the awakening

Step 1: naanonthu yedheLallappa!
there’s no way I’m going to wake up!

Step 2: seri yochane maaDthini
ok let me consider the option

Step 3: aithappa nODONa…
Ok lets see….

Step 4: nijavaaglu yeddelLebeka

do I really need to wake up

Step 5: hecchu kaDime yeddebute konege…
more or less finally woke up…

Step 6: yeddu yenappa uddaara maaDbekaagide
what do I do waking up

Step 7: innu aidhu nimsha
5 more minutes

Step 8: seri, yen samaachaara…
Ok, what news…

Step 9: adh yen gOLina prapanchakke bandidinappa!
What miserable world have I come into!

Step 10: yenaadru maaDkOLrappa nanpaadage nanna bitbudri
do whatever you want, just let me be


Photos taken by my wife Vijetha, they’re obviously better than what I would’ve managed… 😉 Can we put all these pictures online, I wondered. Our son belongs to the whole world, not just us, she mused. Hope he’s brought a smile to all readers here (in case there are any) :mrgreen:


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25 Responses to “the awakening”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    😀 😀
    Nice pictures man!

  2. Anand Balaji Says:

    Simply precious :mrgreen:
    Going by his many moods and expressions I bet he’ll be a movie star 😆
    Btw, what a lovely nose 🙂

  3. Shruthi Says:

    Ha ha! Too good! And oh mannn he looks just like Vijetha!

  4. Leonid Mamchenkov Says:

    Great kid, great pictures! 🙂

    And “Our son belongs to the whole world” is one wise thought. I never saw it from this point of view… 🙂

  5. jarvarm Says:

    lovely pics, Sanjay..
    Cute kid.. i love him 🙂

  6. Srik Says:

    Hahhaahah super. He is a cutie, and his dad a script writer. 😉

  7. usha Says:

    Too Good Sanjay, Nice pics..

    Looking forward to visit him soon…

  8. Prashanth M Says:

    lol!! nice photos… 🙂

  9. Srikanth Says:

    Hey! Congrats! Nice pics… enjoy maadi

  10. praneshachar Says:

    super photos with very opt captions
    master sanjay seems to be understanding a lot
    congrats to both of you and little master prince sanjay

  11. preethi Says:

    Ur wife is a very good photographer.
    The baby is so cute!!!

  12. Vasanthkumar Mysoremath Says:

    Lo Sanju / Le maga Vijetha
    namma mommaganna neevu eee tharaha exhibition piece maadidre yenro gathi? Aa nanmaga sombheri antha project maadthideeralla, idu nyayana?
    Hesaru yenro iduthideeera? Paapu Ajjeeena, naavu Ajji Thathanna consult maadallavenro? Irli nanmaklaa nodkotheevi.

    Preethi vishwaasadondike baali badukona

  13. Shailesh Says:

    Hey Sanjay…cute kid you got and cute pictures of him too
    Congratulation to both of you.

    Quite touched with what Vijeta said about your son…”Our son belongs to the whole world, not just us”


  14. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    hi sanju,
    loved the pics and the captions.
    agree with shruthi: he looks exactly like vijetha.

  15. msanjay Says:

    Thanks a lot everyone, very nice reading your comments.

    Shruthi, apart from being insanely envious I think that’s not too bad actually 😉

    Preethi, at the risk of her gloating about it, I did convey your compliments to Vijetha :mrgreen: thank you

    preethiya Vasanth Chikkappa, preethi yuddha photographynalli yella nyaaya… hesarannu ee thingaLalli finalise maaDtini nimma consultancy ilda alla… nOdkobekaadre madalu nammanege dayamaadabeku!

  16. rahul Says:

    Did the kid aprrove the captions 😯 !!! Great photos 🙂 and apt captions … keep it up!

  17. December Stud Says:

    Beautiful pictures Sanjay..err..Vijetha….brilliant and tasteful.

  18. Neela Says:

    lovely snaps.

  19. Sureshg Says:

    mmm. Sanjay,

    Your son looks like Vijetha!
    she is a better photographer than you!

    MMm buddy you need to do something quickly! hahahah

    Great snaps! I just loved everyone of them! Thanks for sharing . give my regards to both of them!

  20. msanjay Says:

    rahul, now you make me wonder when my son grows up will he kick me if he sees the captions… heh heh

    thanks guys… and sureshji… I’d better post some of my recent nature photos to address any photographic complex 😉 Thanks!

  21. Sridhar P Says:

    Step 10: yenaadru maaDkOLrappa nanpaadage nanna bitbudri
    Well seems like i share his ideology 🙂
    Vijetha wonderful pics… Sanjay u match with wonderful script writing..
    hmm makes me wonder .. how about mysoremutt production house with inhouse talent for acting+photography+scriptwriting 💡 🙂

  22. msanjay Says:

    LOL… yeah Sridhar! Actually nobody really wants to wake up! But once awakening actually happens, only only few people want to do anything but to be left alone 🙂

    Btw yesterday I stayed over at her home, spending part of the weekend with them. Tried to capture some pictures with the same camera, just couldn’t come close, all the pictures were shaken… I really wonder how she managed to do this – Suresh may be more right than I’d thought!

  23. Daniel Says:

    Huh, a small Sanjay!
    😀 These pictures are really cute.

    Best wishes from Erkrath!

  24. msanjay Says:

    Hey Daniel wow what a great surprise to hear from you… “Erkrath” brings up so many memories as if they’re from some other era! Wonder when we’ll meet again 🙂

  25. raghav Says:

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