what to do on father's day?

Theoretically, this mother’s day or father’s day or this day or that day is just a concept, often exploited for commercial reasons. Every day should be the ‘this or that’ day. But then it doesn’t really happen, and we end up taking people close to us for granted, so its helpful to have atleast one day in a year to guarantee that one person gets some special attention atleast on one day 😉

Of course idea is to use such a special day as jump start for better quality of time ahead.

This morning two neighbouring kids were at home, and I thought I’d talk to them about their Dad. These kids aged around 6, were somewhat a bit like what I was at their age – quite cynical about their Dad thinking he was quite a useless fellow who isnt doing good enough. Chatted with them – asked them if they’d seen kids on the street – without clothes struggling so hard to get a meal, but they weren’t one of them because their Dad was providing and caring for them. I asked them – what else does your Dad do for you – and sceptical at first but slowly they started coming up with a list of good things about their Dad! They I asked – ok in that case what should you say to your Dad? The boy kept mum, the younger girl knew, but didnt want to admit it, and somewhat reluctantly murmered “Only if my Dad buys a cake I tell him thanks” I wondered… “Hmm what about all the other things you spoke about now…”. As a special incentive I added “Even Abhinav wished me Happy Father’s day today!” Finally the competitive spirit did it and they did go running home to wish their Dad 🙂 and came back a few minutes later to report back to us 🙂

But this conversation helped me understand what to do on father’s day as well. I felt that apart from just wishing or spending some good time together, its important to express gratitude as well. Usually father’s are just around in the background, but being one, I know they really care. We made a nice colorful poster with Abhinav’s crayons titled Happy Father’s Day with caption “Happy Thank you father for all you provide us”. And I wanted to further add “overcoming all obstacles” but avoided it to keep it simple 😉

Original plan for today had been to spend some time with my son for father’s day. But then its not Son’s Day but Father’s Day 🙂 So on second thought, as I don’t want my son to bother too much about such ideas so early, I decided to spend time with Poppa, my uncle.

It was nice to have lunch with Poppa. Though it was at home due to the wide variety provided by Amma and Kamlamma! (my mom and aunt) Poppa is somewhat warm and special in his own way. Though he may not be good at expressing always, he’s one of the people who really cares. I’m glad he’s agreed to come and spend a day at my home soon!

Today’s special lunch at home was also in memory of my Dad’s death anniversary. I’ve lost count of how many years its been. But now if I miss him at all its only as a fond memory. Strangely, his memory is no more a vacuum, but a source of inspiration and strength. Of all people in the world, most unexpectedly its Vijetha who shares a lot of traits that he had. Apart from being very sensitive and caring, also occasionally the trait of being misunderstood by others heh heh (luckily not me too, except once in a way!) And also Abhinav with his cool nonchalant nature and sense of humor!

So today is a good day after spending some time in silence to express gratitude to my Dad and wish him well, I believe it will reach him wherever he is! 8)

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