actually there are a series of multiple blasts all over the top of the hill… and many massive boulders rocks and mud get into motion… basically its a simulation of a landslide…

    With just one boulder, it may be possible to run out of the way, but with the whole surface of the hill moving towards the road, I really wonder how CSP will manage to escape.

    It will only have to be by sheer luck… like playing an arcade video game where the character in the game is actually one’s own life! Else he might find some kind of a shelter but there seemed to be none 🙁

    This was a most unexpected twist! IMO there’s no question of him having expected the whole thing and having some kind of a secret backup plan.

  524. Anitha Says:


    Thank you for your effort …

    Sanjay has already put up that link (just scoll a little above , before the comments start … and you can see links related to muktha)….

    In any case thanks to you 🙂


  525. prithvi.J Says:

    can u pls point out where i was offensive , first blog i in fact apperciated u fellow
    but u guys totaly mis understood it
    second time i aired my opinion – u guys just cudnt take it
    u went far as comparing me with grey characters of the serial
    comeing back part i made a mistake once
    but to day u invited me back buddy
    still i apolagised for it rember
    trust me man i am not angry. just trying to make a point
    is the point take n ? if so put my blogs back – if ur realy a good blogge

  526. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    sanjay anna the cops said they would be there within 5 mins and the distance CSP would have covered would be approx 30-40 Kms and still the cops couldn’t catch up CSP’s taxi. Cud it be another conspiracy ??? (just give a thought over it)

  527. kumar Says:

    hi Friday’s update.
    In the court judge, SS and others were surprised when CSP was not there and also his assistant Vimala. When judje asks about it, they will get news that CSP’s car has roll over by granite boulders and chances of his survival is very less.Everybody including SS, Judge are very upset but Chabria and Shivaraj Hegdge will not be control their happinesss internally. The New police inspector who was incharge of area where CSP had this incident willl go to hospital where CSP is admitted and miracleously escaped with minor injuries, The inspector was actually student of CSP in the city colege and both of them wil remember one beautiful kannada poem.CSP insists that he wants to go to court atleast in the second seession and requests inspector to get his cloths /file etc which is at his home. CSP will explain the incident to judge/SS othersij the court and says it is attempt on his life and he is very shocked due tothis. Judge feels very bad and offers CSP to stay with him in the outhouse in his quarters since juddge feels that CSP is in real danger and asks Suryavamshi if he is having any issues if CSP stays with judge. Suryavamshi says that absolutely he has got no issues as judge is very well known for sincerity and above that it becomes everybody’s duty to support CSP morally. He also mentions that he always want to defeat CSp in court but he is not ready to loose person like CSP who fights for justice. This dialogue is very imp since SS feels that CSP is fighting for justice internally.Finally CSP thanks both judge and Suryavamshi. I think I missed one more point when CSp was explaining in court some of te lawers says that even police might be involved in conspiracy for killing CSp which CSP denies squarly and appreciates the duties of police. I think CSp came to court yesterday definitely to get sympathy towards him and he will be safe, Only way for him was to stay with judge which is safest. The direction is price less TNS is simply the best. Each scene , dialogue has got lot of messages which makes us to think

  528. msanjay Says:

    Actually missed the first half of yesterday’s episode myself… but still can more or less construct it from some scenes I happened to see in a trailer earlier in the evening. But needless to say [but I’m saying anyway ;)] corrections or details are welcome.


    In the court, people are wondering why CSP hasn’t come, and suddenly someone comes in and announces about the accident. They say that CSP was nowhere to be found but the vehicles were totally crushed and destroyed.

    CSP is in a hospital, being taken care of by a doctor. The follow up police van had got him there after they found him unconscious. The local inspector Devanand who was his student once visits him. He’s regained consciousness, but is injured in several places – his bleeding hand in a bandage. Though the medical staff insist that he rests, he wants to go to the court, and requests the inspector Devanand one small favor – he could consider it as his ‘gurudakshina’ if he likes – to get him a new set of clothes from his house.

    He arrives at the court and narrates his story to the judge:

    [While narrating he finds it very painful, and every now and then he winces and pauses for some rest – esp every time he uses his injured hand to gesticulate out of habit]

    He says that he had left his place and was driving down, admiring the beautiful lake and greenery and all the beauty of nature. Breathing in such tranquility, a lot of nirmalavaada aalocanegaLu come to mind, and he was just being peaceful and thinking about the case.

    Then his vehicle stopped due to the jeep blocking the road.

    There were several explosions, and seeing gigantic boulders hurtling towards him, he just started running, urging the driver to keep running as well. He got hit by some rocks, and at some point fell and lost consciousness. When he recovered, he was in the hospital. Though he is ok – injured mainly in a hand and knee, and some other minor wounds and scratches he is yet to recover from the shock. The driver was also injured but out of danger.

    He also says that he is sure that this was an attempt on his life. Considering that the police vehicle got punctured and the vehicle was blocked on the road on the same day – it was too much of a coincidence.

    The Inspector Ranganath [of all people] as if in full understanding of the situation clearly explains that CSP is feeling this way just because he is in shock, and this was just a matter of bad luck. And that actually this was a place used by a granite quarrying company and explosions were expected, and there was a detour marked for another route which had got missed.

    CSP anyway is convinced that his life is in danger.

    Someone wonders if the police could be involved in the conspiracy. [was that you Prasanna? 😉 ]

    Then CSP emphatically clarifies that the police were definitely above suspicion, the inspector involved was an honest officer, and had requested CSP to wait for a few minutes while the stepney gets fixed, but it was CSP’s own decision to carry on without him.

    Then the judge says that this is a very fragile case involving powerful people, and offers that CSP resides at the judge’s own residence at an outhouse, and to come to court and return home along with the judge.

    [A fleeting glimpse of Rane and Chabria show them to be a bit uncomfortable]

    The judge asks if SS has any objections. SS says that the judge’s credentials are impeccable and suspecting him of getting prejudiced would be very cheap of SS and he has absolutely no objections, and even welcomes the move. He says that CSP has hurt him and insulted him in court on several occasions. But acknowledges that CSP is a colorful person who fights for truth. And though every moment he wants to defeat CSP in the case, not even for a single moment did he wish for CSP to die. He feels that CSP is in shock and everyone should give him their moral support and this is a welcome move.

    The judge also orders a more detailed investigation of the accident.

    CSP expresses his deep gratitude to both the judge, as well as SS who is giving support inspite of all of CSP’s past courtroom cyncism.

    The judge asks him if he would start his cross-examination today. CSP replies that he’s a bit shaken, and also because the notes he’d prepared were in the van and are destroyed, he requests another days time for him to make them again, to which the judge agrees.

  529. msanjay Says:

    hi Kumar looks like we wrote this at more or less the same time 🙂 – anyway I could get a more complete picture after reading your post.

    One thing TNS’ acting while narrating to the judge inspite of all the difficulties was excellent. Still I feel it could’ve been better in a way – the moving of his injured hand and then expressing the pain was not exactly in sync in my opinion. Just a minor detail but otherwise, the whole thing – just the 15 minutes that I watched alone, was simply brilliant – priceless, as Kumar has put it 🙂

  530. Avinash Says:

    Now that TNS, is out of danger, I am eagerly waiting for CSP cross-examining Raane!!!

  531. Shruthi Says:

    Thank you, Sanjay and Kumar for the updates! Chhe.. I missed an important episode 🙂
    Glad CSP is safe and sound. And this is one area where I respect SS. He seems to be genuinely concerned about the safety of CSP.

  532. Dhilip Says:

    great to see a site with so many fans for muktha all meeting at one platform. great work yaar anybody having the title track of muktha please put it on the website.there r no more words left to appreciate it i think all the words would have been used,it is simply great…..Anyways Hello to everybody.

  533. pradeep Says:

    This is for amrutha,I have a request to you amrutha can u please make a presentation about CSP cross examining rane this time,I surely dont want to miss it.

  534. Umesh V Says:

    Hi friends,

    Iam also one among who missed the friday’s episode. i was on my way to my native. There is one Jalakanteshwara temple in Bangalore-Mysore road which is located on right side when going from bangalore. It comes after Chennapatna. Friday’s update given by Kumar and Sanjay is great.

  535. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    What i liked about the Friday’s episode was that even though SS is snubbed by CSP, still the love that SS has towards CSP might be both Professionally and personally was really fantastic. ( no Conspriracy Sanjay anna now : D ) .

    The Dialog Nanu CSP ge maryade kododu yaake andre avaru Satya kaagi Horaduthare. This really moved me.

    Also on friday Rane was not present in the court.

  536. Diya Says:

    Hi all… I’m back here after a long time.. Did u people notice the absence of SM in the court, during Friday’s episode?? Very interestingly significant…don’t u think???

  537. Murthy Says:

    The Dialog Nanu CSP ge maryade kododu yaake andre avaru Satya kaagi Horaduthare.

    This dialouge of SS shows that SS knows the truth and this also proves that he concedes that he is fighting the wrong case for wrong people. The judge can take a cue from this statement of SS. Since SS knows the truth, conciously he may have made this statement that CSP is fighting for the truth.

    Meanwhile yesterday’s samvada was very good.

  538. Anitha Says:

    Yeah the samvada was very good..

    I had one question to all of you …. In most of his samvada’s and even in yesterday’s TNS directly/indirectly says that he is against the multi-national setups ….

    Even in yesterday’s samvada he said ” Bengalooralli jana 1 lakh , 1-1/2 lakh salary per month salary togotha irabahudu …multi-national companies indagi ..adare bellary antha oorugalalli adarinda enu problems agide annodu thilidukollabeku” may not be the exact words something like that .

    I have always wondered why TNS is against multinational companies being setup in India/Bangalore …

    Do you people think nothing has changed for the better because of multinational companies being setup here.

    Any thoughts ….

  539. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    I was not aware that there was Mukta Samvada yesterday, I missed it. I feel what TNS meant was everyone are just jumping into the s/w companies leaving the other fields like agriculture, Teacher, journalism, also rejecting the famous Steel Plant.

    I think DIYA is the right person who could Answer it 😀

  540. Diya Says:

    Anitha, it’s a well documented certainity that there are 2 sides to every coin (except the Sholay one!!)…And also, the grass is always greener on the other side… One would definitely be lying if one says that the advent of MNC’s has been of no use..It’s definitely true that they have changed a lot of things for the better…but most of these changes are materialistic…The traditions and customs are being reinvented by the people who work there to suit their needs, and the companies are blamed en-masse… After all an MNC firm is as it’s employees are…It’s up to us – the people who are employed in such places, to develop more positives and project them on the society.. Many personalities have of late begun the trend of MNC bashing in various guises.. It may be due to their real concern for the causes they espouse or just to be the first on a new bandwagon.. And the people also expect certain celebrities to behave in certain ways… Avara screen athava public persona ge anugunavadante… So all in all, I personally feel that TNS is against the values which MNC employees feel they should embrace, rather than the companies themselves.. After all, u said that he mentioned that one should be aware of the problems these companies are giving rise to… Another call for social awakening and accepting social responsibilities, don’t u feel?? The youth of today are quite tolerant in their attitude when it comes to such issues… Maybe, TNS wants these issues to have more nearer a relation with the thinking youth so that the city-town divide which has cropped up of late is lessened..

    Prasanna, thanx 🙂 for being so eager to hear my views… And Shruthi, looks like u’ve yet another title…”Heroine of this site” or something to that effect, right??? CONGRATS Shruthi… 🙂

  541. Diya Says:

    HI… Can someone mention here when the samvada would be aired?? I missed it y’day as I did’nt know about it being aired…Plz…

  542. Chaitanya Says:


    The samvada is usually aired on Sunday’s 7PM.

    Long ago I had mentioned in this blog that I, kind of oppose TNS’ statements against the MNC and globalisation.

    I don’t understand the exact reason he thinks that these MNC’s are harming our culture, people and country. I dont see how MNCs are causing so much harm, may be I am ignorant. I can only see that globalisation is the trend world over and helps improve the economies of both parties involved.


  543. Anitha Says:

    Diya , Thanks a lot for providing yet another perspective.
    If the present day youth , who are working with MNC’s and earning huge salaries are changing their life style (which may not be in sync with our culture ) … then I am not sure why we should be blaming the MNC for that …

    But I don’t think that TNS complains about the people working in MNCs . He targets the MNC companies itself. He tries to say that Big giants have swallowed the small set-ups. Kind of ….
    As Chaitanya has said , even I feel it has improved the
    economies to a large extent. More job opportunities are opening up not just directly with the MNC but indirectly also (like city taxies, security services, house keeping force , many small scale vendors etc etc …)

    So, I was trying to see if somebody has understood TNS’s perspective ….

  544. Murthy Says:

    Yes Chaitanya, I also conflict this thinking of TNS against MNC’s.

    One should understand that MNC’s has given a new lease of life for the young educated Indian’s like most of us here. Can any one expect the government to provide a job to all the educated youth in India? I believe the politicians are too busy in making there own wealth rather than looking at the citizens.
    Then, we have this wretched reservation policy which I personally believe is a curse to India and is one of the main reason for India still beine a developing country.
    When, the govt can get crores of rupees as tax from the IT industry, god knows what is bothering them. Also govt and people (including TNS. who are opposing MNC’s) should realise that, MNC’s have improved the standard of living of an ordinary Indian. Now an ordinary Indian can dream of buying things which he/she was not even able to think of buying and lead a good life. Ofcourse, the cost of living has increased and one cannot complain because, this is how it is. This shows the economy of country is good and people are happy.
    For how many young graduates, has the govt offered a job? or even can they think of it? They are busy playing vote bank politics just for the lust of power.
    Globalisation is the way of the world now. India is globally recognised now, because of it IT prowess and talend of people in India.
    It is ridiculious that people are criticising MNC’s.
    Govt will get tax to the tunes of crores of rupees, which they can use to improve the infrastructure, improve the life of the deprived (if the govt and people are so worried about them).
    Fact is, govt is not having a share in the money of these MNC’s, apart from tax.
    China is using the money collected as tax from the IT companies to improve its infrastructure and the life of the people there.
    It is really the uneducated mentality of the govt in India and the inability of some people to think beyond protest against MNC’s and globalisation, that is causing problems here.
    As, CFO of Infy had once mentioned that India is the only country which is against the companies who are creating jobs for the youth of India and making Indians wealthier.

    We also should be blamed for the setup because, the politicians who are ruling India and our state are the one’s who were voted by us (Though I was unable to vote last time around as my name was not in the list :-))

    People should realise the importance of MNC’s and globalisation and should respect them and help them to do business in Karnataka and India.

  545. Murthy Says:

    Also, I am wondering that if there is a way to convince the MNC’s to do business in Karnataka and India and not to vacate the place, as people and some govt officials are criticising them. We should convince them people like us are with them to set up and do the business here.
    Any ideas ?
    These days, people and some govt are speaking against MNC’s and we have a feeling that they are taking it seriously.

  546. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Going by Anitha’s statement it doesnt seem TNS is blaming MNC, but he is only against a few of the fishes ( sorry to all the IT enggs) who are spoiling the water.

    I remember about the Episodes when he was covering the Topi Sheshappa’a issue wherein he quizzes many people including the executives ( from MNCs) who are paid high salaries and are living and spending lavishly.

    So i personally feel he is against those people living a life not knowing where to spend.

    I’m in Sync with what Diya is saying .

  547. Diya Says:

    Anitha u’re right… No notable person can blame the attitudes of the individuals who make up the work force of any organization..After all, they are the “junta”..So the easy way is to blame the organization, an entity, after all which cannot defend itself..As Chaitanya mentioned, globalization is the trend everywhere..But, that does’nt mean that no exploitation goes on…Even in our own companies we see the disparity in the salaries..For the US client, it’s peanuts what he pays his Indian work force.. That apart, Chaitanya the econimies are definitely being improved..But of the metros only.. It’s upto the govt to use the revenue for the developement of towns and villages, which unfortunately is not happening..Instead of looking at their own failings, those in power blame the giants around..And in the battle of David and Goliath, the sympathy of the common man lies with whom ever he percieves to be the “David”, of the fight..

    And Anitha, maybe the perspective with which TNS is approaching this issue is that he wants the MNC’s to step into the heart of the country…the small towns which are forever on the outside edge…always looking in from the periphery.. I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I said that MNC’s have improved more of our infrastructure (at least in B’lore), than our “elected representatives”…

  548. Anitha Says:

    And Anitha, maybe the perspective with which TNS is approaching this issue is that he wants the MNC’s to step into the heart of the country…the small towns which are forever on the outside edge…

    I am trying to think about this …. I feel MNCs might not have gone to the villages/small towns … but definitely because of these companies lot of job opportunities have opened up (as I mentioned in my previous post) and people from small towns/villages are coming to Bangalore and making use of it. Which in turn have helped to improve their lifestyles…

    During Tsunami incident (and in similar other incidents) , I know for sure that lot of MNCs contributed a lot …

  549. Shruthi Says:

    Interesting conversation going on here!

    I did not know that TNS had anything against the MNCs.. Don’t know in what perspective he talks about it, but like Diya very aptly says, there are two sides to every coin except the Sholay coin 😉 – Heh heh heh!

    As for MNCs moving into smaller towns and cities.. its not that easy. They might get land at low rates.. but what about communication facilities, and airport facilities, etc.? So thats the reason they always look for bigger places. Someone once said, “MNC hogi small town nalli office start maadali, automatically yella facilities baratthe.” Aadre, my argument is, in the first place, why will an MNC go and pour so much money in a small town? What is the guarantee that it will get returns on its money? Thats why the tend to have offices either in big cities, or in cities close to big cities (for example, Mysore).

    See Diya, yaaru nanna potential discover maade iralilla, here at last I am recognized as the “heroine” ;)))

  550. msanjay Says:

    In yesterday’s Muktha samvaada someone quoted “behind every succesful man there is a woman” and someone else referring to the character in the serial commented that the reverse also could be true “behind a successful woman there is a man” – to which Ravi Belegere suddenly stepped up to the mike and joked “whether a woman is succesful or not, we men will be behind her anyway!”

    This time the samvaada was really cool, I’ll try to recall more comments after I go home.


    Hmm about MNCs even I’m not very clear about TNS’ stand on it… I started writing something here but decided to make it a seperate post 🙂

  551. Sanjay Mysoremutt ಸಂಜಯ » Blog Archive » good bad and ugly about mncs? Says:

    helping or harming India’s development?

  552. Naveen Says:

    Hi all…I have been following the comments on this site for quite sometime as I can watch Muktha only when I am home for vacation. Truly a wonderful place for people like me to keep in touch with the serial. Now I have stopped bugging my mom to tell me the current story whenever I call her:D
    But I don’t agree with one common thread in TNS’ cases – that of MNC bashing. If he wants to bash private companies, then he needs to generalize and not point at MNCs in particular. MNCs are not saints but neither are Indian companies for that matter. Ultimately a company’s behaviour is decided by the regulatory environment in which it operates. If it is strong, then the company cannot do much about it. There have been MNCs which have done extremely well in India and behaved in a very ethical manner. There have been instances where they have refused to pay bribes in order to secure deals. And then you also have MNCs that have behaved unethically. So it is wrong to paint all MNCs with the same brush.
    I did not watch the Samvada but this dialogue in one of the comments caught my attention:
    TNS: “Bengalooralli jana 1 lakh , 1-1/2 lakh salary per month salary togotha irabahudu …multi-national companies indagi ..adare bellary antha oorugalalli adarinda enu problems agide annodu thilidukollabeku”
    I don’t get as to what problems that people in places in Bellary will face because of rising cost of living in Bangalore. Does he mean that people migrating to Bangalore from Bellary will have to live in urban slums because they won’t be able to afford the high living costs? MNCs, especially the service sector ones, came to India because of its low labour costs but now because of demand-supply gaps, they are forced to increase salaries to retain employees. Even Indian companies are facing the same issues. Isn’t the govt. to blame here for not making more people employable rather than blaming companies because they are not not in a position to change the labour market dynamics. Maybe TNS needs to ponder about some of these issues before painting everything non-Indian with a broad socialist brush.

  553. Girish Hampali Says:

    TNS. Against MNC. Culture. Digital divide. Huh! huh! huh!

    Let us agree that there is a digital divide between Indian metros and non metro cities, villages etc.

    But what enabled the digital divide? Is it the MNC? Our Governement? Our policies? It is a cob-web of problems. We are reaping what we had sowed!

    Every person involved in commercial arts, like journalist, media directors, heros, writers, Social workers have found a niche target which does not bother to respond. and that target is MNC!

    TNS should think of why and how MNCs involve in building the digital divide and create cultural shock.

    IT & ITES sectors have shown that wealth can be shared. let us appreciate it. MNC are capitalist by nature. Make policies to help MNC’s to migrate to socialist views if you want radical changes.

    We had so many ‘Buddhi Jeevis’ having problems with MNC’s. I remember a leading journalist from Bangalore wrote.. He will take up Quit … MNC movement. No idea where he has quit to? TNS is joining that group.

    Having said that, I am not advocating that MNC’s are the right fit for the society and MNC’s are helping india. We have problems, solve them after analysis. Dont air your opinion when ever you get a microphone.

    Girish Hampali

  554. pradeep Says:

    This discussion about MNC’s is really interesting.Well i think there is some “Swartha”(selfishness) in all human beings,there r many incidences of this in the epics ramayana and mahabharatha.Well i came to USA for a better life style than what my parents had back home.In no way i can earn this salary back home,even if i join an infosys that salary can never be equivalent to what i earn here in USA.It doesnt mean that i am bothered only about myself and money.I take my time off whenever and whereever i can for social causes.

    TNS made the serial “Muktha” primarily for revenue or money.Then comes social awareness.And there is nothing wrong in that in my opinion.He doesnt take lawyer fees in the serial,that doesnt mean that he doesnt take any money from the advertisers or the channel or any concerned people related to muktha.I know this contradicts to some of u guys in the blog.But try to put urself in TNS shoes even we would have done the same thing.So in this manner i think TNS shouldnt completely oppose MNC’s and their influence to indian economy.

    Ofcourse there should be a limit to everything,the progress shouldnt hinder other areas like agricultural development and so on.This growth in IT sector should mix and match with others.So maybe TNS should try to emphasize this in my opinion rather than complete opposition.

    Friends forgive me if i have done any “adhika prasangi” in this regard.If anyone wants to write to me or suggest me something ur welcome to write at

  555. Shruthi Says:

    CSP goes to Usha Gopinath’s house. He sees her photo hanging on the wall. He talks to her mother and sister Uma, while Mr Gopinath is finishing his puje. Usha’s mother, with tears in her eyes, speaks about Usha and how good she was ( I did not catch some of Usha’s mother’s words due to temporary poor reception. If she said anything important, please add to the update). Uma says that it was her birthday on the day she died. The mother says that after Usha died, Gopinath never did any puje, but for the last six months, he is doing puje very regularly. CSP asks why that is. She says that Uma also wants to study in the same field and continue Usha’s research. She has applied to Tata institute and various institutes. But Gopinath feels that she will also be taken away from them, and so is asking her to stop studying and get married. He feels that she will also me murdered, and that too both girls are same Nakshatra and same Raashi. Uma says, idu moodhanambike allva sir?
    Then they stop talking when Gopinath comes out after puje. He also complains about Uma, but CSP says, Chhe chhe what are you saying, do all the ppl doing research get killed? Then there would not have been any advance in science. Don’t stop her, let her do what she wishes. Then he says, want to learn as much as possible about Usha and her work and how she knew Chhabria. Also, I came to tell you that you have to come as defence witness and speak in court. Gopinath agrees. Then he says, I had collected info about the research from her guide in Calcutta, but i am not a science student and so could not understand much, plus had no time. so i want you to explain it to me. I
    Uma speaks about Usha’s research. She says that Usha had noticed that the tribals living in a particular area had no health and heart ailments and lived to be 90-100. and that was the place wehre Kempusanjeevini soppu grew, and nowhere else in the world. So she researched it and extracted the alkaloid from it, and called it UGK3. CSP says, ok, enough for now.
    They take out the albums of Usha and start seeing it. Usha collecting first prize for science quiz, getting 3rd rank in PU, gold medal in University, Usha sitting with a tamboori and singing. Mother says that on her bday, she had sung Deepavu Ninnade, Gaaliyu ninnade, and she had left, saying she would be back soon, but she never came back.
    CSP also has tears in his eyes. He said, had Chhabria come here to the house? Mother says, yes, he had come twice with Chandrakant Pavate. Once he had come offering 5 lakhs for her research paper, but she absolutely refused. Next time, he had come saying, please take back the objection you have raised, and I will give you ten lakhs. Then also she refused. And he became very angry. Just one week after that, she died. She was only 24.
    [I am not aware of what this “objection” is, can anybody enlighten me, please?]

    Police Station. The policeman(CSP’s shishya) interrogating the guy who had parked the van in the middle of the road.
    Police – whats ur name?
    Guy – Shivalingu.
    Police – what do u do?
    SL – driver
    P- do u own a vehicle?
    SL – i did, but it got crushed under boulders in the quarry blast.
    P- blue tata sumo?
    SL – yes.
    P – why had u parked the car there?
    SL – puncture aagitthu, reperi maadtha idde, felt like drinking tea, so left i and went and had tea.
    P – so you left it in the middle of the road and went? how can u do that?
    SL – road very rarely used. dangerous coz of quarrying. so all vehicles take bypass. so i thought it was ok.
    P – so are u sure this is your car number? ka15 – p7005 (i think) navilukoppa registration
    SL – yes.
    P – but the vehicle with this license plate is not a blue tata sumo. you are lying. this is some other car.
    SL – no sir.
    P gives him a tight slap.
    P – i have noted the chassis number of both the cars registered as ka15- p005, and the one seized from the accident scene. They are different. This blue tata sumo had once been taken in for scrap after being seized for sandalwood smuggling. now you are using it for murder
    SL – ayyo, i dont know anything about murder sir, devaranegu.
    P – then why did u do this?
    SL – nija helbidthini sir, I was in need of money as my daughter’s wedding has been fixed. Muthu came and told me that he would give me 1 lakh if I did this work. He asked me to put my vehicle registration on the vehicle which he gave me, and asked me to go and park it in a designated spot, take out the wheel, and go away from the spot. I got my doubts why so much money for such an easy task, but i needed money so i did it.
    P – lost in thought – ok, where can I find Muthu?

  556. kumar Says:

    good news for all muktha fans !!!!!!

    Those who miss Muktha at 9 PM can catch the episode at 11PM, From yesterday Muktha is getting repeat telecasted again at 11 Pm on same day.
    We can enjoy CPS’s cross examinations twise,

  557. Shridhar Says:

    Thanks so much Pratap for the title tracks of all TNS serials (Could not find MaleBillu title track though!). My desire to get this tracks onto my PC is finally fulfilled… thanks so much guys 🙂

  558. veena Says:

    Dear TNS sir,

    after seeing i always think that i would have been acting.

    though i don’t know acting but from childhood i wish to be an artist. howevermt parents are against it but sure if u giveme chance i will surely do atleast that should telecast one day. when i feelmore is that whenever i see muktha samvada evry sunday.

    really TNS sir if u offer me one chance to act in ur direction i will really be greatful to u.

    Thank u sir


  559. Ramesh K N Says:

    Thanx kumar for that info.

    Just for reconfirmation – Is it that serial is going to be aired at 11 pm every day ?

  560. msanjay Says:

    yes it will be at 11 everyday. Actually it was ensuring people would go home by 9 PM 🙂 Anyway personally I prefer the 9 PM slot as I’d like to sleep by 11 (though I end up getting m stuck with some internetting 🙂 )

    Veena, good luck, hope you get a chance to work with TNS! I’m not very sure he’ll get your message here though, you’ll have to note down the address they put up at the end of Muktha and write to him there, or try writing to muktha at bhoomika dot net.

    Pradeep… wrt TNS made the serial “Muktha” primarily for revenue or money
    I agree it sounds logical. But it brings to mind one note about last Sunday’s samvaada… someone questions him that CSP isn’t after money, nijajeevanadallu nimage duDDalli aasakthi ilva? Then TNS cribs “I told these people to filter out such questions” and then clarifies “amma, naavu adaralli maDuvudu kevala naTane ashTe”. And that was that. Suddenly Ravi Belegare steps up to the mike and testifies “naanu heLthini keLi, avaru nijajeevanadallu doDDige aasakti paDo manushralla” and then he adds “avara jothe seridare namagu duDDina aasakthi hoTToguthe!! 😀 ” The crowd response was fantastic, everyone was really roaring in laughter! (I’ve rarely seen such intimately interactive crowds on TV for any show)

    Some more comments about the samvaada… Ravi BeLegere comments that ‘naanu aDDadaari hiDididdaaga TNSavaru neenu maaDtirodu sariyalla antha heLi daarige tandaru’. And normally he would never have acted in any serial but since TNS had requested him, he came, thinking anyway all he would have to say was ‘ORDER ORDER’ 😉 but then ‘ashte saakaaglilla, avarannu baibeku, ivarnnu baibeku’

    Someone asks Ravi Belegere why he (as judge) keeps on admonishing CSP so much. Then he says inspite of all that scolding itself CSP is so cynical and tells so much of poetry and all that, ashTu control maaDdeidre, Muktha Crime Diary slot (10 PM) varegu yeLkond hoTToguthe! 😀

    One more thing about TNS – Ravi Belegare commented in one of the samvaadas – that while working on the set, once in a way TNS kelsa maaDabekdaadre sumne aLthairthaare – such is his intensity and involvement in his work! WOW

  561. Amruta Says:

    When Iget home, I’m going to write the character list, so keep coming on this site

    Vaidehi says hello 😛

    Have fun,
    keep 😛 !

  562. Shruthi Says:

    Tuesday – March 7th – Update

    Policeman crossexamination of Muthu.
    P – So you are Muthu. What do u do?
    M- i have a small real estate business.
    P-why did u want to kill CSP?
    M – i don’t know anything about that.
    P-Shivalingu told me everything, that u gave him money to keep the van in the middle of the road. See, if you don’t tell me yourself, i know how to make you speak. i also know how to make you permanently silent also. If you speak up now, your punishment will be lessened. else, all of you will be in trouble.
    M – ok, i will tell you. I dont know anything. I was told to make sure the police would not be with CSP on one particular day. so i punctured the front tyre when the police had gone for breakfast. i was also told to get someone to block the road.. and i did that. nange vahisida kelasa maadide ashte, nange innenu gotthilla.
    P -who told u to do this?
    M – Jagan. We call him Bhaiyya.
    P (gets lost in thought).

    Supriya goes to Manmohan’s house, but he is not there. She tells Indira that he had asked her to come there, and no use in calling, coz phone will be switched off. She feels bad, she says, he does not take me out anywhere, and only when i force him, he agrees. He never suggests it hmself. Indira says, no, he is like that, avanige yenu gotthagalla. Supriya says, your son is not as stupid as u think. the only thing is that he does not want to marry me. Arundhati is still in his mind. She goes away. [For a change, Indira tumba geluvaagidru].

    Court scene.
    CSP gives a long lecture, saying that the next three witnesses, i.e. CP. Rane and Chhabria have to be questioned about Usha G’s case, as it is highly relevant. He gives example of a supreme court case, which had a similar situation, and SS himself was a petitioner in that case. So he requests the court to allow him to talk about UG’s case as much as he wants, and he requests SS not to raise any objections of irrelevance.
    He starts cross examination again.
    CSP – on sept 23, 2002, you met UG, took her with Chhabria in your car, to discuss about research, but then you had some differences, and you killed her, and then threw her from top of Sudukoppa shopping complex.
    CP -sullu, sullu (sweats).
    CSP- did u meet her on that day or not?
    CP – no. . she and mukund bhagwat had an affair, probably she was upset about something, and so she killed herself.
    CSP – so did u not take her there in your car?
    CP – no, there is no connection between me and UG’s murder.
    CSP – MURDER??
    CP sweats, Rane, chhabria, everybody disturbed.
    CP – i mean, suicide.
    CSP – your honour, u should notice the demeanour of the witness. everytime i talk about UG, he starts sweating. it definitely means something.
    CSP – ok where wre u on that day?
    CP- i dont remember.
    CSP – naanu gnapisthini.. you had taken a room in agricultural university guest house registered as a vip, and the next room was taken by chhabria, registered as a vvip.
    (he shows the documents) you also say that you did not take UG in your car. But there are many police checkposts in that area, and they note every car travelling and the passengers. on that day, your car, had three passengers, and see, names are also written. You, chhabria and UG.
    CP – silent, disturbed.

  563. Shruthi Says:

    Hi! Had to post the update in two parts, coz of the same “held for moderation” problem. Sanjay, please delete those held for moderation! Thanks 🙂

    And Thanks for the update on the Samvada! Wow, I enjoyed reading it! I did not watch it, but it seems to have been very entertaining! Should remember to watch it next time.

  564. Anitha Says:

    I saw the advertisements that the next Samvada is going to happen in Bombay (It seems for the first time outside karnataka). Date is not yet announced.

  565. Shridhar Says:

    Watching Muktha at 11PM slot is cool! No commercial advertisements (only ETV serial ads) and the complete title song is also telecasted! 🙂 Off late I was getting struck at office work and I had to rush on my bike to get in front of the TV set within 9! Now that they are re-telecasting everyday at 11, it is really helpful for me and Muktha fans like me 😉

  566. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I watched the muktha in 2nd Show. I used to rush home everyday thinking i would be missing muktha, now i can go home more relaxed and watch the 11pm show.

    Veena if TNS calls you to act in his serial you should recommend all our names or else atleast few people out here like Sanjay anna(Screen play, Director, Creative Director,Story) shruthi (heroine of this blog), Diya( Lady CSP who can do the job of Cop or lawyer ) and Murthy ( Rebel Star). 😀 😀 😀 😀

  567. Shruthi Says:

    And what about Prasanna?? Comedian? 🙂 😀

  568. Pradeep Says:

    This is to prasanna and shruthi.FRIENDS u forgot me i was the one who was responsible for giving the title “Heroine” to shruthi.So wouldnt u guys recommend me for a part in muktha???.If u really want to give me a part then give me nanjunda’s part because there is a lot of female fan following behind him.Ha Ha Ha.

  569. Prajwal Says:

    Hi friends this is prajwal from US.Its nice to know that there is a blog for my favourite serial “MUKTHA”.Looks like lots happening in this blog.Thanks to pratap’s blog for providing the title song.Looking forward for muktha updates.

  570. Diya Says:

    Shruthi, Prasanna won’t be the comedian but the casting director…. 🙂 !!!

  571. Sanjeev, Pune Says:

    Samvada in Mumbai would be on 12th March in Mysore Association Hall in Matunga.

  572. Chaitanya Says:

    Good all technicians and leads are chosen for OUR muktha!
    Amruta and me will pen the title song and probably sing it too… 🙂 🙂

    Any good role for Mr.PJ?? Rane or Chabria wouldn’t be bad I guess 😉


  573. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Thanks Shruthi for making me comedian and not putting me in shoes of cast like Jai jagadish

  574. ಅರುಣ ಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ Says:


    ಮುಕ್ತ ಧಾರವಾಹಿಯ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ಮತ್ತು ದೈನಂದಿಕ ಕಾರ್ಯಚರಣೆಯನ್ನು ಇಲ್ಲಿ ವೀಕ್ಷಿಸಿ ಬಹಳ ಸಂತೋಶವಾಯಿತು. ಈ ರೆತಿ ಅಪ್ಡೇಟ್ಸ್ ಹಾಕುತ್ತಿರುವವರೆಲ್ಲರಿಗೂ ಬಹಳ ದನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು

    ಅರುಣ ಪ್ರಕಾಶ

  575. Shruthi Says:

    A brief update of Muktha – Wednesday.

    CSP proves that MP sent a notice to CP asking him to meet her in the station, in connection with UG’s death, on Oct 28th. CP promptly took leave for 2 days and disappeared. On Oct 29th, Rane sent a letter to home minister asking for MP’s transfer from Sudukoppa. The transfer was completed on Oct 30th. This was all done because they knew that if MP continued investigation, they would get into trouble, and so they wanted her out. But MP got a stay order on Nov 5th. so these ppl had to look for some other way to stop her, and this was the origin of the huge plan to murder both AM (for Rane’s gain) and MP.

    CSP proves that the Jalakanteshwara teru, if celebrated as per the Hindu calendar, as was always done, should have been on Dec 24th that year. They could have done the vajrada kavacha todisodu then itself. But Rane and Chhabria were in a hurry. They wanted to finish off AM and MP asap, because the elections were near, and because MP was continuing with investigation. So they made use of the provision given by the temple authority, that they could pay 51,000 rupees and have a private teru, whenever they want. This is proved by documents.

    CSP next proves that CP was not much of an academician. He got into the agri univ thro influence, became HOD thro influence, and spent most of his time servicing politicians. He hardly spent time for classes, and indulged in catering contracts, chappra contracts, etc, for various politicians. He says that for Rane’s daughters namakarana, he even went to the extent of serving the ppl himself. He gives docs and paper reports proving all this.
    CP tries to threaten CSP that he will sue him for damaging his reputation, but he says, what will u damage, neevu avamana aaguvanthaha kelasa maadiddira, nimmanna heeyalisakke nange yaake avamaana aagbeku, and he shows all the docs.

    CSP asks CP about what UG was working on, but CP says he forgot. CSP says, she started working on Central Dogma Theory, what is it? CP says, difficult to explain in layman terms. CSP says, ok i will explain. its the study of the DNA and the effect it has on the functioning of the body, (he explains in detail). CP agrees. Then CSP says, she was studying on the effect of outside chemicals, and substances on the working of the DNA. she found that KS soppu seemd to be the reason for a certain tribe’s long life and good health, and wanted to research on that subject, and asked for funds, but CP said that it was out of scope for her phd, and refused the funds. CP says yes.
    Case continued tomorrow

  576. Murthy Says:

    There was a change in the structure of the wound or rather a scar on CSP forehead just above the right eye during yesterday’s episode. In the first two part, the scar was prominent and dark and was constant in shape. In the third part, the scar was lighter in color and also the shape of the scar was different than in the first two parts of the episode.
    Just an observation :-).
    May be an error by makeup man.

  577. Shruthi Says:

    😀 One observation by me 🙂 That scar is made my maroon nail polish 😀 – don’t ask me how I know that, but the other day, when they were showing his closeup when he was in UG’s house, I noticed it 🙂

  578. Shruthi Says:

    I meant made BY maroon nailpolish.. typo! :O

  579. msanjay Says:

    ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ ಅರುಣವರಿಗೆ, ಸುಸ್ವಾಗತ… ನಿಮ್ಮ ಕನ್ನಡ cartoons ತುಂಬ ಚೆನ್ನಾಗಿದ್ದಾವೆ 🙂

    Missed this aberration in TNS’ scar myself, Murthy.

    Thanks (as always) Shruti, just a few points…

    neevu avamana aaguvanthaha kelasa maadiddira, nimmanna heeyalisakke nange yaake avamaana aagbeku, and he shows all the docs.

    Actually what I remember is he saying “neevu avamaana aaguvanthaha kelasa maadiddara nanage avamaana maaDuva hakkide rI!” And this is one time when the usually mild CSP speaks in a tough tone.

    …asked for funds, but CP said that it was out of scope for her phd, and refused the funds. CP says yes.

    After that CSP says “but she sponsored herself with her own funds and still continued the research”.

  580. Avinash Says:

    After that attempt to murder incident, CSP seems to be angry, and that is reflected in the way he cross-examined CP.
    But what Iam wondering is, is it really possible to get those many proofs/records against any evidence. I need the address of that detective agency 😉

    I like the way CSP/TNS argues his points, he expresses his thoughts clearly (and in sphasta Kannada) and in properly organized way. He even explains the technicalities in an understandable language. (I would like to develop this way of communicating!)

  581. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I think its toooooooo difficult task to get the same kind of scar in the form of makeups. The best option was ondu Ustara thogondu Keradu Gaaya madadu ( too Harsh CSP Sir 😀 )

  582. Amruta Says:

    I’ve been reading all these comments, funny… 😛 LOL Chaitanya Anna, I will gladly sing it with you! 😉
    Great observation Sruthi Akka, Maroon Nail polish!!
    And great thinking, Rane or Chabbriya is a great role for P.J, (I knew I wouldn’t mention him ut i had to)

    At the moment, my mother is writing down the names of the characters from the list at the credits… so I’m waiting and getting VERY bored… adeve banda muktha… dooradindale jeevahinduthide…
    sorry, I’m listening to it, and I can’t get it out of my head!…

    You all are so lucky! At 11:00 pm there guess what time it is here? – 4:30 am -I’ll be sleeping.. 🙁

    Ok, here they are!

    CSP’s Family:
    T.N.Seetaram – CSP – Lawyer
    Aparna – Sheela Prasad – Lawyer, CSP’s wife

    Chidanand Murthy Family:
    Siddharaj Kalyanakar – Mallikarjunaswamy – Taa-Taa
    Bhargavi Narayan – Bhargavi – Ajji
    Sundarshri – Sitalakshmi – Amma
    Divya Raghuram – Gowri – Sitalakshmi’s Daughter
    Nandini – Arundhati – Sitalakshmi’s Daughter
    Srinath Vashista – Shreekantaswamy – Sitalakshmi’s Son
    Nanjunda Murthy Rao – Nanjunda – Sitalakshmi’s Son
    Shankar Marayan – Purushotamma – Sitalakshmi’s Son
    Ramya Vashishta – Priyadarshini – Purushottam’s Wife
    Ravindranath – Shiv Prakash – Priyadarshini’s Father
    Ananya Mohan – Phalguni – Sreekantaswamy’s Daughter
    Vatsala Mohan – Sharavati – Sreekantaswamy’s Wife

    Madhavi Patel’s Family:
    Malavika – Madhavi Patel – Police S.P.
    Nagesh Yadav – Prabhanjan Misra – Madhavi Patel’s Husband
    Sethurao – Sadanand Patel – Madhavi Patel’s Father

    Arunachala Murthy’s Family:
    Hiriyannayya Harnahalli – Arunachala Murthy – Home Minister
    Raghu Samarth – Manmohan – Home Minister’s son
    Vidhya murthy – Indira Arunachala Murthy – Home Minister’s Wife

    Maitrayee’s Family:
    Rajesh – Dr. Sanjeev – Doctor
    Chitrashree – Dr. Maitrayee – Doctor
    Shushma – Prakruti – Dr. Maitrayee’s Daughter

    Annapurnamma’s Family:
    Kalpana Nagaraj – Annapurnamma – Annapurnam Food Products Owner
    Shrimati – Madhuvanti – Annapurnamma’s Daughter
    Dharmendra Aras – Mahesh – Madhuvanti’s Husband
    R.B. Prakurti – Chinmayi – Annapurnamma’s grand-daughter

    Arundhathi’s Friends:
    Shushma – Anupama – Arundathi’s Friend
    Sonia – Chanchala – Arundhathi’s Friend
    Jai Jagadish – Pramod Kumar – Arundhathi’s Friend

    Srinivasmurthy – Shivakrishna Desai – Party President
    Nagarajmoorthy R.V – Nagendrarao Raane – Minister
    G.K. Govindrao – Haradev Patel – Mukhyamantri

    Matha Related:
    Ajit Hunde – Swamiji – Swami

    D.C. Krishnamurthy – Dr. Kirandas – Doctor
    Jem Shivu – Dr. Dhananjaya – Doctor

    Police and Officers:
    Usha Bhandai – Sandhya Mangalvaade – CBI Officer
    Sudhindra Sharma – Chalam – Officer
    V.Kumar – Inspector Ranganath – Inspector
    Mico Shivu – Shivaraj Hegde – Inspector

    Court related:
    Sharat Lohitashwa – Sharat Suryawamshi – Lawyer
    Ravi Belegere – Nagabhushana Gouda – Judge
    Baraguru Ramchandrappa and Rani Satish – Judges

    Srinivas Prabhu – Topi Sheshappa –
    Lambu Nagesh – Chhabbriya – Divine Drops Owner
    Sudha Prasanna – (character name unknown) Sheshappa’s Wife
    Shashikar – Novodkar the don

    Gosh that took a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg time! 😉
    Please write if there are any mistakes (there are bound to be!)
    And if you know any other people that were not mentioned here! Like Mailaari Patil and Doctor Soujanya… any one ! 😛

    Have fun
    Keep 😛 !

  583. Amruta Says:

    Hey Pradeep,
    Don’t feel bad! 🙁 🙂
    Ok, You have Nanjunda’s Part lol, don’t go misusing it!
    Anyway, hope you all enjoyed the character list!

  584. Shruthi Says:

    Oh my god! Check that out! 😉 The entire list! Did you trouble your mom for it, Amruta? :))
    Thank you so much!
    You know, I discovered lots of things here…. Madhavi patel is MARRIED??????? 😯
    Chhabria = Lambu Nagesh!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Btw, I heard that Shivakrishna Desai and TNS are brothers in real life. Did you know that? Is it true?

  585. Amruta Says:

    Sorry, I’ve noticed some mistakes in my message that I had not noticed b4! 🙂
    Sanjay Anna, please change the following:

    Not Govardhan Family, Chidanand Murthy family
    And Chinmayi is Annapurnamma’s Granddaughter, not, Madhuvanti’s daughter,
    If you spot errors, please change that also!
    Keep 😛 (my trademark, keep :P) lol

  586. Amruta Says:

    Shruthi Akka!!
    Hey! Glad you like it!

  587. usha Says:

    Hi all

    I regularly follow “muktha” serial , accidentally i came across this link while browsing information related to Kannada works and contributions. I was surprised and happy to learn the popularity “Muktha” has obtained and i felt even more happy when such a big crowd is there to appreciate good kannada contribution jobs. When i miss watching the episodes, i now promptly come back to this link for the update, thanx a ton shruthi for lovely (crisp and clear)updates.

  588. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Shruthi, what you guessed is correct. Shivakrishna Murthy and TNS are brothers in real life. Shivakrishna murthy stays in Malleswaram . Also the role played by Dr.Kiran Das ( Krishnamurthy) is called as Kittu and he stays at S.P.Extn Malleswaram

  589. Avinash Says:

    Its ‘ Divya Raghuram’ and not ‘Divya Raghavan’ – Gowri – Sitalakshmi’s Daughter

  590. Chaitanya Says:

    Oh wow! Hats off to Amruta and ‘mom’ Amruta for the tremendous work!

    The classification of characters has come out so neat, I am sure even TNS and his team would admire 🙂 Job Well Done and Thanks!

    Few corrections:
    I guess few of the wicked characters are missing, the gangsters etc.
    I know of ‘Shashikumar’ as ‘Navodkar’ the don!

    Chidananda ‘murthy’ v/s Chidananda ‘swamy’ confused! 😉

    Another thing is both Mailari Patil and Manmohan are also the Assistant directors (theres a team of them) and heard that they were forced by TNS and others to act!


  591. Pavan Says:

    This blog is cool!!

  592. Avinash Says:

    Court related:
    Baraguru Ramchandrappa and Rani Satish – Judge(s)

  593. Murthy Says:

    Puroshoththama is Shankar Narayan.

    Incidentally I have some characters in our area like,
    Arunachala Murthy (Nera Vidya peetha)
    Gauri (Near Urvashi theatre)
    Puroshoththama (Nera Vidya peetha)
    Manmohan (Srinagar)
    TN Seetharam (In my friend’s marriage)
    Shreekantaswamy (Srinagar)
    Annapurnamma (Gandhibazar)
    Dr. Maitrayee (DVG Road)
    Ajit Hunde – Swamiji (MG Road)
    Sharat Suryawamshi (National College)- He was studying in National college when I was studying there.
    Chhabbriya (DVG Road)
    Mailari Patil (donno his actual name though), he was studying in National High School when I was studying there.

    It is just by accident, that I happened to see all these actors.

    Doctor Soujanya’s name is Hamsa.

  594. Diya Says:

    Amruta, it’s simply amazing… Thanx a lot to both u and u’re mom 🙂 A really wonderful job… And what a lot of tidbits I learnt today… My mom and granny will be really surprized to learn all these things… Thanx to all of u for these lovely bits of info… 🙂

  595. Diya Says:

    Amruta, it’s simply amazing… Thanx a lot to both u and u’r mom 🙂 A really wonderful job… And what a lot of tidbits I learnt today… My mom and granny will be really surprized to learn all these things… Thanx to all of u for these lovely bits of info… 🙂

  596. Murthy Says:

    Puroshoththama is Shankar Narayan.

    Incidentally I have seen some of these actors in our area like,

    Arunachala Murthy (Nera Vidya peetha)
    Gauri (Near Urvashi theatre)
    Puroshoththama (Nera Vidya peetha)
    Manmohan (Srinagar)
    TN Seetharam (In my friend’s marriage)
    Shreekantaswamy (Srinagar)
    Annapurnamma (Gandhibazar)
    Dr. Maitrayee (DVG Road)
    Ajit Hunde – Swamiji (MG Road)
    Sharat Suryawamshi (National College)- He was studying in National college when I was studying there.
    Chhabbriya (DVG Road)
    Mailari Patil (donno his actual name though), he was studying in National High School when I was studying there.

    It is just by accident, that I happened to see all these actors.

    Doctor Soujanya’s name is Hamsa.

  597. pradeep Says:

    Hi prajwal and usha welcome to this muktha blog.Prajwal nice to hear that u are in US.neevu US alli yelli iddira?Nanu illinois alli iddini.u can write me at amrutha thanks for giving me nanjunda’s role.Just to let u know that “nanna mushdi ge ondu hudugi beddare saku antha nanu eddare neevu playaround madabeda antayiddiralla??Ha Ha Ha.Shruthi ur the heroine,u didnt confer this title on me yet??neevu helidare nanage patta sikkahagene.

  598. a common man ಸಂಜಯ » Blog Archive » Muktha - T.N. Seetharam Says:

    Today was entirely about CP’s interrogation. My aunt said she was bored and there was nothing today, but I’d found it absolutely rivetting. The explanation of the heart problems in Kannada was excellent – I wish I could remember all the details and the new vocabulary (one picks up so many new/less frequently used words and their meanings just by the context of the usage). A bit tired today anyway will wait for the heroine to give out the details 🙂 Also the stakes involved was a very big surprise for me – billions of US $ – no wonder they went to the extent of murder!

    I have so many things more to say wrt many comments below but I have to sleep since I need to get up tomorrow to go all the way to electronics city 🙁 Btw spoke to Murthy today and he turned out to be my colleague… its a small world! 😀

    Amruta that’s really a fantastic piece of work 8) – thanks a ton to you and your mom!! I’ve updated the above post with it as well.


    Whenever you can, pls post some new or interesting words that you come across in Muktha, it would help increase our vocabulary! 🙂

    pituuri – conspiracy
    usage: taavu aa piturriyalli seeridri

    vistaaravaada – wide
    usage: vistaaravaada perspective (forgot kannada word for perspective 🙁 )

  599. picture of zoroastrianism Says:

    Declaration of Heaven on Earth!
    Chant this prayer & we will have heaven on earth:

    Dearest, greatest, holiest!
    Please give us all, the full heaven on earth!
    I thank you, & I worship you.

    For more information, please visit !

  600. Shruthi Says:

    As Sanjay said, Thursday’s episode was highly technical and detailed. I will try my best to do justice to the update, and of course, you are all there to correct me! 🙂

    CSP basically tracks the evolution of the discovery of the alkaloid in this episode.

    First he finds out that CP had been working at agri univ for 21000, and then took a job at Chhabria’s company for 79000 rupees per month.

    CSP describes the working of the heart, the effects of cholesterol on it, and the effects of the existing cures for it. [This was far too detailed for me to repeat here! ]. CSP shows the May 2002 issue of Current Science magazine, in which CP has published an article on miracle medicine, which he said that he himself had discovered. He had called it UGK2. He describes what effects the alkaloids he had extracted, have on the heart. He then takes out UG’s research paper, published in Feb 2002 itself, and reads out from it. She says she has extracted two alkaloids from KS soppu, and has called it UGK2. He then reads out the effects of the alkaloids, from that paper, and it is the same as the one CP had written about. CSP asks, aren’t these two the same? If this is not the same, tell me, CP, and i will apply for a patent for UG’s UGK2.

    He then says that Kantaraj Choudhury of Kolkata university was taken as an additional guide by UG. He has written an article for American Scientist magazine, March 2002 issue, talking about UG’s new discovery. So he proves that UG had already discovered it, and had submitted her paper in FEb 2002, but in April 2002, CP had returned it to her, saying its not enough information. And in May 2002, he had published the article claiming that he himself is the discoverer.

    CSP says, this is not the first time in the history of science that someone has taken credit for someone else’s discovery.. it has been happening all the time. Even WAtson and Crick, who discovered the DNA model, are supposed to have taken the work of the Frederiche (?), a young German girl, and shown it to the word as her own. Also, Frederiche was supposed to have committed suicide. There have been rumours about this. This seems to be the same case.

    CSP then says, in June 2002, UG had gone to some lawyers to put a case against CP for stealing her discovery. At that time itself, CP had applied for a patent. But UG had already entered her discovery in the Technical Knowledge Directory in Dec 2001 itself, and a patent cannot be taken for items in the TKD. So CP’s patent was to be rejected. [A patent has to satisfy three criteria – New, Useful, and non-obvious – and here, CP’s claim was new, useful, but it was not non-obvious becasue it was already in TDK, and the local tribals were already using it.].

    Then CSP asks, why did u name it UGK2? CP says, simply, some code word. So csp says, but UG named it so, because it stood for UG – usha gopinath, K – kempusanjeevini soppu, and 2 – for the two alkaloids extracted from it == UGK2. So you copied it directly!

    CSP then says, Divine drops is a bottling plant, but for their production, only X number of acres are enough. But the total area of Divine Drops factory is much, much more. And also CP, a scientist, has been working as a “manager” in that company. Why? So what CSP says is that behind the facade of a bottling company, there has been research going on in KS soppu.

    He says, other existing medicines are expensive and have to be taken very frequently. If this alkaloid is brought out as medicine, each tablet will cost only 1 rupee, and can be taken less frequently. it was a very great discovery. It would have meant 100 billion american dollars worth of business for Chhabria!!!
    So for all this, though you tried to persuade UG to join Chhabria’s company, she did not agree, and she had to be removed from the scene, thats why you took her to the university guest house and murdered her.

  601. Shruthi Says:

    From now, it will be difficult for me to give the update for Friday’s episodes, due to various reasons. Please arrange to provide the Friday updates. I can continue for the other days. Thanks! 🙂

  602. Sanjeev, Pune Says:

    The Psychiatrist who appeared as a witness in the start of the trial (during 25dec05-01jan06 week) is a practicing Gynaecologist, I have seen her in ETV’s health related programs, donno what’s her name.

  603. Guru Says:

    This is really a nice blog. Well done. Please keep it up.

    I stay in singapore, but no etv. Got addicted to this serial during my visit to bangalore. I searched a lot on the net, this is the only place where i can find and follow the story.

    Hope etv can start telecast via internet.

    Thanks for all of you, and i will follow the story everyday.

  604. kumar Says:

    hi amruta,

    Great Job! Really wanted that. I am taking printout and keeping it.The casting is simply great .

    yesterday’s episode was just superb!!!

  605. Guru Says:

    Regarding the discussion among anita and co. about the MNC bashing….

    While i agree common man’s life has improved, its also true that MNC’s are taking money out of india paying us peanuts. Another problem with this high salary is, while these ppl are able to afford, a common person with normal income will not be able to afford the commodities once that was in reach. (for eg: the real estate)

    While numerous factors need to be considered, everyone including politicians squarly blame only on MNC’s and MNC’s contribution to his problem is negligible.

    I can see lot of persons, who once were just spending their time without any job with beedis, are now moving around in car…. but still not doing anything!!!

    Regarding the culture being eroded due to MNC’s, i cannot accept it. Our media (TV,Movies etc.) have to take a larger share of blame than the few MNC’s.

    While the starting point of all the problems we are facing in India are the corrupt politicians, the root cause is “WE” all. We ourselves are to be blamed for all the inefficiancies we see.

  606. Murthy Says:

    Sanjay, Perspective andare DrishtiKona

  607. Rajashekara Kodancha Says:

    Friends, came across this website today while browsing for some Kannada works in website. Liked the people’s interest in this wonderful serial by TNS and also the discussion about MNCs “spoiling” the good life of old Bangaloreans. Nice work Sanjay and all. I found a media where I can get update on the serial even though my bus reaches late from all the jams, all the way from ITPB to Padmanabha Nagara!

  608. Sanjeev, Pune Says:

    kannada word for perspective is dRuShTi. Usage would be nanna dRuShTiyalli meaning In my perspective.

  609. Murthy Says:

    This is the world of globalisation ane liberalisation. I don’t believe MNC’s are spoiling people or state. In turn it is imprving our economy and is giving numerous opportunities to young Indians.
    Recently kumaraswamy complained while talking about the advent of IT, that auto drivers are earning meagre amount compared to IT guys. When people are not there, to travel then how can the auto drivers earn money.
    People should think that, with the advent of IT companies, not only educated Indians are getting opportunities, but also other doors are open for many people.
    There is a saying “People often look at the closed doors so long that they will forget that opportunities are beckoning at the other door.”
    Our (certainly not) politicians should come out of there “Koopa Mandooka Nyaya”.
    When other countries are falling head over heals to invite MNC’s to invest in there country, ours is the only country I believe where people or rather politicians cannot forsee our country improving.

    Globalisation and Liberalisation are boon to India. We have to take advantage of this, instead of complaining.

  610. Amruta Says:

    Heloo 😀
    Ok, I have alot to reply to! 😛
    First of all,
    Thankyou to
    Shruthi Akka, Chaitanya Anna, Diya, Sanjay Anna and Kumar (Anna?) who commented on the character list. My mother’s name is Anasuya, and she and I wish to once again say:
    Much Obliged Your Honour!

    Avinash and Murthy, Thankyou for correcting whatever I dd wrong, one thing was a typo and the others was just, well I didn’t even know their names!

    To Pradeep, it’s my pleasure in giving you Nanjunda’s part!

    And Chaitanya Anna, thanks for adding that extra stuff and Sanjay Anna for correcting it! 😉

    If there’s anything like that ever to do again, plz tell me, coz I’m a person without a job unlike you guys and I get extremely bored easily (as you can see, I come her like every day 😉 )

    In the character cast list, if we can remember the Bad guys then we can start a Bad Guy: section in it..
    Speaking of which,

    That’s it for now!
    Have fun
    Keep 😛 !

  611. Amruta Says:

    I just thought I’d tell you, that I have something up my sleeve that I’ll be sending Sanjay anna soon!

  612. Venki Says:

    Amrutha, one who was involved in columbia copper company case was Indrajit Choudhary. Is this the name you were looking for?

  613. Chaitanya Says:

    That was a sweet reply Amruta! Well for your ‘Much obliged your honour’ all I would say in typical Ravi Belegere style ‘Continue maadi’ 🙂 Eagerly waiting for the one you have mentioned 😉

    I tried posting this link yesterday but didn’t work due to some problems. Here it is :
    Usha Kattemane: namma seethaaraam

    It has quite a bit of trivia on TNS and his works by Usha Kattemane.


  614. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Till Yesterday I only knew cause of heart attack ( increase of Fats and Cholestrol in bodY) but never knew the cause of increase of Cholestrol.

    Thanks CSP ooops!!!!!! TNS

  615. Roopesh Says:

    Hi Prasanna Sastry avare, neevu heluthiruvudu Shivakrishna Murthy ya athava Shivakrishna Desai??.

  616. Roopesh Says:

    Hey all, by the way do u people know that Mukta is being re-telecast at 11 p.m. for people like me who work in shifts (I keep missing Mukta while I am in the second shift 2 pm to 10 pm and sometimes just to see Mukta, I work in the first shift) Came to know only yesterday. Catch up at 11 pm if anyone of u have missed watching at 9 pm

  617. Roopesh Says:

    Hey all, by the way do u people know that Mukta is being re-telecast at 11 p.m. for people like me who work in shifts (I keep missing Mukta while I am in the second shift 2 pm to 10 pm and sometimes just to see Mukta, I work in the first shift) Came to know only yesterday. Catch up at 11 pm if anyone of u have missed watching at 9 pm ( Dont know why ETV has no publicised this re-telecast.

  618. msanjay Says:

    Today’s update:

    Suryavamshi, Rane and Chabria are having a tense discussion about the deterioration of their case by CSP. SS assures them that CSP is only doing a lot of guesswork and they’re still safe and there’s nothing to worry. They’re slightly relieved but then he adds that the same cannot be said about the UG case, chances for that are pretty slim. They become crestfallen again.

    Chabria says that it dosent matter even if he loses the case, but all his power and prestige in life has been due to UGK2, and this is his primary concern. Then SS suggests that there’s only one way to save their skins, and that is to try and settle the case out of court. Chabria says that there is no way Shivakrishna Desai is going to agree but then SS says that if its said in the right way, he will.


    Manmohan’s mother Indira comes and meets Arunadhati. She reminds Arundhati of some incident long ago where she’d saved Arundhati, and Arundhati feels obligated to her. Then she tells her that Manmohan still wishes she would somehow agree to marry him over time, and has not been able to forget him. Then she says there’s only one way out – she wants Arundhati to get married to someone else as soon as possible. She requests Arundhati to excuse her for troubling her for her own selfishness but says she could not see any way out. Arundhati agrees to plan to find someone and get married as soon as possible, and Indiri is very happy and relieved shedding a tear of happiness. On her way out, she adds one more thing, that once Arundhati personally informs Manmohan about her marriage, it may be a bit hard for him, but it will help him in forgetting about her.


    SD sips a cup of coffee… and looks at his visitors – SS, Rane and Chabria. Rane speaks very highly of SD, and says deep down he knew that SD was innocent, and did not want him to suffer any more. Even now only SD is the favorite among the people. Since they were all part of the same party, why quarrel amongst themselves, lets just forget about it and settle the whole thing. Rane could become the CM and SD could become the Deputy CM.

    SD is surprised at this turnaround, and questions whether it is out of anukampa for him, or whether they are afraid that they’re losing the case.

    Then SS says in a tough tone that if he believes CSP that CSP is going to win the case, then he is done for. CSP has only done guesswork, but whatever he has proved so far amounts to nothing, bekaadre CSPavaranne kELi! SS is confident that everything will be dismantled at the time of argument. He adds that for sure SD will land up in jail if the case continues.

    Then Rane adds that if SD isn’t comfortable with being Deputy CM, he could even be the CM, and Rane would be deputy, and he’d be happy working under SD. [It looks like Rane is the nice guy and SS is the tough guy]. SS makes the choice very clear – choose between jail, and CM.

    SD looks thoughtful.


  619. msanjay Says:

    Since this happened, I found that Indian males in the age of 40 to 60 are the most prone to heart diseases leading to cardiac arrest! Because of our lifestyle – including eating and excercising (lack of it 😉 ) habits. Ya Prasanana, CSP’s explanation yesterday was really educational, to say the least! 🙂 More information can be found on the net for example BBC: Heart disease

  620. Amrut Kasyap Says:

    Hello All,

    I was googling TNS and mukta and happened to come across this blog. Read a few of the replies. Have to say “chenagede”. Great. Have to ask one thing. Can anybody direct me to the poem list or a book which TNS as in CSP quotes in the serial. Some are very meaningful and would definetly make a interesting read. Let me know. Thanks

  621. Amrut Kasyap Says:

    Hello All,

    I was googling TNS and mukta and happened to come across this blog. Read a few of the replies. Have to say “chenagede”. Great. Have to ask one thing. Can anybody direct me to the poem list or a book which TNS as in CSP quotes in the serial. Some are very meaningful and would definetly make a interesting read. Let me know. Thanks

  622. Amruta Says:

    Omg, I have a great idea!!
    We can write a list of CSP’s quotes and up date it whenever they are new ones!! Amrut gave me the idesa, Since their is no book, or anything (that’s what i think anyway) Why don’t we just start one ourselves? Anyone that thinks something said in the show, (not only by CSP) or even something that’s already been said, just add it!

    chabbriya is annoying me, and Suryavamshi is handling the problem well, I like Shart’s acting, and CSP’s, of course!!
    that’s all for now,
    have fun
    Keep 😛 !

  623. a common man ಸಂಜಯ » Blog Archive » Muktha - dialogues Says:

    ok Amruta here it is! 🙂

  624. prajwal Says:

    Hey guys do u remember the cross examination of indrajit choudary?It was awsome probably one of the best scenes in the serial.Any chemical guys around here?I am not able to recollect the chemical name?was it ethanol or something like that i think.Guys i am disappointed nobody welcomed me to the blog except pradeep???I may be in US now but i am still a hardcore kannadiga.

  625. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Hi Prajwal, sanjay has made this blog open to all and we can walkin as an univited guest and become a part of this Family.

    Nimmanna yaaru sawal madodilla.

  626. B.VENKAT Says:






  627. msanjay Says:

    Hi prawal… like Prasanna’s said you’re more than welcome here, this is an open forum… Just walk in or out whenever you like, feel at home (page) 😉 here and you can even welcome others yourself if you like 🙂 When there are a lot of posts sometimes some may get missed out, or people may sometimes read and appreciate but not have anything to say, so it dosen’t matter and is all part of the game 8) Hmm btw sorry I cant recollect the name of that chemical – it did sound like ethanol but I doubt it. Maybe some googling would help.

    ದೃಷ್ಟಿಕೋಣ (dRuShTikONa = perspective) was the word I was looking for, thanks guys! 🙂

  628. pradeep Says:

    Prajwal i think the name of the chemical was lethanon.Yes truely that was the best crossexamination i ever saw.I just googled lethanon and found out that its one of the raw material in developing nuclear weapons.So we r not only throwing light on social issues,we r learning a lot about science too.Amruta where is ur presentation??Please update ur presentation about the crossexamination.

    Friends lets all meet sometime during this summer and have a muktha samvada with some bisibelebath.I am planning to come to bangalore this summer so maybe we will have a gettogether sometime during may.Hopefully shruthi and amrutha will be cooking bisibelebath for us that day.Ha Ha Ha.

  629. Diya Says:

    Pradeep the chemical was “lethanol”..not lethanon… It might’ve been a typo on u’r part… Well I heard that TNS will be completing the serial in another 15 episodes…Is it true?? Does anyone have any additional info on this??

  630. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I cant understand why Aru is acting funny. When indira comes and asks her if she loved mano she should have said yes and stopped shedding tears. I think she is not decisive about who her partner should be. What Indira Arunachalamurthy said was correct either marry him or get out of his life. I support indira

  631. Anitha Says:

    I suggest that TNS should dedicate one day’s episode to Aru & Manmohan and finish their story (That day we can all plan to take a break from seeing muktha 🙂 )…

    Dragging the same story day after day is really irritating ..This is not expected out of a director like TNS.

  632. Rajashekara Kodancha Says:

    Any anticipation of today’s episode of Muktha? Will Shivakrishna Desai saahebru accept the offer of Rane and others? I can see a clear NO…And as Prasanna says Arundharti is acting stupid. May be her character represents the “dwandva manassu” of any person..

  633. Diya Says:

    I totally agree with all of you who are bugged of Aru’s story.. Can’t TNS give some kind of an end to her tale?? The viewers want “mukthi” from her never ending saga… I really see no point in dragging it for so long… And can someone plz tell me why her character is one of the only ones i’ve come across in his serials, as a regressing one??

    As for today’s episode, is it really so easy for SKD to emphatically say no?? SS is after all more reputed a lawyer with more convictions to his name…His words are very convincing to a layman…Also, Rane and co have already planted enough evidences and false trails, and can do so more convincingly with SS’s help… I wonder if SKD will say no outright…!!

  634. msanjay Says:

    I concur with Diya’s words that SS speaks quite convincingly, and that SKD can’t just say no so easily. My guess is that he’ll buy time and consult with CSP.

    Wrt Arundathi, I’ve seen a girl in her situation in real life. She was known for her decisiveness – that once she’s made a decision, she *never* changes it – even after situations change. Now on the one hand, this can be called as being decisive. On the other hand it can be called stubborn and inflexible 🙂 I guess Arundhathi may be having a hard time at drawing the line. I totally support Indira Arunachalamurthy’s approach as well – its much more clear cut. Yeah Anitha, maybe one full episode to resolve it will help give mukthi from her saga 😆

  635. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    SKD has to say no since CSP had already told about the implications that would arise in closing the case in the middle. But Still anyone given this choice would agree to close the case and get away.

  636. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Aru’s position is like ” Akki mele preethi Nentara mele Aase.”

  637. Diya Says:

    Prasanna, can u explain the meaning of the gaade?? Though CSP had explained the reasons for continuing with the case, this situation is different..At that time, it was his life which was in danger..Now, it’s the prosecution who want to close the case..So, they would definitely have to give some specific safeguards before the case can be formally withdrawn..And Sanjay, I don’t think Aru is decisive..It’s only her immaturity or false sense of high self worth which is making her behave the way she is.. If it were to be any other positive trait, she should have gone around with a smile, and not the sorry face as she does now… 🙂 Don’t u think so??

  638. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    The gaade is in the earlier days one used to earn the food or livelyhood (akki) only by leaving their near and dear and staying away from them. So that time you would be definitely missing all nentaru. So a person could either get akki or nentaru never both.

  639. Diya Says:

    Thanx Prasanna 🙂

  640. Anitha Says:

    Don’t waste your energy by trying to analyse Aru’s character …I don’t think even TNS has taken her so seriously …:) She is just a filler with no particular positive or negative trait… 🙂

    I think even TNS knows that Aru & Manmohan case is just a FILLER for the serial. Because somebody in the recent Samvada , asked TNS as to why he was delaying any decision on Aru & Manmohan… then TNS just laughed it off…

    I don’t think any particular weightage has been given to Aru or manmohan’s characters … sumne timepass…

  641. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    aadre vikshakarige kai kalu mai yella parchothara aguthe!!!! Ashte vishaya.

  642. Chaitanya Says:


    I kind-of feel the ‘akki mele aase nentaru mele preethi’ has come from ‘you want to invite relatives/friends, but at the same time do not want to spend the rice (grains) for them’. Hence you can’t have both.

    May be, it has both origins, but means the same in the end, ‘you cant have the cake and eat it too’.


  643. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Chaitanya, i think i reversed the aase and preethi. This happens to me everytime with this gaade only .

  644. Shruthi Says:

    Hi all!

    Yes, Chaitanya’s interpretation of the gaade is right, and yes, Aru is getting on my nerves 🙂

    But this message is to say that due to various reasons, I will not be able to continue giving the updates. 🙁 If the situation changes shortly, I will resume it. But meanwhile please pitch in and make sure that the updates are always up to date 😉

    I will not be regular to this blog also henceforth, but I will surely drop in once in a while!

    Have fun 🙂

  645. Ramesh Says:

    Pradeep’s idea of organizing a meet for all this bloggers is a very good one. I think we should take this suggestion seriously to have a informal get to-gether. Please come out with your suggestions on how to go about it, along with a choice of venues.


  646. Diya Says:

    Update – Monday’s episode…

    Part 1: SKD, MP and CSP are conferring regarding the offer to withdraw the case. MP is vehement in her refusal. She says that at no cost should we agree to take back the case. SKD also says that Rane “mukhastuthi” maadidru. I’ve no intention of agreeing to withdraw the case, says SKD. He also says that Rane will not be defeated, if he fights the election with SKD, as he (SKD) has a lot of political clout. He also lays before the other two the offer he was made regarding the CM’s post.. CSP then asks about the fate of MP, to which he says that she would be transferred as SP to the place of her choice, and would also be considered for a speedy promotion. Mp says that whatever tricks they try we should not agree to this. CSP then says that as per section 321 CrPC, the consent of the accused is not required to withdraw the case. It is the sole prerogative of the court in all discretion to do so. MP is unhappy. She then asks CSP his opinion.

  647. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    yest’s episode was all about the withdrawing the case which the state has put on MP and SKD. Initially MP and SKD discuss this with CSP, CSP says that this was a nice chance to come out unharmed to their Character with SKD could become CM or DyCM and MP could getback her Uniform. Also under Section 321 prosecutor has full rights to withdraw the case whenever they choose to do so. CSP even says that 99.999999% the court favours withdrawl.

    In the court when SS pushes this opinion of withdrawl Judge is shocked and he argues that SS has to give valid reasons for the withdrawl. SS says that since prosecutor has chosen to withdraw the court has only to give the consent and cant decide on it. CSP argues that for 3 months their clients were made to suffer and when prosecutor felt that Rane and Chhabria were in trouble they felt it was safe for them to wash off their hand from the case.

    Judge makes it clear that SS has to provide all the reasons why they want to withdraw from the Case. Rest today……

  648. msanjay Says:

    Thanks Diya, Prasanna…
    [Diya, will wait for further parts]

    I liked yesterday’s episode a lot, it was really very involving. Shruti had warned me before about her possible unavailability [but was hoping it wouldnt actually happen 😉 – its like an anti-climax if the heroine suddenly dissappears!!] so didnt post an update myself.

    Btw whats mukhastuthi? lip sympathy?

    Yesterday there was a bit of poetry as well… (if someone can remember it pls post it) when CSP in part 1 of Diya’s update acts as the devil’s advocate trying to justify why they are much better off in agreeing to close the case.

  649. Diya Says:

    Update contd:

    Part 2: CSP first lays out the pros of accepting the offer. He says that MP who’s an innocent victim will no longer have to eat from an aluminium plate, with those same thieves and murderers whom she put in jail, and sleep on an iron bed. Is it not an improvement over the present state of affairs, he asks.. He then says that SKD can contest the elections without any fear and also win.. He says that what would SKD and MP gain by convicting Rane and Chhabria??

    CSP: I may drag out a few cases in which Rane was involved. I may even prove his involvement in this AM case.. But, this court will not have the power to convict him. As for Chhabria, his empire may be shaken..But at the end of the day, more such rane’s and Chhabria’s will still remain.. Of what personal gain is it to you, if they are found guilty?? If on the other hand you accept their terms, you can be free MP from this hell..Does it not seem better?? And suppose we do decide to object to their petition, and suppose the case continues, then also I cannot assure you of winning.. The points which I’ve brought out till now, are small points which the very capable SS can easily counter.. It’s only my dramatising them which has made them seem bigger tham they actually are.. Don’t go by my dramatics..

    MP then says that even if the aluminium plate and iron bed are “khayam” for me, I don’t care. We should proceed with the case. And she also says that it’s very cynical to say that we would be doing no good in proving the guilt of Rane and co, as there would be more of them elsewhere.. SKD also says that though he may win the election and become the CM or Dy CM, he would always have to hang his head in shame in front of the people. He says CM post “sukhakke sari irabahudu, aadare aatmakke yaavagalu kashta”.. Mp asks why they are playing this game of sking for their consent if the law does not require them to do so.. SKD says that if RAne fights the election with SKD (who has political influence and also a very good image) and MP (who has public sympathy), by his side, and all of them are portrayed smiling and friendly, there is no way he can lose the elections. The cunning chap that he is, he must have considered all these factors before proposing to withdraw the case..

    Mp says that at no cost should they agree to this offer. CSP agrees and is about to leave when MP call him back and says sorry. CSP looks questioning, to which she says, “Sir, we never thought about you at all. If this case continues your life will be in great danger. We may have to face a prison term of 10 years or so after which we will come out, but you stand in danger of your life. The protection the judge has ordered cannot be relied upon..Have’nt we seen enough shootings in the court premises?? You should not lose your life in trying to save us..Your life is too precious and more neccessary than indicting a Rane or a Chhabria..So, let us agree to withdraw the case.. Let them do whatever they want and get lost..”

    CSp gives a half-smile and walks away…

  650. Diya Says:

    Sanjay “mukhastuthi” means praising someone to their face, when all along both of them know that those words of praise are only to maintain a mask in front of others.. And it’s so true what u’ve said…Without the heroine, it’s no fun at all… I just read my post and am shocked at how bad it is.. PLz people don’t mind… Shruthi, plz plz plz plz come back 🙁 We find it really difficult without u… 🙁

    Can someone plz tell me if they want a more detailed version of the last part?? Or can u make do with prasanna’s concise version??

  651. Diya Says:

    I missed out another interesting observation which SKD makes. He says that he has asked for a day’s time to think about the offer as it was not only his future which was tied up.. He says that for a politician it may become a cause to garner public sympathy after a stint in jail.. (Gandhiji style 🙂 After all he’s a great follower 🙂 ) …But, for an honest and upright officer, it’s not the same..

    I felt this to be a very apt comment 🙂 And as for the poetry bit which Sanjay mentioned, the language was way beyond my comprehension… I could only make out that it’s got something to do with how if MP and others don’t continue with the case at all, then there is no cause of concern to anyone…

    Mp also says that CSP has brought out unimaginable points in the UG case which has scared Chhabria..She also says that Rane was involved in 4-5 murder cases in as far as her knowledge was present..

    I’m sorry for this patchy and shoddy work… Sanjay, if Shruthi can’t make it, plz post the updates u’rself 🙂 Else, the number of people visiting u’r blog will dramatically fall 🙂

  652. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Diya, I think you were too good in answering the Essay type questions in School which used to carry around 9 marks. You can memorize the entire lesson word by word. So you are the best Choice to post the updates other than shruthi. Sanjay Anna what do you feel ???

  653. Diya Says:

    Thanx Prasanna.. 🙂 But does that mean that I should post part 3??

  654. msanjay Says:

    Diya I think your update was pretty good 😉 Nothing that I can recall that you’ve missed in whatever you’ve covered in the 9 marks answer 😀 ! The fact that you’ve hardly made any spelling mistakes is pretty commendable as well! There is a good flow in the narration, ok maybe except a bit here and there – dosent matter – you yourself have recognised and mentioned it 🙂

    Apart from that, another room for improvement is that its run out of steam somewhere and dosen’t cover all the details till the end… but looks like you haven’t completed yet anyway 🙂

    I can only try to write updates at home (on the same night but not the next day). Because I write at night I straightaway write from beginning to end continuosly, then maybe review and edit – filling in more details here and there.

    But here are some suggestions more useful for time-bound writing:

    Consider how much time you have. Then write down the key points in bullets like an outline (like an artist draws an outline in pencil 😉 ). Then add the main details to each para. Even if you think of something else, take a decision whether the time for it is useful or not. If not, optionally just put it as a bullet mark and don’t follow it up – just stick to the current level of detail. Later if you’ve more time, you can go to the next level and so on.

    One more thing is that you can feel free to edit it and repost the same comment marking it in the beginning as a repost. Better do the editing in a local text editor and paste it into the post – sometimes if the website is down or the comment gets held up for moderation you may end up losing what you typed.

    I’m least worried about popularity of the blog increasing or reducing since thats definitely never been something in my control 😆 Note that I’ve already mentioned in the beginning (in bold) that this particular page isn’t “my” page 😀

    So if you get time and inclination – do your best. Anyway we’ll support you with corrections/more details 😀

  655. msanjay Says:

    Ramesh – I second you on that!

    haLLi mane of Malleswaram might not be a bad place.

    We might also consider meeting at the Kannada Wikipedia conference where apart from getting a good exposure to the speakers and press meet and so on (I’ve never been in one so far), could also find some quiet corner during lunchtime or after its over (for those who can’t make it for the whole day – we can arrange to meet them at 5 PM or so.

    A press meet and a gathering of Kannada Wikipedians and all those who take interest in Kannada Wikipedia will be held on April 2, 2006 Sunday. There will be talks on how to use Unicode, how to enable it on your system to how to use and contribute to a Wiki. The event would be held in Bangalore. You’re welcome to participate in it and take part in what can probably be the best service to do for Kannada language to grow on the Internet.

    Please note:

    Registration is free.
    Why Register?

    Registering would help us arrange the event in a better way. There are also limited seat arrangments for the meet, so please register yourself.

    Venue: Nayana Auditorium, Kannada Bhavana, J C Road, Bangalore – 02
    Date: April 2, 2006 – Sunday
    Time: 4 PM to 8 PM

    I’m pretty sure that H.P. would’ve tried inviting TNS as well though its hard to make any guess whether he’d be able to make it or not…

  656. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I might just miss that event. I’m coming to Blr on 24th Mar to fulfill all my CL and Sick Leaves. I have a week’s time and starting back right on Apr 2nd back to Hyd.

    What Ramesh has suggested would be a good move and my sincere request is that pl schedule it between Mar 25 and Apr 1 .

  657. Srik Says:

    The poem which CSP recited yesterday…

    Batta Bayalella gattiyadode swarga martya patalakke taavelli
    Male haniyella muttadode sapta sagarakke neerelli.

    If everyone becomes good, then whats the meaning of life?
    World should contain MPs and SKDs as well as Ranes and Chabrias.

    – Srik

  658. Shruthi Says:

    Hey Diya, your update is very good…. I also used to read my update every day and feel, Oh no, this is so bad! 😀 As long as it is clear and conveys the story properly, it doesn’t matter. Do not worry about spellings and grammar too much…. you will spend all your time on that itself, if you try to be perfect.
    Follow Sanjay’s tips… write the update depending on how much time you have. And big, big warning… Always type it elsewhere, in notepad or something, and only then, paste it in the comment space.

    Hey all, I hope to be back soon… but you never know! If I can, I will definitely take over the updates again, but looking at Diya’s update, I doubt if you will like mine after hers 😀 – hers is so detailed! More later!

  659. Srik Says:

    Hey Sanjay,
    Thanks for the info on that WIKIpada conference.
    I’ll try to attend it, as I’ve never attended a press conference.

    – Srik.

  660. Amruta Says:

    I think most ppl wouldn’t find Aru’s story interesting because they’re too involved in the courtcase. 😀

    But then, maybe that’s just me, there are probably heaps of ppl that really don’t agree with what I’m saying and really TRULY dislike her story…

    WEll anyway, that’s all frm me,
    Have fun
    Keep 😛 !

  661. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Amrutha, what time do you watch Muktha
    daily ????

  662. Diya Says:

    Thanx Sanjay and Shruthi…And Sanjay I did’nt cover the last part as the detailed version would become very technical..I felt that the concise version which Prasanna provided gave a clear picture regarding the happenings.. Well, this week I’m pretty free and will definitely try and take up the daunting challenge of filling Shruthi’s space 🙂 My only complaint with Shruthi is that this is too interesting a point in the proceedings for you to stay away from here 🙂 🙂 :)….

    Well thanx again to both Sanjay and Shruthi for their timely tips.. 🙂

  663. KA.KTpanta Says:

    hi all,

    i dont know if u all know…but mukta videos are available in…a dedicated bunch of people are doing a great job in reaching these serials and movies to digas abroad. if even a few of all the enthusiasts here can join hands with those people in recording mukta and uploading it on, they will be very happy… please do your bit. thanks.

    also everyone pls chek out ….it is the best forum anywhere on the internet. there are nearly 10000 members and fast growing…it is the U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E timepass site…pls participate there…

    btw…immensely pleased with this blog…keep up the good work.

  664. Murthy Says:

    Ellarigu Namaskaaragalu,
    I had been out on a training for last two days, so could not take part in this forum.

    Arundhathi should go for a counselling. She is very indecisive in her decisions. Ofcourse, situations will make people indecisive.

    Learnt that the chemical names used in the columbia copper co’s case was hypothetical. Heard that, this was mentioned by TNS during one of the samvada.

  665. Diya Says:

    Update – Tuesday’s episode.

    Part 1: Aru is very disturbed after Indira’s visit. Gowri asks her the reason for her unhappiness and is told about the reason for I’s visit. Aru confesses that she’s not able to accept the reality of having to stay away from Manmohan. Gowri’s attempts to convince her to accept him are refuted and Aru says that she’s already made a promise to I, that she would marry someone else. Gowri is disturbed that it’s always Aru who is made the scapegoat, for all the selfish reasons of both AM and his wife. Aru says that these thoughts are all academic, and that she’s going to convince the family to accept her decision to marry PK.

    Part 2: SS lays down 3 points as valid grounds for the govt decision to withdraw the case. He says that SKD is a respected leader and a Gandhian, and MP is an upright and honest officer who has been awarded the President’s medal too. He says that considering these aspects the govt has decided to withdraw the case against them. The next point is that the elections are approaching and the case has created confusion in the minds of the people. This has led to skirmishes which have affected the law and order situation. This kind of situation would prevent people from exercising a clear, uncoerced franchise. Also, many organizations are coming out in protest against the govt in this regard, as can be seen from the presence of some Raita Sangha members in the court premises. He also argues that it’s in the interest of the accused that the govt has taken this decision.

    CSP then argues – in a strong and almost angry tone – that this reasoning is a sham. He says that the decision has been taken only to protect the interests of Rane and Chhabria, which makes for vested interest in withdrawing the case. He has brought out many points to indicate the guilt of Rane and co. He also says that the honesty and integrity of the accused did not suddenly change over the past 3 months, and after having filed the case, “iddhakiddahaage hEge avarige eega gnaanodayavaayitu, your Honour?” And that is no reason to give consent. He emphasises that the case is being withdrawn for vested reasons, and hence the court should not agree to it.

    SS says that all of CSP’s points and evidences in the case so far had only been dramatisised, and that he can refute each of them during the time of argument. He also says that CSP should just agree to the offer and get his clients released.

    Part 3: The judge gives his ruling, with words nearly to this effect : “ The stand taken by CSP for countering the reasons given by the prosecution are not going to be considered. He talks about the merits of the case when he talks about Rane and Co’s guilt, which cannot be considered during a petition on section 321CrPC. But… on the other hand the reasons given by the govt “haasyaspada vaagidaave”.. It was always known that the accused were eminent in their respective fields and were well thought of. It is nothing new. Secondly, it has not come to the notice of the court that there have been any law and order problems as a result of this case. Even if there were, its the responsibility fo the government to handle it and cannot becoming an influencing factor in the court’s decision. Also, regarding elections, the case was filed after the dates were announced. So, it should have no bearing on the case and it’s outcome or vice-versa. All this goes to show the vested interests at play here. So, the court rejects the petition to withdraw the case, filed under section 321 CrPC.”

    Rane and Chhabria are crushed, SM has a little smile, SS is stoic, SKD and MP are happy, and CSP is shown bowing to the judge.

  666. Diya Says:

    Hi all… U’re all free to please correct me if I’ve gone wrong anywhere.. And all suggestions for improvement are welcome..

    I don’t agree with Gowri’s statement that Aru is on the recieving end of the selfishness of MM’s family time and again. I feel that she has brought it on herself by her immaturity and poor judgement. But, anyways, if she does marry PK, at least her story will be brought to an end!!! 🙂

    And I’m sorry for posting the update so late.. 🙂

  667. Anitha Says:

    As the case is progressing they should have shown some activity on Sandhya Mangalavade’s side … They introduced her with big bang … as the most honest and disciplined officer. She is not doing anything even after some things are coming to lime light .. appears quite strange …

    Even if we think that there is a conspiracy between SS and SM .. atleast they should have shown that ..

    There should have been some scenes to indicate what is going on at her end…

  668. Ravi Says:

    Hi All,
    Thanks for these updates on this serial,,, this site has helped me a lot, it is as if I am watching the serial in fornt of me though I am in France…
    Thanks to every one for updating this daily.


  669. Diya Says:

    Anitha, if SM’s role is revealed now, there will not be any suspense at all..I feel it would be better to bring out her role in the proceedings at a later date..

  670. Chaitanya Says:

    Muktha gets an award as the Kannada’s best tele serial and our dear TNS, the best Teleserial director! No surprises I would say.

    And guess what, Rane sahebru (Nagaraj Murthy) gets the best Villain. Again I would say no surprises for he plays it so naturally! (being a real life politician helps, may be).


  671. Diya Says:

    Hi all… I miy’day’s episode due to power cuts at both 9 and 11 PM… CAn someone please update the episode??

  672. Diya Says:

    Hi all… I missed y’day’s episode due to power cuts at both 9 and 11 PM… Can someone please update the episode??

  673. Amruta Says:

    Hey everyone,
    haven’t come for awhile,
    Diya, your updates are really good!! I’d say just like Shruthi Akka’s…
    Well Prasanna, let’s see… the time zone gap, 5 and half hours diff. meaning India and Australia (Melb) India is behind…would mean, if Muktha is comig and 9:00 pm It would be coming here @ precisely 2:30 (i presume) so that’s not exactly a convenient time.. but we do have a VCR and a cassette for all the days where we record the programs from ETV because that’s the only Kannada channel we have so if you’re asking me what time I watch it, ………. I’d tell you around 6:30 in the morning before I go to school, you see, I’m REALLY impatient so I can’t wait until I get back from school, even though the cassette isn’t gonna go anywhere…

    So even though I have the choice of watching it peacefully at 4:30 I choose to watch my fave. program @ 6:30 in the morning, while I’m eating my brekky!


    So… ooh, my father is going to write out some vachana’s that CSP has said, it’ll be easy for us, because we are Lingayath’s and follow Basava Dharma 😉

    So hope to talk soon
    Have fun,
    Keep 😛 !

  674. Nagesh Kumar Says:

    Sir, I am a Chennai based kannadiga. I watch Muktha daily even though it was not available on regular cable service here and I had to byy a set top Box for 4k to see ETV Kannada.
    I would like to correspond by mail with sri Ravi Belegere who plays the judge, a well known TV show host himself and also the editor of Hai Bengalooru magazine. Can anyone provide me the Email Id of sri Ravi belagere . Mail me at in advance

  675. msanjay Says:

    Yesterday was really good, Rane got introduced for cross-examination! I’ll provide an update later this evening if possible but I hope someone can do it in the meantime! Chaitanya that’s great news… though it was no surprise I think its really great recognition! Rane definitely deserved the villain prize esp after his diabolical hypocricy yesterday. In fact yesterday there were many delicate moments in terms of subtle expressions and so on.

    Nagesh I’ll let you know if I find out his email id – meanwhile you can try writing to muktha at bhoomika dot net though so far I’ve never got any response from there 😛

    Yeah I’m quite curious about what SM is upto!

    Amruta, kind of missed you esp when even Shruti Akka wasnt around, great to see you again! Really looking forward to your dad’s writings of some vachanas!! 🙂 Btw I happen to be a Lingayath as well 😀 – in fact I’ve composed a post on one of his vachanas myself but nowadays I’m running short of time, and its still in Draft state, I’ll be posting it soon 🙂

  676. siri Says:

    muktha is an excellent serial

  677. Diya Says:

    Thanx Amruta…And Sanjay, I doubt if I would be able to provide the updates regularly for the next 2 weeks… I may evenhave to miss watching Muktha 🙁 So, plz provide the updates..Then I won’t have to feel too bad on missing it..

  678. ಹೆಚ್ ಪಿ Says:

    ಎಲ್ರಿಗೂ ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ. ಸಂಜಯ್ ಮತ್ತು ಇನ್ನೆಲ್ಲರೂ ಈ ಪುಟವನ್ನು ಅಷ್ಟೊಂದು ಸೀರಿಯಸ್ ಆಗಿ ತಗೊಂಡು ಎಷ್ಟೆಲ್ಲಾ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ಸಂಗ್ರಹಿಸಿರೋದು, ಸಮಯ ಹಾಕಿರುವುದನ್ನ ನೋಡಿದರೆ ಟಿ ಎನ್ ಸೀ ಅವರ ಅಭಿಮಾನಿಗಳು ಎಷ್ಟೊಂದು ಜನ ಇದ್ದಾರೆ ಎಂಬುದು ತಿಳಿಯತ್ತೆ :)ಆದರೂ ನಮ್ಮೆಲ್ಲರ ನಡುವೆಯೇ ಮಾತು ಮುಂದುವರೆದರೆ ಹೇಗೆ? ಟಿ ಎನ್ ಸೀತಾರಾಂ ಅವರ ಬಗೆಗಿನ ವಿಕಿಪೀಡಿಯ ಲೇಖನ ಕೂಡ ಇಷ್ಟೊಂದು ಉತ್ಸಾಹ ಕಂಡುಕೊಂಡಂತಿಲ್ಲ.:

    ಯಾರಾದರೂ ಮಾಹಿತಿ ಅಲ್ಲಿ ಹಾಕುತ್ತೀರ?
    ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಸೇರಿಸುತ್ತಿರುವವರು, ಮಾಹಿತಿಯನ್ನ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಸೇರಿಸಿ:ಟಿ ಎನ್ ಸೀತಾರಾಂ

    ಪ್ರತಿದಿನ ಇದನ್ನ “ಒಮ್ಮೆ ನೋಡು ಹರಿ”‌… “ಏನಾದರೂ ಕಾಮೆಂಟ್ ಹಾಕು” ಅಂತ ಸಂಜಯ್ ಹೇಳುತ್ತಲೇ ಇದ್ದರೂ ಬರೇ ಇಲ್ಲಿ ನಡೆಯುತ್ತಿರೋ ಸ್ವಾರಸ್ಯಕರ ಚರ್ಚೆ follow ಮಾಡೋದಕ್ಕೇ ಪ್ರತಿ ದಿನ ಸಮಯ ತೆಗೆದುಕೊಳ್ಳುತ್ತಿತ್ತು. ಇವತ್ತು ಕಾಮೆಂಟ್ ಹಾಕಿದ್ದೇನೆ 😉

  679. Amruta Says:

    Well, that’s interesting!
    Sanjay anna, I’ve sent you an e-mail — don’t forget to check it!
    And it’s important so do reply.

    Did anybody see the advertisement for MUKTHA? It was cool, T.N.S was a picture while rane talked and Rane was a picture while T.N.S talked Funnee.. 😛

    And at the end they both appeared with a bang!

    HAHA, I laughed so much, 😛
    We even recorded it onto a separate cassette!

    see you l8r!
    Keep 😛 !

  680. Amruta Says:

    Hi again,
    Do any of you read Sudha?
    WE get it shipped here weekly, there are some interesting things said about MUKTHA in the T.V. double page,
    mostly the things are about the things that are weird in Muktha, or what ppl do’t like, normally i disagree with them, but I think I could put them on here, It would be good to talk and discuss about!

    Well, I’ll do ’em, later.
    Say, tomorrow, day after!

    Bye! 🙂 😛 😀 😉 have fun and keep 😛

  681. Praveen Says:

    Y’day it was good… full abt cross examine of Rane, Before starting Judge warns both Rane & CSP to maintain dignity but after few minutes both starts fighting & again judge warns.
    Rane tells humbly that he respects SKD etc…

    CSP starts with asking how many people were in the queue for CM, Rane tells AM & SKD but later CSP proves that Rane was also a 3rd person in the race 4 CM with posters etc.

    He also proves that Rane was opposing the SKD becoming CM with protest & letters written to High Command.

    CSP tells that since you want to become CM you have murder AM & Sent SKD to jail to make your way smooth bur Rane denies it.

    CSP also bring the matter that Rane had plan to kill SKD in accident in South Africa ! Here rane also gets upset…. Need to wait n see what happens today.

    Sorry guys i was not able to update like Sanjay or Shruthi as this is my first report….

  682. Diya Says:

    Update – Thursday’s episode

    Part 1: The judge asks CSP whether he would like to cross-examine Rane, to which CSP replies that he would definitely not let him go without it. The judge also tells CSP to remember that he is cross-examining the HM of the state and to maintain the dignity required. CSP is also told to control his sarcasm, to which he says that he would definitely try. CSP tells the judge that he would require 4 days to complete his cross-examination, to which Rane objects arrogantly on the grounds that he is a politician and the HM, and that it’s also the election time. The judge admonishes him to show due respect to the court, failing which he would have to be issued a warrant to attend the proceedings. The judge says that Rane being the HM, should know that he cannot refuse to come for cross-examination. He says that in unavoidable circumstances, the court would consider posting the hearing to a more convenient time. Rane is annoyed and speaks in the singular to CSP, which prompts the judge to issue another warning to both CSP and Rane. CSP apologizes and begins the c-e.


    Part 2: CSP recounts Rane’s testimony to the effect of the political angle in the case, which shows the implication of a motive on SKD’s part. Rane reiterates that the forthcoming elections had thrown up a question as to who lead the “Janahita Paksha”, as the present CM Hardev Patel was to take charge as national party President. The names of AM and SKD was proposed for the post, and AM on basis of seniority was to be projected as the future CM. Rane says that he only said that SKD “may have” seen to it that AM was not in the picture so that he could become the CM. CSP asks about the third candidate for the post, to which Rane says it could have been anyone- Rane, Janardhana Murthy, Ramana Rao, or even Muniyappa.

    CSP counters that all these leaders are Rane’s followers and not his equals. He also shows a petition submitted by these members to the party high command supporting Rane’s candidature for the CM’s post. Rane argues that they may have done so to show their regard towards him, to which CSP counters that Rane had supported these members – most of whom run medical and engineering colleges, or are involved in goondaism – in the assembly during the CET tangle. He shows a copy of the assembly proceedings wherein Rane’s stand on the issue is recorded. Rane argues that his stand is not anti-poor and that his leadership skills should not be questioned.


    Part 3: CSP produces a copy of a letter sent to SKD from the party high command, detailing that AM and SKD apart, a third contender for the post of CM has emerged on the caste and legislator’s support factor – Rane. SKD was then authorized to call a meeting of the 3, and to decide among themselves as to who would be projected as the CM candidate. CSP says that in this scenario if both SKD and AM are out of the picture Rane would be the next CM, to which Rane takes exception and says that how could they both not be in the picture and that CSP’s accusations were baseless and a pack of lies. He also says that he considers SKD as his “guru” and would be happy if he could be the CM. CSP then produces a newspaper clipping showing the scenes outside the CM’s residence on the day of the condolence meet for AM. CSP says that Rane opposed the motion to make SKD the deputy CM and HM. Rane denies this and CSP shows his statement detailed in the clipping. Rane says that the protestors were saying that and he was just quoting them.

    CSP says that Rane himself was responsible for the protests. He shows 2 of the protest leaders – Gundumani and Shivkumar – and says that they are Rane’s bodyguards. To prove his point he shows other photos where they are seen guarding Rane during other speeches. CSP also shows a poster hailing Rane as the future CM. All this proves that Rane in collaboration with Chhabria was instrumental in getting both AM and SKD, out of the picture. Rane refutes this yet again.

    CSP says that if both AM and SKD were killed together in a car accident, the suspicion would fall on Rane, and to avoid this they had plotted to kill SKD in South Africa. But unfortunately, he refused to go at the last minute. He refused on Dec 5th and on the 6th, Rane sent a letter to Gupta, of Kamala jewellers to give a “gold jhumki” weighing 30 gm to Brahmachar and Ranganath. CSP says that this was done to “fit” SKD in the AM murder case and that it was Rane who did this and not the CBI as claimed by Rane. He demands to know why would such a letter have been written otherwise. He asks Rane whether or not it is in his handwriting, to which Rane has no answer. Rane instead says that CSP is talking nonsense regarding SA and murder plots. CSP says that Gupta is present in the court and would testify when called upon by the judge to do so. Rane is silent.

    CSP then says that he would talk about SA, the murder plot, and the how and when at a later date.

  683. Diya Says:

    Oops, I’m sorry Praveen..I did’nt notice that u’re update was already posted.. And for a first update u’ve been very precise and concise.. My update’s tending to be too long and boring… Sorry, folks !!!

    In y’day’s episode, the expressions of the principal characters was very good… Rane’s arrogance, and sudden silences, SS’s worry and SM’s sly satisfaction… MP’s shock on hearing about the SA angle, CSP’s mugulnage, the judge’s absorbing interest….. These are but a few of them… Difficult to capture them all in words…

    I also liked the way Rane was shown bouncing back after after each bouncer he faced from CSP…. A true politician’s attitude 🙂 Also, the way in which Rane neatly sidestepped giving a direct answer to the questions was commendable 🙂

  684. Guru Says:

    Diya you have been doing very good job. Keep it up. For those of us who havent had a chance to watch, your updates are just like watching the serial. Its really interesting to read your updates. Thanks a lot.

    Praveen’s update is just the summary. But a good one.

  685. Diya Says:

    Thanx a lot for the compliment Guru…:) I still feel that I have a long way to go in reaching the standards set by the heroine of the blog..Shruthi akka 🙂 But, I’ll definitely try to provide the updates till Shruthi is back.. 🙂

  686. msanjay Says:

    Diya your comments and writing skills are definitely improving day by day, that’s really cool 8) Thanks Praveen for filling in as well, anyway there ‘s no restriction so more people writing in, one can get a complete picture.

    Amruta will try to check out Sudha sometime. No idea about this ad though.

    H.P. sadhya doD manassu maaDi konEgaadru yeno baredralla thanks 😉 Just kidding, gottu sadyakke eshtondu projectgaLalliddira antha!


    Some observations of CSP interviewing Rane: Rane is the most stone headed Laloo kind of fellow. For whatever CSP says, Rane has something to reply. Probably its a pre-defined reply that he creates the moment CSP starts asking the question, even before completion. He feigns absolute confidence even though he’s replying complete nonsense or something totally unrelated. But still CSP sometimes manages to get Rane confused. Rane has always managed to recover. I think the key to CSP’s success is to say something that Rane does not expect, something that takes him off balance.

  687. usha Says:

    hi all

    Thx for a lovely update. I love court trials / Suspense stories and detective works and am an ardent fan of Erle Stanley Gardner(charecter Perry Mason -Criminal lawyer) and agata christe(Hercule Poirot) , I am sure the court trials which are being done in Muktha has been inspired by one of leading suspense thrillers, i try to keep comparing the incidents or the situations coming up in Muktha court trials. Once i had watched a Muktha samvada episode, where TNS did introduce his associate who supplies him data/material for his serials(TNS was quoting the example data when Rane gives this data of Gandhiji publishing a paper or something in South Africa, when he will try to convince thechief minister to send shivakrishna desai to South africa), This person was a familiar face, i guess hes a theatre artist as wel as tele serial actor. Anybody who knows more about this? I m very keen to know? Hope i m not boring you people with queries.

  688. Diya Says:

    Thanx a lot sanjay.. 🙂 It means a lot to know that my work is being appreciated and even more to know that it’s improving day by day 🙂 🙂

  689. Sreedhar Says:

    I am watching mukta serial from episode -1 , now also i am watching this serial , even i transferred to Saudi Arbia for official work.
    Some times i fight with my Spouse for watching this serial, she feels that i am not giving any importance to other than Mukta.

    I hope same thing would have happened for others also.

    I would like to know how many episodes are left , i was very upset when , CSP wanted to compromise the case..

  690. msanjay Says:

    Sreedhar CSP didn’t really want to compromise the case, he was just playing devil’s advocate to give MP and SKD the opportunity a balanced view. This is seen in his very vehement expression of his protests against SS’ request for withdrawal 🙂

    (We shifted to another house nearby – in fact this shifting is one of the reasons that created a disturbance in me providing updates myself. Today I couldn’t watch it properly – just got a basic idea. Am moving now and wont even be able to watch it at 11 PM (new house dosent have cable set up yet).)

  691. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    OK I’ll put up some of the thingys from Sudha tommorow, meanwhile enjoy watching Rane sweat!

  692. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Hey, I just came on!
    I bet all of you are still sleeping at the moment!!
    take care. 😛 😀 🙂 😉 haha 8)

  693. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    I didnt know it posted three times, there i go again writing for what the 100th time??
    😛 sorry!!

  694. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    I didnt know it posted three times, there i go again writing for what the 100th time??
    😛 sorry!!

  695. Shruthi Says:

    Hi all!

    Diya, those were beautiful updates! 🙂

    It looks like I can come on to the site more regularly now.

    Did you watch Mukta samvada yday? When someone asked Ravi Belagere how he manages his time, he said “I do not have any time consuming habits. I have learnt to manage with only 4 hours of sleep. Besides, if you let really want to do something, then time will accommodate you.” I liked that! HE also said something about his wife, after this, which I did not catch.

  696. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I missed out couple of days muktha as i used to reach home only around 3 am, and also i couldn’t read any of the comments here. I dint find friday’s update or did i miss out reading it ????

  697. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I missed out couple of days muktha as i used to reach home only around 3 am, and also i couldn’t read any of the comments here. I dint find friday’s update or did i miss out reading it ????

  698. Shridhar Says:

    Hey Friends,

    This weekend I had been to the house warming of one of my coleagues… Guess what??? I could see “Jalakanteshwara Devasthana” there!!! It is in Kaggadasapura area… Not sure about the exact location… but near BEML gate/Aerospace. 🙂


  699. Shridhar Says:

    Hey Friends,

    This weekend I had been to the house warming of one of my coleagues… Guess what??? I could see “Jalakanteshwara Devasthana” there!!! It is in Kaggadasapura area… Not sure about the exact location… but near BEML gate/Aerospace. 🙂


  700. Shridhar Says:

    Hey Friends,

    This weekend I had been to the house warming of one of my coleagues… Guess what??? I could see “Jalakanteshwara Devasthana” there!!! It is in Kaggadasapura area… Not sure about the exact location… but near BEML gate/Aerospace. 🙂


  701. Hari S Says:

    I saw the site today and it is really neat. Divya, the updates are fantastic. Sakkattaagidhe. Thanks. Now Muktha missaadhaaga yen maadbeku antha gothaaythu 🙂

  702. msanjay Says:

    Diya looks like you’re the new heroine now 8)

    Welcome back Shruti! 😀 I missed the samvaada last weekend – that’s a pretty thought-provoking line from Ravi Belegare thanks!

    Sridhar if you mail me a photo I can put it here.

    Prasanna, there was no update for Friday… unfortunately I can’t provide one as I didn’t see it properly either!

    Hey Amruta maybe you triple-clicked on the submit button 🙂

  703. msanjay Says:

    A friend referred to the cover story on The Week magazine… found online here:

    Murder of justice

    The rich exploit the legal system.

    Across the country, many such cases of denied justice have resurfaced in the minds of the public.

    We need more lawyers like CSP in real life!!

  704. Girish Hampali Says:

    Ravi Belagere and Time

    Is working for 20 hours a good way of managing time? I have seen Ravi working for 20 hours and I have never agreed that he has managed time effectively.
    Because of Crime diary, Hibangalore comes late to stands. because of Muktha, Oh! manasa is only in advertisements. No, I have always found ravi to be a bad manager of time. Having said that his approach to time is excellent, his timing is amazing. He understands the four quadrants of time and effectively prioritizes and hence is successful.

    Sanjay. you are asking for ravi belagere’s photograph. google photos has a lot. If you want the latest (I mean after his 48th birthday, i can mail you one.

  705. msanjay Says:

    Girish that’s pretty interesting info. btw I was referring to the Jalakanteshwara temple that Sridhar had been to 🙂 Anyway please mail me the latest photo of Ravi Belegere at your convenience as well.


    For those not familiar with 4 quadrants…

    Stephen R. Covey in his book 7 Habits of Succesful People talks about in his Four Quadrants of Time Management:

    1) Important & Urgent
    2) Important & Not Urgent
    3) Urgent & Not Important
    4) Not Urgent & Not Important

    According to Covey, the problem most people have is with Quadrant Two, the Important but not Urgent.

  706. msanjay Says:

    Hmm missed today’s episode as I had a special guest at my house today, a 102 year old ajji !! She looked and acted like she was 60 and was simply unbelievable!

    So thats how Im watching the episode at 11 PM now in my old house as the new one still dosent have cable!

    Anyway here’s the summary of today’s episode:


    Nanjuda, Mallikarjun Swamy Tata and little Chinmayi are going on a walk off to Gowri’s house. [Its really cool their humorous conversation, hopefully Diya/Shruti can manage to capture some details tomorrow… 🙂 ] They pass Shivarammiah’s house where some senior citizens are standing outside, MS starts chatting with them and they present an irresistable offer – playing cards with them. There are a group of kids playing and then Chinnu is introduced to them. Then they start playing cards, and after a while Nanjunda gets a call and has to leave. He tells MS to bring Chinnu with them… he just waves it off saying he knows it well enough. Eventually he’s made a clean sweep of everyone, and everyone reluctantly part with their money. MS encouragingly makes an offer to continue, but they break off saying its so late and someone says “Its already 8:30, nan serial shuruaago samaya banthappa…” 😉 and someone else comments “neenu nin serialu”. He returns home gleefully counting his money.

    At home, they’re talking about what a sweet talented girl Chinnu is, and how tragic it is that she’s lost her parent’s at such a young age. Gowri is speculating adapting Chinnu. MS comes home, and is questioned, he is says that Chinnu is with Nanjunda. And Nanjunda later returns and is stunned that MS hasn’t brought her home. They immediately call the house and find that she’s left the house alone all by herself. Nanjunda goes in search of her.

    In Chinnu’s house, they’re talking about how she’s so attached to Gowri. There’s a call from Chinnu’s house – first MS says that she’s still playing with the kids at the neighbour’s house. But Gowri insists on the truth, and takes the phone and tells them that she’s lost and they’re trying to find her. They wonder how irresponsible Gowri is.

  707. Vikram Says:


    Naanna hesaru Vikram. USA nalli Masters madtha iddini. Nanu India nalli T N Seetharam avara ella dharawahi nodideene. But unfortunately Muktha shuru aada mele naanu illi barabekaythu. Neevu nammanthavarige online Muktha dharawahi upload madidre namage illi nodokke tumba santosha aagutte. Illi tumba jana nodo anthavaru iddare. E nanna salahe yannu tavu T N Seetharam avarige dayavittu tilisuttira?


  708. Adarsh M K Says:

    i stumbled across this page while looking for the muktha title song lyrics & mp3. and after reading through someof ur comments and posts, i am starting to like ur small coalition here.

    i too, like everybody else here, like the muktha serial. but sometimes i find the dialogues repetetive. for example, in the arunachal murthy case, when the car accident occured, the story of how the accident occured, was told umpteen number of times by umpteen number of characters. but i have to admit, the humour, the story, seetharam’s approach, its all very likeable. anyways, just my two cents worth.


  709. Shridhar Says:

    I am sorry my update was posted three times! Actually the page timed out and it came up with “Page cannot be displayed” error and hence I could not see the postings… apologies for filling in the space! 🙁

  710. Shridhar Says:

    Hey Sanjay,

    Sorry, I din’t carry my digicam with me. But if I happen to visit that place again surely will take a snap and mail it across! 🙂

  711. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I unnecessarily air dashed to home yest that too in a taxi(which office will take care 😀 😀 ) to watch muktha, but i thought it would have been nice if i could have completed my work and gone home, i didnt find anything interesting in yest episode.

  712. Shruthi Says:

    Prasanna, I did not watch Friday’s episode either, but I heard it was entirely about Gowri bringing Chinmayee to her home and making her sing and all that 🙂 So I dont think we missed much!

    About the dialogues that Sanjay mentioned, between Nanjunda, Thatha and Chinmayee, –

    Chinnu has asked for chocolate, and Thatha gets Munch for her. She takes, it, doesn’t say thanks.
    Thatha – Thanks helollva?
    Chinnu- Neevu 50 rupees chocolate kottidre uddakke thanks helthidde, neevu 5 rupees chocolate kottralla, adakke manasnalle thanks helkondbitte 🙂
    Then Nanjunda and Thatha tease each other about who is more stingy, with Thatha accusing Nanjunda of washing his hands off with buying her 8 rupees Dosa.
    Then Chinnu wants somebody to carry her as the road is dirty and her legs are aching, and both of them again want the other to carry her, so Chinnu says “shame shame, neither of you can carry me”, etc..
    Other similar kiddish behaviour. 🙂 Cute kid. But a little spoilt, if I may say so 🙂

    Where is the new heroine today? :)) And hey, where are the other regulars? Murthy, Anitha, Chaitanya, etc.?

  713. Shruthi Says:

    Tuesday – Summary (since there are no updates yet)

    Chinnu is brought back by Samarth, who had been Gowri’s student in the MaTha. He found Chinnu crying, asked her where she wanted to go, and brought her back. Everybody is relieved. The next day Gowri takes Chinnu back to her grandma. She is also relieved. Gowri and Grandma apologize to each other. Gowri for her irresponsibility, and Grandma for being angry with her, as she was afraid of kidnap attempts. Gowri says that Chinnu is like her own child, and would have been as hurt as Grandma if anything had happened.

    Party president Ramana Rao goes to meet Manmohan, gives him 20 lakhs and tells him that he has been selected to stand for election from Pushpagiri. Rane’s support is with him, and Chhabria is funding the elections. Manmohan is rude, asks him not to take Rane’s name in front of him, says Rane was the one who got his father murdered. I will not have anything to do with the party in which Rane is there. Ramana Rao speaks insultingly about Arunachalamurthy, and Manmohan lashes back, and says that he was a great person, but after associating with people like you, he also became like that. Ramana Rao goes away. Indira pats Manmohan’s shoulder with a mixture of pride and happiness.

    Dy SP (Devanna?) goes to meet CSP, tells him that Rane is trying to get him transfered, but he wants to finish the case before that. He says, that Jagan seems to not have told Gangaswamy about this contract at all, but has taken the help of Rane’s shishyas for the job, and there he has gone wrong. He has Jagan in custody, but some links are missing which is preventing him from slapping a case on Jagan, and hence Rane and Chhabria. He gets to know that CSP was aware that he would be attacked, and CSP tells him tht Nanjunda told him so. DySP wansts Nanjunda to give a statement, but CSP says, no, he won’t, as he is worried about his sisters. Then DySP says they will try again, I have made sure people are all around you, Mylari patil and I will be with you on alternate days, but still you have to be careful. CSP thanks and says, Nimma Runa na hege teerisali? DySP says, Sir, Runa yenu?? you were the one who gave us the dreams of a new Karnataka… you were the one who opened our eyes and taught us, how can i allow anything to happen to you? CSP is very touched, says thank you.

    Please elaborate!

  714. Anitha Says:

    Shruthi, nice to see you back..

    I was on vacation for 4 days so could not come online…

    I liked Manmohan’s scene yesterday . The dialogues were good. And also the last scene .. the conversation between CSP & inspector… nice simple dialogues …

    I understand the concern Gowri has for chinmayi … but the way she tells annapurnamma when chinmayi was missing “ondu sanna problem agbittide madam… chinmayi innu manage bandilla (at 9.30 in the night) neevenu yochane madbedi”…
    A child has not come home at 9.30 in the night .. is it a small problem …I fail to understand this ..

    CSP yavagaloo Gowri, arundhati maneyavaru thumba olleyavaru .. antha helutha iruthare … antha olle kelasa avarenu madiddare … nanaganthu gothilla …

  715. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Nice seeing you back in action Heroine. Anitha my perception is that TNS wants to show what even a person holding a big post can talk loose during tensed moments OR what might be a major problem for you need not be a major one for me.

    I think TNS’s main intention of showing that scene was whatever good deeds that family has performed in the past is paying out now for them in different ways.

    Diya is not there to say OBJECTION 😀 😀 . Any one can do it in her absence.

  716. Prarthana. G.D Says:

    Such a wonderfull and interesting serial i don’t want to miss a single part of the serial,the name of the places is good, Hemagiri, Sudukoppa (Dist) etc,and also role Arundhathi,gowri,manmohan etc. each and every talk is comes with the TNS FILTER(Quality Control),such a wonderfull imagination
    in depth about perticular subject,during court sessions.its nice to watch & very nice to here. Depressed CSP in court hall & the solution to his Depresion when he go to mat by doing meditation which is acceptable.

    Yesterday i saw the serial ( date: 21st March 2006)
    the scene Ramana rao comes to Indira-Arunachal murthy’S residence, that he has to convince manmohan to participate in the party’s activities & also to participate in his father’s constituency,

    that time ramana rao misspell manmohan as manohar
    more than three words (manohar) repeated instead of manmohan
    Mr TNS-Sir, try to avoid this type of mistakes this may leads 100 % qc approved serial.
    D/o Dore.M
    Midigeshi (H)
    Madhugiri (Tq)
    Tumkur (Dist)

  717. Murthy Says:

    Hello Shruthi, the blog was really empty without the heroine :-), just kidding.

    Anitha, Gowri haagu kutumbadavaru olle kelasa madadhe idhdharu paravagilla, innobarige kettadhdhdu maadadhe idhdhare, adhe olle kelsasa allave? adhu ee kaaladalli. This is just my personal thought.

    Where is DSP, i.e Diya 🙂

  718. Srik Says:

    Yesterday’s episode revealed the idea behind Manmohan’s character in Muktha. He was an evil-minded son, who compelled his father to accept bribe, who indulged in some stupid things to grow rich, who thought money was everything and money brings in good results…
    He matured to understand the value of Heart and Love. Peace and friendship. TNS groomed his character very well..
    An unholy youngster to a matured gentleman. This has come very well. What do you say?

  719. Amruta Says:

    I’m really confused, are the things I wrote from Sudha appearing on this site?? Argh I can’t see them, anyway if they’re not, tell me and I’ll do ’em again.

    😛 HAHA

    keep smiling 😛 🙂 😀 😉 bye!!!

  720. Shruthi Says:

    No Amruta, what you typed doesn’t seem to have appeared on the site.
    Also, I am feeling very ill, and will not be able to give yesterday’s update. I am very sorry about it. 🙁

  721. Anitha Says:

    Yesterday’s episode was one of the best episodes …

    When CSP started talking about Rane’s father I thought why CSP is talking about matters that are totally irrelevant … but the way CSP portrayed how Rane has changed from a perfect follower of Gandhiji to a murderer was amazing … Even Rane could not say anything …

    Extremely well directed episode

  722. msanjay Says:

    Brief summary of yesterday:

    Yesterday was all about Rane.

    CSP traces Rane’s political career. At first Rane smilingly explains how he first got a seat into politics, and everyone in the court including the judge as well as CSP is appreciating the story, a pleasant narration.

    Eventually CSP recollects one of the competitors of Rane who had met with an unfortunate death in a lorry accident. Rane innocently praises the man saying, he was such a great man, he shouldn’t have died. CSP traces that it was another murder by Rane.

    He asks whether his father had appreciated his winning the election at that time. Rane says he cannot recollect. Then CSP gets another news article that Rane’s father did not even allow him inside the house.

    Incidentally Rane was the son of a true patriot, his father was a Gandhian freedom fighter. In his childhood days, Rane had even written a poem appreciating Gandhi to his father. Somewhere down the line, he’d gone wrong, and continued along those lines, getting into murder and so on. CSP narrates some poetry (hope someone can recollect those lines here please) … which spoke of a man who builds a temple but lives in the bathroom, similarly a man who has amruta flowing in front of his house but goes looking for poison in the backyard. Thats where Rane had ended up – having had such fine influences in his younger days, had ignored them and gone on a totally different path.


    Anita, I definitely agree yesterday was one of the best episodes, I really loved it! Shruti this is bad timing for your ill-health 😉 but hope you get well soon!

    Yesterday towards the last few minutes one of my friends came home and taunted me about how I was so obsessed with some saas-bahu serial… at first I was annoyed but later on after the serial was over I explained the character of Rane to him. I told him how we read biographies of so many good men, but looking at the biography of a man gone wrong is also useful – just see how easy it is for a person once misled to continue on the same path of regression. The poetry towards the end of the serial was really beautiful. But he simply could not learn to appreciate it, he said – so what, even Phoolan Devi and so many other movies depict the same thing. Well I left it at that. I don’t expect my sophisticated friend to not follow a serial, but maybe he mightve tried to see the value behind such a character analysis 🙂 One though was that Muktha is conveying a point that anyone could end up being a Rane – even with the best of upbringing and background, its so easy to go astray with the wrong decisions at the wrong time. One could even keep getting away with it, until one inevitable day he is put on trial!

    I got another idea to record only parts of the audio – for example yesterday’s poetry. One could use an MP3 encoder like Winamp or Microsoft Encoder or countless others that are available free on the net, record parts of the dialogues as MP3s. If anyone could mail these to me I could put them up here.

    Amruta, no idea why your post didnt make it, very surprising… and efinitely its not stuck in moderation either. Maybe there was some network glitch 😛 You could maybe email it to me directly.

  723. TN.Sitaram Says:


    Nimma abhimaana nanna mele sadaa irali.
    Nimmellarigu Shubhavaagali.

    Tamma Preetiya

  724. Murthy Says:


    TNS avaru illi baredhidhdhara ? !!
    Thumba santhosha .


  725. Murthy Says:


    TNS avaru illi baredhidhdhara ? !!
    Thumba santhosha .


  726. msanjay Says:

    Murthy, sorry TNS would know enough to spell his name correctly…!! Anyway the message is from Australia 🙄

  727. Guru Says:

    Sanjay, to record audio, try audacity. you can save the recorded file in a very low quality wav or mp3 to conserve space. It allows editing of audio files. Above all, this great software is completely free for personal use.

  728. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Hey, ok guys, here are the Sudha comments..

    1. Why can’t the judge say Order, Order, instead of saying enough enough 😆

    2. How did a middle class family like Gowri’s pay back a loan of so much? That’s like impossible… 😡

    3. Why is Madhavi Patel and SKD always standing in court? If the judge said they could sit, they should have said yes, please make them sit, coz they look weird standing.. 😈

    4. Why are those people you see behind CSP when he’s cross-examining always standing up? kundro vyevasta maadi. 😉


    I’ll do more when the new Sudha comes
    Hehe, 😳 I think the last time I typed I didn’t press SUBMIT COMMENT, lol

    Well, that’s all cya
    KEep 😛 !

  729. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Oh my god,
    Would people stop posting untrue comments? And why are they all from here? ARGH, we seem so evil 🙄 stop it

  730. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Ammu, with little knowledge of court proceedings i can answer couple of your queries

    1. Judge has to says order order only when the court proceedings goes hay way like accused shouting. Here its only an arguement between two lawyers which is not holding the court timing and sanctity.

    2. The majority of the loan was repaid by Nanjunda and not Gowri:D 😀 .

    3.As per the law either the accused or the witness are not supposed to sit until and unless they are physically handicapped or of old age. ( also they shudn’t be offered to sit too )

    4. Ammu. for your last query i have no answer the right person is TNS or Mr.Samarth

  731. TN.Sitaram Says:

    You are true this was not posted by Sita Ram: )
    I am SItaram’s Niece,I happened to comeacross this blog,when I was browsing for Muktha.I was talking to my uncle yesterday night and I told him there is a site where there are lot of your fans posting about Mukta.
    Infact I told him that bcoz I had read one post which said “I would be nice if TNS would read this blog.I mean something like this was written in this blog .So I felt very happy and i got a bit emotional,I felt so many people love my uncle so I wanted to tell him about this site.When I told him he was very happy,as he is a very busy man ,he said” I would love to reply to them I dont have time right now why dont you reply on my behalf”
    So I wrote on behalf of him.
    This is what happened.
    It is acceptable,when you dont believe,when suddenly someone posts as if written in my uncle’s name.But friends it is true that he now knows about this and I will send him this URL and ask him to write to you in person.
    SAnjay this post is not from Australia 🙂
    It is from Bangalore.:)
    WIsh you all Good luck.

  732. Murthy Says:

    During yesterday’s episode, I saw two discrepencies.

    1) MP’s dress was different in the second part of the episode and was same in the first and third part of the episode.

    2) While cross-examining Rane, CSP was holding a paper to show some article against Rane. Behind the newspaper (i.e the sheet facing the screen) “Sammishra Sarkarakke Dhakkeilla” antha.
    But in the serial, the govt is not a “Sammishra Sarkara” right ?

  733. Pavan Says:

    TN Sitaram’s Niece: Could we request ur uncu to make muktha court scene dvd’s commercially availabe? Even an audio re-cast on any of our fm channels will be much more fun.
    Once again thanks for bringing across a personal message from CSP…

  734. TN.Sitaram Says:

    Oooh! Thanks PAvan!
    I was thinking why did i put myself in trouble by innocently trying to bring this blog to uncle’s notice.
    I think I wont write much on this blog from now on,I will write only once in a while.Now I am scared !!!!!!!!to write.
    Ok, Pavan I will tell my Uncle about the DVD ,I dont know what he will say,but I will put it across to him.
    You are most welcome pls dont thank me.

    With Best Regards

  735. Murthy Says:

    During yesterday’s episode, I saw two discrepencies.

    1) MP’s dress was different in the second part of the episode and was same in the first and third part of the episode.

    2) While cross-examining Rane, CSP was holding a paper to show some article against Rane. Behind the newspaper (i.e the sheet facing the screen) “Sammishra Sarkarakke Dhakkeilla” antha was written.
    But in the serial, the govt is not a “Sammishra Sarkara” right ?

  736. msanjay Says:

    Seetharam’s niece, what can I do, this software said your previous message was from Australia 😀 Anyway thanks for the message!

  737. Keshav Says:

    it is nice to write after a long time. Muktha is going well. But one thing I would like to ask Mr. TNS is that, how come CSP gets all the documents like the one what Rane has written to his high command or the one Rane’s shishyas written to high command asking for their demand to make Rane as the next CM. I agree, probably he would have got it from some detective agency…..but….but… how come it is ORIGINAL. All the documents till now he has produced in the court are originals not the duplicates. B’coz, we could see the original signatures (in colour)of Rane’s shishyas, Rane’s letter head (in colour again), some government orders, or even whatever the high command’s reply. Can somebody inform TNS that it is impossible to get all those details??

  738. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Sanjay Why do u argue, cant TNS’s niece be Down under. Whoever the niece am fully with you saying you are a genuine niece no doubts on your identity. 😀 😀 😀 😀

  739. TN.Sitaram Says:

    Thats OK Sanjay.This is a nice site and a good blog for people to express their views and opinions.

    Thank you.

  740. TN.Sitaram Says:

    Thank you Prasanna .It is natural when somebody doubts ,bcoz there are people who might just play around on the net.
    I am really his niece.Giggle 🙂
    I will tell him when I posted on this blog all this happened 🙂


  741. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Sorry, 😳 I judged you b4 you could prove urself Mr. Sitaram (seetaram)
    Prassana, they were not my queries, they were comments from Sudha 😉

    Well, anyway, Seetaram’s niece, can you please tell your sen me a photo of Seetaram sir??? PLEASE! 😀 (if you can, something autographed 😉 )

    Ok, 😉 cya!Keep 😛 !

  742. Guru Says:

    Something happened to the daily updates? :((

  743. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Hey Keshav,
    Not all the documents CSP produces are origanals, do you remember he says sometimes, ” nodi illi nann hathra document copy ide” and the witness (eg. Inspector Rangnath) will say, ” nimm hathra copy irboudri, adre adralli change madirboudu, adu origanal alla.”

    But yeah, some are origanal 😉

    Its a bit hard to belive 😯 hehe
    Cya! Keep 😛 !

  744. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Hi again,
    Um, I have read some more things from Sudha (with the help of my mother)

    So i’ll put them here:

    When people come to CSP’s house and he offers them some coffee, it seems bad that he says, ” Ayya, ounu lota ella toladirolla, ri,”
    That would have been good, but the fact that he gives them the coffee and says “thamaashege” and he doesn’t drink it himself is weird.


    Suryavamshi has very beautiful acting when such “sannivesha’s arrive , like when nyayadeesharu ask, is it OK that CSP stays at my house, SS utters beautiful words.

    When Jaggan came and made that sign to say that CSP was dead wasn’t very nice.


    That’s all for now 😉
    Keep, smiling 😛 !

    Where is Diya and Chaitanya and the others!
    haha.. im tired from watching Muktha at 6:30 with this horrible time difference in Aus.

    WELL, bye!!

  745. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I will not be able to view this site or post my comments since am coming to namma bengaluru this week.

    Am planning to visit some known hotels like Vidyarthi Bhavan, Have benne masale at the hotel next to malleswaram circle ground. Vishnu Bhavan coffee …………

    I’m reachable at 23400515

    Bye for all

  746. Archana Says:

    Hi all..
    i missed ‘mukta ‘ on 24-03-06.
    Can anybody please update the story?

    Thanks in advance!

  747. Shruthi Says:


    I haven’t been well, else I would have put up some updates 🙁

    Anyway, here is a very short summary of what happened on Thursday and Friday.

    CSP is giving Rane a very tough time. Though Rane, as a perfect politician, is doing his best to slip out of everything, he is not being successful.

    CSP proves the following points.( a few of them)

    –Chhabria and Rane are partners, in the sense they have an unwritten understanding. Chhabria funds all Rane’s plans, and in return, Rane gives him major contracts, and also should make Chhabria a Rajya Sabha member.
    In fact, he proves that with AM and SKD out of the way, Rane gives Chhabria’s company a very coveted project – development of a highway with a number of satellite towns around it.

    –Rane and Chhabria conspired to do away with SKD in South Africa. He has the following bits of proof.

    1) There was a bomb blast in Transvaal. According to the itinerary, SKD, had he gone there, should have been at that very place at that exact time.

    2) One guy, Richard Mary, was apprehended in connection with the blasts. He was found to have links with Gangaswamy.

    3) The “brother-in-law” of Rane, who had invited SKD for the function, was the same person as Rane’s PA. The signature in the invitation letter, and a sample of the PA’s signature are of the same person – Chougule. In fact, Rane does not even have a BIL called Chougule.

    4) The function was for the centenary of the magazine Indian Opinion started by Gandhiji. But the actual centenary is in 2008, not in 2005.

    5) The address of Gandhi Bhavana given in the invitation was the address of a diamond showroomin Transvaal.

    6) CSP has a letter from the Indian embassy, that there is no Gandhi Bhavana at all, in Transvaal.

    7) The tickets for SKD to go to South Africa, should have been booked by the hosts. But it was booked by the CEO of Mandalam group, ie. Chhabria’s group.

    Etc etc…. [Cannot remember all of them].

    All these shakes up Rane, he is left sweating. Chhabria and even Suryavamshi are left speechless.


    I found a number of mistakes in the episodes. In the ticket, Johannesburg was spelt wrong.(as johnas burg). In the newspapers, it was written “Apperhended” in TWO places, instead of “apprehended” – that too in bold. I think these are very easily avoidable mistakes… I know its not too big, but the problem is, coming to see Muktha as a perfect serial, these mistakes seem like glaring blunders! 🙂

    It is lovely to see Rane sweat! 😉

  748. Guru Says:

    Thanks a lot shruthi. Updates can wait. Take care of ur health.

  749. Archana Says:

    thanks..koodale update kaLisiddakke tumbaa thanks!
    hope you are doing well ..

  750. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Yeh, Shruthi Akka, get well soon, then worry about the updates…………..

  751. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Shruthi Akka, you might be mistaken or something, short? SHORT?? SSHHOORRTT???
    That was lloooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggg!

    😆 gr8 job even wen your sick!

    😛 Bye 😛 Keep 😀 !!

  752. Shruthi Says:

    Thank you everybody, I am fine now! 🙂

  753. Pramod PT Says:

    Hello Sir/madam,
    can u get me the title song of Mukta serial sung by C. Ashwat. Please……

  754. Ramesh K N Says:

    TNS’s niece, I am sure you would be happy to be identified by your name rather than… Would like to know your name. Also, can you please reply with the names of TNS’s wife and children ?

  755. msanjay Says:

    Hello Sir Promod, Please have a look at the blue
    strips above for the songs, lyrics, etc. 🙂

    Btw TNS’ brother-in-law had come to my house on Sunday – my doDDamma’s friend. He was saying that judges call up TNS’ home to congradulate him on a good episode every now and then. I told him about this blog but I don’t think that he got the idea as he wasn’t computer savvy… unfortunately I couldn’t show it to him as I didn’t have internet connectivity at that time yet.

  756. msanjay Says:

    Today’s episode was really very sensitive, TNS acting was exceptional. Considering that it does reflect reality to a very reasonable extent though the story of course would vary, I felt very much moved at the farmers’ plight. I look forward to the update tomorrow!

  757. Shruthi Says:

    Just after the first part, there was a power cut…. and by the time the power came back, I was fast asleep, so could not watch it at 11 pm either 🙁 So here is the update for the first part.
    CSP’s questioning reveals that Rane’s second wife Jyoti Pavate is Chandrakant Pavate’s daughter. Jyoti was Rane’s PA for two years. During this time, his first wife committed suicide [He stresses upon this a bit, he seemed to be suggesting something, but then let it go]. Right after his wedding to Jyoti Pavate, Chandrakant Pavate rose to the level of professor, and soon HOD in agricultural universities, though there were many above him.

    CSP talks about a tissue culture lab called Neelakanta labs.. which developed a superior kind of banana plant due to tissue culture. Though Rane says he has not heard of it, CSP produces a document which shows that Rane had written to the agriculture minister, who had issued a directive to all the Taluk agricultural associations, to buy a certain amount of banana plants from Neelakanta labs. CSP says that it amounted to 8 crores of business to Neelakanta labs. Rane says, when the budget is crores and crores, what is 8 crores for the benefit of our land’s farmers? You behave as if it is a crime.

    Pfffft! No power. 🙁 — Please give the update for the second and third parts – I am waiting! 🙂

  758. Pavan Says:

    Here is an update of yesterdays episode after the power cut.I was only fortunate enough to hear the story from my friend..

    >CSP brings out the fact that Neelakanta Labs is named after Chhabria’s son.
    >CSP showcases a photograph of Rane & Chhabria promoting products of the lab.
    >Rane denies his involvement.
    >CSP shows a document proof that Rane is a major share holder in the lab.
    >CSP links Rane with the ‘Chinnarika’ episode,accusing him of promoting the crop and shifting the whole blame onto Purshottama when the crop failed.
    –Purshi was a welcome new face in the courts scene.It was becoming boring to see Madhavi Patel & Desai standing in the court.
    >CSP ends the episode with a promise that he has more evidence against Rane


  759. Shruthi Says:

    Pavan, thanks!

  760. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Thanks for that update, unfortunately, my mother recorded the shows from maneyondu.. to preeti illada.. anyway, the cassete ran out just after CSP finished his second sentence so i was annoyed 😆

    bye! keep 😛 !! 😀 !!

  761. msanjay Says:

    Thanks Pavan!

    In addition to this…

    CSP links Rane with the ‘Chinnarika’ episode,accusing him of promoting the crop and shifting the whole blame onto Purshottama when the crop failed.

    He talks about how so many farmers have suffered huge losses and have been driven to suicide. He says ‘as the agricultural minister, this has been your contribution’. One farmer manages to come forward edging beyond the security guard, and whispers into CSP’s ear, to which CSP chides him ‘hog kuthkoLri, nanage cross-examination maaDoke heLkodbedri, nanage yen keLbekantha gottidde’

    He says that idella aadmele mugitu andkobeDi, nimminda mosa hogida farmers ge 48 crores kakkisthini!! with a kind of angry expression… and all the farmers applaud – the judge promptly silences them. 🙂

    CSP is very emotional when he speaks about how the hard working farmers and their families have been affected by this much of corruption, and I really felt sad myself, as it does reflect reality – due to the greed of politicians much deserved hard-working people get taken for a ride.


    A week or so ago on TV I heard about saalumarada thimmakka – she had been awarded a large amount of money in terms of lakhs by the government, but the final official who had to hand over the money had given her just Rs 500 and pocketed the rest 👿 She had been so innocent that she never even realised it until it came to light much later. I got to see this great lady on TV, she was so cool about it, narrating the incident about getting cheated as if she was telling some kids some story…! 🙂 How low a person could go to cheat someone like her!

    Anyway, you can read her beautiful story here…

  762. Chaitanya Says:


    It has been sometime since I pinged here. Actually I had been tremendously busy with my cousin sister’s marriage last week, I am sure you know how hectic it is to be on the bride’s side.

    Anyway, this post is on TNS, the most simple and humble celebrity I have seen. I met our beloved TNS sir at the marriage!

    There was complete madness as soon as he was spotted by the crowd. People, all ages alike, flocked around him and yet he was very patient and humble with them. Some people were asking the same-old crazy questions – like what does CSP stands for, or why his serials begin with ‘M’, what happens next? etc – and he patiently answered all of them umpteen number of times. When I dragged him from people to lunch, since he was getting late, I asked him, ‘yenu sir hinge hidkotare jana nimmana, kelidde keltare..?’ he said ‘houdu houdu, irli bidappa, avr khushi’

    My various attempts to talk about our blog with TNS failed, with somebody jumping over everyone and asking him ‘what is CSP’ and he smilingly answering ‘Chandrashekar prasad kanappa’. I feel bad about it that I couldn’t, sorry friends. But atleast I now have enough links to contact him if required.

    Rarely do we see such a humble, down-to-earth celebrity. Hats-off Sir!


  763. Anitha Says:

    Story of “salumarada Thimakka” is so inspiring

    in business world we people are always waiting to be reconized the moment we feel we have done something… and here is a couple who worked for 45 years with out expecting any rewards/recognitions .. truly amazing

  764. Shruthi Says:

    So true, Anitha. It is people like her who are truly great.

    Chaitanya, thats so wonderful! 🙂 Sad that you could not tell him about his fan club 😉 but I am sure it would have been impossible… its a wonder that you got to speak at least 2 lines with him 🙂

  765. Murthy Says:

    Someone like Raane may have cheated Saalumarada Thimmakka. I remember seeing this great lady on E-TV news.

  766. Srik Says:

    Once, a few days back, I was on my way to meet a friend who would be gone forever to Pune, So, wanted to present her my favorite book, in English. I went to buy a book from a roadside bookseller. Asked him “ee book ge estu agathe?” (How much does it cost, in Kannada).
    He said “One fifty Rs”. I asked him “Estakke Kodtiya? Nange eradu books beku. 100 Madko.” (How much shall I give, if I buy two books? Please give it to me in 100 Rs/book.) Without a second thought he said “Sir, 150 Kodi. Eradu books tagondu Hogi.” (Please give me 150/- and take away both the books.) After buying it, I asked him why did he reduce the price by 50%? For which he said “Sir, Neevu Kannada matadiddakke tumba kushi aytu. Adikke kotte.!!!!!” (“I was very happy to see someone speaking in Kannada!”)!! I could see his face filled with celebration. Friends, It didn’t happen in an alien country, or an alien city. I experienced it in “namma Bengalooru”, in the very crowded Koramangala, near the Forum mall. What a bankruptcy of Kannada speaking people in this city!!!

    I was shocked to hear that a seller in Bangalore awaits a Kannadiga to go to him and speak with him in his language. But it happens rarely as he put it. Quiet unfortunate!

    I just hope that the situation improves and such things wont repeat. I also hope that we hear our language spoken everywhere in the city. Lets not allow it die in front of our eyes.

    – Srik.

  767. Shridhar Says:

    In yesterday’s episode for the first time I could see TNS becoming emotional (bhavodveka) when he was telling: “Ee nalavettalu kotinu ninna bayindane kakkistini. Raitara duddu andre enu sumne barutta?” In fact for those who missed the last part, this was a very sensitive portion was missed! 🙁

  768. Girish Hampali Says:

    You are truly right. Indeed, TNS is a down to earth fellow. I have had an opportunity to chat with him for 45 min this sunday. I was with Ravi Belagere and TNS joined us along with star couple of Malavika (Ragini is her home-name) and Avinash (Ravi is his home-name) Later Nagathihalli chandrashekhar joined that party.
    For most of the time, I was a naive listener as the discussion revolved around UR Ananthamurthy’s candidature to RajyaSabha. I was so happy to see the group’s view. It is often said that celebrities talk rubbish and straight to their own nose. I was thrilled with Avinash’s know how about literature and later got to know that he was a English lecturer along with Nagathihalli.
    Malavika, I think is keen on a lot of subjects and she was speaking how yugoslovia got split and what happened later.
    Ravi Belagere was speaking about sahitya srishti and how TNS contributes to it.
    Chaitanya: I did what you thought you failed to communicate to TNS. I did speak to him about the blog and told about its quantity and quality. I feel this blog has info equivalent to more than one samvada with a difference.
    People here give view without prejudice and has fantastic stuff written over here.
    Malavika and TNS knew about the blog but they haven’t ventured to have a look at it. They were eager to go back and have a view of it. By this time, they might have had a look. If I get a chance, will get the feedback and post it here.

  769. Shruthi Says:

    I could not watch Muktha yesterday! I had gone out, and it was very late by the time I returned :(. I have become a very irresponsible updater and am giving everybody lots of trouble! 🙁 If anybody is free, please give an update! Thanks! 🙂

    Girish, that is just wonderful! Great to hear that at last the existence of this page has got to TNS’s notice. It will be great if he leaves a comment here or something like that 🙂

    Srik, that was a very touching incident. I felt both happy and sad! I always make it a point to speak in Kannada wherever I go, with auto people, shop keepers, everybody. But you know, nowadays I see more and more Kannada being spoken. I think, just like you and me, everybody is becoming aware of how much Kannada is being ignored.

  770. Pavan Says:

    Good Morning,
    I have seen TNS walking in LalBagh 8)
    May we could do a ‘walk the talk’ thing.

  771. Anitha Says:

    How nice it would be .. if TNS puts his signature on this page …

    I agree with Shruthi … even i see lot of people speaking in kannada these days .. at office, shops, restaurants etc .. the feeling that “if you speak in kannada then you will be considered a second class citizen” is slowly reducing …

    And we on our part should put our constant effort towards this … When somebody calls on your mobile to sell something to you OR when these various bank people call you up to sell their products OR when you go to 3 star / 5 star hotels ….in numerous such occasions, where we are helping others business … in all those cases we need to ensure that we reply back to them in Kannada … after all we are helping their business run and they better learn our language …

  772. Praveen Says:

    Lets commit overselfs to revamp the glory of kannada by speaking kannada wherever it is possible & make the kannada alive around us… This is my humble request !!!

    Dayaviitu kannada ulisi… Belasi… Kannada matadalu injarike beda adu namma matrubhashe!!!

  773. Srik Says:

    A brief update of Thursday’s episode :

    Part I :

    Manmohan, Supriya Pathak and Indira on conversation:
    SP sounds dominant, wants MM to appologise at Rane and Ramana Rao for behaving rudely with the later.
    MM is adamant and says that he should not join those ‘murderers’.
    If he wanted to give real tribute to his father, he should not contest with the ‘help’ of these killers.
    SP fights back “Is my father a bad boy?”, asks rudely, and adds “My father has talked to RR and if you appologise, you will be funded and surely will win from here.
    If my father was not close to you…” Stops there.
    MM is upset and says “I donn want a favour from your father, And I am not going to contest these elections from a party that has not respected my father and indeed killed him.”
    and adds “Even if it is at the cost of breaking our engagement”, and leaves angrily.
    SP turns to Indira, who also does not support her and says, “Please leave for now.”

    Part II :

    Annapurnamma is seemingly not well and has a mild heart attack again.
    She is sure that she’s not going to be alive for long.
    Gauri visits her and asks Why no one is taking care of her at that time, for which she says the doc is sending a nurse for her service.
    And then asks Gauri that she has no faith in anyone, except for her, to take care of Chinnu.
    For which Gauri says she will take full care of her as her own daughter, Annapurnamma need not worry about it.
    At this moment the old lady becomes emotional and says “Neenu Yake nanna magalagi huttalilla!”
    And she says I have some other responsibilities to give u before it is too late. let me see you later.

    Part III :
    Cross examination of Rane continues :
    CSP : You need to survive in politics, so u need money, for money u have to be a friend to ppl like Chhabria,
    When he funds, u have to be favourable to him, and there is a feeling that is created that rane is a nayi of chhabria.
    For which Rane is very very upset and complains, SS also raises objection. Judge says CSP it is too much. You should be in the limits, this is the last warning for you, or else I should be putting you in jail.
    CSP appologises to Rane and says “Dayavittu kshamisi bidi Raneavare Nimmanna nayi ge compare madiddakku, nayi ge compare madillade iddiddakkoo”..
    And tries to continue …

  774. Srik Says:

    Yeah. Youn are true Shruti. We should be awaken before it is too late.
    “Kote bagilu hakakke munche ne echettukollabekagide.” Otherwise, we might not see Kannada in Bangalore.

  775. Kumar Says:

    Very nice to see lot of comments made about about Speaking Kannada , This is very positive sign and each of us can make adiffrence if we start speaking in Kannada to all people whom we contact in day to day life can it be posh IT mall, Pizzza corner, Mcdonalds or anything. Whole world respects their own language , recently French Primemisister walkedout of high level International business meeting when French Businessmen started speaking in English since it was aInternational convention. We dont need to be so fanatic but atleast we are obligated to give whatever our language deserves.
    Sanjay, with your kind permission , like to use this platform to request all visitors of this site to spread this message and do our bit for the survival of this great language Kannada. Belive me we as individuals can make huge diffrence. Lastly TNS is gret and MUktha is revolution in Tele serial world , this is one of the best serials anywhere in the world in any language.

  776. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks a lot for the update, Srik! 🙂
    Btw, are you a fan of Supriya Pathak? You have written Pathak, instead of Patel :))) – Not trying to find faults.. I was just wondering! Because I personally used to like Supriya Pathak when she was a regular on television! 🙂

    Coincidentally, I read this article by HR Venkatesh, who is a CNN-IBN correspondent. He has writen about the same thing that we are talking about – about Kannada not been spoken in Bangalore, etc. It is a very interesting article – this is the link –

  777. Shruthi Says:
    — correct link.

  778. Srik Says:

    Thanks for the correction 🙂

    It was just a typo.

    Any ways, both are SP ;), U know, Im really poor in remembering names.

  779. Shruthi Says:

    Sorry.. the link is not getting published correctly on the page, and I tried to paste the entire article but it is getting held up in moderation.

    Will try again later.

  780. Murthy Says:

    IBN Blog :

    Kannada vs Tamil, English vs Hindi

    Ever spoken in Kannada when asking for a film ticket in one of the theatres in Bangalore’s M G Road area?

    If you have, you might have experienced what I did; a slight sense of embarrassment resulting in an immediate switch to English.

    I think this is part of the Tamil vs Kannada, English vs Hindi syndrome in Bangalore, and it affects just about everyone.

    You probably have felt something like this too; if you’ve lived in Bangalore for a while. You’ve probably either been the initiator, or have been at the receiving end of a sort of parochialism, like in the Oscar-winning film Crash.

    Let me put down something before I proceed further – I’m a Bangalorean in the sense that I am a Kannadiga and grew up in the city until I left at the age of 21. That was about 6 years ago.

    I was your typical ‘mannina maga’, somewhat scared of asserting my roots when I was younger and have in the last 5 years or so, begun embracing Kannada.

    Being Kannadiga

    There is a simmering discontent among Kannadigas here; after all they are a marginalized lot in Bangalore. Some surveys peg the Kannadiga population at 31 percent in Bangalore.

    Add to this the fact that Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka or ‘Kannada Nadu’, and you see where the anger is coming from.

    Forum in Koramangala, Garuda Mall in Margrath Road or Bangalore Central near Mayo Hall are the preferred hang-out zones for many in the city these days. Walk down the aisles or up the escalators in these gleaming steel monsters and you will not hear much Kannada spoken.

    I believe there are two major reasons for this: native Bangaloreans (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, etc.) still prefer to shop in a Jayanagar 4th block or a Malleswaram 8th cross, so most people in malls are usually ‘fresh of the boat’ and almost always from the North of the Vindhyas. Two, Kannadigas still tend to speak in English in public. There is some sense of shame, embarrassment or some other emotion at work here.

    Tamil vs Kannada

    For most Bangaloreans this issue is, as they say, as old as the hills. Kannadigas and Tamilians have been fighting in public and have been friends in private for many a decade in ‘nammooru’. I’ve had many friends, but for some quirky reasons, all my close friends in Bangalore have been Tamilians.

    During the Cauvery riots in the early 90s we didn’t have any issues. Yet, this is one struggle that I expect will go on for a while, because there appears to be historical reasons behind the divide. Janaki Nair’s excellent piece Battles for Bangalore: Reterritorialising the City sums it up rather neatly:

    “More striking were the linguistic and cultural distinctions between the zones, since the Cantonment had attracted a large number of camp followers from Tamil speaking areas of the neighbouring Madras Presidency. Consequently, the Kannada language’s restricted presence in the city was only altered in two decades of somewhat spectacular demographic growth, the decade of 1941-1951 when the population grew by 100 per cent, and the decade of 1971-81 when the city grew by 76 per cent. The city drew more migrants from districts within the state after the 1950s, significantly altering the linguistic map of the city”

    So Tamilians can claim to have as much a right on Bangalore as Kannadigas. It is true though, that many Tamilians prefer to speak in their native tongue, even while talking to Kannadigas.

    Try asking for directions in Frazer town. But equally, Kannadigas lose no opportunity in clamouring for the city to ‘swept clean of Tamils’.

    I actually think the whole Tamil vs Kannada issue is not such a big deal. Some people (not all of them politicians) tend to manipulate the residents of Bangalore to suit their own purposes.

    English vs Hindi

    If there is one issue that unites all Bangaloreans, it is the sight of someone from the cow belt, clamouring for directions in Hindi, and expecting to be answered back in their tongue.

    I was once tempted into asking a couple of slightly rude teenagers on a bike to speak in English. These days, Hindi is spoken pretty much everywhere in Bangalore. The prevailing feeling here has been more elegantly paraphrased before, but let me interpret it rather plainly: ‘just because Hindi is the national language, it doesn’t give anyone the right to expect a South Indian or Bengali to speak Hindi in Bangalore.’

    Make no mistake, I don’t think anyone wants a polarized world. As for me, I certainly don’t dislike Hindi; after all I work in Delhi and have picked up Hindi. And like many Bangaloreans I like good Tamil songs, would love to be able to speak Telugu and Malayalam. In an ideal world, I’d like us Bangaloreans to be as we once were as kids. My mum would watch Mukta or Moodala Mane on ETV Kannada with as much enthusiasm as Kasauti Zindagi Ki on Star Plus. And I would proudly tell my cousins from America that only in Bangalore would you find people speaking at least three tongues!

  781. Murthy Says:

    Nanage Kannada, Hindi, English allade, Telugu artha maadikondu maathadabahudu maththu tamil artha maadikollabahudu.
    Aaadare naanu maathanaaduvaaga kannadadhalle maathanaaduththene. Nanage telugu goththidhdharu maathanaaduvudhilla, idhu swabhimaanadha prashne. Bereyavaru kannada goththidhdharu maathanaaduvudhilla annuvaaga, naavu yake avara haththira avara baasheyalli maathanaadabeku?
    Kelavu sala, Namma janara angadi ge hogi vyapaara maduththene.
    Namma janaru beleyali, bere yavarondhige vyapara maadi, avarige yake sahayamaadabeku.
    Bereyavaru namma jothe hondhi kondu idhdhare, santosha, namage yavude beda illa, Aadare nammanu avahelana madidhare, naavu avarige aadhe reeti nadesikolla beku.

  782. Shruthi Says:

    Murthy, neevu heLuvudu sari. Horaginavarige beginning nalli Kannada gotthillade iddare sari, naavu English nalli mathaDoNa. Aadare, avaru BengaLurannu, KannaDavannu aaDikonDare sahisokke aaguvudilla.

    Kannada vs Tamil, English vs Hindi

    NOTE: If you do NOT see an underscore (_) between the words blog and entry in the above url, then copy the url into the address bar, add an underscore between “blog” and “entry”, and then view it. Its a good article, thats why I am trying so hard to put up the link here 🙂

  783. Umesh V Says:

    Murthy yavare.

    Nanage santosha aagta ide. Nannadu matthu nimmadu swalpa similar mentality ansutthe. Nanagu bere bhashegalu barutthe aadaru adannu upayogisuvudilla. Nanna officenalli kannadadhavariginta bere bhashe maathanaaduvavaru jaasti iddhare. Nanage dhukkada vishyavendare kannadadavara jothe kannadigaru englishnalli maathaadutthare, aadare kannadigaru bereyavara jothe, avara baasheyalli maathaadutthare.

  784. Anitha Says:

    Ellarigu ugadi habbada hardhika shubhashayagalu – Anitha

  785. Murthy Says:

    Nimagu Haagu Nimma Parivaaradhavarigu Ugadhi Habbadha Hardhika Shubhashayagalu.
    Ellara Baalu Vrudhdhisali Maththu Ellarigu Shubhavaagli Endu Bhagavantanannu Prartisona


  786. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Yella Kannada Abhimanigalige Vyayanama Samvatsarada Shubhashayagalu

  787. Shruthi Says:

    Yellarigu Yugadiya shubhashayagaLu!

  788. Raghavendra Shetty Says:

    ‘Muktha’ as the name indicates it frees us it freezes us.
    While I see Muktha I feel as it is happening in our day today life. As we say it as ‘Vasthavathe’.

  789. Srik Says:

    Ee Vyaya nama Samvatsara nammellara dukhagaligu “Mukti” kodali, Namagella sukha “Mukta”vagali. Namma Nadu, Nudi, Bhashe endendigoo Bali belagali.

    Ellarigoo Ugadiya Shubhashayagalu.

  790. msanjay Says:

    We can all talk about it, but Hari Prasad (though I’ve never met him personally) has been one of the quietest and most effective modern revolutionaries who has gone far beyond it…

    Have a look at this press meet – though there are many others as well, he’s been one of the key guys behind it…

    Btw another related piece of news is this…

    In general…

    Btw Shruti, sorry the site was giving you some trouble, I don’t know why. But I managed to find the link somehow and then corrected it in your post 🙂

    The article looks good, I haven’t read it in detail though, will read it later. But I don’t agree with the initial part…

    Ever spoken in Kannada when asking for a film ticket in one of the theatres in Bangalore’s M G Road area?

    If you have, you might have experienced what I did; a slight sense of embarrassment resulting in an immediate switch to English.

    This used to be the case long ago but nowadays I just speak in Kannada quite comfortably anywhere 😉 I feel it also requires a balanced approach, if the fellow genuinely dosen’t know Kannada there’s no point in really creating an inconvenient situation.

    On the other hand I get pissed off with people who know Kannada but don’t speak in it! 🙂 Even here, they may be simply be following the orders of their superior (since their livelihood depends on it) and may not necessarily reflect their own opinions. In general, I think we shouldn’t go by any generic rules – but act on a case-by-case basis.

    Esp off late Ive made sincere attempts (compared only to my attempts earlier, though still a lot of scope is there! 🙁 ) to promote [by reading/speaking/writing] Kannada but believe its very crucial never to lose the perspective of being fellow-human-beings. We should try to avoid our language becoming a cause for prejudices to build up…

    yeno sari no tappo… nanangansiddanna heeLidinappa… tammellarigu ugaadiya shubhaashayagaLu!! 😀

  791. Chaitanya Says:

    Thanks Girish for brining it to TNS sir’s notice. I am sure he will put his comments here soon considering Muktha shooting might have been completed by now and TNS sir might be relatively free.

    But the problem is, we have had enough pranksters here for us to beleive that its TNS himself 🙂 May be we have to resort to quizzing him his family members’ names 🙂

    And Srik, I agree with Shruthi and others that these days speaking in Kannada has increased. I think it was kind-of ‘fashion’ to speak in English in olden days, which now isn’t since almost everyone can speak (urban ppl that is). Also the awareness towards sustaining our language has increased with several forums such as e-mails, e-groups, blogs, sites coming into picture.


  792. Girish Hampali Says:

    ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಬೊಗಳೆ (Blog) ಮಿತ್ರರಿಗೂ ಯುಗಾದಿಯ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು.
    ನಿಮಗೆಲ್ಲಾ ನಮ್ಮ ಮಗಳು ಶಾರು ಕೂಡ ಶುಭಾಶಯ ತಿಳಿಸಿದ್ದಾಳೆ. ಅವಳ ಬೊಗಳೆ ಇಲ್ಲಿದೆ.

  793. Girish Hampali Says:

    ಎಲ್ಲಾ ಬೊಗಳೆ (Blog) ಮಿತ್ರರಿಗೂ ಯುಗಾದಿಯ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು.
    ನಿಮಗೆಲ್ಲಾ ನಮ್ಮ ಮಗಳು ಶಾರು ಕೂಡ ಶುಭಾಶಯ ತಿಳಿಸಿದ್ದಾಳೆ. ಅವಳ ಬೊಗಳೆ ಇಲ್ಲಿದೆ.

    Sharu Hampali: ಮನುಷ್ಯ ಬೆತ್ತಲೆಯಾದಷ್ಟೂ ಮಾನವ೦ತನಾಗುತ್ತಾನೆ

  794. msanjay Says:

    ಗಿರೀಶವರೆ, ನಿಮ್ಮ ಮಗಳ ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ ನನಗೆ ತುಂಬ ಹಿಡಿಸಿತು… 🙂 ನನ್ನ ಬ್ಲಾಗ್ ಲಿನ್ಕ್ಸ್ ಪಟ್ಟಿಗೆ ಹಾಕುತ್ತೇನೆ! ಬಿಟ್ಟಿ ಕಾಫಿ ಹರಟೆ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಮನೆಗೆ ಖಂಡಿತ ಬರುತ್ತೇನೆ! 😉

    Hi Raghavendra, yeah its definitely down to earth, reflecting what we see around us! Kumar its nice that you’ve voiced your thoughts about it – I’m totally with you that we need to spread the message and contribute more in our respective fields.

    Srik, thats a pretty cool update, thanks! Thats an interesting incident – it was really nice of that bookseller 🙂 Like others have voiced, I believe Kannada has indeed started to pick up.

    Pavan, thanks for the tip – does TNS walk there every day, what time? Anyway I dont want to idolise him as a celebrity, let him walk peacefully 8) if we are to meet him, maybe its better we do so at some other more convenient occasion 😉

    Anitha, those are good ideas. Maybe thanks to the Girish/Chaitanya TNS will actually take notice of this blog and comment here! 😀

  795. Shruthi Says:

    Here is a short update of Wednesday

    Annapurnamma calls her lawyer and changes her will saying that she has lost trust in her daughter and son-in-law.

    CSP proves that the guys who were caught in the attempt to kill CSP are Rane’s shishyas, and he also has a snap which shows Jagan talking to Chhabria and Shivraj hegde in the court premises.
    He asks Rane if he has a second phone, but rane denies it. csp asks vimala to secretly call that number, and it rings in rane’s pocket. csp proves that it was the same number which rane denied having and it is the number he uses for shady purposes, and shivalingu had called this same number after the attempt on csp’s life. why would he, when rane claims that he did not even know shivalingu.

  796. Ammu (amruta) Says:


    I just thought I’d say
    HAPPY UGADI!!!!!!!!

    lol, ok, anyway, 😛 thats from me and my family! 😀 😉 😆 have a great day!

  797. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    I have missed like, 2 episodes and so i really dont understand anyhing thats going on… HELP!! 😯 ARGGHH.
    I just started school again and havent been used to getting up and 5:45 yet. So tired.. so thats why i havent been able to watch bc i get so tired i end up waking at 6:30 and leaving 7:00 ohhhh……………….. 🙁 plz explain to me.. its from Tues – thurs

  798. rajesh Says:

    hi there ,
    i know mukta is a superlative serial,but i like “silli lalli” more than that b’cause it is hilarious as well enjoyable without any vulglarity or exposing or even overacting for that matter

  799. msanjay Says:

    hey ammu, thanks a lot, wish you and your mom and dad the same! I’m still waiting for your dad’s writeups on some vachanas that you were talking about… 🙂

    Now its much more convenient to wish each other through electronic means, sometimes I wonder if it becomes too impersonal 🙂 but anyway I got a nice SMS today…

    bevu bellada e shubhadinadi bevemba kahi bellavemba sihiyamunde kuggi balatumba savige tumbali, e hosa varsha baaLalli harshavannu tarali. ugadiya haardhika shubashayagaLu!

    Hope you get used to your new schedule soon! I remember what a drag it used to be to get back to the grind… bad news is it dosen’t get better after we grow up and have to get back to work after a few holidays 🙁 The summary of the story so far is basically that CSP is extracting Rane’s entire hopelessly corrupt jaatka in the court! 😆

    Rajesh I’ve watched silly lalli quite a few times, its pretty good and very light. I don’t think one compare a comedy serial with a real life kind of serial – its like comparing apples and oranges 🙂

  800. ಅರುಣ ಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ Says:

    ellarigU ugaadi habbada shubhaashayagaLu. hosa varuSha nimma baaLinalli nemmadi, shaaMti, aarOgya aishvaryaadigaLa jotege hosatanavannu tarali 🙂


  801. msanjay Says:

    This SMS was sent by a very close friend… this one I didnt feel was impersonal at all… since it started with Dear Sanjay 🙂 WOW I think it takes real time and patience – and love – to seperately write out the name of each person we send an SMS to! This I would say is the real bridge between technology and humans!

    sihi irali kahi irali saviyo manavirali.
    aa manadalli mallige tampirali.
    aa tampinalli nanna nenapu sada irali.
    ugadi habbada shubhaashaya.

  802. Shruthi Says:

    Thursday – 30th

    Manmohan tells his mom Indira that he never wanted to marry Supriya. She and her parents always spoke like i will have a political future only due to them. Supriya also never expressed faith in my abilities, she just felt that it was due to marrying her that her father would support me in my career. I did not like that attitude. ON the other hand, Arundhati always had faith in me. I am sorry I brought up Aru again, but don’t worry, I am not so weak that i cannot forget her. But i keep feeling that without her, something is missing in life. I will go and speak to her again, and tell her that I am not marrying supriya.. she might agree. Indira is happy, first she apologises that she had been blinded and she did not see recognize manmohan’s abilities, and she had blindly depended on Supriya’s father to lead him in politics. She also says that Aru is a very nice girl and she will be happy to see both of them married.

    Arundhati is sitting on the bed silently, Gowri calls to find out if she reached safely, and she advises her to think once more about saying Yes to Pramod Kumar. Gowri says that Manmohan had just called inquiring about Arundhati, as he found her mobile switched off. Arundhati says she has thought about it carefully, and she is sure about it. But she starts crying. When Gowri asks if she is crying, she pretends that Anupama is calling her and hangs up the phone quickly, and then she cries a lot. Then Manmohan’s call comes on her phone, she wipes her tears and picks it up. Manmohan is very happy, he says he wants to meet her at the earliest, as he has great news, and he wants to tell it to her. Aru says no, she is busy that day, but she will meet him the next day. Manmohan is very disappointed, but he says, ok, tomorrow is the day i have been waiting for all my life.. you have to spend the entire day with me. She agrees.
    She goes to Pramod Kumar’s house, where she is silent. she remembers words.. what Indira told her (to get married quickly), what Gowri said, what Manmohan said (about some great news)… but she finally steels herself and says, I am ready to marry you. Pramod Kumar is delighted. She says, my family had some problems in the beginning, but then they said, do whatever u like. But they are worried about your divorce. So Pramod Kumar says, I will never marry you without getting a divorce. There is a final hearing on Monday, I talked to my father in law, he said my wife is ready for the divorce, there should be no problem.

    Court scene. CSP continues interrogation of Rane. He says, according to prosecution case, SKD was going to PUshpagiri for party meeting on the day of Jalakanteshwara Jaathre. His phone was with Brahmachar, and Brahmachar says that there was a call from Madhavi Patel around 9 15, and Brahmachar gave the phone to SKD, and according to that, SKD asked him to drive to the jaathre. CSP says that according to SKD, the phone was from Rane’s shishya Krishna Nayak, asking him to come to the jaathre as there is an emergency, with people rioting, and only SKD can bring it under control. Rane says this is nonsense, as Krishna Nayak was with him throughout. CSP produces the itemised phone bill and shows that on that day, to SKD’s cell, there was only one call between 7 30 to 10 30, and that was at 9 15, from the same number – which is Rane’s shady dealings number. Rane has given the cell to Krishna Nayak and asked him to call. Rane has no answer.

  803. Pavan Says:

    Court scenes end with this ‘famous’ one liner..
    Baappa Basavaraju, idanna mark madu 8)

  804. TN.Sitaram Says:

    Ok Ok Chaitanya,

    I will give you my name ,my name is Nandini Sitram’s wife is my mothers sister.Uncle and everyone at home call me Nanda.:)My Aunt’s name is Geetha,he has a son Sathyajith and daughter Ashwini.
    Ok bye for now I dont think I have to keep proving myself again and again.:)


  805. Chaitanya Says:


    We believe you 100% now! Like I had mentioned, there were enough pranksters earlier for us to believe anybody. Can you believe Abhishek Bachchan watching mukta daily? Well he had posted so, here… 🙂

    Sanjay, I really loved the line ‘sihi irali kahi irali saviyo manavirali’ in the SMS greeting you received. Most greetings would say ‘sihi jasti irali, kahi kadime irali’ etc… but this one is close to reality that we cannot wish sihi always instead to take whatever we get in the right spirit!


  806. Srik Says:

    This Arundhati stuff is seriously getting out of bounds.
    Sometimes I feel her character, started as a “Kittur Rani” is ending up being a dull, failure for TNS.
    Will wait to see where it ends.
    On the contrary, all the court scenes are getting interesting day by day, and making it the most awaited part of the show. Also, I like the way Manmohan has been groomed to be a self dependent man. His character is portrayed well, TNS has rarely shown a male characrter like this. Aru’s is the only miss interpretted ‘super lady’ character by TNS till date, i guess.

  807. Pavan Says:

    Check this link..

  808. msanjay Says:

    Sitaram’s neice, looks like something is terribly wrong with the internet… it keeps showing that you are writing from Australia…

    Author : TN.Sitaram
    Whois :

    Please don’t blame me, this is not my fault! 😛

  809. TN.Sitaram Says:

    No Problem Sanjay.

  810. Shruthi Says:

    ’sihi irali kahi irali saviyo manavirali’ – beautiful indeed. I got this sms too.. I agree with Chaitanya – its the best wish anybody can give.

    Oh don’t worry Srik, when Manmohan talks to Arundhati the next day, she will cry and feel unhappy about why she was in such a hurry to say “yes” to Pramod Kumar… But I think the problem will get solved because I think Pramod Kumar’s wife will ultimately say “no” to the divorce, and then Aru and Manmohan can happily get together. Though I hope it happens soon and is not dragged too much.

  811. sridhar patavari devadurg Says:

    one of the greatest serial i had ever seen in my life.

    it deals with reality honesty,kindness & more about knowledge. i love this serial so much.

    i have so many questins to ask mr.tnsitaram
    i need his mbno,email id. can anybody reply me soon

  812. sridhar patavari devadurg Says:

    one of the greatest serial i had ever seen in my life.

    it deals with reality honesty,kindness & more about knowledge. i love this serial so much.

    i have so many questins to ask mr.tnsitaram
    i need his mbno,email id. can anybody reply me soon

  813. Srik Says:

    I bet, It wont be that easy, Shruti,
    Arundati will spoil the fun of this serial.

  814. Srik Says:

    OK. I got it now.
    When I relate that Sanjay’s SMS, its like :
    Sihi is the other part of Muktha and Aru is the Kahi.
    Sihi ide, Kahi ide, Eradannoo saviya beku nodugaru..

    Well… lets enjoy both sihi and kahi of Muktha.

  815. msanjay Says:

    ok there’s something odd about the internet ip lookup thing… its quite unreliable, so Nandini could well have been from Bangalore as well like she’d said.

    I shouldn’t have posted that link about it pointing to Australia. Sorry I had to delete one reaction to that, and one more comment by Nandini which was a kind of serious and sentimental reaction to that comment as well – to avoid things propogating and becoming a complicated personal issue.

    Not that I disbelieved her entirely but I was just mildly sceptical, but its a good lesson to not get into trusting machines too much, more than people !

  816. ಶಾರು....Girish Hampali Says:

    ಸ೦ಜಯ. ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ಬನ್ನಿ.
    It so happens nowadays that I dont watch muktha at 9 with seriousness. at 11, it becomes more interesting as my daughter would have slept.
    Guys, seriously, I am thinking of a get together amongst us. atlease all bangaloreans can join and have a cup of coffee and thus make our non bangalore friends to feel itchy.
    I think muktha will be over by may-jun. lets meet in April itself. Sanjay, some one needs to initiate.

  817. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    wwahhhh…. I’m not coming to India til December!!!!!!!!! I can’t meet any of you. bad bad bad bad 🙁
    Too many court scenes… I don’t really sit and watch it the way I used to..In fact today I was so happy 😆 (I watched Friday’s today) that CSP finally sed That’s all your honour… Oh well, If you guysend up meeting,
    Well, cya!
    Keep 😛 !!

  818. Srik Says:

    Its a nice idea to meet and have a “samvada” of the members of this site.

  819. Shruthi Says:

    Update for Friday – March 31st.

    Rane denies having known Driver Devaraju previously. But CSP shows a letter from Rane to the then home minister Arunachalamurthy saying that “Devaraj nange bekaaddavaru, and he is an excellent driver, so please give him a temporary job with Madhavi Patel”, and this was done exactly 15 days before the murder. Rane changes his statement and says, no no, I dont know Devaraj that well, I just know his father. So CSP says, what’s his father’s name? Rane thinks and guesses “Muniraju”. CSP proves that it is “Yatiraju”… and he says that Rane did not know him at all… he is just lying. Then he says how do u know he is a good driver, Rane says that he was my driver for a while. So CSP pounces on him and says, “Then why did you deny knowing him, at first?” Rane has no answer.

    CSP gets the list of underworld goons released by the Mumbai police, and shows Devaraj also in that list. He is listed as a sharpshooter. He asks Rane why he gave a letter of reference to Devaraj who is an underworld gangster? At this time, Rane, Chhabria and Devaraj are sweating. Rane says, my theory is that it was Devaraj who committed the murder.

    CSP asks to play the video that Chitra channel had taken during the jaathre, which Suryavamshi had played before. In that video, When AM and MP get into the van, Rane runs round to the driver, tells him something, and then winks at the driver. CSP shows that clippage a number of times. Then he says, why would a minister wink at a driver? He was just signing to him to finish off AM and MP.

    Needless to say, everybody is left sweating.

    CSP says, “That’s all your honour!: 🙂

    Sanjay, nice snaps of the Muktha Title page, and of TNS 🙂

  820. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I’m back to hyd after a week long stay @ namma bengaluru. I spoke to Sanjay and i found him to be a down to earth person. Hats off to you Sanjay i felt really nice talking to you last week.

    I cud watch muktha serial along with my parents, chikappa chikamma,akka bhava and aliya and sosae. That brought more joy to me.

    I missed out a lot of discussions but still cudn’t find time to read them.

  821. Avinash Says:

    What I did not understand is that, even after CSP mentions that Driver Devaraju is a ‘Supari Killer’ from Bombay underworld, and his name is in the ‘wanted’ list (shows a circular in this regard), the police wont arrest Devaraju, nor did the Judge order the police to arrest him immediately.

  822. Shruthi Says:

    Avinash, I agree with you. I wondered about that too. Does anybody have any explanations?

    Prasanna, great that you had a good time at namma bengaluru 🙂

  823. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Devaraju is already in the police custody as a witness . Moreover the police needs a confirmation from the Mumbai Police saying that Devaraju belongs to Underworld and has to be arrested.

  824. msanjay Says:

    > CSP asks to play the video that Chitra channel had taken
    > during the jaathre, which Suryavamshi had played before.

    The moment CSP asks, Suryavamshi immediatly jumps up and raises an objection! Then CSP says “yaakri objectionnu?? ee tape na neeve courtge introduce maaDiddu! eeeeg yaaaakri objectionnu???” and the objection is overruled!


    Wrt pictures above, thanks Shruti 🙂 They can be clicked to get a full sized image.

    Avinash, even I was wondering the same… also whether that chap will continue coming to court or be absconding in further episodes 😉

    Prasanna, too bad you couldn’t make it to Malleswaram… anyway it was really nice for me as well talking to you on phone atleast!

    Anyway seeing I think we should seriously plan a get together! Amruta, don’t worry I’ll take some snaps!


    Some technical details for those interested:

    Photos: Photographed the TV with a camera (other alternative to get a perfect image is to use a computer itself – using TV Tuner Card we can take capture stills – but for this I’ve got to get a parallel cable connection to my TV which I’m currently faaar too lazy to get around doing). Have to figure out a way to remove the distortions in the snaps… maybe with some time a tool like gimp would help… or maybe they could be taken with some better camera settings. It was just some initial experimentation, might try other things later (or if anyone else tries, you can email me your results).

    samvaada: I have an idea for setting up a simple page to help us with logistics like counting votes, suggesting (and voting on the suggestions – for venue) etc. Maybe I’ll finally learn PHP* – I’ve been planning to do so for ages. If I don’t make it by Wednesday then we can go the conventional way and use emails and post suggestions here etc.

    PHP is a simple scripting/programming language for the internet. This whole website (wordpress) is based on PHP – though I got it as a free open source application so haven’t programmed anything much myself. For more details… search for PHP or wordpress in this site (search box in top right corner) or on google.

  825. Shridhar Says:

    Where is Sadanand Patel missing from so many days? None of them seem to even remember his character… There was an arrest warrant on his name but police does not seem to shed any light on him (Actually TNS!!!) 😀

  826. Pavan Says:

    Sanjay,the snaps are really cool.
    >From the ‘CSP’ snaps (check clock wise from the top left corner) one can see wit/intellect,hatred towards crime & criminals,joy/triumph and commitment for justice.
    >From the ‘Rane’ snaps one can see shame written all over his face and the second snap shows him in introspection /fear.

  827. Shruthi Says:

    Shridhar, nice interpretation of TNS’s expressions :))
    But I think Rane’s expression does not signify “shame”… I don’t think he even knows the meaning of that word 😀

  828. msanjay Says:

    Pavan, very poetic …and apt!

    heh heh Shruti, actually Rane would know the meaning of shame… only thing is he has always been hiding it not only from others but even himself also. In a very strange way, CSP is actually helping him. But now even at times when he does feel some kind of shame, he quickly recovers and reverts back to his usual facade – his show of complete false-confidence. I find it amazing the way he often portrays himself as a heaven-sent duty-conscious chap who always does the most selfless, righteous, patriotic actions 😈 Nowadays this is reducing though…

    He definitely deserves the best-villain award!! 8)

  829. Shiva Says:

    “ಮುಕ್ತ”ದ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಪ್ರತಿದಿನ ಮಾತುಕತೆ, ಅದು ಸೈಬರ್ ಸ್ಪೇಸ್‍ನಲ್ಲಿ….? ನಿಮ್ಮೆಲ್ಲರ ಹಾಗೆ,ನಾನೂ ಮುಕ್ತವನ್ನು ಪ್ರತಿದಿನ ನೋಡುತ್ತೇನೆ.೯ ಘಂಟೆಗೆ ನೋಡ್ಲಿಕ್ಕೆ ಆಗದಿದ್ದರೆ,೧೧ ಘಂಟೆಗಂತು ಯಾವುದೇ ಕಾರಣಕ್ಕು ತಪ್ಪಿಸುವುದಿಲ್ಲ. :-). ಹಿಂದಿಯ “ಕ್ಯೋಂಕಿ ಸಾಸ್ ಭಿ ಬಹು ಥಿ”ಯ ಕೋರ್ಟ್ ಸನ್ನಿವೇಶಗಳನ್ನು(ಅಮ್ಮ ನೋಡ್ತಾರೆ) ಮುಕ್ತದ ಜೊತೆ ಹೋಲಿಸಿದಾಗ, ಟಿ ಎನ್ ಸೀತರಾಮ್‍ನವರ ಮಹತ್ವ , ಮತ್ತು ಕೋರ್ಟ್ ಸನ್ನಿವೇಶಗಳನ್ನು ನೈಜವಾಗಿ ತೋರಿಸಲು ಅವರು ಪಟ್ಟ ಶ್ರಮ ಗೊತ್ತಾಗುತ್ತದೆ….
    well done T N S!

  830. Diya Says:

    Hi All… Hope some of u atleast remember me.. Hope I can be as regular as I was earlier…And very soon at that… I really missed visiting this site… Bye all…

  831. Shruthi Says:

    Manmohan is waiting on a betta with a bunch of red roses, smiling and dreaming. ARundhati comes there, looking good for a change. Both of them tell each other, “Yenu vishaya, neev first heLi, neev first heLi”. Manmohan tosses a coin but it falls off the cliff. Finally Arundhati herself starts speaking. Arundhati start saying, you are a good friend, very close to me, yellarigintha ayogya iddavaru eega yellarigintha yogya, and she praises him to the skies. Manmohan smiles and blushes. Then Aru continues, I know you will understand that i have your best intentions at heart, I am going away from you. Manmohan is shocked, asks what she means, she tells him that she is marrying Pramod Kumar. The bunch of red roses fall off from the cliff. Manmohan has tears. Aru is obviously disturbed, she cries, she speaks some more nonsense and then pushes off without even waitijng to listen to what Manmohan has to say.

    At home, Manmohan is crying, Indira comes, comforts hm, asks him what happened. HE tells her everything. He says that he did not even have the opportunity to tell her that he is not marrying Supriya. Indira is shocked, says, its all because of me, and she tells him that she was the one who went and told Aru to get married soon and all that. She offers to go and speak to Aru again. Manmohan says no, I think fate does not want me to have her. She would not have accepted Pramod Kumar had she not liked him, she is not that kind of a girl, blah blah.

    Rane, Chhabria and SS drinking and talking. [Why are villains always shown drinking?]. Chhabria is worried, accuses Rane of standing like a kuri in the court. Rane says, you will understand when you are in that place. He picked on points totally unrelated to the case, which I had nto even expected, for example, how I won elections, and about South AFrica… How should I know what to say? He has all evidence. I had to accept it. Chhabria says, SS just put Rane on witness stand, it was not necessary. SS explains that it was necessary. Chhabria says, he is saying he has more evidence against me, if I go as a witness, we will get properly caught. I will go off to France saying I have a board meeting. SS says, if you do that, our guilt will be obvious, and you cannot even do that. Don’t worry I will make sure that you do not go to the witness stand.

    [sorry I was very cynical in the first para… but I was quite irritated 😀 – two people who obviously love each other standing in front of each other, with no barriers, still are not able to communicate effectively!]

    Pavan, sorry, I said “Shridhar” instead of “Pavan” in the previous comment!

    Hi Diya! HOpe to have you back soon! And who can forget Lady CSP? 😀

    Hi Shiva, welcome 🙂

    Sanjay, great analysis of Rane’s character 😀

  832. Srik Says:

    First, Aru’s sacrifice for the sake of Manmohan’s “Bhavishya”, and now… MM’s sacrifice for the “Santosha” of Aru. What more is in the offing? Anyone can explain why is it so?!!!!

  833. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Aru’s Sacrifice is going beyond contention. She has made a fool of herself. I think TNS shouldn’t have made us feel that some of the episodes are not worth watching. Manmohan too is i dont know why depicted like this, a person who is a Dy CEO for a Co shouldn’t have been portrayed like its shown.

  834. msanjay Says:

    oh boy yesterday my friend came and happened to watch the serial and I had no defence for all his accusations that I was hooked on to some soap serial 😀 …why he came yesterday of all days!

    Manmohan is waiting on a betta with a bunch of red roses… and he is giving them to her proposing to her very boldly. Then they show that she wasn’t there at all! Not that there’s any comparison, but this kind of reminded me of that famous scene in the movie bandana where Vishnuvardhan proposes to an imaginary ‘Ms Nandini’ (Suhasini) 🙂 Anyway I guess in this case the communication problem is a bit exaggerated !

    > a person who is a Dy CEO for a Co shouldn’t have been portrayed like
    Btw I’d say even Dy CEOs or CEOs have their moments of weaknesses… there’s some gaade… urallella huli, maneyalli ili (or something like that)

    namaskaara Shiva!

    Diya, yaar neevu?? ee hesaru yellooooo keLdhaagidyalla… 😉

    Btw I happened to speak to Sitaram’s neice Nandini on phone yesterday. She was a very shy lady and asked me not to mention it but I think if not any details I should atleast mention that she was an authentic person so no more “mild sceptism” from me!

  835. Chaitanya Says:

    Sanjay, that one is a nice comparison, to bandhana’s ‘nodri miss nandini…’. It is a hilarious scene from the great movie. Coincidentally, Arundati’s real name is also nandini!

    Yes a bad day to boast on mukta while watching yesterday’s episode. Some how mukta in these last few weeks is slowly going from ‘ayyo mugdoyta…’ to ‘sadhya mugitu’. Sigh!


  836. prashanth & sunitha Says:


    ofcorse we are from b,lore itself.
    but we are very interested in mukta.
    now the yesterdays episode was very xlent.
    specially the conversation of manmohan & arundhathi.
    we are very impressed.we have to congratues them.
    can we get their mail ids?
    our mail ids are

  837. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Today we found out whom one was being sidelined as prankster is not an authentic prankster.

    Sorry Ma’am nimanna yavado drishti nalli nododikke.

  838. Pavan Says:

    Check this link: A TNS interview that got published in DH.

    I have pasted an excerpt from the article which tries to answer Chaitanya’s query.

    “Does he not tire of this exercise and long for a serial to get over? “Oh, I’ve felt like that so many times! I have been asking ETV to allow me to conclude Muktha for the past one year. But they did not want to! Also, it’s not so easy: nearly 70 people directly depend on me for their livelihood. I would not call this creative work – it becomes creative only incidentally. ”

  839. Shruthi Says:

    Pavan, that was a very good interview – thanks for the link!
    I did not know that TNS had written the screenplay and dialogue for the movie Manasa Sarovara!
    He has undergone many hardships in life… he deserves this success and adulation!

  840. Avinash Says:

    Only things remaining to settle now are MM and Arundhati’s marriage and punishing the guilty in AM murder case. Now Chhabria is the last person to be examined. I think cross-examining Chhabria will go for two weeks. Also Gauri might end up adopting her Boss’s grand-daughter. So I think Mukta might end this month or early next month.
    I wish him all the best to TNS for his next movie. Hope the movie become successfull commercially too.

  841. Avinash Says:

    Oops!!! why did my previous comments shown that way!!
    There dont seem to be a way to edit the comments.
    Sanjay please ‘println’ my previous comment 🙂

  842. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Pavan that was a fantastic write up. he mentions about many things about which i never knew.

    It proves that there is no shortcut to success and every people who have worked Hard has achieved the success.

  843. Chaitanya Says:

    Thanks Pavan for link. It was known since a few samvaadas that etv wants to drag the serial. But atleast it doesnt drag in the way the other serials do, like introducing new characters every alternate day and give some unimaginable twists in the story. Muktha is 100 times better in that way too!

    Avinash is right that it might end probably early may! Eagerly waiting for TNS’ next master piece. I heard his movie is tentatively titled ‘Mouna’. Looking forward to it!


  844. Pavan Says:

    >Caution:Bloggers are bound to experience a withdrawal syndrome once this serial ends 🙁
    >Nevertheless the serial has left behind many pleasant memories in the minds of its viewers.
    >One of the best things about this serial was the viewers one to one with the makers of muktha.This has contributed to the changing saga of the serial.Reminds me of comic books where readers were given choices at the end of the page to switch/change the storyline.Adds a thrill…

  845. Chaitanya Says:

    Update of 4th April episode.

    Gowri meets with Annapoornamma (AP) to check her health. Gowri hands over the 3lac cash that Aru had taken from her to help a friend. AP thanks her and applauds Aru and her family that they go to any extent to help friends and she was confident that her friend would return the money. Gowri get a call that people are waiting for the board meeting and she has to leave. AP asks her to meet her again in the evening as she has something important to discuss.

    Aru visits PK who is in a very good mood. He tells her that there is a reason for his happiness. He had a childhood friend and both of them were aspirants of movies. PK always wanted to be a hero and his friend, a director. Later his friend joined MIT in US for studies and got settled there. Many years later, after PK had become a big hero, his friend advices him to make a science fiction movie based on a book. PK did so in kannada, with great difficulties, which eventually became a flop. Later when his friend visited PK, he took the reels of the movie added CGI (Computer Graphics) and showed it in US to film people, who now have shown interest in the movie and have bought the rights for $10 million of which PK’s share is $5million. PK thanks Aru that it’s because of her that his luck has turned.

    Gowri visits AP who mentions her about writing her hospital, food products company etc to Chinmayi’s name and Gowri would be the guardian to both chinmayi and the companies. Gowri initially rejects but agrees when AP insists on her. AP also says she has given enough to her daughter also and Gowri need not worry about them.

    Court Scene: Judge calls for the next witness from prosecution. SS mentions that he completed his case and no more witnesses for which CSP objects and insists that Chabria be called upon as he is a prime witness and his name is listed in charge sheet. SS says its prosecutions prerogative to call any witness or not. Judge while agreeing to SS, asks him specific reasons. SS says that Chabria suffered a heart attack and is hospitalized right now and moreover he has nothing new to say about the case. Judge mentions to CSP that he has no rights to call for any witness and its up to prosecution. CSP haplessly agrees. Judge asks CSP to continue cross-examination of driver and Sandhya Mangalvade. CSP says he has nothing to cross examine the driver but would cross examine SM. Judge calls SM to box. SM takes oath.

  846. Shruthi Says:

    Tuesday – Apr 4 – Update

    Annapurnamma looks very sick, lying on the bed, talking to Gowri. Gowri tells her about Arundhati’s decision. Annapurnamma asks her to come in the evening, she wants to tell her something important. In the evening, she looks better, she tells Gowri that she had originally planned to split her aasti between Chinnu and Madhuvanti. Now she has decided that it would be between Chinnu and Gowri. Gowri is shocked, says no, she does not want to be known as someone who has snatched Aasti from Madhuvanti. Annapurnamma says, no, I will give her also some money.. don’t worry. Also, she wants Gowri to be Chinnu’s guardian. She then asks Gowri to sing as she feels like listening to it, and she closes her eyes and listens to Gowri singing.

    Pramod Kumar (PK) is very happy, he is humming, when Aru asks him what happened. He says, he has just received news that he got 5 million dollars. His childhood friend went to MIT to study, and then he wanted to make a movie, and connected to it, PK got the money.
    [I did not watch this part in detail.. I had stepped out for a while – so I don’t know the details.. can somebody provide the details?]
    Anyway, he attributes this piece of good luck to the luck brought by Aru.

    Court. Judge asks who the next witness is, and SS says that that is all from prosecution side. CSP protests, says, what about Chhabria? SS says, it is entirely up to the prosecutor to decide which witness to produce, it is not your choice. Judge says that is true, but asks for a reason. SS produces doctor’s certificate and says that Chhabria got a major heart attack previous night, and is in ICU in hospital. Judge agrees to it. CSP is disappointed, cynical, but he has to accept. Judge asks him to cross-examine two witnesses he had left out – Driver Devraj and Sandhya M. CSP refuses to cross-examine Devaraj. Everybody is surprised. Judge asks him to think twice, coz he is a key witness, in fact the only eyewitness. CSP now has a very strange look on his face – combination of amusement, cynicism, mistrust, mischief, mystery – don’t know what to say – and he says, that No, there is no need, but if required, i will examine him after Sandhya M, anyway he is in custody. Judge agrees, and SM takes the stand and is sworn in.

  847. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks Chaitanya – I am sorry, I had not seen that you had provided the update already 🙂 We seem to have posted it at almost the same time.
    Actually, since morning, I was not able to access this site… was getting an error message. that is why the delay.

  848. Chaitanya Says:

    Thats OK Shruthi. I somehow had this sixth sense tell me that some one else is also typing the update now 🙂 Hence refreshed the page atleast 20 times while typing, before and after and still wanted to try my luck! Ended up being the first one to put the update, he he he 😀

    PS: its difficult to find time for me before 11am and hence I stay away from updating.

  849. SURI Says:

    It is nice to read all about MUKTA. Perhaps for the first time in Kannada Television a kind of frenzy is being kicked up by a television serial. Can anyone talk anything from 21.00 hours to 21.30 hours? That is what I call frenzy. I thank TNS. You know, TNS likes some men. But all women like him. And the proof? Just watch the serial.

  850. Pavan Says:

    Its like getting to read about the same event in the newspaper by different correspondents 🙂

  851. Shiva Says:

    Yesterday’s episode was really boring, exception was , song sung by Gowri. 🙁

  852. Srik Says:

    I liked the song of Gouri very much.

    One part of it said
    “Panjaradolidabahude giliyanu
    …” and meant We can just keep the bird in a cage, and feed it to satisfaction. But, is, only eating a few grains, the purpose of life for it?!! “Tori karuneyanu”..

    If some one happen to remember it, please post it and get 1 crore thanks from me;).
    – Srik.

  853. Chaitanya Says:

    lyrics: NS Lakshminarayana Bhatta

    ninta neera kalaka bedi kallugaLe
    hoo daLagaLa iriyabedi mullugaLe
    yenideyo novu avake tammade
    baaLalu bidi tammastake summane

    panjaradali nookabahude giLiyanu
    nooki suridarenu raashi kaLanu
    tinnuvudonde guriye heLi baaLige
    adara baaLa baliye namma leelege

    yaava jeeva yaava novigEdu
    yaava bhaavanemmi adara paadu
    aadaLu bidi tannoLagina belaka
    irali adanu kuritu churu maruka

  854. Anitha Says:

    I did not understand these 2 lines ….

    “yaava jeeva yaava novigEdu
    yaava bhaavanemmi adara paadu”

    Can somebody explain

  855. Srik Says:

    here it is Chaitanya,
    thanks(1) thanks(2) thanks(3) ……..thanks(1crore).

    Its a wonderful poem.

  856. Srik Says:

    And anitha,
    those lines overall meant, i think, we should not be deciding what the purpose of a life here. Let it live its purpose and let it play with its light.

    How true na? We often meddle with our own lives, pushing it to stagnancy, we wont work towards our purpose, we never try to find our purpose. First of all we shud show ‘maruka’ for our lives!! Its really a beautiful piece by NSL.

  857. msanjay Says:

    Thanks a ton Chaitanya ! Reference to the parrot reminds me of my pet parrot of long ago! Nice comments on purpose Srik… makes sense (Btw I too had same question as Anitha 🙂 )

    prashanth & sunitha, good that atleast somebody appreciated those episodes! I doubt if TNS, etc even check any email… you could ask your questions here, maybe someone somewhere will eventually convey atleast a printed copy of these pages 😀

    No idea why the website was down for quite a while today.

  858. Avinash Says:

    Overview of yesterday’s episode:
    In part1, GG informs to her family about her boss Annapurnamma’s health and her (Annapurnamma’s) decision to give 40% of her properties.
    In Part 2, CSP cross-examine SM, about her way of investigation. He doubts her investigation was not in a proper way as the investigation was just to follow what seemed to be obvious and not looking for beyond the obvious (TCS!!! 🙂 ).
    In Part 3, CSP tells hers that he has proved that MP and SKD have not committed the crime and he has also shown that there were possibilities that Rane and Chhabria might have committed the crime. SM disagrees and tell CSP that she dont think CSP has proved anything in this regard. Then CSP start to prove again all those points including the Newton’s first law.

    SM seemed to be confident while answering to CSP. We have towait and watch when ( and on what point) will CSP make her sweat.

    This is just an overview, wait for Shruthi/Chaitanya’s detailed report.

  859. Anitha Says:

    Thanks Srik for the explanation…
    But I am not able to read it properly …

    yaava jeeva yaava novigEdu
    yaava bhaavanemmi adara paadu

    Can somebody post these two lines as kannada script (using baraha)

    I was able to understand the first two paragraphs and it is a lovely poem.

  860. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Chaitanya that lyrics has a very deep meaning. I was wondering did you write it down while gowri was singing or you already knew it .

    Do you have any Background of our Kannada Sathiya ???

  861. Praveen Says:

    Want to listen to the song “ninta neera” sung by Gowri ? Idu lakshmi narayana battara adbutha geete Here is the link for it

    Feel the song !!!

  862. Shruthi Says:

    Update of court scene –

    Basically CSP tries to get SM to accept that she was led astray in her investigations. But she is adamant that that is not the case. She says she follows Arthur Conan Doyle’s grandson’s book on crime and investigation, and CSP says that according to that book, whatever is obvious should be disregarded. But she still does not accept that her line of investigation was wrong.

    CSP says that if it looks like B killed A, but if it is proven that C kiilled A, doesn’t it mean that B is innocent? SM accepts that, but she says, you have not proved definitely that B did not kill A or that C killed A. There are evidences against both of them. But the motive of MP is stronger… so I took that line of investigation. She says that whatever CSP has done till now is point out discrepancies. She says that there are discrepancies in every case… if a case is 100 pc foolproof, then something is wrong.

    CSP tries to prove one point, that the car and AM’s body should have been lying in a splayed motion according to the laws of physics, with the car to the right and AM to the left, as AM was sitting towards left. But SM says, I have thought about it, you yourself say that by the time the car fell, both its doors were open. So AM did not fall from the left, he fell through the right, that’s all.

    SS is very happy, CSP just smiles.


    Chaitanya/Sanjay/Anybody-else, can you please give the detailed update today? I could manage only so much…. We were stuck in a traffic jam, came very late to office, and I have lots of work!

    Also, tonight I am going out of town, so I cannot give the update for both Thursday and Friday! I will continue from Monday. Thanks!

  863. Chaitanya Says:

    for(i = 1 to crore)
    “You are welcome”;

    🙂 and thanks for the wonderful explanation too!

    Prasanna, I am not entirely into kannada sahitya, but only to the extent of bhaavageethe, I suppose. Used to sing this song since childhood, now just refreshed the lyrics with the help of Gowri and musicindiaonline 🙂

    Anitha, here it is the song in baraha fonts.

    song: nintha neera
    lyrics: NS Lakshminarayana Bhatta
    font: brh kannada

    ನಿಂತ ನೀರ ಕಲಕ ಬೇಡಿ ಕಲ್ಲುಗಳೇ
    ಹೂದಳಗಳ ಇರಿಯಬೇಡಿ ಮುಳ್ಳುಗಳೇ |
    ಏನಿದೆಯೋ ನೋವು ಅವಕೆ ತಮ್ಮದೇ
    ಬಾಳಲು ಬಿಡಿ ತಮ್ಮಷ್ಟಕೆ ಸುಮ್ಮನೇ ||

    ಪಂಜರದಲಿ ನೂಕಬಹುದೆ ಗಿಳಿಯನು
    ನೂಕಿ ಸುರಿದರೇನು ರಾಶಿ ಕಾಳನು |
    ತಿನ್ನುವುದೇ ಗುರಿಯೆ ಹೇಳಿ ಬಾಳಿಗೆ
    ಅದರ ಬಾಳ ಬಲಿಯೆ ನಮ್ಮ ಲೀಲೆಗೆ ||

    ಯಾವ ಜೀವ ಯಾವ ನೊವಿಗೇಡೋ
    ಯಾವ ಭಾವನೆಮ್ಮಿ ಅದರ ಪಾಡೋ |
    ಆಡಲು ಬಿಡಿ ತನ್ನೊಳಗಿನ ಬೆಳಕ
    ಇರಲಿ ಅದನು ಕುರಿತು ಚೂರು ಮರುಕ ||

  864. Shruthi Says:

    Chaitanya, thanks a lot for the song in the Baraha font – I understood the song only after reading it in Kannada 🙂
    Very beautiful meaning!

  865. Anitha Says:

    Thank you so much Chaitanya …

    S.P. Balasubramanyam often says in “ede thumbi haduvenu” program that such wonderful Bhavageethe exists only in kannada language..

    Beautiful song.

  866. Srik Says:

    Yes, very much true.
    every language will have such literature, but in Kannada they are as alive as the language itself, in day-to-day lives of a Kannadiga.

    Infact, Dasa Sahitya, vachana Sahitya and Bhavageete are the genuine gift of Kannada to the Indian literature.
    We should be really proud of (and thankful to)our Kavigalu for the special feeling one gets when listening to such songs.

    Thanks again for a glimpse of such a feel on this site.

  867. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Heloo, for some reason have not been able to go to this site often… anywy, mum said we accidentally didnt record yesterday’s…with sandhya mangalvaade plz explain what happened 😉

  868. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    d/w i saw update 😉

  869. Praveen Says:

    Todays Episode looks as a new twist to MUKTHA…. SM was in CSP’s office & was talking towards the MP&SKD. Dont miss this guys…. Shruthi i feel sorry 2 u as u wont be able to see today !!!!

  870. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Praveen where the heaven did you foresee the future of MUKTHA ?????

  871. anoop Says:

    a very good effort of maintaining this online archive of Muktha… kudos for all the energy being spent in updating the storyline… guys, please dont break the chain it is most useful for me, as im currently out of india..

  872. Anitha Says:

    how to send comments in kannada language .. I am not able to.. I have installed baraha … and have activated baraha direct (as suggested by Sanjay in one of his post) and have chosen ANSI. I cannot chose unicode because it is not installed and I cannot install it on my m/c

  873. Avinash Says:

    Hey Praveen, where did u get this update (of today!!!). Are you from Mukta team?

  874. Avinash Says:

    Or did you see the trailor for today?

  875. Anitha Says:

    Normally , they show a clipping of the day’s episode , a day before .. I guess Praveen is talking about that

  876. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Anitha, you install the Baraha 6.0 by default it comes with the unicode with it. That makes your job easy

  877. Anitha Says:

    i have installed baraha 6.0

  878. msanjay Says:

    baraha 7.0 has been released
    It supports a lot more Indian languages and has many bugs fixed!

    Anitha which operating system do you use? Depending on that have a look at this: Looks like you are able to read, so there shouldn’t be any problem actually. With unicode, there is no need of any seperate font installation – that is the biggest advantage! What is it that happens when you type? What dosen’t work?

    Praveen thanks for the headsup – will try not to miss it today (I went home late yesterday and fell asleep by mistake so missed 11 PM slot as well). Anyway could atleast read the story here 🙂

  879. msanjay Says:

    SM in the kaTTkaTe, CSP says “neevu sariyaagi investigation maaDilla… antha na heLthini” SM insists that she has done an unbiased investigation, and has studied the post mortem report properly. She asks if he wouldn’t mind if she said something, he approves. She says CSP thinks that he’s a very intelligent lawyer and SM has been foolishly misled. But reality is the other way round, she is the one who’s really intelligent – she’s seen a lot of cases like this – it is CSP who is misled. Yes, AM’s wound looks like an anti-mortem would – occured while he was alive. That they couldn’t have been inflicted after he was dead. But then, after a person is shot, it takes upto 2 minutes for a person to actually die. Then in CSP’s style she calls to Sushma ‘sushmaavare, aa law pusthka na togondbarthira’ and shows the relevant excerpt to him. And adds… “but it takes only 10 seconds for the car to fall down – due to the law of gravity. So he could’ve actually been dead before he fell out!” CSP is dumbfounded.

    Then she asks for the two uniforms to be brought – she says the other day you were questioning how come only the drivers uniform has blood but not on MP’s uniform? [grimaces and holds her head… she seems to be having a bad headache] …The fact is that after MP shot him, before the blood jumped up and fell down again, in just that moment she was out of the car, hence the blood fell only on the driver’s uniform. [she closes her eyes for a few moments holding her forehead] CSP is again clean bold, SS has a very gleeful expression.

    SM says that due to a very bad headache, she excuses herself from being further examined for the day and requests the court to defer it to the next day. The judge agrees, saying anyway its almost 5 oclock. Not that he has a choice, but CSP also meekly comments that since SM isn’t feeling well we can continue tomorrow… and adds ‘I assume its not out of fear’ and receives a cold glare from SM.


    Its CSP’s office… CSP is reading some poetry aloud. SM is at the door.

    CSP’s jaws drop… “sandya mangaLavaade avare! honnond ganTe aagide…ee hot nalli??”

    SM: Can I disturb you for a while?

    CSP: Please sit down.

    “nanage nijavaaglu talenovirlila, sumne ange act maaDde ashte. nimagu gottu nanagu gottu MP & SKD niraparaadigaLantha. aa driver kaLLa antha gotthaagle illa. atleast accident photo nanage noDdaga hoLibekaagittu. Like you said, my anger on MP made me get misled. But I don’t want that too come in the way of justice.

    [csp is perplexed]

    But you may wonder why I didn’t say it. Do you want me to say that CBI investigation went wrong and withdraw my investigation?

    I thought you were a very intelligent lawyer. You’ve very carefully unfolded the case and proved the innocence of SM and SKD, and also proved the guilt of Rane and Chabria . Definitely they will be acquitted and there will be new proceedings against Rane and Chabria and they’ll be sent to jail. So I kept quiet and didn’t say anything.

    But… you’re making a very big mistake by cross-examining me. Do you want SKD and MP to go to jail?? Do you want to prove a CBI investigation as false? For me and you they may be innocent, but as far as the CBI chiefs sitting in Delhi they are just a couple of criminals in a file who must be sent to jail. The public sentiment and other factors generally want those who are aquitted to go to jail, the benefit of doubt for their innocence has reduced. Do you think that SS will keep quiet? He will cook up more and more witnesses. Its come to my notice from SS that he’s cooking up two more eye witnesses who saw SM shoot them for the case. What will you do for such a witness. If I now start agreeing to your theory, they will say that I am part of this as well. So I had to demolish your theory. If you continue to cross examine me, I will have to demolish your theory. I may be on their side for everybody else, but at heart I’m on your side.”

    Then she looks straight in his eyes and says “I want justice”


    The next day at the court, SM takes oath again.
    CSP pauses for a while… then says shaking his head that he has nothing more to ask.
    MP and SKD are shocked, so is the judge… who says “What?? Are you sure?” and CSP insists he is.
    The judge asks him if the prosecution has anything more, SS says “thats all your honor, I close my case” He looks kind of very perturbed and shaken.

    The judge says he’ll make his statement tomorrow.

  880. Anitha Says:

    ಈವಥು ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಬರೆಯಕ್ಕೆ ಆಗುತಾ ಇದೆ ….

    I am able to type today.. Not sure what was wrong yesterday. (There are some grammatical mistakes as you can see … I will learn to correct them) 🙂

    Thanks to everybody who helped me with correct instructions.

  881. Anitha Says:

    I enjoyed yesterday’s episode of Muktha.. It was a good turn to SM’s character …

  882. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    When SM was telling CSP that Judiciary has changed and not like before, I recollected the recent decison’s by our Judiciary on Jessica lall murdercase and frequent turnarounds by Best Bakery Owner Zahira Sheikh. What i feel is that the same might be applied here too against Rane who has produced false witnesses in this case.

  883. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Anitha, now we can see a lot ಕವಿತೆಗಳು from you
    now on.

  884. Shridhar Says:

    Try this link for Kannada script:

  885. Chaitanya Says:

    Sanjay, in the end of yesterday’s episode Judge mentions ‘313 statement, tomorrow’, which my guess is, the accussed will be called upon to mention their version. MP and SKD can put forward their submissions to the court.
    Also, there is still the argument left, in which the two lawyers will consume atleast 2 episodes each, to summarize their case to the court! and then the judgement.
    Easily 2/3 weeks more to go!


  886. Murthy Says:

    Chabriyana cross examination maadabekiththu. chennagirodhu

  887. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I think only to cutshort the serial he could have
    made this move.

    or Let’s wait for a twist !!!!!!!!

  888. Murthy Says:

    what I thought was, CSP would use his detectives to spy on chabria, and prove that he is not ill, and bring chabria for examination.

  889. a common man ಸಂಜಯ » Blog Archive » my first PHP bilingual application Says:
  890. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    My lord,
    How cruel people can be!
    Do you guys think that Madhuvanti and her husband really killed Annapurnamma or do you think she actually died?
    I cant think straight now.

  891. Ramesh Says:

    ಅಮೃತ ಅವರು ಹೇಳಿದ್ದು ಸರಿ ಅನ್ಸುತ್ತೆ. ಬಹುಶಃ ಮಧುವಂತಿ ಮತ್ತು ಮಹೇಶ್ ಅನ್ನಪೂರ್ಣ್ಣಮ್ಮನವರನ್ನು ಕೊಂದು, ಅದನ್ನು ಸಹಜವಾದ ಸಾವೆಂದು ತೋರಿಸುವೆ ಯತ್ನ ಮಾಡಿರಬಹುದು.
    ಒಂದು ಪ್ರಶ್ನೆ: ಯಾರಿಗಾದರೂ ‘ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮನ ಕಗ್ಗ’ದ ಸಿಡಿ ಅಥವಾ ಕ್ಯಾಸೆಟ್ ಎಲ್ಲಿ ಸಿಗುತ್ತೆ ಅಂತ್ ಗೊತ್ತಾ? ಗೊತ್ತಿದ್ದರೆ ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ತಿಳಿಸಿ. ಅದರ ಮೂರು ಭಾಗಗಳನ್ನು ಉದ್ಭವ.ಕಾಮ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ ಕೇಳಿದ್ದೇನೆ.
    ಅಂದ ಹಾಗೆ, ಈ ವೆಬ್ ಸೈಟ್ನಲ್ಲಿ ಕನ್ನಡ ಹಾಡುಗಳ ಭಾರಿ ದೊಡ್ಡ ಹಾಗೂ ಅತಿ ಉತ್ತಮವಾದ ಸಂಗ್ರಹ ಇದೆ.


  892. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks for the update Sanjay! 🙂 I am back from a lovely holiday.
    I could watch bits of Muktha on Friday – and I agree with Amruta, obviously Annapurnamma has been killed. Bejaar aaythu 🙁 – Can someone provide an update for Friday, please?

  893. Chaitanya Says:

    Partial Update of friday’s episode:

    Even I could watch only in bits, due to power cuts 🙁


    First scene:

    Discussion between Madhuvanti and her husband about AP, her assets and will.


    Thatha is giving tips to Nanjunda “women are dominative and want to be the boss. The secret is just allow them to be that way and say ‘yes yes’ to them in front of everybody just to make them happy… but when nobody else is there then command them to do as you like”. Then Nanjunda asks ‘houda, Ajji?’ and Thatha jumps with a worried expression for a moment, then Nanjunda laughs and Thatha retorts “dont scare me, I know she’s gone out side somewhere!!”

    Gowri is going to some Phalguni temple to do some pooja and pray for AP to return to good health as she was before. The landline rings and Nanjunda picks up. He tells her but she dosen’t want to take the call as she’s leaving. She is in the car, about to leave… Nanjunda runs out and informs Gowri that the matter is urgent and Madhuvanti was crying. Gowri attends the phone with great anxiety and tension and starts weeping. She then informs others that AP has expired and shes going there immediately, others can also follow.

    She reaches the house and everybody is crying… [sad background music] Madhuvanti is weeping a lot and Gowri consoles her merely in silence sharing everybody’s sorrow.


    CSP visits UG’s house – there’s a lot of commotion. CSP intervenes, the they are landlords pressurising the family to pay rent. UG’s sister says she’d put a case against them, to which CSP scolds her to not do any such thing (I forgot what exactly he says). CSP listens to them and kind of sorts it out, though they leave making threats that they’d be back again soon.

    Peace at last, CSP sits inside UG’s house with the family. Agrees with them that Chabbria escaped from cross examination and his involvement in UG’s murder case would be difficult to be established. He than says that UG’s family will be called upon to witness box where they shuold tell the court about UG, her achievement, accomplishments, the happenings on her birth day (as well the death day!) and most importantly that she left the house that day saying she got to meet Chabbria and Pavate. He admits it would be painful but they have to do it. UG’s father reluctantly agrees, but his wife asks would this pose a danger to their family, especially UG’s sister. CSP says that when they had conspired to even kill him, definitely the threat is there – no doubt about it. They should be ready to face the danger for the sake of providing justise to UG – else it would be an injustice to UG. He asks them are they ready?


    Today’s episode (from AD): Lawyer speaks to Madhuvanti and husband about AP’s wish of the new will! Rane and Chabbria go to UG’s house.

  894. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks a lot, Chaitanya!

  895. msanjay Says:

    Updated Chaitanya’s comments below wiki style to add a bit more detail.

  896. Srik Says:

    oooh Thats interesting.
    We’ll wait for the meeting of UG’s parents and the ‘ill’ Chabria.

    Lets see what happens.
    – Srik.

  897. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    I found it disturbing that she died…I’m lost, who got those pics at the top of the page??
    😛 keep it smiling

  898. Chaitanya Says:

    Sanjay your wiki idea worked! its looks better now than two separate posts! Also I enjoyed the udpate, esp [sad background music]. Could very much hear it! “Aa aaa…”

    How about more details on First scene, I couldn’t watch it!

    Ammu, don’t get disturbed or depressed about AP’s death. That was the only way probably, Gowri’s story would have got a logical conclusion when Muktha ends. 🙂


  899. msanjay Says:

    Could very much hear it! “Aa aaa…” 😀

    Even I’m in the dark about the first scene – same power cut!

    I suppose Ammu’s disturbed because of the insensitivity of the family members in killing Annapoornamma just for money… well Ammu tough news is that ‘money corrupts’ (in truth, we’re just blaming an external factor like money when root cause for corruption only lies within an individual himself) …the point is it does drive some people to such extent 👿 I’m also wondering how they were all so sad, it was very good acting (both as an actress as well as by the character in the serial!) Also I appreciated the way Annapoornamma acted like a dead body, I was watching closely she was not even breathing at all though they she was being focussed on for quite a while, and looking very peaceful! Such details are nice in Muktha.

    One detail they could’ve taken care of much better is the make up for the Thatha!

  900. Vinayak K G Says:

    Elrigoo Namaskara..
    I was going through this blog from a month. Liked it very much.
    For all the Mayamruga likers if you dont know, DVD is available. I havnt seen this. You can go through the following link.


  901. Guru Says:

    Hi guys,

    In the absence of daily updates, we are really lost. This blog was the only source of information for persons residing in other countries without access to this serial.

    After the april 6th update by sanjay, i have lost the flow of events.

    Did the judge make any statement? The case is dropped????

  902. Shruthi Says:

    Monday – Apr 11th – Update.

    Annapurnamma’s house – mourners are leaving. The lawyer comes to Mahesh and tells him that AP had changed her will. Mahesh is suddenly very concerned, and then says lets not disturb her she is very upset, and then takes the lawyer to a seperate room to discuss. Mahesh is growing increasingly concerned and suspicious about what is happening. The lawyer says he and his assistant had come to her house the previous night to ask her to sign it, but she was not well. She’d told him that she would sign it in the morning. He does not know whether she signed it before she died or not. Mahesh tactfully tells him that he will search in her room to check it out and let him know tomorrow. [Now if he finds the will signed, will he not be able to simply destroy it?]


    It is 11 30 pm, and Usha Gopinath’s family is getting ready to sleep… when somebody knocks at their door. Usha’s dad is still sleeping but his wife wakes him up and he hurriedly puts on his shirt and goes to the door. He sees a goonda-like man through the grill asking him to open the door, saying Rane and Chhabria have come to their house. He is about to open it when his wife says ‘whats there to discuss with our daughter’s murderer’ When they hesitate, he threatens to break down the door. Rane comes running, scolds the goonda, asks them for forgiveness, and speaks very nicely and says, we just want to speak to you, I could have spoken from here also, but it will not look nice if a minister is seen standing in front of a house like this. So UG’s father lets them in.

    Rane asks him if he is giving saakshi the next day, and about what. Gopinath tells him. Rane says, don’t listen to that tarale lawyer. He just speaks nonsense. Tell me what is the connection between this case and AM’s murder? He is just doing it for gimmicks, and for money. He asked me for 20 lakhs, or else he will drag my name into the case. I refused, and thats what he did. I am a politician, i can handle all this, i dont care. But chhabria is a soft man, it will hurt his position. CSP is taking money from Chhabria’s rival company to drag Chhabria’s name in the mud. That is his intention nothing else. That is why our lawyer did not make him take the stand. Why do you think we would murder her?

    [In between, Uma keeps speaking rudely, and Rane snaps at her and warns her and calls her a taleharate, and asks her to shut up]

    Uma retorts that its because of the crores of money.

    Rane scolds her telling her not to interfere. Then Chabria answers – in an amazingly soft, gentle and reassuring tone – he says ‘noDamma Suma, swalpa practicalaagi yochane maaDu… Do you really think her discovery was worth crores? No discovery is worth that much. CSP is just taking you for a ride.’

    Usha’s mom says, with doubt, that we don’t think CSP is like that.

    Rane says, he is kocche, kocche mele kal haakadre namma baTTe ne galeejaaguthe… ?

    Gopinath says, but I have to tell the truth, else there will be no shaanti for Usha’s atma.

    Rane tries to tell something, but chhabria interrupts, again in the very gentle tone.

    Chhabria: I know you think I am your daughter’s murderer. But i had a lot of affection for her. IN those days itself, I had offered her a salary of 30,000, car and other perks. Why should I murder such an intelligent girl? Yes it is true that I was with her the day she died. It is true it is not a suicide, but a murder. It is true that I took her to the guest house, along with Chandrakant pavate, to talk to her. She had brought a stay on a patent, which was causing my company crores of rupees of loss per day. So I took her there to request her to take it back. But she was adamant and spoke rudely. My driver Dasannna {they show a guy standing next to Chhabria} respects me a lot. He could not take it that she was speaking to me like that, and he went for her throat in anger. Before we could separate them, she had died. I felt very bad, I thought of telling you many times, but had no courage. This is the truth. I swear on my children. If I am lying, let my children die.

    Then Chhabria gets up and falls at Gopinath’s feet and asks for forgiveness. The driver Dasanna also folds his hands and says ‘thappagihoythu, i will take any shikshe from you’.
    UG’s family is in tears.

    Chabria Saying that I cannot bring back your daughter’s life, atleast let me give you something to support you now, and he gives Rs 10 lakh in a suitcase. He adds that he will give Uma a salary of Rs 60000, and sponsor her research. When they are leaving, Rane again picks up the suitcase and hands it over to them himself reassuring them of his warm support.

    When Rane is at the door, he turns back and says that even if you come as a witness also, anyway I has nothing to lose, as MP an SKD will surely go to jail and I will become the CM. I am sure you would like some help from me. Also I am sure you would not want Uma to come to any harm. [its a veiled threat]. So think about it, and don’t give saakshi tomorrow.

    Finally when they leave, there are different expressions on their face – Usha’s dad was deeply shocked and angry, mom was worried and fearful, and Uma was very concerned and confused.


    Guru, I think the updates are up-to-date. I don’t think you have missed anything!
    Sanjay, I agree with your opinion of the make up of the Thatha 🙂 Actually they could have taken a thatha itself for that role 😀

  903. Shiva Says:

    Narayan Rane is an amazing character.The actor has done full justice to the character.The way he interrupts Uma , and the way he warns the family, without being emotional but being effective -he deserves the best villain award.

    have yoy seen the movie ‘Matha”? In that movie u will see him as a king(??)..It was really funny..

  904. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    I liked the way in which Usha’s family is tested. Whether a justice which will bring practically nothing to them or Money which will secure their future.

  905. msanjay Says:

    Below update updated. one funny thing was that Usha’s dad seemed to be sleeping with his glasses on 🙂 (unless I missed when he put it on) But well it happens sometimes esp when a person is reading a book before falling asleep.

    Prasanna, that’s an interesting point.

    Btw Sridhar that was an excellent link ( ) people can write in Kannada even if they cannot install Baraha for any reason.

    Guru there have been only 2 more after that – 7th (friday) – by Chaitanya, and 10th (monday) by Shruti below.

  906. Shruthi Says:

    Beautifully updated, Sanjay!

    Prasanna, you probably put yourself in UG’s family’s place to have come up with such a good viewpoint of their dilemma!

  907. Shruthi Says:

    ಶ್ರೀಧರ್, ಈ ಲಿಂಕಿಗೆ ಬಹಳ ಧನ್ಯವಾದಗಳು

  908. Srik Says:

    I donno what was TNS thinking about when he had an idea of a character like Rane. Its really amazing. And also the way he is portraying it is unbelievable. I was dumbfolded yesterday after that last part where he said “Nimma magalige enoo tondare agabaradu allwa”… and all such truths like “Nam lawer Chabria na cross examination ge barodanne tapsidru…”… All such stuffs.
    BTW, Hey Sanjay, I guess UG’s father first puts on his glasses and then the slag to go and see who was on the door. Im not clear, though.

  909. Guru Says:

    Yes shruti, im sorry, i had overlooked the 10th update…

  910. Guru Says:

    And thanks for a wonderful update..

  911. Avinash Says:

    I have this feeling that CSP has kept a hidden camera in UG’s house, thinking that they(Chhabria and Rane) may visit their house to warn them. Then he can use this as a proof in the court. 🙂

  912. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Shruthi, its indeed difficult to answer this question putting myself in UG’s family. I kept thinking but my ಚಂಚಲವಾದ ಮನಸು 10 lacs antha helutha ide.

  913. Anitha Says:

    ( )

    This is an excellent site ..ಈ ಸೈಟ್ ತುಂಬ ಚೆನ್ನಗಿದೆ

    However, I was able to cut and paste the kannada text (the converted one) into this blog, but i could not into MS outlook or any MS office prods.. It shows junk characters ..

  914. Murthy Says:

    ಏಲ್ಲರಿಗೆ ನಮಸ್ಕಾರಗಲು
    ಈ ಅನ್ತರ್ಜಾಲ ತುಮ್ಬ ಉಪ್ಯುಕ್ತವಗಿದೆ

  915. Murthy Says:

    ಈ “ಹ್ಟ್ಟ್ಪ್://ವ್ವ್ವ್.ಇಇಟ್.ಎಡು/~ಲಕ್ಸ್ವಿಜ್/ಲನ್ಗುಅಗೆ/ಕನ್ನಡ.ಹ್ಟ್ಮ್ಲ್” ಅನ್ತರ್ಜಾಲಕ್ಕೆ ಅನಿತಗೆ ದನ್ಯವಾದಗಲು

  916. Shiva Says:

    ಹಹಹ..ಪ್ರಸನ್ನ, ನಿನ್ನೆ ನಾನು ಮತ್ತು ನನ್ನ ತಮ್ಮ ಮಾತನಾಡಿಕೊಂಡ್ವಿ, ೧೦ ಲಕ್ಷ ಕಮ್ಮಿ ಆಯಿತು ಅಂಥ..!Life v/s ‘whatever’- this topic is always confusing to me.Lets see, what UG’s family does..:-)

  917. Anitha Says:

    Murthy, This site is suggested by Sridhar … So, all thanks to him

  918. ಅರುಣ ಪ್ರಕಾಶ್ Says:

    I just had a look at the iit site which was posted here. A very nice development. But there are some mistakes. For eg. Dha = ಢ. idu barOdilla. But I could not find a contact mail address to give a feedback

  919. Srik Says:

    My messages are not going. Any idea Sanjay, why its not going. I compiled today’s update, but after submitting it, page is refreshed, but my update is not there. Pls help me.

  920. Shruthi Says:

    Is it a detailed update, Srik? If it is, I will not write the update, and I will wait for Sanjay to release your comment.

  921. Srik Says:

    Yeah it was a detailed update shruti.
    I logged early this morning. So, had some time to update about yesterday’s episode. In my view, it was one of the best episodes of Muktha yesterday. The dilemma of a family was shown with 100%perfection.

  922. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Shiva you are indeed correct when it comes to Life v/s whatever its always doubts. To clear that its People like Rane, Chhabria who can be examples about how to tackle this issue. Especially Rane who fights all the odds.

  923. Shruthi Says:

    OK here is the update anyway. Sanjay, please make corrections in it. Somehow all the forces on this earth come to disturb me when I am watching Muktha, and I always miss out on something 😀
    Tuesday – Apr 11 – Update.
    UG’s parents are sitting late at night, and thinking. CSP calls them, and tells Gopinath to go early the next day, and he will brief him about what to say. Gopinath says ok, and hangs up. His wife asks him what he is thinking, and what he has decided.
    Gopinath does a lot of loud thinking. Looks at the pros and cons of the situation.
    He says, we do not know who killed UG. Chhabria swore on God and his children that he did not do it, and even his driver himself accepted that he did it.
    His wife says, so what, they are rich people, they would have bought the driver.
    He says, but we do not know the truth. Now if Chhabria is innocent, and I tell saakshi against him, then will UG’s aatma get shaanti? On the other hand, if I do not tell saakshi against him, Uma will get a good salary, and will be able to work with him. Plus, there is always the danger of something happening to Uma. In order to bring justice to our daughter who is no more, do we have to put the other daughter also in danger? If Usha could come back by my giving saakshi, then I would not have cared even if I died, I would go and give. But she will not come back by this.
    His wife is not convinced. she says, that if you don’t tell saakshi, it will be like cheating CSP who has done so much for us. And what about Madhavi Patel?
    He says, CSP himself has told us, that my giving saakshi or not, will not affect MP’s release in any way. So it won’t be a problem. We have to think about Usha also. That is why, I have reached a decision. I will go to court tomorrow, but I will not tell anything that CSP asks me to tell. I will just tell what we knew, about what Usha was working with, and that Chhabria had come offering a job, and all that. AFter all, this is all we know, right, honestly speaking? If Chhabria is not the culprit, then UG’s atma will not get shanti.
    His wife is still doubtful. Uma hears all this from her room, secretly. She immediately takes her cell, and calls CSP , and tells him everything. Her speaking to him and his reply is shown in silent mode.

    Gauri is sitting leaning against a pillar, and crying. Ajji comes to console her. She says, AP helped us in trouble, she gave me a job, she made us able to stand with our head held high in front of Shivaprakash, she treated me less lke an employee, and more as her daughter, how can I not be sad? I had felt this way when my father died, I saw my father in her. Ajji also weeps, says, poor lady, such a nice person, all she wanted was her daughter’s love, which she did not get. Thatha comes in and scolds Ajji, for crying instead of consoling Gauri. Then Nanjunda comes in and speaks lightly, says, “why are you all sitting like this? why gauri? Neenu eega AP avara aastiya yajamani!”. Gauri is extremely angry, and slaps Nanjunda. She says, how can you speak like this? She hasn’t been gone for even 2 days and you are talking about aasti. Nanjunda apologises.
    Next day, at court. Gopinath is brought forward as the only witness. CSP says, what to do, everybody comes to me and whispers to me that MP is innocent and should be freed, but nobody wants to come to court and testify! After him, if necessary I will call 1-2 more witnesses.
    The judge calls for Gopinath comes fwd, but CSP suddenly stops him and says, no, not him, let his wife testify. Everybody is shocked. Judge is perplexed – “who is this Mrs. Usha Gopinath” and makes Basavaraju call out for her. Usha’s mother is scared – and that’s an understatement.

    SS recovers from this sudden turnaround and raises an objection – “he has no right to call Mrs. Ushagopinath”. But judge is in a particularly firing mood… he says, “why are you raising silly objections, SS? CSP has a right to call anybody for saakshi, please come”. SS grumbles “avar yen heLthare” CSP retorts “arre… ille kuthirthiralla, avaryen heLthoro neevu keLskoLri! yenaadru objection bekaadre haaki, yaar beDa anthare?” SS puts forth a submission, that this saakshi is for UG’s case, and not for the case at hand and it has nothing to do with the main murder. Usha’s mother – terrified at being the unexpected object of attention – pleads that “nannage avara kole bagge yenuuuu gothilla saar” and adds hopefully but resignedly “nannana bittbiDi”. SS triumphantly says “see, she herself is saying that she dosen’t know anything, CSP has forced her to come here and be a witness!”. But judge himself says, SS, you are a senior advocate, you should know all this. Probably this lady knows something, but she does not know it is related to the murder. She is an “ordinary” housewife. Csp will get out of her what he needs, you can proceed. Any irrelevant questions I will immediately stop”

    When Usha’s mom is standing by her husband, he holds her back, almost scolding her. The judge is very angry. He says, “who are you to stop her? You might be her husband, but only at home. If you forcibly prevent a witness from testifying, you can be arrested. Got it?” Then Usha’s Dad lets her go, but whispers “aatmahatye anta hELu. murder anta hELbEda”. She nods meekly and goes further. Rane had given Usha’s dad a questioning nod when he went to testify, but he looks this way and that way, totally confused when the witness was changed.

    CSP thanks the judge, Usha’s mom is sworn in. CSP faces her with a kind half-smile – empathizing with her situation.

  924. Shruthi Says:

    One more thing – When Usha’s mom is called, Usha’s dad holds her back, almost scolding her. The judge is very angry. He says, “who are you to stop her? You might be her husband, but only at home. If you forcibly prevent a witness from testifying, you can be arrested. Got it?”. Then Usha’s dad lets her go, but whispers something in her ear. She nods and goes further.
    Rane had given Usha’s dad a questioning nod when he went to testify, but he had got totally confused when the witness was changed.
    Oh thats unfortunate Srik, had you saved it in a notepad or something? Or did it get lost totally?
    Yes the dilemma was shown extremely well. I could not do justice in the update, though.

  925. Srik Says:

    u’ve said


    Usha’s dad lets her go, but whispers something in her ear. She nods and goes further.


    He whispers “Aatmahatye anta hELu. Murder anta hELbEda.”
    So natural for a middle class man to order his wife.

  926. Shruthi Says:

    He said that?? I missed that totally!! Thanks!
    And I did not like the judge calling her “ordinary housewife” – Ok i know he said it in the context, that she is not acquainted with legal matters and all that, but still. 🙂

  927. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    OmG!!! I never ever get to go on this site regularly! Yes, Sanjay Anna, I am preparing for the CONVENTION..thats why i havn’t been ale to come on lololol

    Anyway, yesterday’s episode was cool, i liked it lots, except for the second scene where it was just Gowri crying and crying, it was nice but you know, i need thrilling stuff. Anyway, I liked it and i don’t know WHY it seems that I can never come here, but it’s annoying me, because this is my 😉 favourite website 😉

    keep 😛

  928. Chaitanya Says:

    A great twist in yesterday’s court scene by calling Gopinath’s wife instead of him (surely it was thrilling stuff to you Ammu ;-)).

    Looking at the e-tv ads yesterday which mentioned “Mr. Gopinath or Mrs. Gopinath? watch muktha today”, I was wondering what does it mean!

    Should watch today, what does CSP get out of Mrs Gopinath and how wud their family save themselves from Rane and Chabbria. Rane’s expessions in court y’day were simply great!

  929. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    UG’s mother would always cry saying namma magala athmakke shanthi……………….. . The ball is in her court to choose either 10 Lacs or Magala Athmakke Shanthi.

    The scene where in UG’s dad murmurs in court looked very natural.

  930. msanjay Says:

    Updated is updated. Probably CSP did not like to do this, and felt sorry for her, considering that she was such a timid introvert lady – and now such a person is standing at the court – apart from the fear of Rane and the situation itself, there is also the great fear of stagefear, where every person in the court is looking at her and hearing her speak.

    In our corporate offices, I’ve seen fellows with so much exposure to the world get so scared at the prospect of giving a powerpoint presentation to a group of 10 people so imagine her situation! Anyway I think it will wear out after a while 😉

    Srik I’m really sorry I have no clue what happened to your update. It wasnt queued up for moderation. Henceforth please type it in a notepad window (not only here but generally in most web interfaces where we type a large amount of text… only exception I’ve seen is gmail which has an auto save feature without refreshing the whole page using recent ajax technology) Sometimes *carefully* clicking the BACK button helps – we can see the text still there, but may not always work. Next time if it happens just email the text to me directly… depending on the day I cant say when I’ll see it but probably by lunchtime.

    Ammu, hope your convention goes well!

    Chaitanya true the acting yesterday was just exceptional! It was definitely one of the best episodes wrt to the last part.

  931. Shruthi Says:

    Update beautifully updated!
    You should write below it – Updated by Sanjay 🙂 – Else all credit will go to me 😀

  932. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Shocking to hear Dr.Rajkumar is no more. Huge loss to our Kannada Film Industry

  933. Chaitanya Says:

    Yes shocking indeed! The cliched phrase ‘tumbalaarada nastha!’ really means something today!

    May our favorite actor’s soul rest in peace!

  934. Srik Says:

    Yeah Raaj annavru passed away at 2 o’clock.

  935. Umesh V Says:

    Rajkumar passes away.
    check the link section_id=3

    remove space between & and section

  936. msanjay Says:

    In honor of him, ಈ ಸುದ್ದಿನಾದರು ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಓದೋಣ…

    ಕನ್ನಡ ಪ್ರಭ

    ಅವರ ಶವವನ್ನು ಪ್ಯಾಲೇಸ್ ಗ್ರೌನ್ ಡ್ಸ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ 5 ಗಂಟೆಗೆ ಇಡ್ತಾರಂತೆ

  937. Prashanth Rao Says:

    It is a very sad day for all Kannadigas. Dr. Raj was probably the best actor of his times since he was versatile. I rate him better than NTR,ANR,MGR,Shivaji, etc because of his versatility. Still remember those good old days when we as kids, would always anticipate a Raj-Narasimharaju combo movie to make our Sundays. Oh…God..where have those Fridays gone when we used to eagerly wait for the movie of the weekend after Chitramanjari. Still remember Raj’s brilliant acting as a polio affected person in “Muriyada Mane” which had portrayed family values and clean relationships.

  938. Guru Says:

    Its really a very sad moment for all of us.

    What pained me even more is the behaviour of the mobs and destruction of the public property in the name of honourable man. Whats happening to the bangalore public? Every small thing, they start destroying the public property and create problems for the general public.

    I really wonder if those unruly “FANS” were really sad or an opportunity to have fun at the expense of demise of Dr.Raj.

  939. msanjay Says:

    Yesterday everyone left office and I was just sitting alone and suddenly recalled and wrote about my one encounter with him. A security guard asked me if I needed a ride but I said I’d go… and left by foot. Off late ever since I’ve been transferred to the office within the city, I’ve been trying to walk home (around 6 kms) atleast every alternative day. So yesterday I walked down Cunningham Road, then passed Christ College and then past the palace onto Windsor Manor road. The traffic on most of the roads were blocked with a lot of cops all around. Just as I reached Windsor Manor bridge road, there was a huge commotion. I’ve never really faced a mob, and I went closer and closer to it – some kind of fear actually. But they were just shouting without doing anything so I went there… it was like a sea of people walking up Windsor Manor road. The ambulance with the body also passed, it was good timing that I could see it. I just stood there watching everybody go all the way upto the top of the road and disappear out of sight. After it passed, there were the remnants of the mob.

    I was very surprised when some chap just like that threw a stone at a closed shutter. In a moment he disappeared into the now sparse crowd. Most of the crowd were just shouting out loud slogans and having fun. I wondered how many really cared – definitely only a small fraction. There were people calling each other on cellphones arranging for transportation to go there (which I later came to know was Kanteerava stadium). Further down the road, it was much quieter, but there was a small crowd, and I came to know that someone there had got hit by a flying stone. In anonymity, the animal in people just comes out. The anonymous stone thrower might never have known that his stone found a living target. As I continued walking towards Malleswaram, the streets were quiet, and there were occasional people shouting at each other. There was one very strong chap who was saying to the other “&*&^* don’t tell me it wasn’t you who hit me you %^&%” and the other chap was meekly saying “no it wasn’t me honest” and this less than intellectual conversation kept getting repeated again and again in increasingly aggressive tones, being restrained by a crowd but on the verge of grabbing each other’s collar.

    I wanted to interfere – take them completely by surprise – a man in formal executive clothing suddenly coming and calmly telling them not to fight today atleast else it will come in the paper tomorrow spoiling none other than RajaNNa’s name – and then leaving. But what if I got hit? I felt the element of surprise would strongly be in my favor, but somehow, my courage failed me, I merely walked away!

    At home on TV I liked some of the testimonials by people who really worked with him and admired him. It seems he was exceptionally disciplined, dedicated to his job – following “ಕಾಯಕವೇ ಕೈಲಾಸ”. I liked Ramesh’s comments… “whenever someone affectionately asked him for a photograph, he wouldn’t just casually pose for it, he would affectionately clasp the person’s hands and smile, with real love! 🙂 “

  940. msanjay Says:

    Its absolutely crazy the way the police guys are beating up the poor fellows… somebody at the back is pushing so these guys come forwards and the police guys beat them up. But when I commented this, my mom told me – “ನೀನ್ ಅಲ್ಲಿ ಹೋಗಿ control ಮಾಡು ನೋಡೊಣ ಯೇನ್ ಮಾಡ್ತ್ಯಾ ಅಂತ!” Even the commentator over the loudspeaker was pleading with the police not to do so… I hope he got heard and they use discretion in using their strength! And also telling the mob to control themselves, saying “ಅಣ್ಣವರು ಹೇಳ್ತಾಯಿದ್ರು ಅಭಿಮಾನಿಗಳು ನನಗೆ ದೇವ್ರಿದ್ದಂಗೆ ಅಂಥ… ಹಾಗೆ ವರ್ತಿಸಬೇಕೆಂದು ಕೋರುತ್ತೇವೆ…”

  941. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    One of my friend who was working behind camera for Kannada movies narrated an incident that he observed. During the shooting of Jeevana Chaitra one particular shot was to be taken at Nandi Betta. Since work started late it became almost 4pm before the Stage was set for a Clap. They decided since no one had food they ordered for Chitranna and Mosaruanna. It was first served to annavuru and later to others. Everyone were waiting till the last person was served. People started eating silently and once director/producer had the first taste of the food he realised that chitranna was spoilt and the mosuruanna had turned sour. But still nobody complained. So even producer kept quite. At the end of the meal when producer asked Annavuru why did he have the spoilt chitranna, Our great man Dr.raj said if he had complained about food none of them would have had it and this would have resulted in wasting of full food. In our country we couldn’t afford to waste such a quantity of food . Tears rolled down on everyone cheek at that time. Such great man is not among us today. Let us follow his principle atleast.

  942. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    🙁 🙁 very sad news 🙁 🙁

  943. msanjay Says:

    When they say fans indulge in arson etc, they should not call them as fans at all. After burning the bus, they were looking at the camera and laughing triumphantly. There was no genuine sadness in any of them – it did not make any difference to them and they’re just proud of identifying themselves as part of some big group.

    It was really heartrending to see the assault by police on so many people as well as the merciless way in which police were being attacked as well 🙁

  944. Srik Says:


    Indeed its a sad news.
    I personally saw Dr. Raj as a sincere actor, not morethan that. In college debates, when he was abducted and hell broke loose, I always argues that Raj has not even built a Kannada school, how can he be a representative of Kannada and such things. The fact now I think is I never tried knowing this gr8 personality. Only after reading about the Gokak chaluvali, and only after reading about him in articles written by some gr8 writers of Kannada, I came to know of his real stardom. Its not easy to inspire one whole generation of a wide region. Only a few gr8 souls can do it.
    And Im proud to say that Dr.Raj is one of those great souls.
    Real truth is one need not start/run a school to be an “Aaradhya daiva”, he can just be him, inspire the mass with his actions. And Rajkumar dis it to the Kannadigas.
    He was morethan an actor, a legend in all true terms.
    Thanks Sanjay and Prasanna for giving more insights into his off-career life.
    Lets pray for peace to his soul.

  945. ಶಾರು....Girish Hampali Says:

    ಅಣ್ಣ ಇನ್ನಿಲ್ಲ… ಈ feelingನಲ್ಲಿ sink ಆಗಲಿಕ್ಕೆ ತು೦ಬಾ ಕಷ್ಟ ಆಗುತ್ತಾ ಇದೆ. ಅವರ ಚಿತ್ರ ನೋಡುವಾಗ ಕಣ್ಣಲ್ಲಿ ಗೊತ್ತೇ ಆಗದ೦ತೆ ನೀರು ಬ೦ದು ಬಿಡ್ತು.ಬಹಳಷ್ಟು celebrityಗಳು ತಾವು ಬರೆದ೦ತೆ ಅಥವಾ ನಟಿಸಿದ೦ತೆ ಬದುಕುವದಿಲ್ಲ. ಆದರೆ ರಾಜಣ್ಣ ಬದುಕಿ ತೋರಿಸಿದರು. ಆದರೆ ಅವರಿಗೆ ಉತ್ತಮ ಅ೦ತ್ಯ ಸ೦ಸ್ಕಾರ ಸಿಗಲಿಲ್ಲ ಅನ್ನುವ ಬೇಸರ ಮಾತ್ರ ರಾಜ್ ರವರ ನೆನಪಿನೋ೦ದಿಗೆ ಉಳಿದುಬಿಟ್ಟಿದೆ.

  946. Guru Says:

    Indeed Dr.Raj is a legendary person. No doubt about it.

    There was only one instance when i actually dint like his action and speech. That is when he got released from Veerappan. But that doesnt make him less great soul.

    Is this the kind of farewell we give to a great soul? Just like Sanjay said, this stone throwing etc actually brought out the animal in them. No wonder many prefer to relocate to foreign countries.

    nija helbekandre, ella anagarikaru. They have spoilt the name of Bangalore time and again. Less than 50% of the kannadigas and inspite of that this is what we see now. Where is all our culture gone?

    Sanjay, no point blaming the police. I agree they arent correct always, but the mob behaviour was at its worst.

    Atleast 8 police men and 8 other civilians were killed. What a waste of life. I dont see any value for life in India. So much destruction. The mob all along the way were throwing stones on all the buildings they saw. Why? Ya after throwing the stones, jumping, laughing and whistling. Are they really mourning? Are they really feeling about the demise of the great soul?

    I feel real fans of Dr.Raj are the ones who sat back at home, watching and sending him off feeling the grief of the demise of the great soul.

    The bottom line, this wasnt the kind of send off we should be giving to a great soul who not once in his life embraced violence.

  947. Chaitanya Says:

    Muktha was not telecasted for the last two days (12th and 13th) due to the mourning of Dr. Raj’s sad demise. Hence no updates as well.

    Muktha should be resuming its telecast from today, I guess.


  948. msanjay Says:

    They were definitely not fans, according to the paper there was a conspiracy where a lot of them were opportunists who took advantage of the situation to instigate violence for all kinds of political reasons. But on the other hand, there were a lot of them who simply emotionally disturbed and angry with the police that they were preventing them from going near the body. Of course it was not the police’s decision, they act on order, but the people there on the ground were blind to this logic and turned against the police. Some such “fan” they showed on TV was angrily saying ‘police nammana thadadre thumba keTTad aagute!” …he was not having any genuine love, it was only a corrupt selfish love “I want to go near him and pay my respects to him, dosen’t matter even if his family wants to have some intimate time with him, I don’t care”. It was really sad to see his sons pleading with the crowd to allow them to do the last rites in peace.

    In general I think in India we don’t handle death very easily. It would be good if we learn to understand and deal with it in a more educated [not merely literate] manner. There are countless ‘if-only’ speculations (Hindsight is always 20-20) but this is one thing I felt was quite pragmatic… a comment by Girish Karnad: he said that “They could’ve forseen the situation when Dr. Raj was in a critical situation, and discreetly made urgent arrangements in advance. But they didn’t want to because in Indian culture its considered very inauspicious to talk about death before a person dies” They couldve definitely forseen atleast a fraction of the scale of the consequences based on the Veerappan episode. But this is a very serious oversight, else so much violence could’ve been reduced and atleast the family could’ve had a less stressful time – they were literally going through a nightmare 🙁

    Anyway though I have admired him a lot I hadn’t really considered myself as a fan. But strangely I don’t know why but ever since I heard the news I feel some kind of personal loss… ಯಾರೊ ಆತ್ಮೀಯರನ್ನು ಕಳ್ಕೊಂಡಂಗಿದೆ… Esp everytime I see him on TV it really sinks in like Girish has said 🙁

    There was a really touching clip by ಈ TV from one B&W movie where he says “ಮುಗಿತಾ ನಿನ್ ಕಂತೆ ಪುರಾಣ ಯೆಲ್ಲಾ?”

    One silver lining is that even by death he has set a noble example by having donated his eyes, providing vision to two people. On TV they showed a clipping of some interview where he had expressed this desire, it was very nice – he was saying why burn or bury them when they can be used? (It would be good if they use this clippling as an advertisement to spread the awareness)

  949. msanjay Says:

    Today Mukta was a really delicate episode so I watched it the second time to try and get the transcript. So I’ve put in more dialogues in Kannada as well.


    MG: She tells her name and introduction. She starts off by saying that she thinks her daughter comitted suicide. That they had initially thought it was a murder, but later found out that it was suicide.
    CSP asks about her daughter, whether she was running behind any boy
    [the judge raises his eyebrows in what seemed to be disapproval]
    MG: avaLu antha magu ne alla, avaL aithu avaL pusthka aithu, keluv sathi sangeetha, ishT bittu avaLige bere prapancha ne gottirlila saar
    CSP: what about her marriage?
    MG: she had made it clear that talk about my marriage after my research
    CSP gets Inspector Ranganath’s report. It had a report saying that the family was forcing her to marry, Mukund Bhagavat hence she could not face it any more and committed suicide
    [shocked and anger]. illa adu suLLu! Mukund Bhagavat patragaLannu baredu peeDisthaidda!
    CSP: so ee report suLLa?
    MG: [breathing heavily] bari suLLu!

    CSP: chabriavaru nimma manege bandidra?
    [she looks at Rane glaring at her]
    CSP: arre, allyaakri noDtira… illi noDkond heLi
    MG: eraDu saathi bandidru, namma companige seri antha ushage heLoke.
    CSP: aadre yaak serkoLlilla?
    MG: avaLige deshabhakti jaasti. since the benefits would go to foreign countries she wasn’t interested.
    CSP: ok first time. eraDene sathi yaake bandidru ?
    MG: adhu adhu…
    CSP: [very gently and encouragingly] nimage gottiro sathya yella heLidhre thaane thaayi, nimma magaLa aatmakke shaanti sigodu?

    CSP: (not sure of this part) ok adu biDi

    CSP: had MP come to your house?
    MG: she had some lawyer case and said that she was busy and will get back on it
    but in 2 weeks she herself was arrested for AM’s murder
    CSP: Has your husband met MP any time?
    MG: Yes once she was in jail
    CSP: do you know what he said to her.
    MG: that we would stand by her and speak as a witness
    [her husband is grimacing and looking annoyed that she is speaking so much]
    CSP: that means it looked like MP was being convicted for the murder of AM, and you thought it was because it was just because she was digging up UG’s case, so you stood by her
    MG: haudu

    CSP: at first you thought chabria has murdered her, later you concluded it was suicide. adu tappu bhavane, chabria kole maaDsilla antha yaavaaga gothiaithu?
    MG: adhu nenne gothaithu
    CSP: AH?! [great surprise and suspicion] nenne gothaitha?? [composes himself] …nenne heG gothaithu?
    [SS is also perplexed]

    MG: adhu… adhu… nenne chabria mattu raNe bandidru
    CSP: adh heg saadhya chabria bandidru avaru heartattack-o yeno aagittalla
    MG: houdu naanu suLL heLthailla, bekadre raneavaranne keLi
    CSP: oh… yeno discharge aitho yeno. so yen heLidru?
    MG: avar alvanthe kole maaDiddu. avara driver anthe. avaLu argue maaDid ishTa illa antha avara drive ge ishta aaglilavnthe, kole maaDbutranthe… [very sadly she struggles to say this]
    CSP: so adhu aatma hathe alla kole antha chabria avare heLidru.
    MG: Chabria gave Rs 10 lakh as a consolation for UG’s wife
    CSP: oh is 10 lakh enough for her life?
    MG: he also promised a job with Rs 60000 salary for UG’s sister
    CSP: bandu CSP tara heLirodu heLbedi antha yenadru heLidra
    MG: houdu
    SS: objection your honor, CSP is asking leading questions
    Judge: CSP, dont ask leading questions
    CSP: I withdraw my question your honor

    CSP gets a photo – the last photo of UG, asks if she can explain the background
    MG: [teary eyed] it was her birthday, told her to apply leave. she said she couldnt, her guide Chandrakanth Pavate had come to talk something said she’ll come back at 7. yeL aithu… enT aithu… ombat aithu… hat aithu…… hannond aithu… haneraD aithu… [tears are just rolling down her cheeks] iTTid aDige na haage itkond kaithaidvi.
    [UG’s father and sister are also in tears]
    hobuTTidalLantha gothaithu. Chabria avaru kat hiski saisbuTidaare antha gotaitu.

    CSP: very softly samadhana maaDkoLi thayi, samadhana maaDloLi. Turns to the judge, and says somewhat tersely – that’s all your honor, that’s all.
    Rane looks sort of helpless and uncomfortable
    Gopinath’s wife is just weeping silently and uncontrollably.

  950. preksha Says:

    iam the fan of muktha serial,

  951. preksha Says:

    iam the fan of muktha serial,

  952. preksha Says:

    iam the fan of muktha serial,

  953. Shruthi Says:

    Excellent update, Sanjay! That episode, as you say, was very sensitive. And how easily CSP got her to tell everything! I loved it!

    To say the least, I am ashamed of the way Bangalore behaved. Clients and co-workers from all over the world are writing in to me and my husband, asking us what it is all about, why people are behaving this way for the “natural death” of an aged actor. We tried telling them that he was a much loved person, but nothing can explain the vandalism.

    Unfortunately in this extreme disturbance, the dignity of a silent mourning was nowhere to be seen – the sorrow from Dr. Raj’s death was drowned by the horror of what the mobs did. I know that there seems to be something else behind this, but what picture does it give the world? 🙁 – Forget the world, what picture will it give to the rest of India? If Kannadigas want to be taken seriously and respected, this sort of behaviour is the last thing they should resort to.

    I know, I know, what I am saying is of no use, just pouring out my thoughts.

    One more perspective I received – I was talking, on Friday, with the lady who comes home to help with the housework. I asked her if she was sad about Dr.Raj’s death. She told me “HeLi Akka, naanu yaake aLali Rajkumar avaru hogiddakke? BaDavarigenadaru maadiddara avaru? Ondu kaasu koTTiddara? VoLLeyavarirabahudu, voLLe actor irabahudu, aadare naanu yaake dukha paDali?”

    I mean no disrespect – I am just putting forth a different perspective, for your comments.

  954. msanjay Says:

    Thanks Shruthi – and I too wished that he could’ve gotten a real dignified honor including a 21 gun salute.

    Wrt to the maid servant’s point – I’ve heard this same line many times from many people over the years wrt Rajkumar… “bareyavarigenadaru maaDiddara avaru?”

    So just a few points related to it…
    – there’s a good chance he might’ve helped others but anonymously, without publicising
    – most of his family members don’t come anywhere close to his standards. Some things I know for sure, and some things are gossip and rumors there is no use in going into the dark details. It is sufficient to understand that they were not not giving him freedom to do as he liked.
    – it is a common misconception that mainly famous or wealthy people have an obligation to be generous and donate things for others. But really everybody is in the same boat. For example, rich people generally socialise with other rich people and don’t really feel that they are rich – in fact may only end up feeling that they’re still poor!! 😀 (This dosen’t apply to Rajkumar as I believe he was genuinely down-to-earth)

    So anybody including the maid servant and including me should only ask themselves the same question instead of asking rich people. I find this a nice story which conveys the point…

    “PT and I were walking down the streets the other day and we saw a really old man sleeping on a torn cloth bag, with a thin shawl covering his body. PT befriended him at first, and when I went up to him to give him an extra blanket, he tells me, ‘Son, give this to someone who needs it more. I am cold, but at least, I have this one shawl.’ I couldn’t believe it. ~ a blog

  955. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    On Thursday I was snubbed in my office saying ” I never knew Kannadigas behaved so bad that a person couldn’t die even peacefully”( I thought of quoting what happened during NTR’s death but). I really felt like clubbing his face but i really felt when i saw it on TV. Poor Cop what was his fault. I felt they should have made the funeral a family affair than a public one even though Dr.Raj was a celebrity. I appreciate the people from tinsel town like Mysore,Bellary,Belgaum,Hubli etc where they had silent Bundh. Anyway Past is Past and city was quick to get off from the violence.

  956. Anitha Says:

    Is it always required that a person has to do something monetarily to be considered as a great person.
    That way lot of our legends would not have been considered so.
    Many times people might be a CAUSE for lot of good things and I feel Rajkumar is one of them

  957. Shruthi Says:

    Your points are right, Sanjay, all of them. I also have heard taht he did not have much freedom and all that. Anyway, I just wanted to bring out the voice of a small section – and see what everybody thought about it.

    Prasanna, unfortunately celebrities belong to the people, almost as much as they belong to the family. They have become celebrities only because of the ppl, and the ppl feel that he is as much of an ANNa to them, as he is a husband, father, etc. A private funeral would have been ideal, but very difficult.

  958. Anitha Says:

    I agree with you Shruthi that the people behaved so badly that it is a shame for all Bangaloreans.. Especially we kannadigas claim that we are peace loving people …

    But the people who created this ruckus are not worried about the global face of Bangalore …

    There was an article in one of the news papers where they had written about the widening gap between the rich and poor , educated and uneducated , employed and unemployed … which results in such things

  959. msanjay Says:

    Btw today will have something about Arundhathi’s saga 😕 (saw the trailer over the weekend)

  960. Shruthi Says:

    Hauda Sanjay? I hope it is brought to a favourable conclusion, soon!

    Anitha, there were also many articles that the riots were politically motivated. I wonder if we will ever know the truth!

  961. ಶಾರು....Girish Hampali Says:

    Sanjay: whats this? are you taking arithmetic tests for those who want to leave comments?

    Shruti: other perspectives on Dr. Raj! has many many other directions but Raj did lot of justice to his work, life and society.

    I dont know if I have to mention about this week’s Hi Bangalore. Ravi Belagere was the first to write a bit odd against Raj and his surroundings. The point he is making now is Raj was a good human being, keep him there and dont make him ‘GOD’!
    He has printed many surprizes about Raj in this week’s edition. Dont know as how will the hardcore abhimani’s take it.
    Moreover, to me Raj is an ideal actor and he did reach the peak in his area of expertise. I take that and nothing more. Raj is still alive in his roles and we knew raj only in his roles. Raj andre Babruvarhana, ranadheera kanteerava etc etc.
    When raj did hold the mic at a distance while singing ‘Hosabelaku’ the whole kannada community followed it. He was a trendsetter and trends set by him are still in practice. to me, this is an amazing performance as an actor.
    Raj lives in our memories. lets forget that raj is dead. If he is still there in Sadashivanagara, it doesnt make much difference to us.

    Coming back to muktha, I think some 20-30 episodes more and they are done with it. I hope this community to be in touch even after that. I strongly propose a get-together. Believe me I will be the Host. guys its high time with 1000 responses, make yourself available. lets converge on some date

  962. Deva Sagayam Says:

    No father, mother, grand father, grand mother in their right mind will allow Arundhati to marry either. One cinema actor divorced, other son of a politician, budding politician.

    May be because she is fatherless or may be I just think middle class.

  963. msanjay Says:

    Hmm ok Girish I’ve added an explanation :mrgreen:

    Shruti, for the truth they’ll need to make a proper enquiry, and if they had the competency to do that, they would’ve probably been competent enough to have avoided the situation in the first place, so I feel we’ll never know 🙁 though hopefully I’m wrong!

    We’ll definitely meet, I’d written an application to help in collecting inputs to decide on place and time etc – just that it needs to be fine tuned a bit, will put it here this week!

    Looks like Aru is finally seeing the light at the end of the very long and dark and boring tunnel 😉

    Deva I guess she’s lacking a father’s guidance but then dosen’t mean that if he was there she would’ve listened to him! 🙂 Anyway hopefully not all politicians are bad!

  964. Guru Says:

    It applies to other actors as well.

    Right let us appreciate their work and not make them “GOD”.

    Heard the fanatics had build a temple for khusbu in TN. Many people fall to the feet of amitabh, and once i saw a guy falling to the feet of shah rukh khan!!!

    Total chaos when Salman was relased on bail!!!

    They act to earn money, fame. So whats the big deal about them? I wonder why ppl are mad about them?

  965. Shruthi Says:

    Sanjay, and everybody, I did not watch Muktha yday. Can you please post the update?

    There is one excellent thing that Dr. Raj did – he donated his eyes. My guess is that this will inspire many of his fans to do the same. I got a small doubt – what if people forget this over time…. so I hope the press really brings this up from time to time and reminds the public what a good thing he has done, so that they will follow his example.

  966. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Sanjay I used to score the least in Maths got caned at school and later by my father but still no results. It was like a infinite loop ( for i:= 1 to N ,N= -∞). Now its you who is testing me. Anyway

    Thankgod to that Aru’s friend to show her a correct path to end Manmohan and Aru’s stalemate. That was the just borderline of yest’s update. Other than that SS acting as a defence lawyer says that UG’s mother that without any written proof means that she is lying that her daughter was murdered. Also CSP wants to produce MP as next witness.

  967. Srik Says:

    As far as the Friday’s episode of Muktha is concerned, I was virtually in tears at the end, when mrs.G
    revealed everything about Chabria’s association with her daughter’s death,
    It was so sensitive and real. The sentimental association of a parent with her daughter is so much beyond words,
    Helplessness of a housewife, innocense personified, it was really touching.

    I think by now, the characters in Muktha are no longer just ‘characters’, they are like real-life people walking on our tv screens,
    we share so much in common with them, its so much involving. Jessica Lal’s parents might have felt the same in court, I guess.

    Lets just hope to find the peace amidst all the ill-effects of her revelation.

  968. msanjay Says:

    See prasanna, there’s no escape 😈

    SS asks Mrs. G why she filed complaint only after so 2.5 years, to which she says she had filed in several places but there had been no action.

    And to add to your summary – basically at the end, Mrs G says that had also says that she’s very scared, she has probably spoken against Rane, and that Rane had told her that whats the guarantee that her daughter will be safe, so she asks the judge for some protection, which the judge agrees to provide. I like the clinical non-sentimental way the judge just says ok ok done.

  969. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Ayyo, Arundhatige ondu gathi kandi banthu. Ella andare ebbaru avara avara reethiyelli preethi prema thorisi preksharige thale novvu tharutha eddaru

  970. Shruthi Says:

    Arundhatige yenu gathi kanDu banthu? Can someone please explain what happened in the non-court scene yday?

  971. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Nothing Serious Shruthi, Just her friend explains her that all of the sacrifices that she made was just a waste though the intentions were good.

    One dialog was really good one im unable to recollect.

  972. Shruthi Says:

    Oh, thanks Prasanna 🙂

  973. Sanjeev Says:

    Would somebody pl update the first scene of April 17th episode. Thanks, Sanjeev

  974. Shiva Says:

    Sanjeev,yesterday’s(17th) first scene is all about expression of love.Manamohan says how much he loves Arundathi to Arunadathi’s fried(whats her name???hmmm……..I dont remember)Boring 🙁

    Its alreday 11Pm, still in office,can’t watch Muktha. So, waiting for the updates 🙂

    Sanjay, B’lore police has already submitted an interim report on B’lore riot to Govt.Hope they have done a competent job in ivestigation 😉

    Do we really have to “ashamed of” for what happened in B’lore after Raj’s demise? These are the miscretans who cretae trouble and they live on evry part of earth. Police should have done a better job, but it was a senstive issue and a small mistake could have resulted in a bigger loss.

  975. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Tuesday – April 18th.

    Madhavi Patel takes the stand and is sworn in.

    CSP: Tell us about what you have studied and what you are.
    MP: I did my MA in Sociology, then got selected for the IPS. I have been serving as SP of Sudukoppa ever since. I am now under suspension.

    CSP: Tell us about your awards and achievements.
    MP: I am embarrassed to talk about myself.

    CSP: You are the accused. Your awards and recognitions will speak volumes and give you credibility. What you say will influence the judge’s opinion about you, go on, tell it.
    MP: [speaks about some recognitions and awards]

    CSP: What about schooling?
    MP: I was good in studies. I got 9th rank in 10th and 7th rank in PU. But the situation at house was not good. My mother was not with us and my father lost his job when I was 9. I used to go to the neighbours house and sweep and wash dishes, to earn money. WE had no electicity, I studied in the light of a kerosene lantern. Probably the difficulties urged me to study better.

    CSP: Why did you study sociology, why not Engg or medicine?
    MP: I was idealistic, i wanted to join the police and improve the world.

    CSP: Were you successful in your intention?
    MP: (Recites a poem) – I wanted to change the world, I made my body itself into a bow and shot forward, but when I reached the stone, I realised that the stone had changed.

    CSP: Ok, tell us, are you an aparaadhi?
    MP: Naanu thappu maadidde antha andkondidde, aadre aparadha alla. aadre eega ansatthe, naanu thappu kooda maadilla.

    Judge: You dont have to tell anything if you feel it will implicate you.
    MP:I will tell everything I know.

    I made some mistakes in the jaathre. I should have employed Reserve Police, but was misguided by Ranganath who urged me not to. When galaate started there, AM started scolding me as if i was responsible. Just then, ppl started shouting “MP ki jai”. I started looking like a culprit even though i wasn’t one. I was angry, and i panicked too. I decided to take AM and go to forest guest house. We started in the car, but the road was blocked near paalu mandira, and we had to go towards the cliff. Suddenly driver started saying that brakes have failed, but avana mukhadalli gaabari iralilla. Then he jumped out. The car was moving towards the cliff. I urged AM to open the door but it was stuck. With one hand i opened my door, with the other hand i shot at his door to open it. At that time the car gave a lurch. I fell out after that, hit my head against something, and lost consciousness. When i recovered, i was among some bushes. I felt that this was some kind of preplanned thing, and decided to go back to jaathre. but while walking, i saw some ppl playing cards, they had a transistor inwhich i heard that AM had been shot and I was suspected and police were on the lookout for me. I thought the shot I had meant for the window had hit AM instead. I hesitated, and spent the night thinking what to do. In the morning i wantd to go but heard that Shivraj hegde, who hated me has been appointed the IO. I now knew for sure it was all preplanned. I found the body of a lady who looked like me, dressed her in my clothes and wore hers. I spent the next three days, living in huts, and the nights walking towards sudukoppa. I then heard that CBI had been assigned to the case and felt happy, but look at the irony, the officer in charge was Sandhya M who never liked me. finally i went to gautamkatte and reached gauri’s house, and there i summoned CSP. He came, and SM also came there at that time. He hid me effectively, and then the next day he made me surrender in court. this is all i know.

    CSP: When you shot at the window, was the driver inside the car? because he says he saw you shooting AM.
    MP: No, he had jumped out by that time. he is lying.

    CSP: Ok, why did u take AM to forest guest house itself, and nowhere else? it arouses suspicions.
    Mp: All other roads wre blocked by the violent mobs. This was the only one remaining.

    CSP: Ok, why do you think they wanted to frame you in this case?
    MP: I had reopened UG’s murder case, and had collected enough evidence against Chhabria. I started facing trouble. I got pressure from home minister twice to stop investigation in this case, and I was transferred but got a stay order. I was almost ready to arrest Chhabria, but before that this happened. Next thing, is that I had opened the files of all the MLA’s who had criminal records. 47 followers of Rane were in the list I had made. These people would not have got tickets if the new decisions were implemented, and Rane would not have become minister. A powerful businessman + powerful politician against me, i had no chance.

    CSP: do you regret your decision to become a policewoman?
    MP: (recites a beautiful poem by narasimhaswamy) – nudiyalondu daari, nadeyalondu daari –
    says that you have to take everything as it comes…

  976. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Does anyone have the poem recited by MP ?
    I liked it a lot. I couldn’t hear the whole .

  977. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    sanjay anna, i wrote the correct answer, and it sed it was wrong and my whle message dissapeared!!

  978. Shruthi Says:

    Ha ha, yes Sanjay, the same thing happened to me too… and it was something simple like 11 + 2 or something. I am not that bad at addition either 🙂

    Hi all, I hope I don’t sound like I am promoting my blog or anything 😀 – but here is something I wrote today – please read it and give me your opinion on it – An open request from a Bangalorean

  979. Shruthi Says:

    Oops, the link did not go through –

  980. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Shruthi, That was a fantastic writeup to make so called Hindi people understand why a bangalore could become his home town

    But one point i disagree is to unnecessarily blame cops every time. There shud be something called moral policing which should exist amongst every individual. Do any of us have guts to face the rowdies throwing stones with just an guard that too a rusted one ???? Do any of us have patience to show the kind of restraint that Cops show ????? Do any of us are ready to stand in the hot sun for 16-18 hrs when any of the top leaders come down to city ???? Did any of the people have guts to stop the speeding Scorpio ???

    For all these queries the answers will be “NO” its failure among people and not Police

  981. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    namaskara sanjay and all muktha fans,
    i have been a regular reader of this site. but only today i felt i should congratualte all of you for making this site a grand success. most of u must have heard of SAHASRA CHANDRA DARSHANA(when a person celebrates his/her 80th b-day). i dont know whether i will celebrate that….but i will surely celebrate SAHASRA POSTgala DARSHANA on this site!
    coming to muktha, i am never a great serial buff. but just for his COURT SCENES, i started seeing it…and have become a fan of TNSee.
    finally, just wanted to sign off paying tributes to dr.raj.
    Kannada Cinema has indeed lost an actor non-pareil in the demise of Rajkumar. Very few actors will get the variety of roles that Rajkumar got in his career. And perhaps he was the last hero from the Actor-Singer era. I can hardly think of any hero who won a national award for singing.
    After the kidnap saga, not many fans got the opportunity to meet him. But I was extremely fortunate to have met him at his residence just nine months back. I spent nearly a couple of hours with him. Having been his fan since childhood, I had collected several pictures of Rajkumar. I showed him the scrapbooks, posters and collages that I had made and got them autographed by the legend himself. He said my collection had more pictures than his own personal albums. He recollected the trivia associated with every picture he saw in my scrapbook.
    After my meeting, I realised that Rajkumar was first a gem of a human being. Only then was he a gem of an actor.
    good luck to u all

  982. Manohar H Says:

    Hello Mr T.N Seetharam,
    How are you filling life in everything?
    How can I help you other than enjoying your muktha, manvanthara, mayamriga…
    I am really determined and frustrated
    Unexpectedly I entered this site but very lucky
    You are also educating people than entertaing.
    This should be the aim of everyone..
    Ultimately what is your dream
    we need to expose a bit more reality i feel..
    and possible only from you
    like the way you are polishing the g-olden poems

    nadeyalondu daari nudiyalondu darri..
    my applauds and honour to all micro efforts involved..

  983. Sunitha Says:

    Dear Mukta fans,

    First off many thanks for your detailed updates. My parents used to watch Mukta regularly in Bangalore. However, as they are here in USA visiting me, they missed it very much. I came across this website and they are very happy :). Looking forward to reading many such updates.

  984. msanjay Says:

    Amrutha, Shruti, sorry about that – that’s why I’d made a note that you better copy what you type so that you can paste it again! I have no idea why that happened 🙁 One possibility is, isit possible you submitted after a very long time in which case the page would’ve gotten expired and so the answer would’ve been irrelevant…

    Prasanna, I really liked your views about the police – theirs is definitely not a job I’d envy.

    Shruti please publicise whatever you want over here, anyway most people are here because of you only so you can as well consider this as your own page 8) ! I liked your article but haven’t found the bandwidth (as you can guess by the time stamp of this comment and also the lack of any new writing) to comment anything in particular

    namaskaara Bellur, nimma commentsige SAHASRA dhanyavaadagaLu! 😀 About Dr. Raj, I envy you 😈 because I’d wanted to visit his residence as well but somehow imagined a lot of hypothetical obstacles that I’d never be allowed inside so never really took it up seriously! This is a good lesson actually. Anyway very very nice to read about the wonderful time you had with him 8) thanks for sharing them here.

    namaskaara Manohar, lets hope that TNS sees your comments! I too wanted the wordings of the poem, I’m still hoping that Chaitanya might help… yellidyappa CHAITANYA ??

  985. Srik Says:

    Hi All,
    This is a good opportunity for all of us to show our tribute to Dr.Raj Kumar by lighting candle online. it will take less than 15 seconds to perform this operation. Let us remember his contribution to Kannada and Kannada Culture…

    Please forward this link to as many Kannadigas as possible.. and to as many Kannada group as possible.


  986. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Apr 19th – Wednesday

    Aru sitting, sad and deep in thought. Calls her home, talks to Gowri and then her mother, and bursts out crying. Says she feels like seeing her mother, and says she will come soon, and then speak. Gowri asks if she is ok, she says yes, aamele mathadona.

    Cross examination of Madhavi Patel by SS.

    SS starts asking her questions about hypothetical situations. CSP objects, saying it is relevant, but SS says that just as CSP questioned SM on her investigative methods, he too has the right to question MP because she is a senior police officer. Judge overrules the objection.
    SS – Had you been the IO in this case, whom would you have suspected at first, taking into consideration all the available information?
    MP – I would have suspected me.
    SS – Ah, good..
    MP – BUT! Later I would have realised it is not me, after further investigation.

    SS – It is known for sure that AM died of a gunshot. And the driver even says that he saw you shoot him. Ok for a moment, let us disregard the driver’s statement. At that point, only you and AM were in the car, the bullet came from your gun, the car was your car. I say, that you had purposely taken out the brake oil, spoilt the car door on AM’s side so that it would not open. Then you, being a police officer, would be able to jump out, and you wanted the car to go and fall off the cliff. But at the last moment, you thought what if AM miraculously escaped, and so you shot at him to be sure. Now you are just saying that you shot to open the car door and it MAY have hit him accidentally.
    MP – no, everyhting that you are saying is false.

    SS – Now you always had a doubt that maybe AM died from your gunshot itself. Only after CSP brought forth his theory, that you felt you were not at fault at all. Now if CSP had not brought forth his theory, or, if I prove that his theory is wrong, then what would you think? that it was you only who shot him, right?
    MP – yes.
    Rane smiles.

    SS – I can prove you had lots of motive to kill AM. Your mother herself testified that you had announced that you would like to shoot him and kill him.
    MP – so, that does not mean i killed him.
    SS – but you hated him.
    MP – that does not mean i killed him. if everyone went around killing ppl they hate, everybody would kill at least 10 people each.

    SS – see, in 2000, you had put a case on Manmohan, for shooting a deer, and then later you put a B report on it. why?
    MP – no answer.
    SS – i say that it is a false case just to take revenge on AM. You spent all your life trying to take revenge on AM, because he took your mother away from you.
    Also, when there was an argument about who should give treatment to your mother, you went to court and brought a stay that AM was not even married to Indira, and so he has no right to provide her with treatment. You implied that your mother was in a dirty relationship with a man. How could you do that?
    MP – NO it is not like that.
    SS – but that is what you implied.
    MP – but it was just to enable me to give treatment to her.
    SS – so what, the implication is the same. You wanted to bring a bad name to AM.

  987. Shruthi Says:

    I might have forgotten something in my update – not feeling too clear-headed this morning 🙂

    Yes Sanjay, you are right. I had opened the page, and left it open, and then commented after a long time, put in the sum, and submitted, and then it failed to accept. And anyway i am very careful to copy it first, before submitting. have had some bad experiences 😀

    And thanks a lot, I will consider it my page and do some more blog popularization then, heh heh 😀

    Prasanna, thanks. I meant no disrespect to the police. I added that because I read somewhere that the root cause was indecision of the police – first thinking of placing the body in palace grounds, then kanteerava stadium, etc. The fans were disgruntled, and rebelled.
    I found a new respect for the police during those Rainy days last year. I saw them drenched, standing in knee deep water and guiding traffic. I then decided never to speak ill of them. Here I thought I was stating facts, but if I am wrong, then I accept it. Also, prasanna, it would be nice if you could put this same comment on my blog. Other people who are reading it, can read it in that context, and they can also be enlightened.

    And Bellur Ramachandra is right, 1000 comments calls for a celebration 🙂 I wonder if any other blog has so many comments? :)))

  988. Srik Says:

    One more thing about Dr.Raj’s public image across the cultures.
    Loooonng back, may be in 1992, I happened to visit Hyderabad with my friends, through a school trip. We hired a guide to show us across the city. This guy showed us all the places of interest in the city, also took us across to the then underconstruction film city also. On the way, he made it a point to give a visit to the Telugu movie legend A. Nageshwara Rao. I hail from a Telugu dominant part of karnataka. So we were all pretty excieted to see a legend in flesh and real. As soon as ANR learnt that we were from Karnataka, he said “Hey you are from the place of Dr.Rajkumar. I respect him a lot and I’ve learnt a great deal from him”!!!!! Just these comments made us very proud of the fact that we live in a state where Annavru lives!!
    This is just one example of how legendry his legacy has been across the borders too..! He, apart from entertaining many generations of Kannadigas, gave a pride of being a ‘Kannadiga’, which is more important.
    I was a school going child then, but I still remember this encounter with ANR, in particular, his comments about our Annavru. I feel sorry for ourselves to have lost a person of this high calibre. Thus I bid my tearful adieu to this greatest ever kannadiga. Long live his legacy, long live his values.

  989. Avinash Says:

    In yesterday’s episode, I felt Gowri’s acting was something artifical (while talking to Arunadhati). Or may be she has changed after she became the CEO of a company.

  990. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    About the policeman there is a Sub-Inspector Called Nagaraju who hails from Hospet and manages the Traffic here at Hyderabad. One day during a lunch time i was waiting for my friend standing i saw him reading “Sudha” immediately rushed to speak to a horanadina Kannadiga . He told me that he was working with STF operating to catch Veerappan and his specialization was scoop at running Dacoit and catch them. After Op veerappan was over he was specifically called by the Govt of Hyd after reading an article in DH about him. His Job is to Scoop at Traffic Rule Offender and he doesn’t care whether its a 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler and the offender is somehow bought to book. He showed me how he does that and He Ran about 50 Mts before Scooping a Maruthi Van guy . Now the area where he manages the traffic is so disciplined that no one dares to jump a signal or overspeed. We need more such breeds who dont care for their life but need results.

    Whenever i see him I feel like saying Jai Karnataka Mathe

  991. Avinash Says:

    Prasanna its really interesting to read about this Kannada cop being called specifically by AP govt. Hats off to him.
    The Karnataka govt(s) needs to learn a lot from its neighbouring state govts.

  992. Chaitanya Says:

    Hello all, sorry folks, didn’t watch that particular episode, so kavite gottaglilla. Not that I would have known it, but would have tried to recollect. Anyway, next time sure will write them down.

    Shruthi, Nice post in your blog and really would enlighten many, I guess. Keep it up!

    I wouldn’t like to comment anything on Dr. Raj’s funeral day. 50 years of glorious and rich entertainment by the great man to us and we only talk about that one day, I think its a disgrace. Its time we forget the bad incident and talk about the great man and his life, and possibly learn from it.


  993. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    yellarigu namaskara….
    congrats folks….this blog has crossed the 1000 mark in a jiffy! on the other side of life, feeling sad after reading in one of the posts that MUKTHA will soon get a MUKTHAya. really, this serial which was close to reality. i really liked the manner in which it was shot, the names of characters and places…sounds so natural! and how can i forget the COURT SCENES? too good.
    also, i like the MUKTHA SAMVADA. very interesting to hear rare snippets and fresh opinions from both public and TNS and co.
    and shruthi, in a hurry, u have typed my grandpa’s name! i am bellur ramakrishna.
    felt nice about the VEERA KANNADIGA COP in HYD. it is people like him who inspire others.
    and, sanjay, why dont u meet TNS and do an interview, tell him about ur blog which has crossed the 1000 posts….u can get an audience with him…..just a suggestion from a well-wisher…..
    good luck to u all

  994. Shruthi Says:

    Bellur Ramakrishna, apologies! I don’t know what I was thinking when I typed your grandfather’s name!

    Prasanna, that was a great story of the cop. Keep such nice stories coming in!

    Sanjay, as I write this, we are neighbours :0 – In the Indian Bloggers’ site! 6 and 7 🙂

  995. Usha Says:


    Wanted to share Dr Raj’s rare photograph i got in a email.
    Can anyone advice the procedure to post the Jpeg attachment here.

  996. Ammu (amruta) Says:

    Hey everyone,
    I thought i’d share, that i met Kasthuri Shankhar on the weekend and i got to sig in front of herrrrrrrrrr! 🙂 sorry irrelevant.

    Anyway, I like muktha scenes so far, but not arundhati, just gets annoying!!
    Well i better go! 🙂 😛 keep smiling! 😛

  997. Susheel Sandeep Says:

    ನಿಮ್ಮ ಕೆಲಸ ಶ್ಲಾಘನೀಯ.ನಿಜಕ್ಕೂ ಸಕತ್ತಾಗಿದೆ.ಮುಕ್ತಾ daily updates ನೋಡಿ ಆನಂದವಾಯ್ತು.
    keep up the good work folks. 🙂

  998. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hello sanjay,
    it is 9pm exactly….muktha would have started….but me still in office as i have to meet a deadline. but i am not worried of missing any bit…..yaakandre there is a backup file named ‘shruthi’ who promptly updates people like me. thanks once again to u all. idoo ondu reethi SAMAJA SEVE, alwa?

  999. Backup file Shruthi Says:



    Gowri and Amma are talking, and Amma is upset that Aru is sad. She says, it seems like she is not happy about her marriage with PK, koragtha iddaLe. Gowri explains what happened, that Indira had come and asked her to get married soon. She says, its not Indira’s fault either, it was the mother in her speaking, etc. Aru is upset because she and Manmohan love each other, but due to various reasons, are not getting together. Amma is upset. She says, already I don’t like Aru marrying PK. If Aru agreed to marry him only because of this reason, and she cannot refuse him now, then we will talk to him and explain. I don’t understand all this preeti – tyaaga. Why should you lose your happiness so that somebody else can be happy?

    Arundhati has come home, is sitting with Gowri, Thatha and Ajji, and asks where Amma is. They say that Purushotthama and Priya have taken Amma and Nanjunda to some jaathre(?). Aru is upset, says how can they go when I am here? Ajji- Thatha try to comfort her, and then again pick up the topic of Pramod Kumar and say, why should you have gone and accepted him? Film star and already married? What was your hurry, you could have got a better person, etc, etc. Aru is irritated, she walks out and cries. Gowri scolds Thatha-Ajji and says, can’t you see, she is upset… why do you speak like that?

    Aru is in the room, crying. Gowri goes in to comfort her. Aru says she feels she should not marry PK, and Gowri scolds her, saying, I asked you to think and decide. Aru, says, at that time, i was strong, but after having come to know that Manmohan is not marrying Supriya, I am now weak. the very reason I agreed to marry PK is now not existing any more. But how can I tell Manmohan why I agreed to marry PK, and how can I tell PK I cannot marry him? And she cries.

    Court scene.

    SS is providing evidence after evidence that looks like MP has committed the crime.

    1) MP had already got intelligence reports that there would be galaate, still she did not deploy reserve police. When MP says that she went by Ranganath’s words, because he was a local inspector and would know the situation better, SS rebukes her. He says, an SP has the higher authority. You should have overruled his decision.

    2) They had got the pamphlets in the police meeting itself, with Sadanand Patel’s name there. MP did not arrest Sadanand Patel, even though she knew, because he was her father. If seh had, all this would not have happened. MP says his name was not there in the pamphlet she received, but she does not remember whose name was there.

    3) MP had gone into hiding for 4 days after the incident. Why? She could have gone to SK Desai, or to the CM himself, and told everything as it is. But no, she went into hiding. It shows her guilt. When MP says that she did it because she could not decide what to do, SS ridicules her.

    4) MP could have taken her mother also in the car, when taking AM to the forest guest house. Why protect only AM and not his wife? That means that MP knew that the car would meet a bad fate. Thats why she did not take her mother. Because she knew she could jump out in time, but could not make her mother jump out in time. MP says that she had a premonition, her left eye was fluttering (edagaNNU adarutthitthu), and she felt something bad would happen, and so did not take her mother. SS laughs and says, what is this, you give speeches against superstition and now you state all this as reasons. MP says, we tend to believe everything when our mothers are concerned, isn’t it? then she says, so, I am being suspected just because i did not take my mother in the car is it? Chinte illa. No regrets. She adds softly – if I had taken her, I don’t know what would’ve happened to her, she might not have survived. I want my mother to be with me. Nothing else matters. [a tear rolls down her cheek]
    [really good acting]

  1000. Backup file Shruthi Says:

    1000th comment is mine! Yay!

  1001. Anitha Says:

    Congratulations Sanjay … Muktha BLOG has received 1000 comments .. Thanks to you for facilitating this

  1002. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hi shruthi,
    thanks for the regular updates. after i read yesterdays’ update abt arundathi, i felt she is so fickle minded. allappa, if she loves manmohan, helbidodappa…..but just because his mom, mrs.AM came and spoke to arundathi, she is wavering in her thoughts…..actually it is easy to sit here and type comments…..imagine the story-writer’s plight…..yella tharanoo yochane maadbeku….and he must make it interesting. and if we just imagine ourselves to be the character, it is really confusing. haage nodidre, it is difficult to enact a role where u have to look sad and keep crying, what do u say? arundathi has acted well(like everybody else). sometimes, i feel gowri’s dialogue delivery is very artificial, alwa?
    after i read the update, thought i missed seeing madhavi patel’s acting.
    and finally, thamashege BACKUP FILE andhe ;)….please keep ur name in the comments as ‘shruthi’….not ‘backup file shruthi’…..ok naa?
    PS: i also saw ur blog…..very incisive and well thought and written articles……u ought to be writing for THE HINDU(‘coz this is a serious newspaper). good luck.

  1003. Shruthi Says:

    Sanjay, I think it’s time you came out of hiding and distributed sweets 🙂

  1004. msanjay Says:

    [bit busy off late… 🙁 ]

    Usha, you may upload it in some site (or mail it to me) and enclose it in an a comment tag within a HTML IMG tag.

    Bellur, I suppose she really cares and so she’s in such an ethical controversy, else she wouldn’t have bothered and just done whatever she liked.

    Susheel, Anitha, and yellarigu nimma protsaahakke nammelara paravaagi dhanyavaadagaLu 🙂

    Ammu, nanna agnyaanakke kshamisabeku, hesaru kELidangide aadre avaru yaaru antha nanage gottilla… anyway it sounds like it was quite an honor… good!

    samaaja sevaki Shrutiavare 😉 indeed you are right that your’s is the 1000th comment! Your updates are as good as watching a retelcast esp the recent one 🙂 Sooner or later we’ll all meet up maybe in Girish’s house – but until then, antharjaaladalli sweets hege koDodu? yavdaadru sihi nuDigaLannu kELabahudashTe… so here is one of the best songs ever (in my opinion) naadamaya [wanted to post the lyrics also but couldn’t find them online]

  1005. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hi sanjay,
    yes….she may take time to decide….but when she does, she takes the right one.
    and just want to let u know, kasturi shankar is a singer who has sung more bhavageete than chitra geete.
    And want to tell u a few things about NAADAMAYA(which is my favourite too). This song, which won Rajkumar the national award for best playback singing(1992), may not be a very unusual song, but no other film actor in India could have sung it. It is based on raga Todi, with its complex graces, and strings other ragas as it progresses. He switches ragas with ease, and sings complex swara patterns like a professional classical artiste.
    These are the lyrics (i have recalled them from my memory….i am not putting the SWARAS…as i am not very sure about them)

    Film: Jeevana Chaithra
    Lyrics: Chi. Udayashankar
    Music Director: Upendrakumar

    naadamaya ee lokavella
    kolalinda govinda ananda tandiralu
    nadiya neeru mugila saaru muraliya
    swaradi beretu chalane marethu ninthiralu

    swaragala madhurya ragada soundarya
    mrigagala kunise khagagala tanise
    sadagaradinda gaganada anchinda
    suraru bandu hariya kandu harushadi
    bhuviye swarga bhuviye swarga enutiralu

  1006. Vani ( from H'bad) Says:

    Hi to all, been watching Muktha regularly. I have a small doubt. Madhavi patil says her left eye was twitching and she felt something bad was about to happen. When we were small, we were told, for males if left twitches, and for females right eye twitching indicates that something bad is about happen. Am I wrong ???

  1007. Srik Says:

    Hi vani avare,
    Its never same in every case, We were ‘told’ like what u said, and we understand the signs of nature accordingly. It all depends on how we read our ‘omens’. Infact, nature gives us some indications about what is happening., we just have to read it accordingly. When some indication comes, there is a possibility that i take it in one way and another man takes it in a different way. It all depends on how profecient one is in hearing the ‘voice of the nature’.
    Madhavi patel read it as a bad indication, no need that someone else take it the same way.
    I think so.

  1008. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    The move by CSP was indeed smart by bringing in Chhabria as a witness rather than defence witness. That move really stumped SS.

  1009. Shruthi Says:

    Brief update of Muktha – Friday.

    CSP calls out to his next witness, Sunil Chhabria. All are surprised, but judge says that it is indeed valid. Upon CSP’s request, a summons is sent to Chhabria, and his passport is impounded.

    Next scene, Chhabria at court, saying tht defence paravaagi he has nothing to say, and he has a board meeting in France and he has to go, and makes a big fuss. Both CSP and judge put him in his place. He is sworn in. CSP dwells upon the following points.

    1) That he was not unwell at all – it was just a ploy to escape coming to court. When SS tries to raise an objection against some questioning, CSP says that you have no right, because he is my witness. He speaks sarcastically to Chhabria.

    2) Chhabria denies that he gave money to UG’s parents, but the suitcase has his name and company logo embossed. Chhabria says that it is mine, but the money is not mine. So CSP says, did u give them khali suitcase? Chhabria glares at UG, and CSP tells him not to glare, because he hasd given money and asked Gopinath not to give saakshi, not his wife.

    3) CSP proves that Chhabria had never been convenor of any jaathre or rathotsava before, and it was for this purpose itself that he had organized a jaathre one month before the actual one.

    4) Chhabria says that vajrada kavcha thodisbekitthu AM hesarinalli because of the abhimaana he had against him. So CSP asks if he had done this for any other politician, he has no answer.

    5) CSP asks why he did not invite CM for the jaathre, Chhabria asks, whats the connection between CM and this? So CSP asks, then what is the connection between RAne and this, why did u call Rane?

    6) CSP proves that AM had a party meeting tht same day, so CHHabria went and forced AM to cancel that and come hre instead.

    7) CSP asks how much the vajrada kavcha costs – Chhabria says, 27 lakhs. CSP says, where is it, Chhab says, in the guest house. CSP says, produce it. Judge also issues the order. But Chhabria gets flustered, he says it is misplaced. CSP smiles, says , 27 lakhs object misplaced? Have you issued a police complaint for it? He stays silent. Let me tell u why u cannot produce it, coz it does not even exist. You had not even got it made. Because you knew that by the time the kavcha thodisodu should have happened, AM would be dead and you knew it.

  1010. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hello everybody,
    y’day i was watching the ‘muktha samvada’. some people ask really good questions. sample: why do u show IO in all court scenes when in reality it is not so?
    TNS replied that “Only to show their facial reactions we have them in each episode.I know in reality that isnt the case.” That is why TNS is so dear to people. He is very frank, straightforward, simple and accepts his mistakes(if any).
    today is the first birth anniversary of dear ‘annavru’ and the 33rd b-day of tendulkar.I say RIP to both….REST IN PEACE to annavru, and RECOVER IN PEACE to sachin. it is a coincidence that both their brothers stood behind them and both raj and sachin shone like gems in their chosen field. one donned all possible roles in films, the other on the cricket field.
    coming to muktha, chabbria avrige shukravaarane CSP avru kat-katenalli bevar ilsidru……ivattu innu yenu kaadidyo!!

  1011. msanjay Says:

    Bellur, it was even better to listen to the song following the lyrics you’ve posted!

    Srik, I find your explanation very agreeable “It all depends on how we read our ‘omens’.” Anyone can read the book Alchemist by Paulo Coelho where he touches on such things though its not the main point of the story. I’m not the one to go into too much of over-interpretation to such things, its very easy to get misled by imaginative speculation based on past experiences.

    This is a rare photo contributed by a reader of this page Usha… By clicking on it, you get a place to comment on it there itself…



    To upload any picture here, just put it on a public share such as flickr (you just need a yahoo id), and then embed it within an img tag To make the image clickable, put the img tag within an tag 🙂

  1012. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hi usha,
    this is one of THE earliest photos of Mutthuraj that I have seen.(as i had written in an earlier post, i have collected several photos of his….and i have not seen this anywhere. rare one to see on his 1st birth ann.
    sanjay, thanks a lot for putting it up here.

  1013. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Dear Sanjay,

    Did you Announce the New Development to all about which you mailed me yest ???

  1014. Shruthi Says:

    Scene 1 – Aru’s colleague and her boss at the TV station – discuss about Annapurnamma – her goodness and all, and the boss tells her to go and interview her family, but after a few days, since she died recently, and also tells her to take Aru’s help.

    Court scene – CSP classifies Chhabria as a hostile witness, since, though he was a defence witness, he thinks that MP and SKD are criminals, and asks to cross-examine him instead. JUdge agrees, he proceeds.

    He again touches upon the same points as in yday’s update – and some more points – and says… so many coincidences – 14 of them in fact, and he mentions a great detective of West Bengal who says that if there are so many coincidences, something is fishy.

    He also says that the guy who was caught in South AFrica, Nary, has confessed to the local police, and given Gangaswamy’s number to them. Though Chhabria says he does not know who Gangaswamy is, CSP says that the MUmbai police are looking for all the calls that have gone to Gangaswamy’s number, and hints at him to be careful.

    Next he proves taht Chhabria’s guest house is under very high security, and if you need to go in, you need an access card. But on the day of the killing, the driver says that the car fell off the cliff into Chhabria’s guest house campus, and he actually went in and touched AM’s hand to see if he was alive and then only went to tell the otehrs. So how did Devraj get in? It is because Chhabria himself must have given him the access card, else it is not possible to get in without alarms blaring.

    Apologies for the brief update – very busy today.

  1015. Avinash Says:

    There was a spelling mistake in Yesterday’s episode. In the newspaper which CSP show to SC, the word ‘apprehended’ was spelt as ‘apperhended’. I wonder how did this pass through TNS (or rather CSP’s) eagle eyes, who give attention to the minutest details!!!.
    (Off Topic: This kind of spelling mistakes occur often in ‘Hi Bangalore’)

  1016. Shruthi Says:

    Avinash, I observed that too. Even last time, when CSP was showing what he called the “Johannesburg Times”, there were a number of such spelling mistakes. That too in bold 🙂 I had pointed it out in this space too.
    I was also surprised 🙂 A simple spell check would have done the trick!

  1017. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    One more thing Avinash did you observe that the Kannada paper was giving the Ad of Chaabria Guest House Installation in English. You could clearly see it as a kannada paper from Behind.

  1018. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    Hi Prasanna,
    Did u also notice that the spelling of Johannesburg was spelt ‘JOHANSBURG’? And the english paper which CSP shows as “Johansburg Times” can be easily identified as Times Of India.
    Some kind of lethargy is creeping in towards the end overs in Team Muktha, what do u say?

  1019. Anitha Says:

    Unlike other serials, which is based purely on some fiction story , where not much of preparation is required….
    There is so much of work involved in creating each and every episode of TNS’s serials especially the court scenes. Where they show so many proofs .. undoubtedly it is quite hard work for TNS. It is more prone to errors .. they do creep in… I think we should appreciate TNS for his perfection 99% of the times and forgive him for his mistakes the other 1% of the time 🙂

  1020. Avinash Says:

    If ‘Johansburg Times’ mis-spell some words, why blame TNS!!! 😉

    Jokes apart, I too appreciate (99.99% 🙂 ) TNS for his perfection and also for this fantastic serial. This error got to my notice because it was in bold and with big size.

    Another interesting thing I observed is, whenever CSP is cross examining the witnesses, you can always see along with other people, a lady lawyer and she is always smiling. 🙂

  1021. msanjay Says:

    Prasanna, they do give English ads in Kannada newspapers sometimes. Btw I don’t know how to announce but I better do it soon, most of my personal friends dont know either.

    Avinash thought you’d figure out why your lines come in a straight line like that but finally here’s a clue 🙂

    Put many spaces at the start of your line… that defines the line as fixed like this one, similar to using the PRE html tag.

    “If ‘Johansburg Times’ mis-spell some words, why blame TNS!!!” 😆

    Shruti, Though of course I miss the details, your update to the best of my memory is pretty comprehensive – can’t think of any more important points except the 14 coincidences which I cant remember myself.

    I like the way CSP ‘prepares’ the situation for each question, he asks background questions like discussing about security arrangements for the office, etc and then when any breach of security, etc is totally ruled out, then asks the critical question! This is very similar to playing chess. In the course of a game, a good chess player ‘prepares’ the board, sometimes even sacrifices a key piece simply to get another piece in the right place (or out of the wrong place!), to eliminate all possibilities of defence, and then make the crucial attack! 😀

  1022. Srik Says:

    Hi all,
    I feel these misses of TNS wouldn’t have been caught so easily, if it were to be some other serial,
    But God! it is Muktha, watched by so many people, with a lot of curiousity and concentration.
    He can’t make a simple mistake too. We have such a level of expectation from him.
    Hope TNS will live upto our expectations!!!!!!
    lol 😉

  1023. Shruthi Says:

    Ha ha, Avinash, that lady lawyer is being seen only from the past 2-3 episodes, and yes, she is always smiling and enjoying herself 🙂
    And yes, lets give him a little space to make mistakes 😀
    Actually what happens in other serials is that one eye and one ear is on the TV, and the other ear and eye are elsewhere, still you will get the story. In Muktha, all ears and eyes are on TV, and sometimes, for the updater, even that is not enough 😀
    That is why we tend to catch any mistake – because our senses are very sharp while watching Muktha 🙂
    Sanjay, maybe you should put up a new post for the announcement 🙂

  1024. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Shruthi has a point why we are not able to catch the laxity on the other serials. Anyway If one is cent percent perfect he none other than God or closer to god.

    The group pic of Dr. Raj Kumar is indeed nice. His Face outlook never changed till the end .

  1025. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Shruthi the Comments by many are really heated ones, I was imagining what if all those guys commenting meet inperson. Iam happy with our Sanjay anna

  1026. Shruthi Says:

    Prasanna, ha ha.. the topic is like that :D. It was getting out of hand – plus people just said the same thing again and again – I got tiring of replying and repeating myself. And you cannot even ignore it, you see, when someone says something you think is wrong! I closed the comments, and I am feeling quite relieved now!
    If those commenters had met me, they would have bashed me up 😀
    Btw, did not get in what context you said you are happy with our Sanjay Anna. {Of course, we are too ;), but just asked :D}

  1027. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Shruthi, it got truncated I mentioned that I’am happy with our Sanjay anna testing our Skill set in Maths and we having a quite non-violent chat.

  1028. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hi sanjay,
    it is only a few days since i have started posting comments here. but i have been reading the comments in ur blog for quite some time. so i have been a silent admirer of ur site.
    sincerely, after muktha is over, and as the posts keep getting added, it may touch the 2000 mark soon. why not get a book published containing all posts?
    and it can contain articles and anecdotes related to muktha written by urself, shruthi, prasanna, shrik and others….
    btw, eager to know what is the new development.

  1029. anoop Says:

    about “apprehended being apperhended”: when i was seeing Muktha, when there were very intense and interesting episodes going on, i was more likely to miss such glitches, as almost my entire concentration would have been invested in understanding the character, their thoughts, the scenario.. so my theory is when the serial becomes very interesting, we should miss such common mistakes. Another example to support my theory: lets say you are reading a very good book and you are at the most interesting phase in the book, i would bet that you will not observe any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors at that intance..

    waiting eagerly for todays update..

  1030. Shruthi Says:

    Hi, read this immediately 🙂

  1031. Shruthi Says:

    Cross examination of Chhabria continues.

    CSP continues giving proof of Chhabria’s guilt.

    He asks for Chhabria’s secret phone number, and produces the itemized bill of that phone. He shows that on the day of the killing, at around 2 20, Chhabria had got a call on his cell from his guest house. Who could it be, since he had given a holiday to all the employees of the guest house, to see the jaathre? It had to be only one person, Devaraj.
    Also, at 2 25 or something, Chhabria has called the number of Gangaswamy. Why, if Chhabria did not even know Gangaswamy, did he call him and talk to him for 6 minutes??
    Then immediately after that, Chhabria has again called the guest house and talked to, obviously Devaraj.

    This proves these things.

    1) Chhabria had given the identity card for the gate, and electronic card to enter guest house to Devaraj, otherwise he would never have got in. And why would Chhabria want to associate with a supari killer Devaraj?
    Also, Chhabria claimed that he got to know about the murder at 5 30, whereas he already knew at 2 20 itself.

    2) Chhabria has called Gangaswamy. Why links with an underworld don?

    3) Chhabria has given holiday to the guest house employees, not to facilitate them to see the jaathre, but just to see that there are no witnesses.

    CSP then goes on to prove that the scenario that happened was as follows.

    Devaraj drove the car towards the cliff, pretended the brakes are not working, and jumped out. Later when he went to the accident scene hoping to see the bodies of AM and MP, he is shocked to see that neither of them is in the car or in the accident scene. That means both have escaped with their lives. Immediately Devaraj goes to the guest house, opens the door with the e-card that Chhabria has given, reports this to Chhabria, and waits for further instructions. Chabria calls Gangaswamy,and gives instructions to Devaraj to shoot and kill AM. Accordingly, Devaraj goes back to the site, finds AM alive, and kills him by shooting him there!! And then drags him and places him under the car.

    Chhabria is sweating, has nothing to say.

  1032. Shruthi Says:

    I have a doubt in CSP’s theory. If AM was killed outside the car, as CSP suggests, then why so much blood inside the car? Maybe there is one more aspect to it. Let’s wait and see.

    Anoop, your analogy with the book is very correct. If I am reading the climax of a book, I don’t even remember the names that I am reading 🙂
    But I thought it was not the case in Muktha, because I at least, watch and listen as keenly as possible, because I have another role to perform too – to tell other people what has happened, as correctly as possible!

  1033. Srik Says:

    First of all, let me congratulate Sanjay anna for the good news he has announced in un-singled. Its true that one has to get hooked at some point in life. Hope this journey will be sweet for you 🙂

    Hmmmmm About Chhabria… He agreed that he has a secret number, its all so amazing how CSP got him accept his mark. Will be eagerly waiting for today’s episode as there are so many other ‘coincidents’ to be exposed.

    Samaja sevaki Shruti avare ;), Its a good work. I, keep forgetting so many important points after watching the serial, but get them all added to my ROM with your updates. Thanks for making Muktha live again.

    Its difficult to say if it is Muktha’s popularity or the professionalism of this blog manager(ala sanjay) or the interest of the participants in this discussion for the success of this site. I think its all of these factors clubbed in an ardent blend. Congratulations to everyone involved.

    You know, the very first thing I did today morning was to open this page.

    well.. Let me hope TNS will comeup with many more such flicks and our ‘coomon man’s community will grow with each of them.

  1034. Srik Says:

    Hey Shruti,
    I think u missed one point here.
    CSP says that he has provided the details of the call links of chhabria and Gangaswamy to the Bombay police who are on a red alert against him and are searching for every minute details.
    He irks chabria by saying Bombay police are not like our Inspector Ranganath, they are very very strict.
    His expressions when saying this was very good.

  1035. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Sanjay Anna will now on Master the Physics Epic Resnick and Halliday knowing which theory is in which page and ofcourse the formulae for each of them.

  1036. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hi sanjay,
    hope u dont give physics test before we can post our comments.
    eg: 1) If the power of a motor is 40kw, At what speed can it raise a load of 20,000n?congrats once again.
    2) The refractive index of glass is 3/2. What is the critical angle for glass-air surface?(sin 42ºc=2/3)
    CONGRATS once again.

    hi shruthi,
    u r right. “If AM was killed outside the car, as CSP suggests, then why so much blood inside the car?”. maybe, the thugs pulled AM inside the car and shot him there….i think. remember, CSP showed evidence that AM was dragged from where he fell.

  1037. Usha Says:

    Congratulations Sanjay, on your engagement.I wish happiness throughtout your life.

    I appologise for posting a general info on Muktha blog, i could not resist sharing this info with all of you.

    In my recent visit to H D Kote near Mysore(also known as Heggada devana Kote) , i happened to visit Sri Vivekananda Ashram engaged in Eductaion and Tribal rehabiliation. I was gratified to see the contribution of the organisation in serving the Tribal and rural community in that area.
    We had detailed discussions and took a tour of campus with the caretakers there to understand their activities. My cheers to laudable initiative and dedicated services by Dr Balasubramanyam and his team. Their education model is so unique in the campus that i was tempted to be a child again and join their school as student.They teach agriculture(Compulsary period along with their curriculam), crafts, arts, yoga, meditation, green awareness (Vanamahotsava -this initiative is the best of all where child is given complete ownership of particular portion land to cultivate, maintain and safeguard )Well equipped computer room(Teachers here prepare their own curriculam and program modules for their school children) , very neatly kept Library, Labs were in excellent condition surprisingly i found these labs better than city schools (Funny part is the specimens they have collected for Zoology and botany lab were collected by the school children themselves and preserved for study- Here i am quoting vast collection of insects, snakes etc)

    Here’s link to their website interested in supporting the movement can definitely get in touch with them.


  1038. Anitha Says:

    I failed to understand one thing in yesterday’s episode.

    What was CSP’s explanation to ….the reason Chabria had given the access card to the guest house to driver Devraj ?

    Why did Devraj need the access card to the guest house …

    Can somebody explain this

  1039. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Anitha, Actually a Security Company called Eagle Electronics does a High Level Security setup like Access Card System, Burglar Alarm, Electrical Barbed Wires etc…. So to enter thru the Main gate you need the ID card without which it was not possible to enter.

  1040. Anitha Says:

    Prasanna , I understand the concept of security system … thats not what i am asking …

    what was the reason to give the access card to Devraj, why did Chabria think that after the accident Devraj will have to enter the guest house ?

  1041. Avinash Says:

    Anita, it might be for this reason that Devaraj enter the guest house (after the incident!) and inform/update Rane and Chhabria over phone about the operation status.

  1042. Diya Says:

    Hi All… It’s great to be back here after so long… Shruthi, the reason for finding so much blood inside the car could be very simple. Rane and Chhabria had to make it look like MP shot AM, and they also needed a witness to plant the idea and also corroborate it.. This was possible only if the driver said so, and hence they had to stage the accident inside the car. So they could have very well bought a bottle of blood, of the same group as AM’s and sprayed it inside the car, as also on the driver’s shirt.

    I remember CSP mentioning an interesting, related fact during the cross-examination of Inspector Ranganath (if I remember right..). He mentions that R had obtained a bottle of blood of the same group as AM from a blood bank, the evening of the accident. Hope someone can recollect the name of the bloodbank…???

  1043. anoop Says:

    Sanjay: congrats on your engagement.

    Shruthi: have never seen muktha from your point of view, recording conversations, so I never know. this makes ur efforts even more commendable..

    Anitha: they(chabria and rane) had planned to make the car crash inside chabrias compound. so my interpretation is, maybe getting into the compound also needs access card and they obviously wanted Devraj to check out the crash site. If this is not convincing enough, i leave it to the experts: shruthi, sanjay, …(i may be wrong, as im not able to see muktha on tv, but with the help of this blogspace, Im able to re-enact the characters using my imagination)

  1044. Guru Says:

    Congrats sanjay, wish you all the best.

    Great work shruti. Thanks.

  1045. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Wednesday – 26th April.

    Condolence meeting at Annapurna food products. Madhuvanti is chairing the meet. Mahesh sitting next to her. Some 7-8 ppl around the table, including Gowri and Mr.Pai. Discussion starts about Gowri’s role in the company. Gowri speaks about the future of the company, Madhu says she is talking as if she is the only one who is worried about the company. Gowri denies that she meant it that way. Some people praise her, saying the company rose to heights because of her. Madhuvanti is not happy. She says, my mother, out of love, gave Gowri lots of responsibilities, but it will not be so any more. She will still be the CEO, but she has to report to us. She will have no decision making rights, nor signing rights. Pai interrupts, saying that he heard that the will was in Gowri’s name. Madhu says, no thats not right, and Mahesh asks him to stop poking into private affairs. Meeting ends, Gowri requests everybody to observe 2 min silents for madam’s atma’s shanti.

    Gowri comes home with headache, tells ajji, amma and Nanjunda about what happened at the meeting. Ajji says it is a wonder they did not take you out of the job itself, and Amma says don’t go too much into doddamanushyara affairs. Just do your job, thats all. Nanjunda wonders about the will, asks if Annapurnamma had signed the new will. Gowri says she does not know, coz she died just 2 days after she decided to change the will. Nanjunda asks if she does not find it suspicious. He says, don’t yuo think Mahesh and Madhu might have done something to her, after finding this out? Do you think they are not that kind? Gowri is shocked, then she thinks, and finds that Nanjunda might be right. She and Nanjunda decide to meet Annapurnamma’s lawyer Padmanabhaiah. Ajji says, ask him to come home and meet him here, there, somebody might hear and tell Mahesh and that will be dangerous.

    A doctor (did not catch his name) goes to meet the judge Nagbhushana Gowda. Doctor says, you wanted to meet me, but for me, patient is first. I did not want you coming to see me, ame being busy with patient, and you getting angry and going off. So I only came to see you. Judge thanks doctor, asks, do u want tea or coffee? Doc says, no, i drink only eLneer, its good for the health. Judge sends someone to get eLneer, and they talk.
    Judge says that he and his wife have two children. His daughter left home 6 years back after some misunderstanding. She is very sensitive and hence short-tempererd. She is in calcutta now, and she calls once in a while. My son is a s/w engr in USA, living there for the past one year. Now it is only my wife and I. I am very emotionally attached to my wife. From the time this case started, she has not been feeling well. She first had irregular heartbeat and tiredness, we showed cardiac surgeon, he conducted tests and said that everything is ok. Then she started having disorientation and memory loss. We went to a specialist, he did a brain scan and said that there is a cyst in the brain stem. He said that it can be operated, and the best neurosurgeon is Sarangapani. But he is booked for the next 3 months. I requested him, but he did not budge. Is it dangerous to have the operation after 3 months? Is there no other doctor?
    The doctor says, this is a delicate operation, and Sarangapani is the best guy to do it. Three months might not be too late or anything, but we need to get the cyst out as fast as possible.
    Judge says, I heard that Sarangapani was your student, can you please request him to do this one surgery quickly? My wife is in ICU. I am not a rich man, cannot bear the costs of the hospital. Even now I am taking loans to pay hospital fees. Not only that, I am worried about her life. I cannot lose her. Please do this for me, he asks with folded hands.
    Doctor says, I don’t usually request like that, but I have heard you are a good judge, I will do this for you.

  1046. msanjay Says:

    more detailed reply soon, just a note of THANKS 🙂 to all. And btw she and her family are muktha fans as well 😉 bellur tnx for the idea, hadnt thought of it till now…

  1047. Shruthi Says:

    Typo – it is “silence” not “silents” in the prev message.

    Guru, Anoop, thanks 🙂 My pleasure 😉

    Diya, Hi, long time no see 🙂 Hey I did not know about that bottle of blood incident – I might have missed that episode. You are right. There is the answer to the mystery! As always, Lady CSP to the rescue 😉

    Usha, very interesting info and link!

  1048. Srik Says:

    Hey Shruti,
    that doctor is Krishna Das,
    The guy is the same one who is respected in that parrt of the world(Hemagiri and Sudukoppa) as a sharp man. He also has a doc’s shop where he helps poor ppl.
    He was blamed to be a stethascope doctor by AM, but MP respected him a lot and got her mother admitted at this guy’s hospital where IA indeed got relief for her problem.
    Ans also, this guy is the one who was in a panel to select doctors for the dharmada aaspatre that Annapurnamma dedicated to the Matha.

    Hmmm I know only this much details of the doctor.

    And the Lady CSP is back with a point of that bottle of blood!!!!
    It was a slip with most of the Muktha audiences!!
    Well.. That might be a point among CSP’s 14 coincidents of AM murder.

  1049. Chaitanya Says:

    I guess, the doctor is ‘Kiran Das’.

    Not sure why this new twist of doctor meeting the judge is introduced! Will it be related to the case later or this is just another parallel thread started, to prolong the serial?


  1050. Shruthi Says:

    Oh, so HE is Kiran Das.. Had heard a lot about him, but did not know what he looked like (started watching Muktha just 7-8 months back). Missed the name yday also coz i started watching a minute after the serial started.

    I have one more doubt. Judges are in the employ of the government right? I think they have medical reimbursement for family illnesses. Am I right about this? IF so, why should he take loans to pay hospital bills?

    This incident might come into picture sometime in connection to the case – the judge might have to defer it a bit, because of urgent operation, or something like that. lets see.

  1051. Avinash Says:

    Chaitanya, this new thread might be for TNS to put forth his views on todays’ families and relationships within familes, and how ‘Software Engineer’ children desert their parents and go to US ( and other foreign countries) in search of some illusions, etc. 🙂

  1052. Usha Says:


    I think Medical reimbursement is only restricted to certain slab of some 15,000 to 20,000 per anuum and any hospitilisations more than 24 hr only are covered under employee medical insurances, but major hefty amount which is billed for scans, any tests (ex Blood tests) are not covered in any of these. This is the case with employees of pvt concerns so i m sure medical insurance companies dont cover it either so judge might be talking abt that amount.


  1053. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    yes usha, u r right. medical reimbursement if for 15-20K. and avinash yes, to a certain extent, “‘Software Engineer’ children desert their parents and go to US ( and other foreign countries) in search of some illusions, etc.”.

    (in the last one week, i saw both KIRAN DAS and SK DESAI riding ‘scooter’ in malleswaram 10th cross and 15th cross respectively.)

    sanjay, nnanu kottiro idea kaaryagatha aagali antha nanna aase. aa nittinalli, nanna sahaaya nimage idde ide.

  1054. Diya Says:

    Hi Shruthi… Thanx for remembering me and more importantly my “title” 🙂 And I think what Usha mentioned about slabs is also right.. Another fact is that the government insists that to claim reimbursement, it’s employees need to take the treatment from a list of certain hospitals. These are mostly the aided or government hospitals. Also, for certain illnesses like say cancer,TB, is supposed to go to the specialized hospital in the list provided. Like Kidwai or the TB Institute… If this condition is not complied with, then one is not eligible for reimbursement. If a doc from the recognised govt hospital refers the case to a private one, then, reimbursement is provided…with discretion..

  1055. Shruthi Says:

    April 27th – Thursday

    Before the serial began, TNS came and spoke to the viewers. He said that he wanted to conclude Mukta with the decision on MP’s case, but ETV is saying that they are getting letters from viewers to continue Muktha. So what would you like? SMS and let us know [Forgot the SMS numbers].

    Court Scene.

    CSP asks about Chhabria’s background, how 10 years back he had just a bike, and now he has jets. CHhabria says, I worked hard, God smiled upon me, and I came up. Any problem?

    Then CSP talks about Chhabria and pharmaceutical companies.

    1) 19 pharma companies of the world, have Chhabria as the pharma consultatnt, and he is the highest paid in the world – 50 million dollars per annum.

    2) These 19 companies are the ones which manufacture the medicine which is used for control of triglycerides. The entire industry is worth billions of dollars.

    3) In 1947, health studies said that the normal amount of cholesterol(?) in blood is 240 mg. All ppl who had values higher than this in the blood were prescribed the medicine, to prevent heart attacks. In the sixties, the normal amount was said to be 220 mg. And now, they are saying it is 180 mg. How can this figure vary? (He has magazine articles as proof for this). A research by a lady in another science magazine shows that, all ppl who had valules above 240 mg where the consumers of the medicines. BUt when the “healthy” limit was lowered to 220 mg, all the ppl who fell in the 220 – 240 mg bracket got worried and started taking the medicine. Thus sales grew by 50 %. When it was lowered further, it grew 50 times! So the sales have really increased. That means that pharma companies are going hand in hand to pay the research doctors to show false results of studies, and show that the health limit is much lower than it actually is, just to boost their sales. they are taking advantage of the fear factor of people, coz everybody is scared of a heart attack.

    4) When Usha G discovered the two alkaloids in Kempusanjeevini soppu, it was a breakthrough. These alkaloids did not reduce triglycerides or anything, it MODIFIED the genes itself, to prevent these harmful substances from forming (this is a genetic disease). And more than that, you needed to take only one tablet per day!
    So that means, instead of taking 150 rupees worth of tablets everyday, you would have had to take 1 rupee tablet once in every 6 months!

    5) This scared the pharma companies, they would go out of business. Chhabria had just started his tissue culture business, he hit upon an idea, he approached these companies, asked them to retain him as consultant, and said that I will make sure UG does not go public withthis discovery. they agreed, Chhabria tried to buy off UG, did not succeed. He offered her a job with foreign companies, but she said, it wil be a very lucrative industry, and she wanted the money to go to india itself. So she did not agree, so you killed her.

    6) After that, you found that to get the alkaloids, you have to treat it within 2-3 hours after picking KS soppu. Otherwise it will get dehydrated and lose the “OH” in it, and will be rendered useless. So it has to be done here itself, since KS soppu could not be grown elsewehre. So Chhabria started Divine Drops company close to KS soppu near Phalguni nadi, and then under the facade of a mineral water company, he had research going on behind the scenes. thats why such large land, so much security.

  1056. Shruthi Says:

    Hi all, thanks for the clarification about reimbursement!

    I liked the amount of homework TNS does, to bring all these facts to us. In yesterday’s episode, I was quite aghast to think that all these pharma companies might be playing games with us. Also, if you read books like “Strong Medicine” by Arthur Hailey, or the medical thrillers of Robin Cook, you will realize what goes on behind the scenes. Pharma companies pass off dangerous medicines as safe, hide statistics, etc.

  1057. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Lady CSP is back!!!!!!!
    Namaskara Diya avarige yenu ishtu dina kandu baralilla thavu.

  1058. CSP Says:

    Namaskara Muktha Veekshakare !!!

    Cast your opinion whether Muktha should continue for some more months or should end by MP case.

    SMS madi :Y:Yes/N:No

    MUK Y
    MUK N

    Send your SMS to 3690


  1059. Srik Says:

    Hi, after all the TN sitaram’s and other people, now comes CSP. welcome Sir.

  1060. Srik Says:

    Also friends,
    Don’t you think MP case judgement will be a grand finale for the great bug on TV called Muktha?
    I don’t think Muktha deserves to be elasting like other soaps. My answer would be MUK N.

  1061. Chaitanya Says:

    I think it was a great thing by CSP (TNS) to bring out the lobby in the worldwide pharmaceuticals industry to the notice of common man through ‘Mukta’. Although the details and history of the lobby was least-related to the actual case itself, I think it was for the benefit of the viewers did CSP get it out.

    If you read the magazine ‘Taranga’ dated 2 Mar 2006, the cover page article was about ‘Drug Lobby’ and one of the section in it exactly speaks about the ‘normal values’ of the vital factors such as cholestrol and blood pressure and how it has been reduced since few decades for the benefit of the industry! The article is a ‘must-read’, I feel!

    No doubt, TNS might have got inspired from reading this article, but how many people have the will and guts to talk about it in their serials?


  1062. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    SMS from my Reliance is not going thru its saying invalid Address.

    My answer would be MUK N . We need to give TNS some breathing time before he comes back banging with something the different.

  1063. Anitha Says:

    Yeah, even i feel Muktha should not be stretched just because ETV asked to do so… If there is genuine content and if TNS feels it requires 2-3 more months, then it is o.k. Else it should stop.

  1064. Anitha Says:

    on the lighter note … if we say MUK Y, then Arundhati will take 3 more months to say yes to Manmohan … We should put a condition to TNS that Aundhati’s case will end within a week 🙂 🙂

  1065. Avinash Says:

    Yesterday’s episode was very educative.
    The ‘Drug companies’ lobby’ reminded me of a novel named ‘Prarthana’ by Yeandamuri Virendranath, which in turn is inspired by the English novel ‘The Fever’ by Asimov (or is that Robin Cook?). In that novel, it was mentioned that this lobby donot want a permanent solution for ‘Cancer’.

  1066. Chaitanya Says:

    I think it was a great thing by CSP (TNS) to bring out the lobby in the worldwide pharmaceuticals industry to the notice of common man through ‘Mukta’. Although the details and history of the lobby was least-related to the actual case itself, I think it was for the benefit of the viewers did CSP get it out.

    If you read the magazine ‘Taranga’ dated 2 Mar 2006, the cover page article was about ‘Drug Lobby’ and one of the section in it exactly speaks about the ‘normal values’ of the vital factors such as cholestrol and blood pressure and how it has been reduced since few decades for the benefit of the industry! The article is a ‘must-read’, I feel!

    No doubt, TNS might have got inspired from reading this article, but how many people have the will and guts to talk about it in their serials?


  1067. msanjay Says:

    Yesterday’s episode has been one of the best ones to date – it totally deviated from being a TV serial to (apart from the fiction part) almost becoming a journalistic report. Its was absolutely fantastic – hitting the nail on the head.

    Some corrections and details in the update, I’ll add them after I go home. Have a lot more to say about the topic – its very close to me.

    Btw the SMS number was 3060 I think.

  1068. Anitha Says:

    Honestly, Drug lobby is something which I was totally unaware of … This is so terrifying…
    Hats off to TNS for bringing this topic, so that the general public is aware that such a thing can happen …

  1069. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Anitha, that was a nice thinking about Aru’s reply. Regarding the Drug lobby, i just googled saying drug lobby just in Pg 1 i could see the amt of profits that CSP was talking in yest’s episode like 50 times. The profit is only 750mn USD. I went thru a couple of articles which mentions that its the Commercial Ad given by these Drug Cos which made the Patients to directly visit the pharma shop and request for the drug.

    I think thatz why our ajji and thatha are still stronger when compared to us becoz they used to intake that much quantity of protien,sugar,fats as needed by the body.

    Any views

  1070. Diya Says:

    Namaskara Prasanna avare 🙂 The last month and a half was very hectic.. Hence I was unable to visit the site 🙂

    Regarding continuation of the serial, I feel it would definitely detract from it’s USP if TNS were to continue with it. Even his earlier serials were avidly watched, but that did not prompt him to drag it on… Why only now??

    As for the issue raised in y’day’s episode, the most stiking example which comes to mind is that of the drug “Thalidomide”. Initially, the drug companies promoted it as an anti-nausea drug, for pregnant women. It had great takers in the west… Only later it came to light that this drug caused the babies to be born severely deformed – both phisically and mentally… And today, the same drug is being marketed as a boon for cancer patient, though it’s effectiveness is still being debated by the medical fraternity…

  1071. Diya Says:

    I have doubts wrt today’s episode… First of all, CSP had initially asked for permission to cross-examine Devraj at the end and had also requested that he placed in judicial custody, right???!!! So, what was the earlier part of the discussion with the judge all about??!!?? Also, since he was already sworn in as a witness for the prosecution, why was he sworn in again??

  1072. anoop Says:

    “Muktha” Mukthaya yaavaga bekaadro aagabahudu. The theme of the serial is not dependent on any character, plot, not even on TN Seetharam. There can never be a logical conclusion to this serial, Im sure this is the reason why even TNS is confused and asking his audience for a poll.

    As far as the letters by the audience to continue the serial goes, this is only the hype thats created by TNS court scenes. The same response would not have been there, if currently a normal scene like Swamiji’s, Gowri’s, or Arundathi’s gOl scene would be running. If TNS wants to stop the serial, he should, and not base his decision on viewer popularity, as he would be surely working on an another equally exciting project.

  1073. Shivaraj Says:

    Dear all Mukta Fans,

    Please read this blog entry / article and let your comments know there. Also, someone please mention the SMS number 3690 in your comments 🙂 (as mentioned in one of the above posts by CSP).

    Thanks,A Mukta-serial Fan

  1074. msanjay Says:

    I replied to that post – though I spent a bit too much time on it I think! Shivaraj, I didn’t post the number because Ive never been succesful at sending my reply (N) to eithr of the SMS numbers mentioned here.

    Lady CSP welcome back! 🙂

    Shruthi, afaik, from several independent sources, its the
    truth. Not that everybody are crooks, but there are plenty of them.

    Many of the things I’ve suspected or discovered have been far too incredible
    for anybody to believe hence I’ve kept it to myself. Now that I see someone
    speaking so clearly on the same lines, it delights me enough to share a
    little bit.

    Except on very rare occasions, I havent’ taken any medicine for anything
    even under some very difficult circumstances (and have believed and got
    validated time and again, that the human body has the intelligence to
    naturally cure itself) for the past 4+ years. Not that I’ve undertaken any
    oath that I’ll never take it, I’ve just avoided it as far as possible and
    so far maybe purely by lucky circumstances, have succeeded.

    At times I have wondered whether I’ve been negligient, hence this is only an
    experiment for myself which I wouldn’t recommend to anybody else. However, a
    few months ago I’d been to a thorough health checkup and was reported to be
    in above par health.

    – A reputed doctor I’d come across in a train (who was writing a paper on
    Medical Ethics) validated many of the things I’d suspected based on reading
    or observations – that doctors (not all) and pharmeceutical companies
    together promote the most unnecessary medicines simply to make money.

    – Look at the kind of tablets and medicines the US generates.

    – There was a 2 page advertisement once on most of the leading newspapers, from some
    man who’d written in detail about all the diabolical conspiracies the industry is usually involved in.

    – A friend has spoken of an actual incident (can vageuly recall the outline,
    may be incorrect details) When in a US hospital, a doctor abused a junior
    doctor for turning away a patient who had no problems. He told her she
    should’ve checked in the patient in for a few days as they had no business.
    This kind of thing now happens in India also. Anyway the kind of corruption aready existing in government (and also private, but its far far worse in govt) hospitals is unimaginable. Mr. Venkatachala has unearthed quite a bit off late but its hard to say how much remains.

    I know I sound very vague and impractical due to lack of references. [Also, this does NOT mean any paranoia of suspecting all doctors, hospitals to be crooks! :)]

    In hindsight I should’ve saved all the references all these years because none of them are covered by google! Name of doctor I spoke to, his article etc (in fact I did later on try to follow up trying to locate him but in vain).

    Had I been a journalist, I would’ve done a detailed research and written an article on it, but TNS yesterday had covered exactly the points I had in mind. It was simply amazing.

    Anyway coming to the point, the allopathic pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar *largely* (not entirely) con-job industry. They are surviving on everybody’s ignorance. On top of it they torture countless animals in the name of senseless animal research. They have not encouraged, if not have actively suppressed, any natural healing alternatives. Luckily this is becoming lesser and lesser possible with the openness of the information technology era.

    A similar conpiracy was there wrt the tobacco industry. According to a BBC documentary, initially nobody knew tobacco was addictive/harmful. A similar “tobacco lobby” tried everything it could to prevent such research to prove
    it from spilling out. Scientists were bought over or killed or convicted or
    invalidated. Eventually the truth did come out, hence the big disclaimer on
    all tobacco packages. In fact, EU regulations mandate that the statuatory
    warning has words like “THIS WILL CAUSE YOU CANCER” in huge lettering far
    bigger than the size of the company logo. But it was of course far too late,
    the critical mass (wrt radioactivity) had been reached – enough to sustain
    the industry even now.

  1075. archana Says:

    i missed last friday’s (28-04-06) episode..
    can anybody update the same?

  1076. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Sanjay, A small suggestion from you , let us have a Small debate on the Medical Ethics that the Dr and the Drug Manufacturers. For the Topic we can have something like “Are the Drug Manufacturers and Doctors creating fear moang people “. Let it be open to all muktha fans and see who support whom.

  1077. Suresh Says:

    Hi All!

    I have been following this website and its quite informative for a travelling guy like me to follow on Muktha!

    I have liked the interactiveness of the group…. And I do like the way TNS takes the story.. Its similar to a combination of John grisham with a little mixture of Robin Cook and Arthur Hailey.

    The case of Chabbria snooping into the report of Usha Gopinath is similar to the way Dr Crick snooped into the work of Rosalind Franklin in Cambridge for the Double Helix!

    I had the privilege of attending Muktha Samvada in Mumbai and also to ask a question to TNS.

    Overall its a good work guys.. Keep it going. Too bad that Muktha is going to end! Though there is pressure from ETV to extend it!

  1078. msanjay Says:

    Prasanna, your suggestion is taken here

    (Though in the past, it seems like rarely anybody ventures beyond this thread but no harm in trying 😉 )

    Suresh, you can add Erle Stanley Gardner to the list!

    If someone can provide an update it would be good esp if Shruthi, me, etc aren’t in a position to do so (additional/redundant ones arent any problem!) – thanks

    Btw Bellur about making this into a book – I am short of time, but anyone wishing to take such an initiative is more than welcome. There are no copyrights here, if any money comes out of it I will be happy for them. I can try to provide additional inputs wrt editing, etc as and when time permits.

  1079. Shruthi Says:

    Update – Friday – 28th Apr

    Kiran Das comes back to the judge and tells him that Dr.Sarangapani is not agreeing to conduct the operation, even though he asked a lot. He says that Sarangapani is related to Ramana Rao (Politician – Rane’s friend). Kiran Das suggests that the judge could go and request Ramana Rao to speak to Sarangapani.

    CSP calls Driver Devaraj for cross-examination. He says that he did not call him earlier because SS would have taught him answers, and so he wanted to do it now.

    He takes these points:

    1) He says, Devaraj is marked as wanted for the Mumbai police as he is an underworld character and a sharpshooter, with many names, and there are 36 cases against him. Devraj says that all are false, the Mumbai police have falsely implicated him. CSP speaks sarcastically, says yes yes, you are a very good man, and they have falsely charged you, and asks why. Devraj says that his friend was in Gangaswamy’s gang, and once they were sitting and drinking, and the friend asked him to join, and there was a police raid, and Devraj also was caught.

    2) CSP shows that Devraj is a known stuntman, and that is why he was particularly chosen for this murder, so that it wil be easy for him to jump out of the car.

    3) CSP asks Devraj who gave him the key to go and enter Chhabria’s guest house compound. He says that MP gave it to him. He says that Chhabria had given MP the key, for her to take rest whenever needed. CSP laughs at him, saying why would Chhabria do such a thing. Also, he asks the driver, why did MP give the key to you? What is the reason? He has no answer.


    Update – Monday. – May 1st
    Gowri is talking to Amma and Nanjunda. Pramod Kumar calls up, Gowri says Aru is not at home. Again Amma expresses anguish at Aru’s decision to marry Pramod Kumar. She says she is not even eating properly. Gowri asks Amma to just leave Aru alone, and not bug her again and again talking about PK. Amma says how can I not worry – she has only two daughters, Gowri does not want to get married again, and Aru wants to marry an already married man who is 15 years older. Gowri tries to convince her, Amma agrees reluctantly. Aru comes in, says that PK had called her, and says that he was supposed to come that week to their house to talk about the marriage, but he has an urgent shooting in Australia, and will not be back for a month. So the discussion about marriage can only continue after that.

    Cross-exam of Devraj continues.

    1) Devraj says that MP shot AM and jumped out. CSP says that if that is the case, then why does Devraj’s uniform have blood on the front, lower portion,, whereas it should be on the back, upper portion, and shoulders. Devraj has no answer.

    2) CSP shows photos of AM getting into the car on the day of the jaathre, where he is wearing chappals. He says, where are the chappals now? Did AM get down somewhere along the way? Driver says no, and he has no idea of the chappals.

    3) CSP asks Devraj whether he has eye power, Devraj says yes, he has +3 power. CSP says, oh, even AM had +3 power, this is the specs of AM retrieved from the accident scene… and he asks Devraj to wear the specs of AM and read something. Devraj reads it perfectly. Then CSP says, AM’s power was 9.3, and not 3. This specs found on the site was not AM’s it was yours.

    Then CSP reconstructs the scene.

    Driver shouted out that brakes had failed, and jumped out. There he had asekd someone to wait with a scooter. After jumping out, he went on the scooter to the guest house, opened the gates with thekey Chhabria had given him, and went to the accident spot to take out brake oil from the car, also expecting to see the two dead bodies. to his shock he found that not even one body was there. HE went back to the guest house, called up Chhabria, and through him contacted Gangaswamy and got instructions. He went back to the top of the cliff. MP was not there but AM was there. He killed AM by shooting him, and then dragged him all the way down, and then put him under the car. Then he realized that AM’s specs was not there. People would suspect coz specs are the main identifying feature of a person who wears specs. So he took out his own, which looked like AM’s specs, broke one glass and placed it near AM. He either did not notice the missing chappals, or he thought no one would notice, and then he went on the scooter to the jaathre, and then left the scooter somewhere, went walking up and told everybody about the accident.

    Devraj denies this scenario.

    CSP says that he can prove it, and requests to examine the photographer of Chitra channel once again. Judge permits it.

  1080. Shruthi Says:

    Apologies for the late update of Friday’s episode. It was a long weekend, and I was busy, couldn’t get to the pc 🙂

    In Friday’s episode, while talking about Devraj’s different aliases, CSP tells Devraj, “Neevu Bahunaamankithadavaru, allva? Yenu gottha Bahunaamaankitha andare? Tumba janakke naama haakthira antha……allva? …. Heh heh.. joke maadide ashte”
    I found it very funny – laughed a lot 😀

  1081. Anitha Says:

    Me too Shruthi .. laughed a lot at that one …

    Next to court scenes I like TNS in such light humorous roles .

  1082. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    yella M.A.-galigoo* namaskara,
    please read this interview with TNS in THE HINDU that appeared on friday. click on this link:

    *M.A.: Muktha Abhimani

  1083. Ananda Says:

    Talking about “Naamankita”, I remember a headline in Prajavani a long ago. It was in New Delhi when different colours were introduced for buses with different tarrifs. The headline read “Banna halavu naama onde” !!

  1084. ಶಾರು....Girish Hampali Says:

    Shurthi, this is amazing. you give such a nice update and then ask sorry for being late! I really appreciate it. since last week, I could not watch Muktha constantly and was waiting for your updates. I should really thank a lot.

    My comments are about extending muktha. I wonder why TNS is being bugged by ETV. It is simple, this serial is in super K category and earns huge sum as advt tariff (around Rs. 1.2 Lakhs per minute and hence around 10 Lakhs per episode). I think ETV is washing off hands by paying Rs. 35K or 40K to TNS. ETV guys are making big money and want to continue with it.

    TNS is a good director and goes about it only after a lot of thought process. let muktha complete on time and we wish him a grand success in his new venture: “Mrs Mukhyamantri”.

  1085. Shruthi Says:

    Muktha – Tuesday – 2nd May


    CSP goes to a studio, and talks to a man called Srinath, and tells him that he has the tapes shot on the day of the jalakanteshwara jaathre, he was watching it when he felt he saw something in the background, he asked his daughter (CSP has a daughter??) whether it can be zoomed, and she said it could be done in the studio, so he came to Srinath. Srinath agrees to zoom it, refuses money, saying nimmindenu togolodu, naavu MP and SKD abhimaanigalu.

    Srinath plays the tape, the recording is after the jaathre, of the interview of the principal of the Devagaandhara school of music, near jalakanteshwara. The principal, Mr. Anand Bhushan is being interviewed about music and school [The person who is shown as the principal is Shri Vidyabhushan, formerly Vidyabhushana Teertha Swami, who is known as a very good singer]. The background of the interview is a steep, large cliff.

    As the interview, taken by Ravi Bhatt of Chitra channel, progresses, some object falls in the background. Srinath zooms and shows it in slow motion, it is a white car falling from the top of a cliff. The time is exactly 1:47:26. CSP is excited, Srinath continues. AFter 6 minutes of the interview, some object is moving in the background, when zoomed and seen, it turns out to be Arunachalamurthy!! He is dazed, slightly hurt, but very much alive. He is in the middle of rocks and bushes and is looking around in puzzlement. Srinath is very surprised, as AM is supposed to have been dead by the time the car fell off the cliff. CSP is happy. [All the while, a girl, Srinath’s assistant is also watching the whole thing.]

    He plays more of the tape, and then zooms more, and is very happy, saying this is clinching evidence. [We are not shown what it is]. He says, hoythalla, prosecution caseu, and he hums a song which Anandbhushan has just sung, with the words “lotte” or something 🙂

    Court scene. Ravi Bhatt is produced as witness, and permission is taken to play the tapes. Ravi Bhatt says that the interview has taken place on this side of the river, and the cliff with Chhabria’s property is on the other side. The tapes are played, and CSP shows the car falling, and AM being alive 6 minutes later. The court is really excited, and everybody is puzzled. Devraj is extremely scared. [Rane and Chhabria do not really look that scared, they look ordinarily worried, donno why. Even SS].

    Then CSP fast forwards for 14 minutes, and then zooms in on someone riding a scooter. Ravi Bhatt recognizes it as Devraj. He has no blood on his uniform.

    CSP fast forwards some more, and someone is walking up the mountain. He zooms, it turns out to be Devraj, with a pistol in his hand, looking for somebody, and climbing up the rocky cliff. Just then the scene changes. Ravi Bhatt said, thats all we recorded. We changed the scene after this.

    CSP says to the court, isn’t it very obvious? AM was very much alive after the car fell, and after that Devraj was walking around with a pistol in his hand. It clearly shows that Devraj killed AM, and not MP. The evidence is all here for you to see. It is clinching evidence. I rest my case.

    JUdge says, “arguments on 18th”.

  1086. Shruthi Says:

    Thanks Girish, if even one person is benefited by my updates, it makes my efforts worthwhile 🙂

    Ananda, that was funny 🙂 heh heh!

    Bellur Ramakrishna, yes I read that article – its a very good one.

    I want Muktha to get over too… let is end with a bang… not get extended and become boring! I only hope that we will all keep in touch even after that 🙂

  1087. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Its great to find that TNS has roped i
    n great personalities in his serial that
    includes writer,directors, minister and of all Vidya
    Bhushana Swamiji too.

    Hats off to you TNS Avare

  1088. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hi shruthi,
    what a twist in the tale finally! i watched y’day’s episode with sanjay at his place. we thought the ZOOM element was a bit exaggerated. and the song that ‘anandabhushan’ sang was ‘loLaloTTe…loLaloTTe’. it means ‘in vain’ or ‘yella vyartha aaguvudu'(dictionary meaning).
    and i was surprised when CSP told he has a daughter! also, what an irony that most of us were interested in watching the background and not ‘vidyabhushan’ when he was making a debut as an actor.
    sincerely, better to end muktha when people want more of it.

  1089. Srik Says:

    Yeah Bellur avare,
    I too felt the same that Vidyabhushan ji was sidelined in that cameo of his. Well… We should appreciate the fact that TNS has put in good effort to rope in many such personalities. We’ve seen C Ashwath, Ramesh Kumar, Rani Satish, Ratnamala Prakash, Ravi Belegere and such people in his serials. I just hope “series M” will stay M rather becoming the “K stuff”.
    Let Muktha end naturally and Shruti avre, lets all keep in touch even after that. This is a nice team.

  1090. Shruthi Says:

    That’s true… Shri Vidyabhushan’s presence was totally shadowed by the zooming. And yes, the zooming was a little overdone – I have a doubt – can they really zoom that much and get such a clear picture?
    Ramakrishna, you were in Sanjay’s house yday? That’s good to hear 🙂
    Srik, I see you got a blog for yourself 😀

  1091. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    all u bloggers,
    read this article imm.

  1092. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    shruthi, i too had the same doubt. i work with images everyday and if the image quality isnt good, the more u zoom, more it gets pixellated. but i read this piece and to a certain extent, i think u can zoom and the video quality may still be good. but what we saw y’day in muktha….it was exaggerated.
    plz visit this link for an illustrated example:

  1093. Chaitanya Says:

    Ramakrishnaravare, well, a video can be digitally zoomed and there must be plenty of softwares available to do it, but it can’t be to the extent shown in yerterday’s episode. After all the resolution of the captured image also matters. But from what we saw, it must have been a 100 Terra Pixel resolution camera or such! It was highly exaggerated.
    Sometimes I wonder why do the Mukta team had to put up with creating all the fake items such as the ‘Johansburg Times’, news papers, documents and photos. We would still beleive it even if it was shown from back!

  1094. msanjay Says:

    bellur, whatevers there in the bloggers article is mostly common sense, I’ve rarely seen anybody violating them 🙂 Video cameras have pretty high resolution compared to the link you’ve shown but anyway as Chaitanya’s noted, definitely not the kind shown by TNS. That episode was as if all the viewers are technology-illiterate! It was nice to have you home, no doubt we should all meet up and keep in touch!

    Prasanna you were the one who suggested having the medical debate and you don’t have anything to say :mrgreen: Anyway dosen’t matter, btw there are some more links I’ll post them there in a few days.

    Busy not just because of the impending marriage but also because of increasing work pressure and some other factors.

  1095. Guru Says:

    I have read the professional video cameras have a very high resolution then the ordinary ones. One more technology i have read is – “Image reconstruction” from a very low quality images.

    But is edited images/video a valid evidence in court? i have doubts about it.

  1096. Shruthi Says:

    Wednesday – May 3
    Aru comes home, tensed and worried, she takes Nanjunda aside and tells him to be very careful, and not go out alone or late at night. She has come to know that Rane and co are planning to cause trouble to their family, because they think that the information that CSP gave out in court, about Rane cheating the farmers regarding Chinnarika, has been given by them. Nanjunda takes it lightly but Aru scolds him and tells him not to try any tricks like getting together some guys and taking them on. He agrees.

    Aru goes to Hemagiri MaTha to the Swamiji, and tells him about her fears. She says that she has been getting threatening calls on the phone. She has not told the elders as they will get worried. Swamiji says that it is the way of the world, that when a big battle is being waged against dishonesty and crime, it is the innocent, small people who have to face the dangers. He tells him not to worry, he will call the minister and arrange to provide security for their family. Aru is relieved, she leaves.

    Mahesh and Madhu eating uppittu… Madhu calls Chinnu to have breakfast, Chinnu is watching TV and refuses, Madhu gets irritated, goes and asks her to come, saying, after I go to office, nobody will be there to feed you. Chinnu says, I have asked Gowri to come, she will come and feed me. Madhu is irritated, she raises her hand to hit Chinnu, when Gowri comes and stops her. She says, how can you even raise your hand on this small girl. Madhu says, ivalu nammane hudgi, we know how to deal with her. who are you. Chinnu tells Madhu, “neenu kettavalu”. Madhu slaps her. Gowri forgets to say “madam” and says “madhuvanti! how can you!” then she comforts chinnu, picks her up and goes away.

    Manmohan(MM) arrives at night to the MaTha, and talks to Swamiji. Swamiji asks how the case is going on and says that he only hopes that MP will be set free. Seeing MM’s expression, he says, I know that you don’t like MP. MM says no no, it was like that before, but now i am convinced she is not my father’s killer. Swamiji says that his mother had come, and she told him that he has improved a lot now, and is very happy to hear that. MM says that the person for whom he has improved is going away from him now. Swamiji asks who it is, and then looking at MM’s expression, he says you don’t have to tell me. MM says, no, I have come here to tell you everything, but give me some time. It is all because of you, Swamiji, that I learnt to keep my mind under control. Now again my mind is out of control. I have come to you to regain that peace and control. Swamiji says ok, and arranges for MM to stay the night in the Atithi Griha.

    Judge is at home, going through some books, when a policeman comes and tells him taht Ramana Rao and another man have come to see him. Judge goes out, and Ramana Rao introduces himself, and they exchange pleasantries. Then the first thing the Judge says is that if you have come to talk about the case, I will not like it. Ramana Rao says, chhe, chhe, I just came to see you, actually to talk about your wife. Then he introduces the man with him, and says this is my nephew Dr Sarangapani. Judge interrupts, asks a policeman to get coffee for all. Ramana Rao and Sarangapani whisper to each other, judge asks yenaythu, then RR says that Rane is outside in the car, alone. It won’t be nice if we are here drinking coffee and he alone. Judge is in deep thought, he says, Ranenaa?? Then RR asks if he can ask Rane to come in. Judge thinks, and then says, you can only if he doesn’t talk about the case – his name is coming up again and again, and I will feel uncomfortable if he talks about the case. RR assures him that Rane won’t talk about the case, and then goes and brings him in.

    Rane comes in, all smiling, and says, I know you are a strict judge, I would never talk about the case. What if my name comes, my heart knows and God knows that I am innocent. So why should I talk aobut it, I won’t (and by all this nonsense he succeeds in talking about the case). Then he says, this boy Sarangapani(SP), I know him from childhood, he calls me uncle, blah blah, (shows how close they are)… and then RR and Rane ask SP about judge’s wife’s case. SP first apologises, saying that i did not know neevu RR ge bekaaddavaru… I did not listen to your request. Judge asks, I have heard your operations are always successful. Is it true? SP blushes(:)) and then says, yes, God has given me that blessing. Then he says, I had a look at the reports, it is not malignant, but we have to take it out, I don’t have time for the next three months, etc. Judge requests, can you please take time out somehow? Rane and RR also compel him a lot. SP consults his diary and says, next three days are impossible – I have life threatening cases to operate on. But the following week, I can cancel one appointment and do this operation. Judge says if that is possible i will be very grateful, I cannot afford to lose my wife. Rane and RR say of course of course, fully butter him up, and then they all leave.
    [Could not make out if Sarangapani knew that Rane and RR were using him to subtly influence the judge, or he just thought that judge is RR ge bekaaddavaru, and thats why they are compelling him]

  1097. Srik Says:

    Hi Shruti, that was a gr8 update.
    I think Sarangapani knows well that He’s been used in this game by the ill-wit politicians to blackmail the Judge. I’m really affraid that “Ee taranoo jana irtara!!!” Im sure If Rane were to be a real man, and I noticed him doing these things, I’d not hesitate in killing him in the “RDB” style.

  1098. Prasanna Sastry, Hyderabad Says:

    Sanjay Sorry I couldnt write anything on that
    debate. a new Implementation is going on in my office and thatz being tested. So i get no time even to check my official mails.

    I shall surely post during this weekend. I’m sure the new implementation should be over by then.

  1099. Guru Says:

    Mr.Srik, killing is not the solution for all these. Anyways this world is full of guys like this. One would easily guess 99% of the politicians are like this. But we have to blame ourselves for all these corruption. Without the support of the common people they would not survive.

    Horgondu mukha, oldondu vesha….

    Just an small eg:
    If you dont follow traffic rule, bribe the constable. The constable to his superiors and so on.. until a portion of that bribe reaches the top most politician. Its a very well organised system which does not require sophisticated computers to keep track of.

    The areas where big bucks are made is in real estate, contracts, colleges etc. That is where 95% of the black money resides. If you come to think of it, its counter productive for the common man. Can you ever buy a site and register for the actual amount you have bought?

    Sorry for going out of topic, but this serial, RDB etc. made me write this…

  1100. Murthy Says:

    And also, who are the people responsible for voting people like Rane? We are sure, in our political set up right now, we have numerous politicians like Rane. No need to give examples here, as we all know who are those ill minded politicians are. Politicians who are playing communal card, religion based reservation etc are all bad politicians to say the least, who were voted by common people. Now we also should blame people who inspite of knowing that a particular politician will do no good neither for the country nor for the people, still people will vote for them!
    In a way people are also responsible for the current mess in the country. Unfortunately in India, people who are corrupt and who support them are more, than people who are good and have national interest in them.

  1101. Avinash Says:

    CSP has a daughter. This part was already removed when CET part and the related case was shown. They have not shown CSP’s daughter anytime, but it was only in discussion. It was when CSP was fighting hte CET case, for Topi Sheshappa’s daughter. The case was fought against a bigshot of a medical college (played by Sihi kahi Chandru). And Sheela Prasad, wife of CSP, contacted the same person for a payment medical seat for their daughter.
    And Shruthi, thanks for the detailed update. I could not watch the serial for last two days, and might not be able to watch for another 2 weeks. But I need not be worried, as I can get the updates here. 🙂

  1102. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hi guru
    i remember reading a report this year where a Delhi doctor was jailed based on video evidence.
    Excerpts from THE GUARDIAN (Thursday March 30, 2006)
    New Delhi: Jailing of doctor in Indian sting operation highlights scandal of aborted girl foetuses
    “An Indian doctor has been sentenced to two years in prison for revealing the sex of a foetus and agreeing to abort it, in a landmark ruling that campaigners say will boost efforts to end the practice which causes the loss of 500,000 female babies a year.”
    “In evidence presented to the court, a video clip showed the doctor telling one woman that tests had revealed that she was carrying a “female foetus and it would be taken care of”. Many of the original witnesses withdrew their testimony – presumably under pressure – delaying the trial. But the video evidence proved incontrovertible.”
    u can read the full story here:,,1742717,00.html

    also, SC okayed evidence by video-conferencing back in 2003.

  1103. Praveen Says:

    Hi,I am having a feeling that Rane brings a pressure on Nagabooshana Gowda(Judge) thru Sarangapani/Ramana Roa but ultimately Truth will stand from judge’s side !
    This blackmailing will be a death rope for Rane & other as judge may belive since they are guilty they are pressureing him !!
    I felt this on Judge and Kiran das met

  1104. Vinut Says:

    Thank you very much Shruthi for the dily updates. I was not in Bangalore for 2 weeks and was able to catch up with al the story..!!!

  1105. msanjay Says:

    I agree with praveen, it definitely seems like a death blow for Rane!

    Funny I’d never seen or heard of CSP’s daughter either.

    Srik, killing is not the solution I know you were just idly speculating 😉 but apart from what Guru and Murthy have said, I’ve come across two radical and pragmatic ideas so far…

    One is that educated people get together and form a party, for example a group of IIT guys starting this one:
    Lok Paritran

    Another is the introduction of technology aimed at reducing corruption in politics for example this one

    Bellur, thanks for the concrete links!

    Prasanna, take your time, I was just kidding! Its ok anyway I might also not have time to read/reply to it soon (but eventually will), see I’m leaving for home now only 🙄


    On a lighter note, wanted to post this picture for a long time here finally managed to do it as anyway Im staying late at office and missing 9 PM Muktha! [I might miss 11 also if I fall asleep but will make use of Samaaja Sevaki Shruti’s update (thanks, as always!) ]

    Thought this picture looked cool…

    endu aadenu naanu… muktha muktha muktha my neighbour’s dog seems to be wondering! 😉

  1106. Shruthi Says:

    Thursday – May 4

    Aru goes to the MaTha to see the swamiji, says that the threatening calls have stopped. Swamiji says that he has called the home secretary and told them to provide security to them. She thanks him. Swamiji says, your mother asked me to speak to you about something else. Aru says, it must be about my marriage. Swamiji says yes, your mother isnot happy with it, and that she is going thro it because of some otthaDa….and asks if ARu is going thro the marriage whole heartedly. Aru doesn’t meet his eyes, but says that yes, PK is a good person, I know he will look after me well. Then she says, I will leave now.

    On her way out, she bumps into Manmohan, he requests her to wait, and that he will speak to the Swamiji and come out. She agrees.

    Scene – a beautiful Kalyani, with steps, and a stone mantapa, trees all around. Beautiful setting, peaceful. Aru and MM walking on the steps. They say, this MaTha is so peaceful, etc. MM says, it is special to me, because after coming here, I became close to you. Aru is disturbed, so MM says, what is there in speaking my feelings, you also did so the other day. Then he says, ok lets not speak of something which will trouble us. Aru says, yes, I am not happy going away from you, but there is no other way. OUr ways are different, etc. [At this point I felt like breaking the TV in irritation with Aru 🙂 ]. MM says, your words hithavaagi iratthe, thats why i feel sad at your going away. Then he says, I will be the first one to wish for your happiness, but what to do, I keep feeling that I should be the reason for your happiness. Aru is uncomfortable, says so, and she bids goodbye and leaves.

    MM sitting there itself alone. Swamiji comes and asks him what the problem is. MM says that he is not able to forget Aru. Swami says, you still want her for yourself? You should get over it. MM says, I have lost hopes of having her for myself, but I cannot get rid of her memories. I want to live my whole life just on her memories. Swami speaks nicely, says that love is not shashwatha…. and he speaks a little of poetry and philosophy [Not able to recollect this in detail]. Swami asks him to forget her and get on with life. He leaves, MM stays there till the sunset (some beautiful camerawork here)

    Judge goes to the house of Muralidhara verma, chief justice, in Bangalore. Chief justice(CJ) welcomes him, asks him about wife’s health, and judge tells all about it, the expenses involved, about all the loans he has taken, about the surgery, about Dr Sarangapani, Ramana Rao, everything. CJ asks how the case is going, and that he had said he would finish it in 1 month. Judge says that yes, i wanted to, but both advocates go into details, and there are many discussions, it is not possible. Now arguments will start, I should be able to give the judgement in a week. CJ says, that reading the papers, it looks like the accused is not at fault. Judge says that you cannot say that, emotionally it might seem so, but there are a lot of cold facts against them.

    Then judge says, I think i have made a mistake, and i came here to tell it to you. Yday with Ramana Rao and the doc, Rane also had come, I should not have let him into my house. CJ says, why, did he try to influence u? Judge says, no no, but his name is coming up again and again in the case, I should not have let him in. CJ says, dn’t worry, you did nothing wrong. You are a man of integrity and everybody knows that. it is because of ppl like you that ppl still have faith in the judiciary. We invite politicians to functions and all, and the cases of these very politicians will be in our hands. does that mean we will rule in their favour? As long as we don’t get influenced by them, nothing will happen. I have complete faith in you, don’t worry. Judge looks worried, rises to go. CJ offers him money. Judge is very touched, says that if I need more money, i will definitely come to you.

  1107. Shruthi Says:

    Vinut, Avinash, Sanjay, it’s my pleasure 🙂 – Thanks!

    What do you all think the judge will do? Poor man! On one side, his integrity at stake, the other side, his wife’s life is at stake. And I think by now he knows the implications!

  1108. Chaitanya Says:

    Shruthi, If I were you updating the episodes here, would have just mentioned “Scene 1 & 2: Aru, MM and Swamiji and the same old stuff!” and that would’ve summed it up, I guess. You really have tremendous patience to write in detail about the boring stuff! 🙂

    And for the judge, the poor man’s situation has come out very well and is very pitiable. Hats off for Ravi Belagere’s acting and also the fact that TNS has been able to strke the emotional chord in us, even without showing us the Judge’s wife! I guess the judge will not lose integrity and truth will prevail, these are added just to maintain people’s curiosity!


  1109. Shruthi Says:

    Ayyo, Chaitanya, very frankly, I am tempted to do just what you said – “Scene 1 and 2 -same old things” antha … but I have taken it upon myself to provide the updates, and so I try to express in short whatever possible. Also, very frankly, if I had not been the updater, I would have just switched off the TV and not watched those irritating parts. 😀
    I am usually patient, but such dragging scenes and misunderstandings bring out the worst in me 😀

  1110. Anitha Says:

    aa Arundhatige asdhya kobbu … She thinks her reasoning is the best, she alwsys advises MM .. Inspite of that MM keep appreciating that idiot Aru… abba so frustrating …

  1111. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    i have never heard a swamiji quote a poem, but always a sanskrit shloka. also, i feel how many people go and talk about their love life with a swamiji?

  1112. Anitha Says:

    You are right Ramakrishna..

    Yesterday i was telling at my home … how I wish for all my problems , I have a swamiji next door , I go to him and get answers 🙂

  1113. Shruthi Says:

    Yeah, that too such a good-looking swamiji 😉

  1114. Srik Says:

    Hmmmmm here’s someone eyeing on a Swamiji!! 😉
    well.. I don’t think Muktha is hitting at the right things towards the end. TNS is not handling the pressure well 🙁
    Hope it ends on a positive note of another BANG from CSP oops TNS.

    It was said yesterday (by NG of all the people), that some cold facts are against MP and SKD,!!! And now.. Who else should come to disprove that.

  1115. Chaitanya Says:

    Oh! More than the swamiji, you should’ve seen the Samvaadas. Few ladies were just screaming for MM, and were pleading TNS not to get him married in Muktha. I was quite surprised! Any ladies in this forum who like MM so much? 😉

  1116. Shruthi Says:

    Chhe chhe why will I eye anybody, I am happily married 😀
    And even if I was eyeing, it would be just the actor who plays the Swamiji 😉

    Yes Srik, I was also pretty zapped when the judge talks about cold facts against the accused. How much more proof does he need? 🙁 But of course, you never know, he might just have been saying it to remain neutral.

  1117. Shruthi Says:

    Chaitanya, I also saw them all clamouring for MM and was pretty surprised! Not that he is bad looking, but still I was surprised. Actually I realized there are hundreds of fans for Nanjunda also. Ok, he is a likeable fellow, but that’s it! In fact, in this very forum, someone had left a comment like “Nanju, you are my life” or something.. I don’t know if you all remember 😉
    I would anyday prefer the Swamiji… errr.. emm… I mean, the guy who plays Swamiji 😉
    That brings us to the question, what about the ladies? HOw many of you guys/men are fans of Gowri/Arundhati/MP/others?

  1118. Srik Says:

    I’m a fan of Ajji(Bhargavi Narayan).
    She has always been one of the positive features of the TV. 🙂

  1119. msanjay Says:

    I second Srik, Ajji definitely wins hands down !

  1120. msanjay Says:

    A break for Shruti this weekend… 8)


    In the court…

    SS summarise his case.

    Praises SKD & MP to the skies – highlighting their life’s achievements. Says SKD was a Gandhian, MP an honest and upright official. Says I am feeling bad about being a lawyer in a case against them. But justice has to prevail [gives moral science lecture] and the judgement must be unbiased by these factors.

    CSP has shown a video that apparently has AM surviving after the car accident. Everyone feels this is clinhing evidence that MP isnt the murderer. I also have a copy of the tape, let us look at it again. [Gets a TV set and camcorder connected to it, handled by an operator. Its played, asks operator to play the car falling part in zoom and slow motion again. Everyone is really curious, CSP is almost standing up having a very inqusitive look]. Now let us see what happened after that [Forwards tape to the point where AM w