The girl this Sunday

I’m going to see a girl this Sunday. She’s a dentist. I dont have much of an idea about dentists – but this time I thought why not, what do I know about dentistry anyway, so the appointment is set.

I’ve decided one thing for sure. I’ve discovered that I can pick up very fast the ability to do *anything* – even things that I’ve never done before, and even talk about it *like* I’m an expert. I’ve found that my intution is pretty strong in a lot of situations.

But I’ve decided that of all the infinite possible life-skills, the only one that’s worth focusing on is meditation and service with selfless love and compassion. I’ve concluded time and again that that’s without doubt the highest value for investment of the brief time I have in this fleeting lifetime.

But for the time being I’ve decided that when I meet this girl this Sunday – I’m going to not pre-plan to say anything, not pre-plan to ask logical interview style questions and answers – but will mainly just listen – listen to what the girl has to say and my own instincts, and take it from there! 🙂

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