romantic conversation, almost

He: “oh I really missed you, don’t know how I managed without you all these days”

She: “oh I thought about you a lot, but didn’t miss you at all this time”

She turns around and finds he was referring to his Nokia E71 mobile 🙄 😛

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  1. Suresh Panje Says:

    Well, it is not necessarily a joke but a plain fact. Yes, the invention of telephone has revolutionalised communication, particularly after the advent of IT that ushered the cello-hello.
    What was once a status symbol or owned by only those who could afford, is today in the possession of every fourth person. There were instances of people feeling like fish out of water whenever the phone went dead and how the linesman of the P&T (telephones used to function under the Department of Post and Telegraphs) were the pampered lot.
    Although the cello-hello has abridged the world, often it has turned out to be an instrument of nuisance. Instead of using it as a handy tool of communication, it has been misused as a medium of exploitation. The vulgary and porno MMS and SMS are ideal examples.

  2. Sanjay M Says:

    OK ya that’s true, that’s the same with email as well – like they say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” 😉 Also once I was plagued by a some idiot who kept giving missed calls even at late night, and when I took the phone he would say ugly swear words etc just like that. I had to assign him a special ‘silent’ ring tone and then I wouldn’t even notice it except I’d see around 25 missed calls every now and then – couldn’t help laughing what a jobless fellow he must be. Finally he must’ve got fed up and stopped.

    Anyway, in my case what happened is I had recently got a Nokia E71 which is a really smart business phone almost like a pc. For a whole week I was so obsessed with finding out all the things I could do with it and installing new software etc that everybody got fed up of me – but I had left it behind for 3 days so the joke 🙂

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