Steven Feurstein's PL/SQL resources

Steven may not have been a rock star but his presentation on PL/SQL Best Practices definitely ROCKED! Its been the most entertaining, informative and positively INSPIRING tech talk I’ve ever attended (and believe me, with 10+ years in the IT industry I’ve attended quite a few and given some of my own as well) 🙂

I really really wanted his slide set to convey all those high quality ideas to my team mates in office, and was delighted to see he’s so generously put them on the net: SQL Training and presentations (Unfortunately I had some trouble downloading a couple of them) Though I took down a lot of notes, I just cant wait to get my hands… er mouse… on the main thing! 🙂

His presentation really changed my perspective of PL/SQL programming, and the best part of it was packed with so many invaluable insights beyond the core topic!

What really impressed me was the huge contribution he was making to the industry in terms of books, open source tools, presentations and other material which he’s made freely available on his website – enriching the quality of his own life as well as everybody else’s. At dinner time I asked him for an autograph, and he wrote me some very nice words “Dear Sanjay, May your code bring peace and satisfaction” 😎


Also see: His younger sons art website: Chris Silva and don’t miss the artistic statement – just to appreciate the quality of life that’s possible.

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