what are you looking at?

Look at these pictures and make a guess… should be fairly easy…
Its an actual photograph, maybe a bit of distortion due to some digital zooming…

[answer below]




Its a super-macro shot of the computer monitor (and that’s what you’re really looking at 😉 (assuming of course that you’re using a CRT monitor!))

Its what 16 million colors of resolution comes down to… irrespective of one’s personal preferences of this or that particular kind of wallpaper or theme! And the amazing thing is that each and every moment, thousands of times – the image is completely wiped out – the electron gun fires a new set of electrons that lights up the pixels again! Its happening so fast that we just see the static image 8)

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  1. bellur ramakrishna Says:

    i first thought it was the close up of a TV screen (i think i read in one of your earlier posts how the RGB colors can be seen when you see the screen from really close, esp. with a lens in hand).
    not bad, my guess was pretty close!
    sanju, a request. please put a quiz, what with your knowledge of various fields.

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