invitation to a pilgrimage

This is a long pending post which I’ve just kept postponing as I’ve not spent enough time on this site off late, but can’t afford to anymore…

Whether you find meditation boring, or you find the very idea absurd and impractical, or whether you are curious, or you’re interested, or you’ve been very keen on learning it, or you’ve already found your own teacher or technique or group which you don’t want to change, or you just want to consider it not for now but some time in the future, I fully respect your personal views and decisions. You must listen to your heart to know what is right for you.

This post is just what it is – merely an invitation – which you may feel free to ignore – to just one of the countless possibilities that I’d discovered many years ago and have been sort of in a hopelessly undisciplined but yet dogged determined way, have been trying to practice.

Its a well known belief across all religions that Jesus or Allah or Krishna – God – is in everyone – in each of us. Therefore for me – every sitting is a pilgrimage – where I peel of all my self-created false masks – keep on discovering what I am not. I don’t consider myself a “seeker of God” which for me feels pretty much like that story of a fish that went looking for the ocean. I don’t look for anything in particular. But yet for me every sitting of an hour’s meditation is like a mini-pilgrimage – a journey right within my own humble being.

Occasionally I go into 10 days of solitude (though with other students and a qualified teacher – still solitude within myself) – which takes me further into the unknown, shakes my false certainity and security a bit more, and leaves me with a lot more love for the Divine, and a deeper understanding for all manifestations in our beautiful world!

All these years I’ve mostly done this trip alone – to different centers in India (including Bangalore). Having registered for the Hyderabad center for a course from 1st to 12th, I thought it would be really cool atleast one more friend could join me this time! 😎

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  1. Prasanna Sastry Says:

    Sanjay I can’t afford attending the pilgrimage for 12 days but surely i would like to meet you atleast once and take you to my home.

    I’m reachable at 9nnnnnnnnn. Never i could meet you but surely i want to do so this time

  2. msanjay Says:

    hey Prasanna thanks a lot for your invitation 😀 Sounds great! I’m really honored and very happy to come to your house!

    Course starts 1st evening till 12th morning. Lets meet up on 12th noon, I’ll be available in Hyderabad till evening – my train will be either at at 19:15 or 21:30. So its up to you how much time you’ll have. I’ve stored your number (have changed it above for security) in my cell and will just call you up that morning and we can take it from there depending on your day’s schedule.

    Btw already one reader sent me a mail that she too has registered for the same course 🙂

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