BSNL DataOne ADSL Connection – summary

Everything you (never) wanted to know about BSNL DataOne

As a self-certified BSNLologist here’s some more expert misguidance on the topic.

Chances are that you’ll never need any (or most) of this information if the connection works straightaway.

But in case something goes wrong somewhere, then you might find something useful here.

Notes from various sources like emails etc. Wanted to put this into an essay
but have concluded that I’ll never get down to it.


So far I’ve found it to be excellent, no second thoughts at all. The idea of just switching on my PC and having instanteneous unlimited blazing speed net access without even dialing is just perfect. It used to be something unthinkable for the common man in India!

There was even a follow up call to check if everything was ok – hows that for service! BSNL has outdone itself!!


For performance, I googled for and found this
(Option — ADSL)

I think 1 GB is more than enough for once in a way usage (just remember that 56Kbps dial-up was common all these days and people managed voice chat and webcam with that – and how many years it wouldve taken to download 1 GB) – unless of course you get into bittorrent and start downloading movies.

1 GB limit is the total data transferred including surfing web pages and voice chat. Someone said that there are no limits upto June 1st. I just took the explicit download as an example to give an idea of the
amount of data involved per unit time and how its extremely unlikely to reach 1 GB in a month – lets say (rough guess) a one hour voice chat may involve at most 10 MB. So say one speaks for 10 hours a week which is 40 hours a month – which is even then still 400 MB.


They also install a splitter which seperates the phone line into data and voice (to connect to PC and Phone)

(Home 500 plan) It costs 2 K for the modem. Then 500 per month. The bill will be part of the phone bill – no need to pay seperately.

Also an initial cost of Rs 500 to 700 on an Ethernet card depending on how much you search/bargain.

Data utilization is quite tough to track, the modem admin page shows some stats but afaik it dosent remember numbers across sessions still maybe we can track for some sessions and then extrapolate to get an idea. But I believe there are tracking tools on the net as well.

Here’s a scanned copy of the manual here – just a simple four page brochure. Its also probably also available from your friendly neighbourhood BSNL operator.

BSNL DataOne manual – a 1.7 MB Adobe PDF file.

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  1. Sanjay Mysoremutt » Blog Archive » BSNL DataOne ADSL Connection - follow up Says:

    […] I called them up this morning to let them know the problem was finally solved). See also: BSNL DataOne Connection Configuration Summary Posted in tech | […]

  2. Sachin Says:


    i got my bsnl broadband commissioned on thursday afternoon, after 3 weeks of running from pillar to post. as i figured out after the fact, that was the easy part. i have my own modem, zyxel prestige 630 adsl usb (not ethernet). bsnl folks did not and could not help me configure that. while i was browsing the website using legacy dial-up, seems like thats going to be current for some time to come unless i hang up the boots on my obstinacy, i came upon your site.

    my motive for submitting this comment is pretty selfish. would you have any idea, as to how to configure that modem for bsnl dataone broadband? it would save me some bucks.

    dayavittu sahaaya maadi, nanage swalpa ulithaaya aagutte…



  3. reddy Says:

    This is a good site, everybody seems to be familiar with the BSNL broadband. I am novice to BSNL; applied for bband and will be getting the service with in a month, planning on renting/buying modem from BSNL.

    I am planning to install a sunrocket VOIP phone at my home in india (i am currently in US). My parents are not computer savvy and we do not have a PC at home. Do we really need a computer to connect to the net; I mean can we configure the modem to connect with out a computer? If yes, let me know how. thanks in advance.


  4. msanjay Says:

    Hi reddy, I believe its quite possible. I already know one house where a Vonage phone has been configured without a PC. Usually configuring is all automatic. Anything more if needed can be a one time thing done using a laptop/or another PC and settings (IP addr, etc) saved on the modem.

  5. reddy Says:

    Thanks I understand that we do need a PC for the first time to install and do the setting.

    Secondly, do the modems we get from BSNL are capable of natting or not; If yes, which model, if not, whats is the best modem we can buy from outside that is capable of doing natting. I was told that we need a modem that can do natting to input the IP address etc for the first time.

    Again many thanks for the helpful input.


  6. bskrao Says:

    I want Auto Configuring Software like Net Expert in Airtel
    for BSNL DataOne to configure through BEETEL 220BX Modem

  7. Sanjay M Says:

    You guys should check out Broadband India Forum

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  9. Says:

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