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Like the hibiscus plant, one can never imagine what can teach us what… sometimes even some random television scene can become a teacher!

Recently was watching TV with my mother and doDDamma (mother’s elder sister) and while flipping through the channels stopped at a Hollywood movie. It seemed to be an interesting scene where people were doing some Frankenstein type of experiment with a guy lying strapped to a laboratory table with scientists around him. One of the scientists hands him over a big injection tube with some blue fluid in him, which the man lying down starts to inject within himself. Then what happens is that after a bit of dramatic struggling around and exclaiming “it burns it burns!” some red flesh starts to be seen on his face. It looks pretty gross actually.

At this point I could recall that this movie was the horror/thriller Hollow Man – a movie I’ve seen bits and pieces of it earlier and have an idea of the story, though I (still) don’t really care enough about to want to watch the whole movie.

But anyway this scene continued, and more and more flesh started to become visible on the man’s face. Then flesh and blood started becoming visible on his hands and the rest of his body.

Now the important part here is my mother’s and doDDamma’s reactions: both of them initially shrieked in disgust saying “change the channel, its disgusting, I can’t watch this!”

I joked “look – that’s what’s within our own body, if we had transparent skin, that’s what we’d look like!” and was almost about to change the channel anyway, but what stunned me was that how just this little knowledge somehow seemed to have actually registered in them… there was a remarkable shift in their perspective! Their disgust just “switched” to a calm fascination! 🙂

The scene continued where the man’s skin fully became invisible – making all his flesh and muscles visible (like a scene from an exhibhition in Germany), and it continued to his entire inner structure in layers and layers – to finally become completely invisble!

They watched the whole thing with utmost interest! 🙂 before changing the channel (and eventually switching the TV off to chat).

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  1. hp Says:

    he he.

    I too watched Hollow man recently on HBO… but this one’s not as good as ‘Hulk’ (where a similar experiment starts weaving the whole plot)

  2. msanjay Says:

    hmm have seen bits and pieces of Hulk as well in some TV showroom… I think recently it came on TV as well – fantastic graphics! At this rate they’ll probably make a real life looking movie with completely virtual actors 😀

  3. Gangadhar Says:

    Wishing you a very happy and fantastic new year,2006!!

    With best wishes

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