BSNL DataOne ADSL Connection – initial configuration wrangling

The BSNL chaps just connected my modem and pushed off, and when I went home I found that nothing much had been configured.

Thanks to the information here I was able to make some sense of the PDF manual (the only thing on the CD they had provided) and atleast connect to the modem through the web interface.

I got to the point where I configured PPPoe with my username/pwd and the modem connected and got an IP address.

But unfortunately I still wasnt able to access the internet!

(Of course their helpline has been helpless so far – I spoke to support this morning and she asked me “have you downloaded the two CDs?” and after some time I figured out she meant “installed”. Later she took my number and….)

I have Win2K, and I see 2 LAN connections. One’s properties shows the Ethernet adapter, and the other has the PPPoe Adapter.

I tried all kinds of permutations and combinations, but the only one where I was able to atleast connect to the modem was the one I started with – assigning a static IP of

PS: It was good fun actually… but if only it had worked…! 🙂

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  1. navaz Says:

    a different experience,they came installed , told my mom
    (only person in the house and who knows zilch about comp)and left……….without giving th passwd they used and no valid phn fo follwup.helpline of course doesnt work

  2. Raj Says:

    ROFL! Man, the BSNL dudes that came on my home didn’t know operate XP at All, i did all the things, i didin’t configured my Modem, since that time it was useless, just created a PPPoE Account using Win XP Network wizard, filled my Username and passowrd, Enabled LAN, and Voila! Surf at High Speeds!
    PS: i got a 512kbps Plan(64kBps)

  3. msanjay Says:

    yeah I think if all those chaps managed to learn XP they might not necessarily be continuing to work for BSNL! All these days their work has probably been low-tech and relatively simplistic electrical circuits. I think a lot of people find anything to do with computer software fairly intimidating but they cant say “no, I dont know” because their jobs might be at risk, so they just go along with it. Just a speculation 😉

  4. BSNL broadband user Says:

    I cant type the whole lot I typed before i lost everything for not answering the maths question 🙁

    I wanted to say that I know a few people who work for bsnl broadband and they tell me whats going on to get the employs catch up with the new technology and to be honest they are just firefighting now as they didint do it in time.

  5. msanjay Says:

    Dear Broadband User, really sorry about that… pity you didnt save it (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) atleast. This thing (maths question) is quite an annoyance sometimes, but thats the only way Ive found so far to avoid spam. Hmm guess I can imagine the firefighting they’re doing now… I dont dare to ask u type it in again… but it would be interesting if you do 🙂

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