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Visited Vijetha’s village along with Anand (her brother) and my mom yesterday (“yesterday”, considering that its its just 2 minutes past 12). Mainly just posting photos here with a short summary here, more detailed writeup… hmm… don’t know when…

But one thing is incredibly enough I was most unexpectedly able to fulfill a long time ambition, I wanted my mom to experience atleast a bit of my adventurous lifestlye… and finally she was able to share join me on some sort of mini-trek up a hillock (Vijetha took her back from there, while we men continued further from there to explore a bit of the wilderness).

Had quite a good time. One interesting thing was the ultimate fitness test: to climb a tree! (unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries and the pictures dont cover this part. The uploaded pictures are the ones taken with my cellphone camera, something I forgot to use here).

It was quite a tough tree to climb – it was a magnificient banyan tree around 6 feet in girth with all its thick convoluted roots. Quite high up – maybe 20 feet or so, was a machan where one could sit to watch elephants (though of course none were present during the afternoon when we were there). Vijetha almost effortlessly went all the way to the machan and taunted me that I’d never do it. Though I’d done these kind of things long ago, I had to find out how totally hopelessly unfit I had unknowingly ended up in becoming while climbing up this one. It was quite scary, a vertical climb, but pretty good fun as well, discovering each hand-hold and leg-hold one step at a time. Anand (her brother) took my safety upon himself to make sure he gave me step by step instructions all the way :mrgreen: as it didn’t look like I was going to manage at all… but finally I somehow managed 🙂

The one seen in the photo was a jackfruit tree, and it had a ladder and though it was a bit tricky, wasn’t that tough esp after having climbed the banyan tree 😉

Overall it was a pretty cool trip – long time since I’d been to any village (being born and brought up in the city, I’ve anyway been to villages only on few occasions so far). The natural beauty around the place, as well as the simplicity and warmth of the people there, were simply amazing and very refreshing!

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  1. msanjay Says:

    Mail and my reply to a friend…

    > Where is this village?

    > Since i saw silkworms, an interesting question – is it true that live silkworms are dumped in boiling water to extract the silk?

    This village is on Kanakpura road – the name is sonnare doDDi – it comes near harohaLLi and is around 40 kms from Bangalore.

    Silkworms are actually caterpillars of a certain variety of moths. In the catepillar stage they are ravenous, I could not believe the rate at which they were eating the mulberry leaves in the palm of my hand, almost like a vacuum cleaner 🙂

    In their pupa stage, they are dumped in boiling water and silk extract removed. Vijetha tells me that even the adult moths after getting eggs from them one time, are all ground in a mortar – don’t know the reason why.

    Hmm… I try to have a fairly objective view of the world without getting carried away by emotions. Sufi poet Rumi says “there is a field beyond right doing and wrong doing” and I try to stay there. Therefore I didnt really let the farmers know my world view of how terrible I felt the whole thing was 🙂 Nor am I interested in telling people never to buy silk – I couldn’t even convince my family members so that was the end of it.

    Personally I decided years ago never to buy a silk item in my life. It so happens that neither my wife wants anything to do with it, but to avoid too much unnecesssary controversy we went through all that in the marriage, but its quite unlikely that we’ll buy anything of our own 🙂

    More info here…
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  2. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    sanjay, first photo nodi, i thought u were playin MARA-KOTHI!
    nice pics!

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