e-visit hampi

Hadn’t known something like this was there for India – I’d seen plenty of such things for Western tourist spots. Really this is a beautiful use of technology for publicising our art and heritage!

UNESCO World Heritage Tour: Hampi in Karnataka

If you know any more such links please post them here.

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  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    excellent link!

  2. msanjay Says:

    yeah, another really good link – almost like an online encyclopedia is Kamat’s Potpouri

  3. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    kamath potpourri is a treasure island. before i found this blog, i used to read whatever was in kamat’s. terrific man. even while buying vegetables in old malleswaram market he used to have a camera around his neck!
    the site is well maintained by the KAMATS. and moreover Kamat doesn’t have a computer!

    It seems the Kamat of Kamat’s Potpourri has no email access. The hundreds of email messages they recieve every month to his contact address (kamats @ kamat.com) are checked for relevancy by his son in alabama and are resolved via snail-mail (print and post), telephone, and letters.

    it seems Kamat has no email for the same reason 99% of the world’s population has no email access.

    kamat says email is too expesive, too technical, and too fragile. And kamat has never had a vehicle, has no television, no computer, and no refrigirator for the same reasons (?) (He just has cameras, about twenty of them.)

  4. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    rk: innond vishya gotta?
    sanju: gottilla.
    rk: hangadre kelu…

    Carla King, an American journalist once exclaimed that Kamat’s Potpourri is India’s most Low-Tech site. Krishnanand Kamat and Jyotsna do not have a computer and instead prepare the contents manually in a extremely laborious method and mail it to Vikas by postal mail. The pictures are then scanned, articles retyped, and uploaded to the website.

  5. msanjay Says:

    ha adu modle gottittu! 😛 Nevertheless, its quite incredible! 🙂

    Anyway just like that I wrote to them and got a reply. He’s abroad but guess where his mom lives – right here in Malleswaram! :mrgreen: (I vaguely knew this before, but wasnt sure of it). Just wanted to casually visit them. Vikas recommended that I visit only in September! I wondered what they could possibly be busy with, my curiosity got the better of me so I called anyway. I spoke to his mom today – very gentle homely voice.

    She said she’s very busy but still will be able to make some time for me next week. What is she busy about? Not working with any particular activity, but writing! She’s written many books so far. She was the director of All India Radio, Bangalore, now retired. Her voice & tone were quite homely and pleasant and I look forward to meeting her – probably will plan for next month, why unnecessarily pressurise when she’s busy.

    One cool thing is that this site is now added to their Kamat Blog Portal: A List Of Indian Weblogs here 8)

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