double trouble

Here’s double trouble… two ghosts of me!

Taken on 28-Feb 2004 when it was snowing (just for that one night) in Bristol, UK.

15 second exposure, for a few seconds without me, then stood still in one place for a few seconds, then moved and stood still for the remaining time.

That night I was out on the streets upto midnignt photographing the snow and ice against the streetlights… :mrgreen: (for example this tree…)

5 Responses to “double trouble”

  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    you have terrific ideas…..and i still remember the day you explained to me about cameras & exposures at malleswaram railway station.
    u have written u stood STILL, still yaake guru 2 ghost pictures banthu? artha aaglilla. 🙁

  2. preethi Says:

    The snow pic is great!!!

  3. msanjay Says:

    Hey thanks Bellur, Preethi!

    Bellur, you missed this line 👿 : then moved and stood still for the remaining time that’s the second time it captured me in the same 15 second exposure. You would’ve guessed that the light was so low that the time I took to go from there was too less for the intermediate images to get captured, so you don’t see the blurred movement itself 🙂

  4. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    ok, now i understood, thanks anna.

  5. msanjay Says:

    heh heh 😉

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