what's in a name…

Used to watch British comedy in those Doordarshan days but its been quite a while… this one is just too good…

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  1. Suresh Panje Says:

    Do you remember the good old rhyme in Kannada?
    Rupa illa, lavanya illa, Sundar Iyengari
    Radhe illa, kolalu illa, Krishna Iyengari
    Mise illa, gadda illa, Keshav Iyengari
    Armane illa, Rani illa, Raja Iyengari

    Well, when it concerns the names, I am reminded of a butcher whose name happened to be Sadhuram. Hasmukhbhai Patel in Ahmedabad is ever moron. Cosmetic companies thrive on my friends’s aunt whose name is Swapnasundari. To borrow a couple of rupees from Dhanraj may be a futile exercise since his pocket would be full of holes.
    To top it all, I recall that bawdy joke about the Bates family when Mr. Bates introduces his family members: Mrs. Bates, my daughter Miss Bates and my son Master Bates.

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